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News on The 700 Club: November 8, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” November 8.: Read Transcript

- Well, ladies and gentlemen,welcome to the 700 Club.

We've got a busy news day for you

and I wanna go over a few things because

you hear all this stuff in the paper.

Let me explain what may be happening

that I think is important.

Of course, the majornews is that Donald Trump

did what he was perfectlycapable of doing.

He asked for the resignation of one

of his members of his cabinet.

President certainly doesthat after an election.

It happens all the time, no problem.

Of course, the Democratsare making it out to be

some nefarious conspiracy,but he asked Jeff Sessions

to resign, now what did hedo, what did Sessions do

that was wrong?

Well, he recused himself.

He had had a minordiscussion with some Russian

at some cocktail party andit was absolutely nothing

but he recused himselffrom all of the activity

of his office and in the process,

left the President totally naked

because he was the manwho was supposed to do

the blocking and tacklingfor the guy carrying the ball

and he didn't do it.

It's like the linemanin a major football game

suddenly quit and leave the quarterback

to defend for himself,they just don't do that.

But he did it.

He did it, and he felt so righteous,

that I've recused myself,well, he ruined him.

So what comes in, Rosenstein, his deputy,

then does what nobody in hisright mind would have done

he calls for a SpecialCounsel to go and investigate

his boss, the President,I mean it was shocking.

It shouldn't have happened,

and now we've got a situation

where the Democrats are saying,

well we're gonna get tothe bottom of all this.

Well, nonsense.

Jenna Browder has the story about this

and we'll talk about the successor

and what should happen, okay?

- President Trump made his frustration

with Jeff Sessions no secret.

And yesterday, just one day after

the midterm elections, took action,

asking for Sessions' resignation.

(crowd applauds)

Sessions departed the Justice Department

in an emotional farewell.

- I know Jenna, you and I have been

with the President where he has privately

talked about Jeff Sessionsand been very frustrated.

I mean he's publicly talked about it,

but he's also privatelybeen very frustrated

with the fact that he recused himself,

so this has been inthe hopper for a while.

- [Jenna] His replacementand former Chief of Staff

Matthew Whitaker, will now oversee

the Russian investigation.

That's raising concerns becauseof Whitaker's criticisms

of the probe headed by Robert Mueller.

- I could see a scenario whereJeff Sessions is replaced

with a recess appointmentand that Attorney General

doesn't fire Bob Mueller,but he just reduces budget

so low that his investigationgrinds to almost a halt.

- [Jenna] Nancy Pelosi, who's aiming

to be the Speaker in the newDemocrat controlled House

tweeted, "it is impossible to read

"Attorney General Sessions'firing as anything other than

"another blatant attemptby @realDonaldTrump

"to undermine and end

Special Counsel Mueller's investigation."

Others are alreadypromising investigations.

In a press conferenceWednesday, President Trump

vowed to work with House Democrats

and spoke well of Pelosi.

- Here she loves this countryand she's a very smart woman.

She's done a very good job.

- [Jenna] But he warnedthat investigations

can work both ways.

- They can play that game,but we can play it better.

Because we have a thing calledthe United States Senate

and all you're gonna do is end up in

back and forth and back and forth

and two years is gonna go up

and we won't have done a thing.

- And there could be many investigations

into the President whenDemocrats take control

of the House this winter.

They've already talkedabout issuing a subpoena

for President Trump's tax returns.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- I wanna go with you nowabout what is going on

with this probe.

When you have a Special Counsel,

the mandate for such a person,

must be to investigate a specific crime.

Not to go on a fishingexpedition around the country.

It's a specific crime anda specific jurisdiction

under a specific set of laws.

Now that man Muellerhas not followed that.

He has gone after various people

in the Republican Party,he's going for bank fraud

he's going for tax fraud,he's going all this stuff,

has nothing to do with Russian involvement

in our election, okay.

He's been at it now for a long time,

spent a lot of money, nowwhat is coming up next?

As I understand it,they're going to be several

carefully vetted,interrogatories in writing,

given to the President andthe President will answer

those interrogatories, period.

And it's time now for Mr.Mueller to issue a report

of his findings and what he's going to say

is I didn't find anyRussian collusion anywhere.

And that's what he's gonna say.

And when that's over, he should leave,

and that should happen,probably by Thanksgiving,

certainly no later than Christmas.

So his work is over.

In the process, though, he no longer

will be reporting toRosenstein, the deputy,

because his boss now will be this Whitaker

the acting Attorney General.

But we don't yet, we have yetseen the authorizing documents

that outline the scope of the activities

of the special prosecutor.

