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700 Club Interactive - November 7, 2018

First Baptist Dallas Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress uses the life of Elijah to reveal the secrets for living a life marked by genuine purpose. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] A big leaguemanager turns his back on God.

- I'm not gonna be afamily guy or a Christian

'cause that's not what big leaguers do.

- [Gordon] Until tragedy strikes.

- She goes, "Dad, I gotsomething I got to tell you.

"I have a brain tumor and I'm sorry."

- Find out what happens whenthe chicken runs at midnight.

Plus, best selling pastorand author Roberts Jeffress

on how to live a life ofsuccess, significance,

and satisfaction, on today's700 Club Interactive.

Well welcome to the show.

The Milwaukee Brewers justfell just a little bit short

of a World Series appearance this season,

but one Brewers fan is smiling today,

thanks to a good samaritan ata Brewers game last spring.

- 43-year-old Lenny was in desperate need

of a kidney transplant.

Last April, he wore thisshirt to a Milwaukee game

and the picture went viral.

A teacher from Wisconsin

and fellow Brewers fan named Emily,

you see here there on the left,

saw the post and contacted Lenny's family.

After being tested, Emilyrealized she wasn't a match.

However, through theNational Kidney Registry,

she entered Lenny and herself

as perspective donor and recipient

in what's called a kidney chain.

And because of that, Lennyquickly found a match

and had a successful kidneytransplant this past Friday.

Before the surgery, Lenny said

the gift Emily is giving toour family is big enough,

but to also show the nextgeneration what one person can do

is absolutely priceless.

Emily, you are truly one of a kind

and we're all honored to know you.

- Well the kidney chain

means that Emily alsodonated a kidney last week.

She's now out of bedand even visited Lenny

after his surgery.

And go Emily!

What a wonderful thing

- Yes.- to do,

to say yes, I'm going todonate part of my body

so that somebody else can live.

The Bible would say no greater love

- Yes.- has anyone than this.

- Very, very good deed, indeed.

- Well, from Wisconsin to Nebraska

where dashcam footagecaptures Deputy Jason Jones

doing something unusual.

He is installing car seats.

His colleague, Deputy Jessica Manning,

pulled the vehicle over for speeding

and noticed that the twochildren in the back seat

weren't properly secured.

Well, that's when DeputyManning called for backup

while she went to Walmartto purchase the car seats.

Walmart plans onreimbursing Deputy Manning

for her good deed.

She doesn't see it that way.

Manning says she was just doing her job.

- I just didn't see anyother viable option.

That just was the only choice

and it's something I wouldgladly do to keep some kids safe.

- The family wasn't ticketed for speeding;

however, they did receive a ticket

for not having theirchildren in car seats.

It is important.

- Yes, and families shouldalways have their kids

in car seats.

- Yeah.

But hats off.

I mean talk about going the extra mile.

Could you stay here and watch the kids?

I'm going to Walmart for a minute.

- The motto is protect and serve.

- Yes.- And they definitely

did protect on that one.

Well, to Russia now,

where one church is hopingto increase attendance,

get this, by tryingsomething a little exotic.

- Well, exotic animals that is.

The small church, near St. Petersburg,

has added wildlifeviewing in the basement,

including three Nile crocodiles.

The crocs are the biggest attraction,

but visitors can also seeturtles, iguanas, and birds.

The priest believes that local adults

and particularly children willbe interested in the new zoo

and, hopefully, begin attending church.

That's a unique...

- Who says the RussianOrthodox church is old school?


Trying to do something very unique.

I'm not sure going to see reptiles

gets you into a spiritualmood, but anyway.

- I don't know.

The results remain to be seen, right?

We'll keep you posted.

Well, up next, livinglife with genuine purpose.

How you can learn from the life of Elijah.

Pastor and author,Robert Jeffress, joins us

to tell us how, right after this.

(light music)

Well so many of us long tobreak out of the mundane

and discover a greaterpurpose in our lives.

Our next guest has a message for those

who are wanting more.

- [Reporter] Dr. RobertJeffress is the pastor

of a 13,000 memberchurch in Dallas, Texas.

But you might remember him

when he prayed for PresidentTrump in the Oval Office.

Dr. Jeffress says we miss out

when we give up on our prayer life.

In his book, Choosingthe Extraordinary Life,

Dr. Jeffress shares secrets

on the power of persistent prayer

and how we can experience dramatic answers

when facing impossible situations.

