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News on The 700 Club: November 6, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” November 6.: Read Transcript

- Welcome, ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of The 700 Club.

I need to remind you,if you haven't voted,

by all means, do so.

This is an obligation you have

as a Christian, as a citizen.

Render to Caesar what's Ceasar's

and to God, what's God's.

Caesar's got intelligent citizenship.

That is your obligation.

And if you haven't voted,

if the time while this program is on,

if the polls are still open, by all means,

exercise your right to vote.

It is crucial

and millions across the nation are voting

to decide who controls theHouse of Representatives

and the United States Senate.

- Well, Vice PresidentMike Pence tells CBN News

he believes Republicanswill expand their majority

in the Senate and keep the House.

CBN's David Brody traveledwith him on Air Force Two

for the final push to get out and vote.

Here's David's report.

- No, but you can see it.

You can see the enthusiasm.

- You can feel it.

- [David] With his wife,Karen, by his side,

we spent the finalhours of these mid-terms

on Air Force Two with anoptimistic Vice President.

From Montana, to South Dakota.

- Hello, South Dakota!

(people cheering)

- [David] The crowds were enthusiastic.

As was the VP.

The Blue Wave.

We were just on AirForce One the other day.

President says the Blue Wave's dead.

What's the answer on the Blue Wave

we're hearing so much about?- Well, we think

the Blue Wave's gonna hit a Red Wall

all across this country.

I think we're gonna expand our majority

in the United States Senate

and I really believe

we're gonna hold theHouse of Representatives.

- [David] First stop, Montana,

where the goal is todefeat a Senate democrat,

living in big sky Trump country.

- How much is Jon Tester in trouble

here in Montana?

- We think Matt Rosendaleis in a great position

to win this race.

Jon Tester has been votingwith the liberal agenda

in the United States Senateevery step of the way.

Voted more than 90% of the time

with President Obama's agenda.

That's not Montana.

- [David] Pence's final pitch to voters

is pretty simple and to the point.

- Think about 4.5million new jobs created,

unemployment at a 50-year low,

we're rebuilding our military,

constitutional conservativesbeing appointed to our courts.

That's exactly what the President and I

told the American people that we would do

and the Democrats, by contrast,

it's been an agenda of an obstruction.

- But Democrats arefired up and turned off

by this administration's policies.

Immigration is closeto the top of the list.

What do you make of some other rhetoric

coming, what they say, isfrom this administration?

On immigration?

- We have a crisis on illegal immigration

at our Southern border.

This caravan that's movingnorth is deeply concerning

to people all across this country.

I hear about it every day.

It's the reason why thePresident has made it clear

that the caravan will not be allowed

to enter our country illegally

and we're taking decisive steps

to administratively close the loopholes

that human traffickers use toexploit vulnerable families

and entice them to takethe long and dangerous

journey north.

- [David] Motivating the faithful base

is Pence's main chore.

- So if you're taking notes,

I need you to vote.

- [David] If Republicansdo well Tuesday night,

Pence is pretty clearthat the nonstop effort

from President Trumpwill be a main reason.

- Even though he's not on the ballot,

he's campaigned as though we were

and I think that's thereason why we've seen

such energy around the country.

To be honest with you, David,

as I've traveled around the country,

I haven't seen this level of enthusiasm

since the days justbefore the 2016 campaign.

- [David] Whatever happens Tuesday night,

Mike Pence sees a largerhand at work in the country.

There seems to have been acultural slide, obviously,

for decades in this country

and along comes Donald Trump,

God using imperfect people toaccomplish His perfect will.

What do you make of what'shappened in this country

since he's become President

and how you see this divinely,providentially playing out?

- Well, I believe as every President

from George Washington forward,

believed in the role of providence

in the life of this nation

and I really do believe that the prayers

of the American peoplehave made a difference

and even in these divided times,

I really do believe thoseprayers are a pathway

to heal our country and continueto move our nation forward.

- [David] The nation will soon find out

what direction that meansfor the next two years.

David Brody, CBN News on Air Force Two

with the Vice President.

- Well, I'm glad David's there.

Mike Pence is a tremendous man.

He's a wonderful Christian

and he's been a superb Vice President

and the nice thing about it is

he is a perfect backup for the President.

If anybody says, well, let'sget rid of Donald Trump,

well they're gonna have Donald Trump II

standing in line, and hewas a brilliant choice.

I don't know, of all thegovernors, why he picked him,

but Trump's got a real sense of who's good

and who's bad and MikePence is a superb pick.

