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News on The 700 Club: November 9, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” November 9.: Read Transcript

- Well, welcome to the 700 Club.

Former Attorney General JeffSessions is barely out the door

and already pressure is mounting

on the acting attorney general

to recuse himself in theRussia investigation.

- Not surprisingly, it's Democrats,

emboldened by their wins inthe House turning up the heat.

At the same time, we're learning

the Russia investigationmay soon be wrapping up.

Jennifer Wishon is inWashington with more.

- Robert Mueller is reportedly writing

his final report on theRussia investigation

that's cast a cloud overthe Trump administration.

The President is expectedto send written answers

to Mueller's questionsby the end of the month.

This, as his Acting AttorneyGeneral Matt Whitaker

assumes control of the probe.

But Democrats are calling onWhitaker to recuse himself

because of his past commentsabout the investigation.

- I can see a scenario where Jeff Sessions

is replaced with a recess appointment

and that attorney generaldoesn't fire Bob Mueller,

but he just reduces the budget so low

that his investigationgrinds to almost a halt.

- [Jennifer] Democrats onthe House Judiciary Committee

say Deputy AG Rod Rosensteinshould continue oversight

of the Mueller investigation.

They also sent a lettertelling the Justice Department

to preserve all materials related

to any investigations bythe Special Counsel's office

and the departure ofAttorney General Sessions.

Former Justice officialIan Prior tells CBN News

Whitaker should expect ongoing attacks.

- The biggest challengefor him is really gonna be

that the knives are out from Democrats.

They are going to go after him,

and you're seeing it already.

- With or without a recusal,lawmakers on both sides

of the aisle say Mueller's investigation

should proceed without interference,

with Republicans addingit's gone on too long

and Democrats applying the most heat.

- It would create a constitutional crisis

if this were to prelude toending or greatly limiting

the Mueller investigation.

- I don't say it's aconstitutional crisis quite yet,

but it's a perilous time.

- [Jennifer] RepublicanSenator Lindsey Graham

says there's no need for concern.

- To those who are worriedabout the Mueller investigation,

you need not worry, he'll beallowed to finish his job.

- And we're learning moreabout Whitaker's worldview.

During a 2014 debate in Iowa when he ran

for the Republican nomination for Senate,

Whitaker reportedly said he'd like to see

federal judicial nomineesbe people of faith

with a biblical view of justice.

Under the law, Whitaker can remain

acting AG for seven months.

Among those the White House is considering

to serve as Sessions'permanent replacement,

former New Jersey governor

and Trump supporter, Chris Christie.

People close to him if offered the job,

he'll consider it seriously.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Well, welcome to the newnormal in Washington, D.C.

We're going to see investigationafter investigation.

The House has been literallygift-wrapped this one,

and that note they sent,preserve everything,

in law practice, that'scalled a litigation hold,

and it puts on the other party,

you have to have apreservation policy right now

to make sure that nothing is destroyed.

If anything is, thenwe're going to hold you

accountable for it.

This has gotten just unbelievably strange

and we'll be watching everyminute of it, but guaranteed,

once the Democrats arein position in January,

this is going to be thevery first investigation,

why did Sessions resign,

why did he leave the administration,

why was Whitaker put in his place,

what is the underlying reasonfor that, and then the ongoing

pressure for Whitaker to recuse himself.

We're gonna see that drumbeatfrom now until whenever

Mueller wraps up his investigation,the sooner, the better.

Well, in other news, theinvestigation continues

into the deadly bar attack in California.

John Jessup has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureauin Washington, John?

- Well, Gordon, federal investigators

are working to learn moreabout the Marine combat veteran

who shot and killed 12people inside a country bar

in Thousand Oaks, California.

Authorities are searching thehome of 28-year-old Ian Long,

hoping to find a motivebehind Wednesday's rampage.

Ventura County Sheriff Sergeant Ron Helus

rushed in to help, butwas shot and killed.

He'd planned on retiring next year

after 29 years with the force.

- Sergeant Helus was havinga conversation with his wife

on the phone as he doesseveral times during the shift,

and said to her, "Hey, Igotta go handle a call,

"I love you, I'll talk to you later."

He went in there to save people

and made the ultimate sacrifice.

- Hundreds of people attended a vigil

Thursday night to mourn the victims.

Well, Florida RepublicanGovernor Rick Scott

is suing two Florida counties,

accusing election supervisorsof what he calls rampant fraud

in vote counting for hisbid for the US Senate.

Scott ordered the Departmentof Law Enforcement

to immediately investigateBroward and Palm Beach Counties.

This as new ballots pouringin had narrowed Scott's lead

over incumbent DemocratSenator Bill Nelson.

Scott said, "He will not sitby while unethical liberals

"try to steal this election."

Meanwhile, in the Arizona Senate race,

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has pulled ahead

of Republican Martha McSallyby about 10,000 votes.

Voters turned out in historicnumbers on election day,

and no one group was more important

for Republicans than evangelicals.

Mark Martin has more.

- Well, God plays a big factor in my life.

- The God factor was front and center

in a congressional racethat saw presidential levels

of voter turnout across the country,

evangelical Christiansshowed up in droves.

