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To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World trailer 2

Discover Israel’s national tradition of humanitarian service and good works—and learn why a nation so small is having such a tremendous global impact. It’s the story you won’t see in the news. Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- [Reporter] Violentaftershocks rattle that region.

- [Male] We know thatevery minute is critical

if you wanna find survivors.

- She already had damage to the lungs.

- [Woman] They just comewith their clothes only.

- It's breaking my heart.

- This makes the surgeryeven more difficult.

- There is blood on our handsif we know and we walk away.

- [Male 2] I think that God wants me here,

cause he wants me to help these people.

- I can help refugees,

so this is what I should be doing.

- [Male 3] I think that'snot only our privilege,

but our duty.

- No matter which religions he have,

which color he is,

what language he talk,

when people need us, we come and help.

- [Male 4] The common languageis that they're human beings.

- [Woman 2] We can't just sit back

and watch what's going on.

- [Woman 3] This is how changes start



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