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Israelis Hope Next Congress will Bolster Trump Middle East Policy

Israelis Hope Next Congress will Bolster Trump Middle East Policy Read Transcript

- Most pundits consider thisyear's midterm elections

one of the most important in decades

and that will have aprofound impact on the US.

And Chris Mitchell isreporting from Jerusalem now,

Israelis are also considering

how the midterms willaffect the Jewish state.

- For the past two years,many Israelis agree

with President Trump's policies.

He moved the US Embassybehind me to Jerusalem.

He pulled out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal

and he drew closer to Israel's neighbors

like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan.

Head out to Jerusalem's openair market, Mahane Yehuda,

and you can find that reflected

among Israelis talking about the midterms.

- I'm sure Israelis as a whole, probably,

if a poll were to bedone, Israelis as a whole

would probably be more in favor

of the GOP doing well in these elections.

- I think the Democratsare terrible for Israel.

- [Interviewer] Why?

- Why, they've takena very hard left turn,

and their policies are not pro-Israel.

- You can safely say, andI've been polling this

since the elections, thePresidential elections,

Israelis love Trump,and that's only gained,

he's only gained in popularity here.

And there're a number of reasons,

both his personality, he's very blunt,

and the way that he has defended Israel

in the United Nations,

and really shaken up the United Nations

with Ambassador Haleyand with the policies.

That's music to Israeli ears.

- [Chris] Pollster Mitchell Barak says

Israelis favor certain candidates.

- They seem to want candidatesthat are more pro-Israel.

That tends to be Republicans,

that tends to be the candidates

from the Evangelicalcommunity, from the South.

- The question is, willCongress, beginning January 2019,

will Congress provide tailwind or headwind

to the President'sNational Security policy?

- [Chris] Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

served as Israel'sliaison to the US Congress

and knows the importanceof these elections

for the House, Senate, and Israel.

- We should never underestimate

the power of the legislature.

The legislature can providevery, very intense headwind

to American presidents,

which would transforman American president

into a very weak personalityin global politics.

I trust that reflecting

the majority of the American population,

the coming Congress,beginning January 2019,

will be as supportive ofenhanced US-Israel relations.

- [Chris] Whatever theoutcome of the elections,

the results will have aneffect beyond the borders

of the US, to Israel, theMiddle East, and beyond.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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