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News on The 700 Club: November 7, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” November 7.: Read Transcript

- Well welcome ladies and gentlemen

to this addition of the 700 Club.

I don't know if you're like me,

but many are suffering frompost election stress syndrome,

whatever that is.

You were here covering it last night.

- Yeah, we were on the CBN News channel

til 11:00, midnight last night.

It was a great night, a lot of excitement.

- Well I'm sure.

I want to give a shout out toABC, they did a superb job.

They had Chris Christie on.

The had Donna Brazile on.

They had people who really knewwhat they were talking about

and a beautiful set.

I don't know if it was aelectronic set, or what it was,

but it really fantastic.

Congratulations to ABC, you did real well.

It seems like Fox was hungup on their technology.

They had so much technology,

they weren't quitegetting the points across.

- Sometimes it's betterjust to keep it simple.

People just want results.

- You know they had awhole bunch of new stuff

and it didn't work, but anyhow,

great relief, the midterms are over

and what was called the blue wave,

never really materialized.

Republicans not only keptcontrol of the Senate,

they actually gained seatsas we forecast and Wendy.

- That's right, butdemocrats did take control

of the House of Representatives

and as Gary Lane reports, itwas a wild election night,

with many races much closer than expected.

- While many races arestill too close to call,

the blue wave democrats had hoped for,

failed to materialize.

It was more of a blue trickle.

Republicans expanded theirmajority in the US Senate,

but loss control of theHouse of Representatives.

With tally's out west still coming in,

democrats added at least 26 seats.

In Florida, CongressmanRon DeSantis narrowly won

his race for Governor.

Most polls showed leftestdemocrat Andrew Gillum

ahead in that race

and outgoing republicanGovernor Rick Scott

narrowly defeated Senator Bill Nelson.

Faith and Freedom CoalitionChairmen Ralph Reed

said evangelical voters madethe difference in Florida.

- I think the White House and the RGA

and the National RepublicanSenatorial Committee

and certainly Ron DeSantis and Rick Scoot

are very grateful tonight that the rapture

didn't happen before early voting began,

because if it had, theywould've lost in a land slide

and the evangelicals deliveredthis vote in a big way.

- [Gary] In Tennessee the GOPheld Bob Corker's open seat,

which will be filled byrepublican Marsha Blackburn.

She beat Phil Bretesen by nine points.

Out west incumbent republican Senator

Dean Heller lost in Nevada,

but former republicanPresidential Nominee Mitt Romney

trounced his opponent in Utah.

He's now headed to the US Senate.

In Texas, voters showed youcan't always by elections.

In a squeaker republican Senator Ted Cruz

beat back a green wave ofout of state democrat money.

Challenger Beto O'Rourkeraised nearly $70 million.

- This was an election abouthope and about the future

and the people of Texas rendered a verdict

that we want a future with more jobs

and more security and more freedom.

- [Gary] Some incumbent democrats

who voted against theconfirmation of Brett Kavanaugh

to the US Supreme Court were defeated.

In North Dakota Heidi Heitkamplost her reelection bid.

Indiana's Joe Donnelly is out

and Josh Hawley beat ClaireMcCaskill by 6% in Missouri.

Hawley gave credit where credit is due.

- Tonight the good Lordand the people of Missouri

have given us the victory.


- [Gary] - And there were some firsts

in this mid term election.

More women than ever before,possible as many as 100

will now serve in theHouse of Representatives.

Among them another first, two muslims.

With democrats now preparingfor control of the House,

still to be decided, is if Nancy Pelosi

will return to her roll as House Speaker.

Pelosi said democrats will make

their top campaign issue,healthcare, a priority.

- Democrats will lower healthcare costs,

and prescription drug prices for seniors

and families across America.

- [Gary] Democrats haver also pledged

to launch committeeinvestigations of President Trump

and his administration

and they'll possibly beginimpeachment proceedings

against both the President

and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

- Now with a divided congressahead still to be determined

if the President and democrats

and republicans will work together,

or if Washington will be more contentious

and polarized than duringPresident Trumps first two years.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Thanks Gary.

You know the one issue that seemed

to be weighing against republicans,

especially the House ofMembers was healthcare,

because they had gotten a tax cut,

but the amount of money in a tax cut

for an individual voter was not as much

as the potential of loosingtheir health coverage,

and what the publicans hadrun on very hard before

was to repeal and replace Obama Care.

They lost because ofthe vote of John McCain,

or a John McCain died of brain cancer,

he's replaced by a manwho's a stark conservative.

