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Mixed Election Result: No Blue or Red Wave – Now What?

Mixed Election Result: No Blue or Red Wave – Now What? Read Transcript

- While many races arestill too close to call,

the Blue Wave Democrats had hoped for,

failed to materialize.

It was more of a Blue Trickle.

Republicans expanded theirmajority in the US Senate,

but lost control of theHouse of Representatives.

With tallies out west still coming in,

Democrats added at least 26 seats.

In Florida, Congressman Ron DeSantis

narrowly won his race for governor.

Most polls showed leftistDemocrat Andrew Gillum

ahead in that race.

And outgoing RepublicanGovernor Rick Scott

narrowly defeated Senator Bill Nelson.

Faith and Freedom CoalitionChairman Ralph Reed said

Evangelical voters madethe difference in Florida.

- I think the White House and the RGA

and the National RepublicanSenatorial Committee

and certainly Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott

are very grateful tonight that the rapture

didn't happen before early voting began,

because if it had, theywoulda lost in a landslide.

The Evangelicals deliveredthis vote in a big way.

- [Gary] In Tennessee, the GOPheld Bob Corker's open seat

which will be filled byRepublican Marsha Blackburn.

She beat Phil Bredesen by nine points.

Out west, incumbentRepublican Senator Dean Heller

lost in Nevada,

but former RepublicanPresidential nominee Mitt Romney

trounced his opponent in Utah.

He's now headed to the US Senate.

In Texas, voters showed youcan't always buy elections.

In a squeaker, Republican Senator Ted Cruz

beat back a green wave ofout-of-state Democrat money.

Challenger Beto O'Rourkeraised nearly $70 million.

- This was an election abouthope and about the future

and the people of Texas rendered a verdict

that we want a future with more jobs,

and more security, and more freedom.

- [Gary] Some incumbent Democrats

who voted against theconfirmation of Brett Kavanaugh

to the US Supreme Court were defeated.

In North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamplost her reelection bid.

Indiana's Joe Donnelly is out,

and Josh Hawley beat ClaireMcCaskill by 6% in Missouri.

Hawley gave credit where credit is due.

- Tonight, the Good Lordand the people of Missouri

have given us the victory.

(crowd cheering)We won.

- [Gary] And there were some firsts

in this midterm election,more women than ever before.

Possibly as many as 100 will now serve

in the House of Representatives.

Among them, another first, two Muslims.

With Democrats now preparingfor control of the House,

still to be decided is if Nancy Pelosi

will return to her role as House Speaker.

Pelosi said Democrats willmake their top campaign issue,

healthcare, a priority.

- Democrats will lower healthcare costs

and prescription drug prices

for seniors and families across America.

- Democrats have also pledged

to launch committeeinvestigations of President Trump

and his administration,

and they'll possibly beginimpeachment proceedings

against both the President

and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Now with a divided Congress ahead,

still to be determined if the President

and Democrats and Republicanswill work together,

or if Washington will be morecontentious and polarized

than during PresidentTrump's first two years.

Gary Lane, CBN News.


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