- Dr. Jeffress joins us now.

Welcome, it's good to haveyou on the Interactive show.

- Thank you, Terry.

- Choosing the Extraordinary Life.

And the person that you look at biblically

as you define the potential for all of us

to have an extraordinary life is Elijah.

Why Elijah?

- Well, for two reasons, Terry.

First of all, the Bible says Elijah

was no spiritual super person.

He was an ordinary personlike you and like me.

He had doubts, discouragements,times of disobedience,

and yet, God used this ordinary person

in an extraordinary way.

And the subtitle of the book

is 7 Secrets for Success and Significance.

And I talk about those secretsthat Elijah's life manifests.

But the second reason I chose him

was because Elijah livedin a time like we live in.

You know, we say sometimes

oh, things are so evil, so ungodly,

how can you really havean extraordinary life?

Well, if you think today is ungodly,

just look back at 9th century BC Israel

when idolatry and childsacrifice were prevalent.

So this book is written to say

you don't have to settle for the mundane.

You can have a truly extraordinary life.

- There is hope

for every single one of us.- Yes, that's right.

- You know, most of us,when we think of Elijah,

think of the showdown at Mount Carmel.

What do we learn from thatbecause, I mean, he really,

that was where the rubber met the road.

He really laid it all down there.

- Well, one of the secretsfor an extraordinary life

he illustrates is unleashingthe power of prayer.

Remember, James said inJames 5 the effective prayer

of a righteous person accomplishes much,

and in the next verse,

James uses Elijah as anexample of that person.

And you know what was interesting?

When Elijah prayed that 62-word prayer,

the fire of God fell down from heaven.

And I talk about in the book

three principles we can learn from Elijah

about praying powerfully.

First of all, pray honestly.

Don't pray what you thinkshould be in your heart.

Pray what's actually in your heart.

God knows it anyway.- Do most of us do that?

- No, we don't.

We think we can keep things from God

or we're fearful

- Let me say this right.- of really telling Him.

So pray honestly.

Secondly, pray boldly.

You know, so many of ushave a case of bless-itis

in our prayer life.

Bless this, bless this.

We don't want to ask Godfor really specific things.

But Elijah teaches us that,

to see God do big things,pray for God to do big things.

And then, finally, pray persistently.

Later on, in I Kings 18, Elijahlater on prayed for rain.

He had to pray seven timesbefore the rain came.

And I've often thought, Terry,

what if he had given up thethird time or the fourth time?

Don't pray when the answer seems easy.

Pray when it seems impossible.

Don't give up praying.- And keep on.

- Yeah, keep on praying- Keep on.

- until God answers one way or the other.

- There is power in prayer.

I mean, obviously, we seethat in Elijah's life,

but I think a lot of us go through life

hoping instead of praying,but praying is the key,

isn't it, to opening the door.

- It is 'cause James said youhave not because you ask not.

And look, there's no nameit and claim it promise.

I mean, before you claim it,be sure God has named it,

but there are some things God has named

and we don't appropriate them

because we don't have thefaith to ask for them.

- Talk about prayer inyour own family's life

because you have some examples

that you share in the book that are--

- Well, that's right.

I mean, I think about praying big things.

My daughter, Julia, and her husband, Ryan,

they had three miscarriagesover a period of several years.

They started to pray for something big.

They prayed that Godwould send them triplets,

one life to replaceevery life that was lost.

I remember thinking, Julia, don't do that.

We--- Let's make it hard for God.

- Well, we don't havetriplets in our family

and you're gonna be disappointed in God.

Now, that's how muchof a man of faith I am.

And Julia was the one who said to me,

"Dad, if you want tosee God do big things,

"you have to pray big things."

Last December, theygave birth to triplets.

They've been on your show

here before.- Unbelievable.

- They're an amazing answer

to the power of prayer.- Boy!

When we pray specifically, like Julia,

and it's Ryan, right,

- Yes.- Julia and Ryan did,

God seems to honor that.

It's like He enters into the process

because He's put the dream in our hearts

to begin with, right?- That's right.

And again, you look at Elijah,

he prayed for the fire to come, it did,

he prayed for it to rain, it did,

he prayed for a widow's sonto be raised from the dead,

and that actually happened.