They have enough votesand it seems like to me,

it's a smart thing to do, would to say,

okay, you're concerned about healthcare,

we are concerned about healthcare

and what we're going todo, we've got the House

and we've got the Senate,and we've got the White House

and there's no reason that wecan't call a special session,

call the Congress back into session.

I think that's going tohappen in the Senate anyhow,

and we could have the speaker,

Ryan, call the House back into session

and repeal Obama Care and then the House,

I'm sure, they've gotbills already set up,

that they can put throughand then the Senate votes

and the President sign it into law

and suddenly you've got people covered

and that their lookingfor and that takes away

from the democrats a major, major issue

and whether they'll dosomething like that,

I have no idea, butit's certainly possible.

They have the votes andthen once that's in,

the democrats or the Senatecouldn't possibly overturn,

because they'd have to pass the Senate

and get it through a Presidential veto

and they couldn't do it.

Okay, that's my take and that's,

if anybody's listening,it may be a gimmick,

but it might be a good one.

The other thing, it looks likethe republicans should do,

is stop the Miller investigation.

The elections over, it's timeto get that out of the way,

and who knows, but you certainly

don't want to leave that along

when you've got Jerry Nadlerrunning the Judiciary Committee

and can you believesome of the other people

who will be committee chairmen.

It's gonna be something.

All right, John Waage gaveus a brilliant analysis

and his crystal ball liesshattered at his feet.

John what happened?

- First Pat, I'm gonna saywhat pundits almost never say,

at least on the air, I was wrong.


I really did think, and youmentioned the healthcare issue,

which was very potentthroughout the country

for democrats running for the House

and I really thought thatthey'd give the republicans

more credit for trying.

The republican House did pass repeal.

It was, as you said, in theSenate, where it faltered

and I didn't know or believe

that they would punishHouse members that much

and also I think it was a way

to get back at PresidentTrump for a lot of people

who didn't want to seethe results of 2016.

- You felt that whole House,

and it really wasn't a viewblue wave, as a blue trickle.

Ultimately, how manyseats now did they switch.

- Well, it's in theneighborhood of, it's over 30

and so it's more like astream, maybe not a trickle,

maybe not a wave, butit's probably a stream.

- [Pat] All right.

- So the count is still going up

and there is still severalseats that are being counted,

as always happens every two years,

but roughly 228 democrats,207 republicans at this point.

- Well that's not awave, but it's substance.

- Yeah, it's a substantialvictory for the democrats

and now Washington'sgonna have to recalculate,

the White House has to recalculate

about how they do all these things

and I was very interestedin what you mentioned

about the healthcare thing,

because one thing, it woulddo for President Trump,

that was something he ran on,

and he could say this is anothercampaign promise fulfilled,

if they could manage to get,

herd all those cats at the same time.

- Well I think the House has already

got the legislation all laid out.

All they gotta do is just

repass what they've alreadypassed, send it to the Senate,

and with Mr. McConnell in charge of that,

then they say, look, you know why not,

let's get this thingthrough, President sign it,

and the democrats in the Housecouldn't overturn it then.

That would be like that.

- If they get the replacedone along with the repeal.

- Gotta do that, you can't takeone away without the other.

All right, let's talk about the Senate.

How many seats, they lost Nevada,

which you were counting on holding,

but I mean, MarshaBlackburn just really swept

Bedesen in Tennessee isamazing victory for that lady.

- Yes, and Ted Cruz wasable, as Gary reported,

to hold on in Texas

and so in the course ofthe incumbent in Nevada,

it's still, he's gone downto defeat Dean Heller,

the republican, but they did, as you see

Jacky Rosen there will bethe new Senator from Nevada,

but there were three anti Kavanuagh votes

among the democrats who all lost

and that would be ClaireMcKaskill in Missouri,

Hiedi HeitKamp in North Dakota,

and Joe Donnelly in Indiana,

so there was a Kavanaugheffect in the US Senate

and there will be agreater number of Senators,

regardless of what happenswith the couple races

that are still out.

Tester is slightly behindin Montana at this point

and Martha McSally has arazor thin lead in Arizona.

We don't know when those will be called,

but that will effect the margin too.

- [Pat] So we're looking atmaybe three additional seats?

- Yeah, three or four.

- Three or four, well that's not too bad.

- No, it's enough topresumably it's enough

to have some action on judges,justices of the Supreme Court

should that come to.

- I think Mitch McConnellis, as I understand

he's calling 'em back infor a specific session

to confirm a number ofappointees to the courts,

the lower courts.

- Yes, yes, and he hasbeen very, very judicious

we could say about that issue.

- Well now, what aboutthat thing in Texas.

