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Sessions Resigns, Critics Voice Concern Over Trump's Replacement

Sessions Resigns, Critics Voice Concern Over Trump's Replacement Read Transcript

- President Trump made hisfrustration with Jeff Sessions

no secret and yesterday,just one day after

the mid-term elections,

took action, asking forSessions' resignation.


Sessions departed the Justice Department

in an emotional farewell.

- I know, Jenna, you and I have been

with the President where he has privately

talked about Jeff Sessionsand been very frustrated.

I mean, he's publicly talked about it

but he's also privatelybeen very frustrated

with the fact that he recused himself.

So, this has been inthe hopper for a while.

- [Reporter] His replacementand former Chief of Staff,

Matthew Whitaker, will nowoversee the Russia investigation.

That's raising concerns becauseof Whitaker's criticisms

of the probe headed by Robert Mueller.

- I can see a scenario whereJeff Sessions is replaced

with a recess appointmentand that Attorney General

doesn't fire Bob Mueller, buthe just reduces the budget

so low that his investigationgrinds to almost a halt.

- [Reporter] Nancy Pelosi,who's aiming to be the next

speaker in the newDemocrat-controlled House tweeted.

It is impossible to readAttorney General Sessions' firing

as anything other thananother blatant attempt

by @realDonaldTrump to undermine and end

Special Counsel Mueller's investigation.

Others are alreadypromising investigations.

In a press conference Wednesday,

President Trump vowed towork with House democrats

and spoke well of Pelosi.

- You know, she loves this country.

And she's a very smart woman.

She's done a very good job.

- [Reporter] But hewarned that investigations

can work both ways.

They can play that game,but we can play it better

because we have a thing calledthe United States Senate

and all you're gonna do isend up in back and forth

and back and forth andtwo years is gonna go up.

And we won't have done a thing.

- And there can be manyinvestigations into the President

when democrats take controlof the House this Winter.

They've already talkedabout issuing a subpoena

for President Trump's tax returns.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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