And again, I John 5:14,

this is the confidence we have in Him,

that if we ask anything accordingto His will, He hears us.

All of those requests are withinthe boundary of God's will.

And, you know, as I look back,Terry, in my prayer journal,

I'm grateful for powerfullyanswered prayers.

- Amen.- But I can honestly say

I'm just as grateful forthe things God said no to.

- Oh, how many times

have I thanked Him.- Oh,

I mean I think what could've happened,

it would've been a disaster.- Yes, yes.

- To me, faith in prayer is boldly asking,

but then quietly trusting in God's will.

- You know, not only was Elijah amazing

in his courage, in hisboldness and his growth,

he was very much like usthat he too got discouraged.

He too came to a place of justkind of curling up in a ball

and saying I can't do this or be this

anymore.- Right, I mean,

he went from themountaintop at Mount Carmel

to the valley of despair.

He said, "Lord, take my life."

And one of the secrets I talk about

in Choosing the Extraordinary Life

is learning how to handle bad days.

Not how to avoid bad days.

We can't do that.

But by bad days, I'm not justtalking about 24 hour periods,

I'm talking about seasons of life

in which discouragement upondiscouragement piles up.

And Elijah illustrates how to handle that.

We have to take care ofourselves physically.

Elijah did that.

Sometimes, the mostspiritual thing you can do

is take a nap (chuckles),and Elijah slept.

- I'm gonna use your (laughs)...

- Not right now, hopefully,

- Okay.- but eventually,

we'll use that.

He took care of himself spiritually,

but he also took careof himself emotionally.

You know, Elijah left the cave,

finally got to leave thatcave and go reconnect.

My friend, David Jeremiah,says the only person who thinks

you ought to take time off from church

when you're going througha bad time is the devil,

who wants to isolate youand then destroy you.

- There's so much that's rich in this book

and I just want to recommend to all of you

picking up a copy of Choosingthe Extraordinary Life:

God's 7 Secrets toSuccess and Significance.

It's for all of us

and it's availablewherever books are sold.

Great to have you with us.

Thank you so much.

- Thanks, Terry.- Profound word.


- Well up next, an oddphrase that means everything

to this former big league coach.

- And she says, "Dad,when you're coaching third

"and you reach down and cup your hands,

"what are you tellingthose guys on second,

"the chicken runs at midnight or what?"

- Find out what it means right after this.

(light music)

Rich Donnelly spent 37 years of his life

trying to make it to the big leagues.

In 1980, he made it as acoach of the Texas Rangers.

Rich would do anything to stay there,

including betraying theones he loved the most.

- [Reporter] Some say thattime waits for no man.

And for Rich Donnelly, a28-year-old veteran coach

in Major League Baseball,

he didn't find out how precioustime was until it ran out.

He was a husband andfather of four children:

Bubba, Amy, Mike, and Tim.

When he wasn't on the field,

he was home spending time with his kids,

especially his boys.

But when it came tohis only daughter, Amy,

she had to compete for his attention.

- I was prejudiced to the boys.

My kids were gonna grow up and be players.

Basketball, whatever.

Amy, she was my daughter.

Maybe a cheerleader, maybesomething, nothing sports.

Sports wasn't big back then.

So I spent most of my time with my boys.

If they asked me, "Dad,come out and let's hit,"

I'd go out with them.

If Amy would ask me,

I'll be out later and I'd watch the game.

Never go out.

I never knew how much thatmeant to her until later.

- [Reporter] Amy so desperately wanted

her father's attention that,one day, she wrote him a note.

- And she said:

Dear Dad, did you think youwere gonna have four boys?

She says no, us girls rock too.

- [Reporter] But Richwas too busy to notice.

As his kids got older, baseballbecame all he cared about

and he slowly began todrift away from his family.

He even abandoned his faith in God.

- I don't need you no more.

I got to where I wanted to be.

I got everything I want.

I got to the big leagues.

I was ashamed because I thought,

if they saw me going to church,

that was not tough, that wasnot big league, that was not...

You're one of them?

They were tough, they drank,they ran around women.

That's what all big leaguers did.

- [Reporter] With hismoral compass on the shelf,

Rich began having anaffair with another woman.

- I disregarded my family at that point.

I didn't care.

It's like I didn't careif they found out or not.

I'm in the big leagues.

Hey, it took me 37 years to get here.

This is my dream.