Somebody said that you got aconservative republican state,

you're not gonna switch it.

We thought that Menendezwith all the scandals he had

would go down and he didn't.

- Didn't matter in New Jersey.

No, and John James lost a narrow,

was narrowly defeated byDebbie Stabenow in Michigan.

There were a lot of close races.

Even the Joe Manchen one,which started in the evening

it looked like he wasgonna win by 18 points.

He ended up winning by three points.

It wasn't much.

Morrissey came pretty close.

So they had a series of close races.

It could've gone higher,but in this case it didn't.

- Do you think Manchen may shift,

I mean I really likehim, he's a terrific guy.

- Yeah, I don't know what it would take

for him to do that, acommittee chairmanship,

or something like that,

but as you have mentioned on the air,

there is precedence forWest Virginia democrats

switching parties.

- Well the Governor swearsit's the absolutely.

- And I don't know nowcomfortable he's going to be

having to line up withWest Virginia values

and at the same time

follow Chuck Shumer's lead in the Senate.

That could be a tough tight rope to walk.

- Oh, well any other thoughts

about where we're going from here?

What happened to Virginia by the way?

- You know Virginia is becominga pretty solidly blue state

and I think that the whole entrenchment

of federal governmentand the liberalization

based on the urban growthin northern Virginia

and here in Hampton Rhodes

is changing the demographics of things.

I do think, Pat, that peoplevoted for divided government,

that's what they voted for andpeople who travel in airports

beginning in 2019 aregonna have to listen to CNN

doing hearings on, covering hearings

on Trump's business dealingsfor the last 40 years

and this is what the electorate voted for.

- Well you know they got afellow named Eric Cantor,

he was majority leader

of United States House of Representatives,

and he was a tremendous leader.

So a group of dissidents said,

well he doesn't care enough about us

and so at the end of an awful election

they dumped him out, put Brett in

and Brett comes in, he loses the seat

in the 7th district, Richmond.

The lady up in northern Virginia.

- [ John] Barbara Comstock.

- There was a strong supporterof Trump, the republican

and they won against her.

What did they call it, theTrump, they gave her a name.

Took her the 10th district took her out.

- And Scott Taylor.

- In the 2nd district ScottTaylor, Elaine Luria ran it,

incredible campaign,but more than anything,

the democrats picked fortheir Senate candidate,

a man who had strange ties to racism

and the old south, andthe KKK, and all this.

- The republicans.

- Yeah, it was ridiculous.

- Yeah.

- And they had a man named Nick Ayers

who was a super man, aformer combat warrior,

I mean a terrific guy.

He got beat by this fellowin the northern Virginia

and he lost substantially to Tim Kaine

who should've been beat.

- Right, there was a realproblem with fielding candidates

and even the candidates whowere relatively strong ones,

I mean Dave Brat was a good Congressman

and it went right down to the wire.

I mean it was a very, very narrow loss,

but that's such as lifein Virginia right now.

It's a, the days of JimGilmore and big margins

in the House of Delegates are you know.

- Anyhow, that's the way it is.

Well ladies and gentlemen,we'll keep our eyes open

on what's happening,but really you can say

it was a win for Trumpwhen it's all finished.

- He invested a lot personally in running

race after race, after race,he went to so many states

and did achieve what he set out to do.

- Certainly in Florida,major, major thing.

All right, well CBNChief Political Analyst

David Brody joins us now from Washington

and David talk about the evangelical vote.

You heard what was said about

if they'd been raptured in Florida,

the republicans would've lost.

What about that?

- Pat I have to tell you, look,

when evangelicals show up candidates win,

especially when they show up in droves

and that's what we saw lastnight in specific states.

For example, in the Senate

look at the three states that flipped.

We had Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota.

In all three of those statesevangelicals over performed

and here's what I mean by that.

The national average, theevangelicals made up 26%

of the national electorate,26% of the national electorate,

but if you actually go into each one

of those states that I've just mentioned,

Indiana, 40%, evangelicalsmade up 40% of the electorate.

Missouri, 38%, North Dakota,37% and what happened?

Goodbye Heidi Heitkamp,Goodbye Joe Donnelly,

and goodbye, who's the other guy,

I've just forgot, NorthDakota, Indiana, Missouri,

Claire McCaskill.

So look, I mean that's the bottom line

and so I think it's been a huge night,

or was a huge night forthe evangelical vote,

but remember, nationallythat figure is 26%.

In other words, 26% of theelectorate was evangelical

and I have to tell youPat, because of that

there were problems in the House,

because in 2014 the nationalevangelical electorate

was also 26% and they neededto do better than that overall

and that's why there wassome problems in the House.