He's been a steward in this election

and I think between the two of them

they have campaigned across this country,

the base is mobilizedand it's just amazing.

So in any event,

I want some more time.

Vote if you haven't voted.

If the time is still open.

By all means, get there.

One of President Trump's core issues

has been protecting our Southern border

as a caravan of migrantsmoves closer to America.

John Jessup has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureau in Washington.

Here's John.

- That's right, Pat.

The President has madethat migrant caravan

the centerpiece of his message

in the final stretch ofthis midterm election cycle.

Thousands are moving across Mexico

towards the Southern borderand at Trump's order,

the military is sending troopsto prepare for their arrival.

Special correspondent Chuck Holton

shows how they're getting ready.

- [Chuck] As the Trump administration

has seen its efforts to stopillegal border-crossing,

stymied by Federal judgesover and over again,

those who want to come to America

have been paying attention.

Illegal crossings at the USSouthern border have spiked

and border patrol agents havebeen struggling to keep up.

The migrant caravan making its way north

may have dwindled somewhatto just over 3,500 Hondurans,

but more groups are coming along behind.

In a briefing October 29th,

CBP Commissioner, Kevin McAleenan,

put it in perspective.

- We are already facing a border security

and humanitarian crisisat our south-west border.

Each day, on average,for the last three weeks,

CBP has encountered a combination

of almost 1,900 persons apprehended,

crossing our border illegally

or presenting withoutdocuments at ports of entry.

They're incentivized to try to cross

by the expectation that theywill be allowed to stay.

This means, that at any given moment,

there are tens of thousandsof intending migrants

between the Guatemalaborder and the US border

moving towards us in any given time.

Within that flow, included,are about 17,000 criminals

last year along with hardened smugglers

and people from over 100countries around the world.

- [Chuck] Last year,more than 38,000 migrants

who came looking for asylum were found

not to meet the requirementsand were refused.

To deal with this burgeoning crisis,

border patrol is bringingin every resource

at his disposal.

From extra agents to helicopters,

to special operations and medical teams.

Add that to the UStroops who are moving in

from around the countryto provide logistical

and engineering support,

and there will soon be more assets

guarding our southern frontier

than we have currentlyin Afghanistan or Iraq.

But even that might not be enough.

- As a combat engineer,we are very highly trained

in obstacles so this hasbeen very useful right now.

It's just another wayto support my country

and do what needs to be done.

- [Chuck] NorthCom Commanding General,

Terrance O'Shaughnessy agrees.

- I think the President has made it clear

that border security is national security.

That is the direction we give

and that's the directionwe're marching to.

Our orders are very clear.

We are engaged, we're here to support CBP,

and we're gonna secure the border.

- [Chuck] These troops arebeing sent to fill in the gaps

and form a human wall thatwill help border agents

better handle the crisis

along our 2,000-mile Southern frontier.

For CBN News, I'm Chuck Holton.

- Pat, this appears to be a big issue

in this election cycle.

- Well, it should be.

It's amazing this thinghas come up at this time.

I think somebody thoughtthat what this would be,

would be an embarrassment to the President

and it would turn people away from him.

The way that they're handlingit has been so well done

in terms of the United States,

Trump by putting troops there,

and he's got tents for them,

he's got field kitchens for them

so they'll be housed and fed,

and they won't be mistreated,

but at the same time,they will not be allowed

to come across the border.

Somebody somewhere istelling those poor people

you can break into America.

Now, our laws have gotta get fixed.

We can't have that businessof birthright citizenship,

which is insanity theway it's being applied.

That's number one.

And number two, we cannotallow somebody to claim asylum,

that they're trained down in those groups

as they come into Mexico,

they're given leaflets as it what to say.

There's a set phraseyou're supposed to use

when you come and you say,

not that I'm looking for a good job,

not that I'm poor, notthat there's not enough

opportunity to work,

I'm being persecuted andI'm feeling persecution.

Now, let me tell you,

the majority of peoplein Guatemala, Honduras,

and these places, they'rededicated evangelical Christians.

They're not about tobe persecuting people.

But these leftists are using that mantra

to force the borders andto try to get citizenship,

and if they get it in this country,

you're looking at schooling,

you're looking at hospital care,

you're looking at longterm care.

You're looking at foodand clothing and shelter

and all the rest of it,

and it will not only be drainingon the working population,

it will drain our resources.

We can't afford all that.

There are hundreds of millionsof people in Latin America.

