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CBN's David Brody on the Impact of the Evangelical Vote

CBN's David Brody on the Impact of the Evangelical Vote Read Transcript

- Political AnalystDavid Brody joins us now

from Washington

and David,

talk about the Evangelical vote.

You heard

what was said about if they'dbeen raptured in Florida,

the Republicans would've lost.

What about that?

- Pat, I have to tell ya, look,

when Evangelicals show up,

candidates win,

especially when they show up in droves.

And that's what we saw lastnight in specific states.

For example, in the Senate,

look at the three states that flipped.

We had Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota.

In all three of those states,

Evangelicals over-performed

and here's what I mean by that.

The national average,

the Evangelicals made up


of the national electorate.

26% of the national electorate.

But, if you actually go intoeach one of those states

that I just mentioned,

Indiana, 40%.

Evangelicals made up40% of the electorate.

Missouri, 38%.

North Dakota, 37% and what happened?

Goodbye, Heidi Heitkamp,

goodbye, Joe Donnelly,

and goodbye,

who's the other guy?

I just forgot.

North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri,

Claire McCaskill.

So look,

I mean, that's the bottom line.

And so I think that has been,

it's been a huge night,or was a huge night for

the Evangelical vote

but remember,

nationally, that figure is 26%.

In other words, 26% of theelectorate was Evangelical

and I have to tell ya, Pat,

because of that, therewere problems in the House

because in 2014,

the national Evangelical electorate

was also 26%

and they needed to do better than that

over all and that's whythere was some problems

in the House.

- Well how is the White Houseresponding to the results

of this election?

Have you talked to anybody?

- Well, yeah.

I mean,

my phone was blowing upall night, so to speak,

from Senior White House officials who are

pretty happy, actually, overall.

Yeah, they lost the House, but

they are very excited aboutthat they're gonna grow

their majority in theSenate and let's be honest,

did anybody ever predict that the,

the Republicans wouldhave potentially 55 seats

in the Senate?

No one was predicting that.

Now I will tell you privately

that some White Houseofficials that didn't wanna go

on the record with itbefore the elections,

but I can probably say it now,

they were thinking they mightget to 55 and guess what.

If Arizona and Montana happen,

Martha McSally out inArizona, the Republican there,

and if John Tester, theDemocrat loses in Montana,

they'll get to 55

and so that is huge.

So the White House,

very happy with the fact that

this blue wave that weheard so much about,

well it started in the Housebut then all of a sudden,

the blue wave,

you talked about it being a blue stream

because what happened was

it kinda came crashing down on this sandy,

red beach called the Senate

and that's what happened.

- What do you think of...

I was suggesting that

they could call

both Senate and House back in the session

and pass

a repeal of Obamacare anda replacement measure,

which I think they already had one

in the House

and the President signs it into law

the Democrats in the Housecouldn't take that away.

- Well they could do it, for sure.

I don't get a sense that they will.

I think Trump will, believe it or not,

extend the olive branchfor a little while.

Now, with Donald Trump, it could be

a day and a half,

but they'll try it, I thinkat the beginning for sure.

But you know, Donald Trumpwith a press conference

on Thursday,

or today's Wednesday, excuse me,

that he's gonna have,

my guess is he'll start out with

some conciliatory language and then boom,

we're back on.

And it doesn't surprise me, Pat that

in a divided nation thatwe had a divided outcome

on Tuesday night.

No surprise at all.

And I gotta tell ya,

I personally think thisis a big win for Trump.


they're gonna grow theirmajority in the Senate

and now what do they have?

Now, Donald Trump, when he runs in 2020,

will have a foil to play against.

That'll be

House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker,

and talk about some of those Chairmen.

You mentioned Jerrold Nadler now,

gonna be

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Adam Schiff, we know all about him,

he's gonna be head of theHouse Intelligence Committee,

and then of course, Maxine Waters,

and we definitely know about her.

She'll be Chairman of theHouse Finance Committee.

Can you imagine Donald Trumpand the Twitter feed on that?

Get ready, Pat.


- Well,

what do you think,

I mean,

is he setting up,

how soon is he setting upfor the Presidential run?

That's gonna be the bigthing that's coming up next.

- Yeah, it's already

pretty much in place.

I mean, he's technicallymade that announcement

that he's already running, technically.

So yeah,

they'll start that.

They'll be some White House,

you'll hear in the media

that there's this,

gonna be this big WhiteHouse shakeup coming.

Pat, you know the deal,

it's not a shakeup, allWhite Houses do this.

So yeah, there'll besome turnover for sure.

But look, 2020 starts today

and the reason I say that is because

when Donald Trump hasthat press conference,

he's gonna be already laying out

a little bit about what hewants to get accomplished

in the next few years andalready the Democrats,

Kamala Harris, Cory Booker,

Elizabeth Warren, many others

are already gonna start talking about 2020

or at least if they don't talk about it,

they sure will be

pseudo-talking about it, if you will.

So it's on, Pat.

Game on.

- Well they, the Democrats

with the last--

with Elizabeth Warren

and of course, Bernie Sanders,

they are so far to the left and

it looks like the Americanpeople don't buy that.

I don't understand

what their game's gonna be coming up

the next two, three years.

- Well, it's a good point, Pat.

And you kind of bring up

a larger macro picture of the Democrats

shifting to the left here.

They have to figure out

who they are as a party,

and I think that's a big deal.

And this is whereoverreach may be a problem

because we've heard so much about

if Democrats control the House

that impeachment may start to happen

or at least, you know,they'll talk about that,

or subpoena aftersubpoena will happen with,

they'll ask the White Housefor document upon document

and all of that.

And my guess is all of that will,

definitely the subpoenaswill happen, for sure.

But the question is

when does it become too much?

In other words, whendoes it become overreach

for the Democrats and they just look

fully obstructionist

and Donald Trump can use them as a foil

and more importantly for Democrats,

if you wanna win back

some of those Independents in the middle

and some of those Democratsthat voted for Trump in 2016,

you've gotta be very, very careful

that you don't justcater to the liberal base

because if you're playing for 2020,

the obstructionist label is notone that you need right now.

- David, thank you so much

and we look forward tomore of your commentary.

God bless you.- Thanks.


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