- Well how was the why that was responding

to the results of this election,have you talked to anybody?

- Well yeah, my phonewas blowing up all night,

so to speak from SeniorWhite House Officials

who are pretty happy actually overall.

Yeah, they lost the House,but they are very excited

about that their gonna growtheir majority in the Senate

and let's be honest,did anybody ever predict

that the republicans would have

potentially 55 seats in the Senate.

No one was predicting that.

Now I will tell you privately

that some White House officials

that didn't want to goon the record with it

before the elections, butI can probably say it now.

They were thinking they might get to 55

and guess what, if Arizonaand Montana happen,

Martha McSally out inArizona, the republican there

and if John Tester, thedemocrat, loses in Montana,

they'll get to 55, and so that is huge.

So the White House,very happy with the fact

that this blue wave thatwe heard so much about,

well it started in the House,

but then all of a sudden the blue wave,

you talked about it being a blue stream,

because what happened was, it kind of came

crashing down on the sandyred beach called the Senate

and that's what happened.

- What do you think, I was suggesting that

they could call both Senateand the House back into session

and pass a repeal of ObamaCare and a replacement measure,

which I think they alreadyhad one in the House

and the President signs it into law.

The democrats there in thehouse couldn't take that away.

- Well they could do for sure.

I don't get a sense that they will.

I think Trump will, believe it or not,

extend the olive branchfor a little while.

Now with Donald Trump itcould be a day and a half,

but they'll try it, I thinkat the beginning for sure,

but Donald Trump with apress conference on Thursday,

or today's Wednesday, excuse me,

but he's gonna have, myguess is he'll start out

with some conciliatory language

and then boom, we're back on,

and it doesn't surprise me Pat,

that in a divided nation thatwe had a divided outcome,

on Tuesday night, no surprise at all

and I gotta tell you, I personally think

this is a big win for Trump.

Look, their gonna growtheir majority in the Senate

and now what do they have.

They have Donald Trump,when he runs in 2020,

will have a foil to play against.

That'll be House democrats,Nancy Pelosi as Speaker,

and talk about some of those Chairmen.

You mentioned Jerrold Nadler now,

gonna be Chairmen of theHouse Judiciary Committee.

Adam Schiff, we know all about him.

He's gonna be head of theHouse Intelligence Committee

and then of course Maxine Watters,

we definitely know about her.

She'll be Chairmen of theHouse Finance Committee.

Could you imagine Donald Trumpand the Twitter feed on that.

Get ready Pat.


- What do you think, Imean is he setting up,

how soon is he setting upfor the presidential run,

that's gonna be the bigthing that's coming up next?

- Yeah, it's already pretty much in place.

I mean, he's technicallymade that announcement

that he's already running technically.

So yeah, they'll start that.

There'll be some White House,You'll hear in the media

that there's this gonna be

this big White House shake up coming.

Pat you know the deal,it's not a shake up.

All White Houses do this.

So yeah, there'll besome turnover for sure,

but look 2020 starts today,

and the reason I say that is because

when Donald Trump hasthat press conference

he's gonna be already laying out

a little bit about what hewants to get accomplished

in the next few years,

and already the democratsKamala Harris, Corey Booker,

Elizabeth Warren, many others are already

gonna start talking about 2020,

or at least if they don't talk about it

they sure will be pseudotalking about it if you will,

so it's on Pat, game on.

- Well the democrats with that last one,

with Elizabeth Warren andof course Bernie Sanders,

they are so far to the left

and it looks like the Americanpeople don't buy that.

I don't understand whattheir game's gonna be

coming up the next two or three years.

- Well, it's a good point Pat.

You kind of bring upa larger macro picture

of the democrats shiftingto the left here.

They have to figure outwho they are as a party

and I think that's a big deal

and this is whereoverreach may be a problem,

because we've heard so much about

if democrats control the house

that impeachment may start to happen,

or at least they'll talk about that,

or subpoena after subpoena will happen

with they'll ask the White House

of document upon document and all of that.

And my guess is all of that will,

definitely the subpoenaswill happen for sure,

but the question is whendoes it become too much.

In other words, whendoes it become overreach

for the democrats and theyjust look fully obstructudious

and Donald Trump can use them as a foil,

and more importantly for democrats,

if you want to win back some

of those independents in the middle

and some of those democrats that voted

for Trump in 2016, you'vegotta be very, very careful

that you don't just caterto the liberal base,

because if you're playing for 2020,

the obstructionist label is notone that you need right now.

- Brilliant, David thank you so much

and we look forward to moreof your commentary, God Bless.


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