They'd probably alllike to come to America.

We can't let that happen.

We've got to tell those people,

you stay in your own country

and we'll do what we canwith trade and benefits

to try to get your economies up to speed,

but you're not gonna come up here.

You can't do that.

Now, there's somethingelse that's coming out.

The President has said thatputting economic sanctions

on Iran and somebody said

they wonder why Qasem Soleimani,

who is head of the Quds force,

what is Iran going to do?

And John has more on that.

- That's right, Pat.

Iran's leaders are vowing tobreak new economic sanctions

handed down by the United States.

Monday, the Trumpadministration had announced

those sanctions, targetinghundreds of Iranian companies

and individuals.

As George Thomas explains,

the penalties are aimed at pressuring

the hard line regime tostop stirring disruption

in the Middle East.

- [George] More than 24 hours

after the United States slapped Iran

with some of the toughest sanctions

ever to hit the Islamic regime,

residents of the capital city,

already facing economic dire straits

are bracing for even more pain.

- [Translator] The sanctions have greatly

affected our lives 100%.

- [George] Everythingfrom food, transportation,

housing and medical costshave risen dramatically.

- [Translator] Highprices negatively impact

every individual and every family.

- [George] Mina Sholeh,who is visiting Tehran,

fears this second round of sanctions

will lead to more unemploymentand hyperinflation.

- [Translator] Pricesfor shoes and clothes

have gone up very high,

and a lot of people are not able

to buy these things anymore.

- [George] Some hope the economic pain

will bring Iranians to the streets

to protest the Islamic regime

and call for its end as theydid last year and in 2009.

The White House says the aim

of the economic penalties is simple.

- Our objective is tostarve the Iranian regime

of the revenue it uses to fund violent

and destabilizing activities throughout

the Middle East andindeed, around the world.

- [George] In all, the USgovernment has sanctioned

more than 900 Iran-related targets

in the last two years.

Secretary Pompeo says the Islamic regime

has a clear choice.

- It can either do a 180-degree turn

from its outlaw course of action

and act like a normal country,

or it can see its economy crumble.

- [George] Thousands of Iranians responded

to the new sanctions bychanting death to America,

death to Israel, and burningUS and Israeli flags.

They even squeezed in military drills

in the northern part ofthe country in defiance,

as the government vowedto circumvent US sanctions

and keep selling its oil.

Iran's supreme leader,

speaking on the eve of the anniversary

of the November 4th, 1979 takeover

of the US embassy in Tehran,

used the occasion to accuse Washington

of waging military, economicand propaganda wars.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the crowd

that America's influence was in decline.

- [Translator] America's powerand hegemony in the world

is declining and movingtoward destruction.

It's swaying year by year.

- [George] But it is Americathat's putting the squeeze

in the regime at the moment,

and the White House says thatpressure will be relentless

until Iran changes itsrevolutionary course.

George Thomas, CBN News.

- Thanks, George.

Well, back here at home,this political season

has exposed great dividesacross the country,

but the nations saw a touchingscene in Missouri last night.

When a woman passed out at a GOP rally,

the President asked people to pray

and the crowd began to sing Amazing Grace.

♪ I once was lost ♪

♪ But now I'm found ♪

♪ Was blind but now I see ♪

(people cheering)

- Amazing Grace, thank you very much.

That was beautiful.

- In an interview Monday,the President said

he regrets not taking a softer tone

in his first two years in office.

He told Sinclair Broadcast Group

that after the elections,

he'd love to see Democratsand Republicans get along.

Well, you can watch live coverage

of our CBN News channel tonight.

To find the channel in your area,

just go to our CBN Newswebsite,

Our election coverage willalso air live on cable

on Freeform at 11:00 p.m. Eastern.

Pat, back to you.

- Well, we're looking forward to hearing

and tomorrow, we're goingto have our prognosticator,

John Wagee, to see if he's a champion

and can ride in triumphfor his predictions

or whether he's going to--

- I feel no pressure (laughs).

- He's gonna be the goat if he loses.

I tend to go along with him.

He's been right so far.

I believe, I think Mike Pence has given us

the true picture.

We'll have a serious buildup,

we the Republicans will havea serious pickup in the Senate

and we'll hold the Houseand I think it's going to

shock a few people but we'll,

John'll be here to give us the rundown

and other members of our broadcast team

and later on as I say, CBNNews will be on tonight

giving you the resultsand also on Freeform.

You'll be able to watch our team

giving the results across the nation.


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