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Mike Evans: 'I Hope Israel Won't Have to Pay' for Midterm Results

Mike Evans: 'I Hope Israel Won't Have to Pay' for Midterm Results Read Transcript

- Results of the 2018midterms shifted the balance

of power right here in Washington DC,

but as Chris Mitchell reports,

they also affected capitals

around the world including Jerusalem.

- [Chris] While Republicansmaintain control of the Senate,

they lost the house.

- There's a lot of power in the House.

There's a lot of influenceover appropriations

and so it's not going to be aseasy for them as it has been.

It's gonna be a battle.

I hope to God that Israeldoesn't have to pay for it

because that would be a terrible mistake.

- [Chris] The next item onthe agenda will likely be

the President's peace plan.

- The President has beenpushing what he calls

the deal of the century, an Israeli,

Palestinian peace accord,

and my assumption isthat he will be pressing

his peace plan morerigorously in the future.

My own advice, as a memberof the Israeli government,

is that we study veryseriously and take seriously

this peace plan and try torespond to it as flexibly

and openly as possible.

- [Chris] Palestinians see an opportunity.

- Democrats in the UnitedStates are getting closer

to a position that may lead, eventually,

to a peace process in thearea, whereas his policy

has really been a verydifficult one to understand;

does not get us anywherecloser to a peace process.

On the contrary, I thinkit makes it very difficult

to reach a peace process.

From that position, I thinkthe result of the elections

indicate a possibility of a change

in American policy eventually.

- [Chris] Mike Evansserves on President Trump's

Faith Advisory Board and istroubled by the recent history

of Democrats with Israel's Prime Minister.

Evans says the midterms pose a challenge

to both President Trump andPrime Minister Netanyahu.

- There's never been apartnership this great.

There's never been anopportunity this great

in the whole Middle Eastas there is right now.

The midterm elections, is a very,

very difficult dilemma forboth of them to face right now.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.


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