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Gunman in ‘Horrific’ California Bar Shooting Rampage Identified as Marine Combat Veteran

Gunman in ‘Horrific’ California Bar Shooting Rampage Identified as Marine Combat Veteran Read Transcript

- The gunman has been identified

in America's latest mass shooting.

It happened this time in California.

Authorities say formerMarine, Ian David Long,

killed himself after killing 12 others

inside a California bar.

- I was to the front door.

I was talkin' to my stepdad and

I just started hearing these big pops.

Pop, pop, pop.

There was probably three or four,

I hit the ground.

- [Reporter] Customersat the Borderline Bar

were there for its College Country Night.

The popular spot in Thousand Oaks

is about 45 minutes from Los Angeles.

- Upon going through the front door,

the sheriff sergeant was struckmultiple times with gunfire

and there were multiple other

victims of differentlevels of injury inside

that were rescued from the scene

and taken to local hospitals.

- [Reporter] Witnessessaid the scene was chaotic.

- I saw him point to theback of the cash register

and he just started, he just kept firing.

I ran out the front door.

I hear chairs being thrown out the window.

People were trying to get out the window

and the gunman went to the,

he went behind the cash register,

he kept, there was probably 12 shots

before I got out the front door.

- [Reporter] People scrambled for safety,

fleeing in panic.

- As our first deputies arrived on scene

they also heard shots.

- [Reporter] This man helpedpull people to safety.

- And he basically was unloading

and all I did was grabas many people as I could

and pull them underneath the table

and then til I heard the shots

til I heard a break in the shots

and then we got people outof there as much as we could.

- Police say they stilldon't know a motive

for the shooting.


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