Faith and Freedom Coalitionchairman Ralph Reed

attributes that surge to the President.

- The evangelicals deliveredthis vote in a big way,

and of course Donald Trump deserves

an enormous amount of credit.

- [Mark] The faith-basedvote surged to include

more than one out of every three voters

in Tuesday's elections.

Evangelicals made up 26%of the national electorate,

and of those 80% voted for Republicans,

with only 12% going for Democrats.

But the real evangelical impactwas felt on a state level,

where in states that flipped seats

from Democrat to Republican,the evangelical electorate

surpassed the national average every time.

- There are a couple of peoplelooking down from heaven

that I wanna recognize.

- In Florida, where anemotional Rick Scott

claimed victory in his bid for the Senate,

30% of all voters were evangelicals

and 80% of thoseChristians voted for Scott.

- And we have a narrow window.

- [Mark] In Indiana, whereRepublican Mike Braun

won his Senate bid,evangelical turnout topped

the national average by 14%,

and 71% cast their votes for Braun.

- Without you, I am nothing,and with you I am everything.

- [Mark] Similarevangelical numbers helped

sweep in Senator-elect KevinCramer in North Dakota.

- The good Lord and the people of Missouri

have given us the victory.

- [Mark] And RepublicanSenate winner Josh Hawley,

a Christian evangelical candidate

CBN News has been followingsince the beginning

of his Senate run in Missouri.

- The country needs us,the culture needs us,

our society needs us, we're the ones

who have to step forwardand to bring the truth

of the Gospel of JesusChrist into every corner

of our society.

It's our mission, it's our duty,

it's also our great privilege.

It's a tremendous, tremendous privilege.

- [Mark] He told us hisfaith drives his politics.

- The Lord has called us to doour part in the public sphere

to stand for him and tostand for the principles

on which this country wasfounded, and as I see it,

my job is to be faithful to those things

and then leave the rest to the Lord.

- Before the election, Christian leaders

called on the faithfulto be good citizens,

not only by praying for our leaders,

but also by voting for them at the polls.

This election shows when they show up,

it makes a difference.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

- Thanks, Mark, well, turning overseas,

in Japan Christianity is a minority faith

and the church is small.

But CBN Superbook isnow in its second month

on air in Japan and gaining popularity.

Recently, the program took center stage

at a large evangelistic eventfor kids and their families.

Lucille Talusan brings usthis report from Tokyo.

(children singing)

- This is known as the Joy Joy Festival.

It's Japan's largestannual evangelistic event,

organized by 88 churches

and the Word of Life Press Ministries,

which is Superbook'sministry partner here.

2,000 kids and their families attended,

and half of them arenot part of any church.

Church goers grabbed this opportunity

to invite non-Christians to the concert,

not only for entertainment,

but to hear the goodnews about God's love.

A special attraction thisyear was Superbook's Gizmo,

or Robic as he is known in Japan.

The audience got even more excited

when they received Superbook DVD sets.

Gizmo is very happy meeting new friends

here at the Joy Joy Festival

where Superbook has also participated.

This is a great way to promote Superbook

that now airs on nationaltelevision here in Japan.

John Tan, CBN regional director for Japan,

describes the airing ofSuperbook as a miracle

and a great favor from God.

- There was a difficulty to get religious

or Christian material onair, but seeing Superbook,

the quality of animationand it helps children,

so then they've allowedus to be on the air.

- In addition to watchingSuperbook on television,

churches are using theanimated Bible series

as part of their Sunday School curriculum.

- One of the big issues for the youth

is they don't have hope,

they don't know whatto do with the future,

but we know the church hasthe real hope in Christ.

- The lesson I learned from Superbook

is to put Jesus first in everything I do.

- I love the part of the resurrection

after Jesus died on the cross,

because Jesus is theone who forgive our sins

and died on the cross.

I invite my friends to ourhome to watch Superbook.

I hope they tell theirmothers about Superbook,

so they can get to know Jesus.

- Lucille Talusan, CBN News, Tokyo.

- Thanks, Lucille; Gordon,a lot of smiling faces there

at Tokyo's Joy Joy Festival.

- A lot of smiling faces right here

because what an answer toprayer, what a dream come true.

Superbook started in Japanback in the early 1980s

and to see it back again, on air,

and doing remarkably well in the ratings,

it's a real joy for me.

If you wanna be a part of it,

be a part of taking thestories of the Bible

to the children of the world,

here's Japan with a Christian population

in the low single digits, knownothing about Christianity,

know nothing about thestories of the Bible,

what a joy it is to bring those stories

to them on television, and youcan be a part of all of it,

you can be a part of the production,

you can be a part of the distribution,

you can be part of the translation.

How? Join the Superbook Club.

For a gift of $25 or more,

we'll send you the latest episode,

which is the story of Jeremiah.

It's a thrilling episode,it's an episode for our day,

the need for repentanceand a return to God.

It's yours when youcall us, 1-800-700-7000.

All you have to do is sayyes, I wanna be a part

of the Superbook Club, here'smy gift of $25 or more.


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