I'm not gonna do anything to hurt it.

I'm not gonna be afamily guy or a Christian

'cause that's not what big leaguers do.

- [Reporter] But his wife didfind out and divorced him.

None of his kids weremore hurt and disappointed

than 14-year-old Amy.

- Wow.

My baby.

She wanted nothing to do with you.

And we didn't talk for a long time.

- [Reporter] In 1986,

Rich joined the PittsburghPirates' coaching staff.

Not having his family around

made him regret the choices he'd made.

He began asking God for forgiveness.

- I said, "Lord, I'vefailed you miserably.

"I know you say you will forgive me,

"but, man, if you'll forgive me for this,

"you are something else'cause I've really,

"I couldn't have screwedthis up any more."

- [Reporter] As time went on,

Rich slowly began to repairhis relationship with Amy.

Then, in 1992, Rich got a callfrom her he wasn't ready for.

- Hey, dad, Ames.

Hey, what's up?

What are you doing, Ames?

She goes, "Dad, I gotsomething I gotta tell you."

She said, "Please, don't be mad,

"but I have a brain tumor and I'm sorry."

I couldn't even talk.

- [Reporter] Amy had surgery.

Afterwards, the doctorcame out with the results.

- He says, "Rich, your daughterhas a malignant brain tumor

"right behind her eyeand we can't get it out."

I couldn't take it.

I walked out.

I said yeah, you're a big tough guy.

You did all that junk.

You did all this.

This is your fault.

You cheated on your wife,you cheated on your kids,

you did this, you did this to this.

This is your fault.

- [Reporter] Amy enduredsix months of chemo.

On one of her off days,

she, along with her best friend, Cindy,

were allowed to watch her father coach

during game five of the NLCSagainst the Atlanta Braves,

which the Pirates won,forcing a game six in Atlanta.

- And I told her,

"If we get in this WorldSeries, you're coming."

We went back to the hotel, she reaches up,

puts her arms around my neck,and she was my girl again.

- [Reporter] Then, somethinginteresting happened,

when Amy jokingly asked him a question.

- And she says, "Dad,when you're coaching third

"and you reach down and cup your hands,

"what are you tellingthose guys on second,

"the chicken runs at midnight or what?"

And I went, "Where'd youcome up with that one at?"

She said, "It just came out."

- [Reporter] The chicken runs at midnight.

The phrase didn't makeany sense at the time,

but would later meanmore than they realized.

The Pirates won game six in Atlanta,

which forced a game seven.

Amy couldn't reach her dad

to wish him good luck for the game

so she asked the team receptionistto give him a message.

- Dear Dad, the chicken runs at midnight.

Love, Amy.

And I'm going man, oh, man.

We're gonna win this thing

and Amy's going to the World Series.

And she's home with herpom-poms and everything.

When they announced the starting lineups,

the big boom microphone was on.

And Chico Lind, he saw the note,

and he goes, "Hey man, what's this?"

I go, "Chicken runs at midnight."

He goes, "Okay, good,chicken runs at mid,"

he had no idea what it was, none.

So he's yelling it to the players.

You could hear it on national TV.

- Chicken runs at midnight, let's go.

Chicken runs at midnight.

Let's go.

- She heard it in Texas.

She heard it, her andCindy, they went crazy.

We're gonna win, we'regoing blah-blah-blah.

- [Reporter] Unfortunately,the Pirates lost

and the family spent the next few months

with Amy as she fought for her life.

Then, in January, Amy lapsed into a coma

and Rich was instructedto say his last goodbye.

- I just told her, "Amy,I know you can hear me."

I said, "I'm so sorryfor everything I've done.

"Love you to death."

It's just surreal thatyou have to say goodbye

knowing, when you walk out of that room,

that's the last time you'll see her.

- [Reporter] Amy diedon January 28th, 1993

at the age of 17.

There was only one inscriptionthe family felt was suitable

for her tombstone.

- We go to the funeral home

and they have all these beautiful sayings,

the Lord be with you and all this,

and we go, no, chicken runs at midnight.

So they put chicken runs at midnight.

And it became our family motto.

- [Reporter] In 1997,

Rich joined the FloridaMarlins coaching staff,

and that season, theunbelievable happened.

- Now, magically, weget in the World Series.

So we had a second basemannamed Craig Counsell.

