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What Happened to the 'Blue Wave'? CBN Political Analyst John Waage Weighs In

What Happened to the 'Blue Wave'? CBN Political Analyst John Waage Weighs In Read Transcript

- John Waage gave us abrilliant analysis and his

crystal ball has shattered at his feet.

John, what happened?

- First Pat, I'm gonnasay what pundents almost

never say at least onthe air, I was wrong.

I really did think, and you mentioned the

healthcare issue which was very potent

throughout the countryfor Democrat's running

for the House.

And I really thought thatthey'd give the Republican's

more credit for trying.

The Republican House did pass repeal,

it was, as you said, in theSenate where it faltered

and I didn't know orbelieve they would punish

House members that much.

And also I think it wasa way to get back at

President Trump for a lot of people

who didn't want to see results of 2016.

- You felt the House and it really wasn't

a view blue wave, it's a blue trickle.

Ultimately, how manyseats now did they switch?

- Well, it's in theneighborhood of, it's over 30.

And so it's more like astream, maybe not a trickle,

maybe not a wave, butit's probably a stream.

And you know, the count is still going up,

and there's still severalseats that are being counted

as always happens everytwo years, but roughly

228 Democrat's, 207Republican's at this point.

- That's not a wave,but it's substantial--

- Yeah, it's a substantialvictory for the Democrat's.

And now, Washington'sgonna have to recalculate.

The White House has to recalculate about

how they do all these things.

And I was very interestedin what you mentioned

about the healthcarething because one thing

it would do for President Trump,

that was something he ran on.

And he could say, this isanother campaign promise

fulfilled if they can manage to get,

herd all those cats at the same time.

- Well I think the House has already got,

they've got the legislation all laid out,

all they gotta do isjust repass what they've

already passed, send it to the Senate,

and with Mitch McConnellin charge of that,

they say look, why not, let's get this

thing through, President signs it.

And the Democrat's and theHouse couldn't over turn it.

That would be like it.

- If they could get thereplace done along with

the repeal.- Gotta do that.

Can't take one away without the other.

All right, let's talk about the Senate.

How many seats, they lost Nevada.

Which you were counting on holding,

but Marsha Blackburn just really swept

Bredesen in Tennessee, it was an

amazing victory for that lady.

- Yes, and Ted Cruz wasable, as Gary reported

to hold on in Texas.

And so and of coursethe incumbent in Nevada,

it's still, he's gone downto defeat Dean Heller.

- [Pat] That's right.

- The Republican.

But they did, as you see Jacky Rosen there

will be the new senator from Nevada.

But there were three anti Kavanaugh votes

among the Democrat's, who all lost

and that would be ClaireMcCaskill in Missouri,

Heidi Heitkamp in NorthDakota, and Joe Donnelly

in Indiana, so therewas a Kavanaugh effect

in the US Senate, andthere will be a greater

number of senators,regardless of what happens

with the couple races that are still out.

Tester is slightly behind in Montana,

at this point, and MarthaMcSally has a razor thin

lead in Arizona, we don't knowwhen those will be called,

but that will effect the margin too.

- [Pat] So we're looking atmaybe three additional seats?

- Yeah, three or four.

- Three or four?- Three or four.

- Well that's not too bad.

- No it's enough to,presumably, it's enough to

have some action on justicesof the Supreme Court

should that come to a--

- I think Mitch McConnell,as I understand,

he's calling him back in for a specific

session to confirm anumber of appointees to

the courts, the lower courts.

- Yes, yes, and he hasbeen very very judicious,

we could say about that issue.

- Well now what about that thing in Texas,

ya know, somebody said that you gotta

conservative Republicanstate, you're not gonna

switch it, we thought that Menendez of all

the scandals he had wouldgo down and he didn't.

- Yeah, it's madder in New Jersey.

And John James was narrowlydefeated by Debby Stabenow

in Michigan, there werea lot of close races.

Even Joe Manchin won, whichstarted in the evening,

it looked like he wasgonna win by 18 points,

he ended up winning by three points.

It wasn't much, Morrisseycame pretty close.

So they had a series of close races,

it could've gone higher,but in this case it didn't.

- Do you think Manchin may shift?

I mean, I really likehim, he's a terrific guy.

- Yeah, I don't know whatit would take for him

to do that, a committeechairmanship or something like that.

But as you have mentioned on the air,

there is precedence forWest Virginia Democrat's

switching parties--

- Well governor said absolutely.

- And I don't know howcomfortable he's going

to be having to linewith the West Virginia

values and at the sametime, follow Chuck Schumer's

lead in the Senate, that could be

a tough tight rope to walk.

- Well any other thoughts aboutwhere we're going from here?

What happened to Virginia,by the way it was just--

- Virginia is becoming apretty solidly blue state.

And I think that the wholeentrichment of federal

government and the liberalization based on

the urban growth in Northern Virginia,

and here in Hampton Rhodes,is changing the demographics

of things.

I do think Pat, that peoplevoted for a divided government

that's what they voted for.

And people who travel inairports beginning in 2019,

are gonna have to listenCNN doing hearings,

covering hearings onTrump's business dealings

for the last 40 years.

And this is what the electorate voted for.

- A fellow named Eric Canter,

he was majority leader ofthe United States House

of Representatives, and hewas a tremendous leader.

So a group of dissidents,well, he don't care enough

about us, and so they hadanother awful election.

They dumped him out, putBrad in, Brad comes in,

he loses the seat in theseventh district of Richmond.

The lady up in northern Virginia--

- Barbara Comstock.- there was a strong

supporter of Trump, theRepublican and they won

against her, what do they call it?

Trump, they gave her a name,took her to the 10th district,

took her out and--

- [John] Scott Taylor.

- the second district, Scott Taylor,

Elaine Lorie ran an incredible campaign,

but more than anything,the Democrat's picked

for their Senate candidate a man who had

strange ties to racism and the old south

and the KKK, and all that.

- The Republican's?- Yeah, it was ridiculous.

And they had a man named NickRearus who was a superman,

a former combat warrior, a terrific guy.

He got beat by this fellowin northern Virginia

and he lost substantially to Tim Cain,

who should've been beat.

- Right, there was a realproblem with fielding

candidates, and even thecandidates who were relatively

strong ones, Dave Brattwas a good congressman.

And it went right down to the wire,

I mean it was a very very narrow loss.

But that's such his lifein Virginia right now.

The days of Jim Gilmore andbig margins in the House

and House of delegates are you know over.

- Anyhow, that's the way it is.

Well, ladies and gentleman, we'll keep our

eyes open on what's happening.

But you can say it wasa win for Trump when

it's all finished, I mean.

- He invested a lot personally in running

race after race after race,he went to so many states.

And did achieve what he set out to do.

- Certainly in Florida, major major thing.

All right.


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