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'God Plays a Very Big Role in My Life': Trump Takes Soft Tone as Angry Media Blasts Him After Election

'God Plays a Very Big Role in My Life': Trump Takes Soft Tone as Angry Media Blasts Him After Election Read Transcript

- Washington Examiner joins us now

with some analysis of the president's

post-election news conferenceand of the election itself.

Welcome Tiana.- Hi, thank you for having me.

First of all, your take on thepresident's heated exchange

with CNN's Jim Acosta.

- So, naturally, what Acostadoes is hardly reporting.

It's closer tograndstanding than anything.

And I don't think thatPresident Trump is wrong

to be upset with it.

That being said, Trumpdoes himself no favors

when he calls the media,blanket enemy of the people.

It makes it a little bitmore difficult for him

to correctly criticize whenreporters, like Acosta,

do use an open forum justto try and get a viral clip

to prove that they arepart of the resistance.

- Trump says he has tobe aggressive, Tiana,

because he's not treatedfairly by the media.

What are your thoughts on that?

- Again, my issue with themedia's treatment of Trump

is less that they are critical of him

and more that they aren'tequal opportunity critics.

They took an eight year break

during the Obama administration.

As we saw with everysingle glowing profile

of Beto O'Rourke, of Andrew Gillum,

they are only hard on one party

and it's all determinedby what letter you have

after your name.

So, should Trump be ascritical of the media

of asking legitimate questionsabout his presidency?

I don't think so.

Clearly, it resonates with his base.

However, he's not wrong when he says

that there is clearly abias, not only in coverage,

but also in tone and tenor.

- Moving on to the election itself

and the shift of power in Congress.

Do you think that theRepublicans and the president

will be able to get anything accomplished?

I mean, do you think thatthey and the Democrats

are gonna try to work together?

- I'm going to remain hopeful.

I think that if Nancy Pelosiwants to remain Speaker

of the House, she knows that appealing

to the most emotional and angriest portion

of her base is not going toget much done for her agenda.

I think that, strangely,if Republicans wanted

to make any progress on healthcare

and wanted to slow theDemocrat's rapid ascent

into all supporting single payer,

Republicans would be wise to take some

of what Trump's HHS has done in terms

of price transparency forthe pharmaceutical industry

and for hospital pricingand perhaps package those

into actual congressional bills.

Perhaps that could get done.

It is populist enough thatI think you could actually

get some takers in the Democratic Party.

But, again, it remains to be seen.

We don't even know whothe speaker will be.

Assuming that it is Nancy Pelosi,

I think that perhaps she will realize

that this is an opportunity.

- What was the biggest surpriseto you last night, Tiana?

- I think the fact that Democrats lost

the three most hyped racesthat they were out for.

The race against Ted Cruzand Beto O'Rourke's loss

and the Florida governor and senate seat.

The fact that all three of those,

given the amount of media attention,

given the amount of hype, I mean,

honestly, I was expecting,

I was not expecting Beto to win.

However, I assumed that oneof the seats in Florida,

just given not only the media hype,

but also the polling, would'vebeen taken by a Democrat.

But, apparently, I mean,Republicans did well.

I mean, those last minute rallies

by Trump probably did help.

- And I think that viewersare becoming more savvy,

even though what they'rehearing and seeing

in the mainstream media at times.

- Definitely.

I think with this media environment,

you have to to be a little careful

about not only what networkyou're receiving your news from,

but, the individual reporters as well.

Not all reporters are created equally.

- All right, Tiana Lowe withthe Washington Examiner.

Thanks for your time.

- Thank you.


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