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Pressure Mounts for Whitaker to Recuse Himself in Russia Probe as Details Emerge About His Biblical Worldview

Pressure Mounts for Whitaker to Recuse Himself in Russia Probe as Details Emerge About His Biblical Worldview Read Transcript


- Robert Mueller is reportedlywriting his final report

on the Russia investigationthat's cast a cloud

over the Trump Administration.

The President is expectedto send written answers

to Mueller's questionsby the end of the month.

This as his acting AttorneyGeneral, Matt Whitaker

assumes control of the probe.

But Democrats are calling onWhitaker to recuse himself

because of his past commentsabout the investigation.

- I can see a scenario whereJeff Sessions is replaced

with a recess appointmentand that Attorney General

doesn't fire Bob Mueller, buthe just reduces the budget

so low that his investigationgrinds to almost a halt

- [Jennifer] Democrats onthe House Judiciary Committee

say Deputy AG, Rod Rosensteinshould continue oversight

of the Mueller investigation.

They also sent a lettertelling the Justice Department

to preserve all materialsrelated to any investigations

by the Special Counsel'sOffice and the departure

of Attorney General Sessions.

Former Justice OfficialIan Prior tells CBN News,

Whitaker should expect ongoing attacks.

- The biggest challengefor him is really gonna be

that the knives are out from Democrats.

They're going to go after himand you're seeing it already.

- [Jennifer] With ourwithout a recusal, lawmakers

on both sides of the aislesay Mueller's investigation

should proceed without interference,

with Republicans addingit's gone on too long

and Democrats supplying the most heat.

- It would create aConstitutional crisis if this

were a prelude to endingor greatly limiting

the Mueller investigation.

- I don't say it'sConstitutional crisis quite yet.

But it's a perilous time.

- [Jennifer] RepublicanSenator Lindsay Graham says

there's no need for concern.

- To those who worry aboutthe Mueller investigation,

you need not worry.

He'll be allowed to finish his job.

- [Jennifer] And we're learning more

about Whitaker's worldview.

During a 20 debate in Iowa when he ran for

the Republican nomination for Senate,

Whitaker reportedly said he'd like to see

federal judicial nomineesbe people of faith,

with a biblical view of justice.

- Under the law, Whitakercan remain acting AG

for seven months.

Among those the White House is considering

to serve as Sessionspermanent replacement,

former New Jersey Governor

and Trump supporter, Chris Christie.

People close to himsay if offered the job,

he'll consider it seriously.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.


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