He did it and he's expanded it

and he's amplified it and never once

has he given Congress or anybody else

a look at what he said.

Now the Republicans in theHouse wanted to get him

to come and testify.

He has steadfastly refused to do it.

He said I'm not gonna doit, as a matter of fact

I'm gonna come after you.

Well, that's what he said, and then,

in a joke, he said I'mgonna tape the President

and then I'm gonna see if Ican invoke the 25th Amendment

and get him disqualified, I mean,

this is what he said.

Now he says well I was only kidding.

Was he kidding, or was he not kidding?

I mean, it's a pretty serious thing

and in my opinion, he needs to go

but I think the Presidentdoesn't wanna ask

for his resignation until afterthe Mueller thing is over.

But the Mueller thing must wind down

before Thanksgiving or before Christmas.

They can't go any longer.

He's done everything he can do

and there's been noevidence of any collusion

with any Russian anywhere.

Okay, now the new actingAttorney General, Matt Whitaker

has joined the JusticeDepartment last year.

President Bush appointedhim US Attorney for Iowa's

Southern District in 2004.

Whittaker has questioned, as I have,

the scope of RobertMueller's investigation.

He did it two years ago in a CNN op-ed,

he wrote that it wouldbe a quote, "violation

"for Robert Mueller to investigate

"President Trump's finances."

He added that, "It wouldbe dangerously close

"to crossing a red line."

In his college years,Whitaker played tight end

for the University ofIowa and caught a pass

in the 1991 Rose Bowl, okay?

So that's the man that's coming in

as Attorney General acting,and it seems like to me,

if the President wants to get somebody,

there's a Congressman named Trey Gowdy

who is unbelievablyintelligent and knowledgeable

about these things and he might well

if they don't want Whitaker,they could go with Gowdy

and he'd be a tremendous Attorney General.

- What a mess.

What a mess.

- But this thing hasbeen a fishing expedition

and now you see theseDemocrats are screaming

well you've got to let thescope of the investigation.

He's investigated everything known to man

and then he's brought indictments against

various people for bankfraud and financial crimes.

- Things that had nothingto do with the Russians.

- Nothing to do with Russia whatsoever.

And Whitaker has said,look, if we don't fire him

we can starve him out and Ithink that's a good thing to.

You could cut his budget, but Rosenstein

apparently has givenhim an unlimited budget

and an unlimited scope,but he's never shown

the papers to anybody and you know,

how do you know, it'sall been done in secret.

And apparently, behind the scenes,

there was some collusion between Mueller

and the former Head of the FBI,

and various others inthe Justice Department.

They're all buddies,they all work together.

- You know, people are so critical

of the things the President Tweets

and I think everybody'd like him to Tweet

in a little more civil Manner, but,

can you imagine what it's like

to feel that kind of divisiveness,

that kind of pressure,that kind of accusation

every day when you'retrying to get the job done?

- It's awful.- I mean, its.

- You read the New YorkTimes, the Washington Post

and they are just 100% against him.

And I might add something else,

there was a CNN reporterwho misbehaved terribly

in a press conference,refused to give the microphone

to the young lady who wasworking for the White House

to give the phone so others could have,

he's just had his presscredentials revoked.

- Well it's time.- It's a good thing.

- Yes, action needs to be taken

when people are inappropriate.

- Well he was in appropriate and he can't

get into the White Houseanymore and good for them.


Okay, does that clarify anything?

- That clarifies it.

- Alright, here we go, anyhow

look for the Mueller thing to be wound up

no later than Christmas, alright.

Well another mass shooting in America.

This time in California.

John Jessop has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureau in Washington.

Here's John.

- Pat, this latest shooting happened

at a crowded bar aboutan hour from Los Angeles

when a masked man walked in armed

with a handgun and smoke grenades.

Police say many lives were lost.

Mark Martin reports.

- Authorities say thosewho were shot and killed

including people inside the bar

and a police officer.

The gunman was laterfound dead at the scene.

- I was to the front door, I was talking

to my step-dad and I just started hearing

these big pops, pop, pop, pop.

There was probably threeor four, I hit the ground.

- [Mark] Customers at the Borderline Bar

were there for its college country night.

The popular spot in Thousand Oaks

is about 45 minutes from Los Angeles.

- Upon going through the front door,

the Sheriff's Sergeant was struck

multiple times with gunfire

and there were multiple other victims

of different levels of injury inside

that were rescued from the scene

and taken to local hospitals.

- [Mark] Witnesses saidthe scene was chaotic.