When Counse hit, he heldhis hand up like that

and he flapped like a chicken.

So my two boys, Tim and Mike,were bat boys all summer.

They'd call him chicken.

They'd say hey, the chicken

wants to take some batting practice,

hey, the chicken wants some ground balls.

The chicken, you know.

Never thinking nothing of it.

- [Reporter] During the11th inning of game seven

of the 1997 World Seriesagainst the Cleveland Indians,

Craig Counsell's nicknamewould come to mean

everything to the Donnellys.

Counsell's on third base with two outs.

Edgar Renteria gets a base hit,

bringing Counsell in for the winning run.

The Florida Marlins win the World Series.

Rich had achieved his dream.

But what happened nextshook him to his core.

- Now, people are on the field.


I'm trying to find my sons, Tim and Mike.

They were the bat boys.

I can't find them.

I see Tim halfwaybetween first and second.

I see him screaming,crying, red-faced, tears.

What's the matter with you?

What are you crying about?

He said, "Dad, look."

I said, "What are you talking about?"

He said, "Look at the clock."

The stadium clock was behind us.

I looked, it was 12:03.

He said, "Dad, thechicken ran at midnight."

All the celebrations stopped.

I felt like, again, all theblood drained right out of me.

I was just like this.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

This can't happen.

Amy said the chicken ran at midnight.

The chicken ran at midnight.

- [Reporter] Amy's propheticphrase had come full circle.

And in that moment, sodid Rich's redemption.

Since that thrilling night,

he has spent every momenthonoring his faith in Christ

and his beloved daughterthat changed his heart.

In the book entitled TheChicken Runs at Midnight

by Tom Friend, Rich givesgreat detail about his story

and hopes readers get the message

that God can change anyone,

regardless of the mistakes they've made,

because, in the end,His love conquers all.

- And God forgave me doing all that stuff,

and yet, allowed me to reach my dream

and allowed me to have peace within myself

of Amy passing away.

He led me to have peace.

The Lord is like a statue andthere's ice all around Him

and that ice is all thematerial things in this world.

And you chip it away, chip it away,

chip it away, chip it away,

and when there's nothing left,

the Lord, He's the last thing left.

He ain't gonna leave you.

(light music)

- And He won't leave you either.

And His promise says Hewill never leave you,

He will never forsake you.

It's a twofold promise.

The first one is His physicalpresence will always be there

because, in Him, we liveand move and have our being.

But have you ever been in a relationship

where the other person checks out?

They forsake you.

They're there physically,but they're not there.

Well, His promise says Iwill never forsake you.

I will always love you.

I will always be there for you.

Get these facts straightbecause they are facts.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Before God laid thefoundation of the world,

He created good thingsfor you to walk into.

Now, for Rich, it wasfulfilling a lifelong dream,

and that dream, what'sthe source of that dream?

Well, that dream is from God.

He's created good worksfor you to walk into.

Now, He hasn't given up on that dream.

These are things that He put into place.

He always wants to fulfill them for you.


Because He loves you.

Now, when you look at Rich's life,

was he worth God's love?

The answer is yes and no.

Based on what he did, how he went away,

how he said I've got enoughof God, I don't need anymore,

he did all of these things to reject God,

but here's God, He will never leave you,

He will never forsake you.

He didn't forsake Rich.

He won't forsake you.

Now why does He do that?

Because you are worth His love.

You're worth what Jesus paid for you.

Because He sees in you afuture and a hope, a potential.

And He wants to fulfill that.

He wants to fulfill it sobadly, He died for you.

Now if this is for you,all you have to do,

it's very simple, all youhave to do is bow your head,

pray a very simple prayer,

and the one who has watchedover you from the beginning,

He'll answer, He'll show up for you.

So bow your head with me.

Close your eyes.

Let's say a very simple prayer together

and let God do all the rest.

Pray with me.


That's right, just sayhis name, say it out loud.

Jesus, I want you in my life.

Lord, I'm sorry that I went away.

I'm sorry that I said enough of you.

And I turn to you and I ask

that you would come into my heart,

that you would forgive me,

that you would make me new again.

Do this for me, for Ipray it in Jesus' name.


If you prayed, let me know.

Give me a call, 1-800-700-7000,

and just say I want Jesus in my life.

Here's a word from Psalms.

The counsel of the lord stands forever,

the plans of His heart to all generations.

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