- I saw him point to theback of the cash register

and he just kept firing,I ran out the front door.

I hear chairs being thrown out the window,

people are trying to get out the window

and the gunman went, he wentbehind the cash register

he kept, there was probably 12 shots

before I got out the front door.

- [Mark] People scrambledfor safety, fleeing in panic.

- As our first deputies arrived on scene,

they also heard shots.

- [Mark] This man helpedpull people to safety.

- And he basically was unloading

and all I did was grabas many people as I could

and pulled them underneath the table

and then till I heard the shots,

till I heard a break in the shots

and then we got people out of there

as much as we could.

- Police say the onlyweapon found was a hand gun.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

- Thanks, Mark, Pat?

- You know, I really believe that

a lot of these crazy gunmen are on

some kind of medication.

I don't know whether it's some kind

of tranquilizer or something like that

that causes some of this violence.

But I can't believe that with that many

crazy people in America, I just.

- Oh, I.- You think there are?

- I could believe that, yeah.

- Well, so much for that, but

no seriously, I do believesome of these mass killings

that people have been mentally unhinged

but many of them areunder psychiatric care

and they're taking somekind of psychotropic

type of medication and Ithink it has an effect.

- Well, and many of them are unhinged

and not under psychiatriccare and how do you

keep guns out of thehands of people like that.

It's very challenging.- Who knows.

John, let's talk about politics.

What you go?

- Well, Pat, turning tothe recent elections,

the Republican advantageis still in the Senate

is still unclear.

Races in Arizona and Floridaare too close to call.

In Arizona, Republican Martha McSally

has a 1% lead overDemocrat Kyrsten Sinema.

And in Florida, Democrat Bill Nelson

is calling for a recountafter Governor Rick Scott's

lead shrunk to lessthan one half a percent.

Well, the results of the 2018 midterms

shifted the balance of powerright here in Washington DC

but as Chris Mitchellreports, they also affected

capitals around the world,including Jerusalem.

- [Chris] While Republicansmaintain control of the Senate,

they lost the House.

- There's a lot of power in the House.

I mean, there's a lot ofinfluence over appropriations

and so it's not goingto be, it's not gonna be

as easy for them as it has been.

It's gonna be a battle, I hope to God

that Israel doesn't have to pay for it

because that would be a terrible mistake.

- [Chris] The next item on the agenda

will likely be the President's peace plan.

- The President has beenpushing what he calls

the deal of the century, anIsraeli/Palestinian Peace Accord

and my assumption isthat he will be pressing

his peace plan morerigorously in the future.

My own advice, as a memberof the Israeli Government

is that we study veryseriously, and take seriously

this peace plan and try to respond to it

as flexibly and openly as possible.

- [Mark] Palestinians see an opportunity.

- The Democrats in the United States

are getting closer to aposition that may lead

eventually to a peace process in the end.

Whereas his policy has really been

a very difficult one to understand.

It does not get us anywhere closer

to a peace process, on the contrary,

I think it makes it very difficult

to reach a peace process.

From that position, I think the result

of the elections indicate a possibility

of a change in American police eventually.

- [Mark] Mike Evans serveson President Trump's

Faith Advisory Board, and is troubled

by the recent history of Democrats

with Israel's Prime Minister.

Evans says the midterms pose a challenge

to both President Trump andPrime Minister Netanyahu.

- There's never been apartnership with this great

there's never been anopportunity this great

in the whole Middle Eastas there is right now.

In the midterm elections is a very very

difficult dilemma for bothof them to face right now.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks Chris.

Well this just in, Supreme Court Justice

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized.

She fractured three ribsin a fall at her office.

The 85 year old Ginsburg is at

George Washington University Hospital

for observation and treatment.

Pat, this comes as the Court just started

its latest session last month.

- Well, she's a brilliantwoman and I won't

take anything from her and I think

everybody should pray forher that she'll be healed

but it does seem like she isa little bit over the hill

and it's time to say goodbye.

And if this is thecase, and it may happen,

this will give President Trump another

opening in the Supreme Court with a Senate

that is much more favorable than the one

that heard for Brett Kavanaugh.

So the next hearing he'll have

two or three more Republican Senators

so it will be interesting,but I would just say

pray for her, she's a very brilliant lady.

Sleeps a lot and looks like she.

- Very fragile.- Very very fragile woman

and all we can say is, pray for her,

she's a very fine ladyand she was, I think,

confirmed with almost 99 votes,

I mean it was unbelievable and she'd been

a member of the ACLU but it didn't matter.


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