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Christian World News - November 9, 2018

Christian World News - November 9, 2018 Read Transcript

- This week on Christian World News,

the US mid-term elections are over

and the country seemsmore divided than ever,

but there's a powerfulprayer movement rising

and it's putting Jesus back in the center

of American politics.

Plus, a migrant caravan is heading

for the United States Souther border.

While many are raising questionsabout their motivations,

others are focused on bringing the gospel

to the people of Central America.

And some 30 years ago,

Israel secretly broughtthousands of Ethiopian Jews

to the Holy Land.

The mission fulfilledboth dreams and prophecy.

See how Ethiopian Jewsare still celebrating

this miraculous event today.

(upbeat orchestral music)

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to this week's editionof Christian World News.

I'm George Thomas.

Wendy Griffith is on assignment.

The US held crucial elections this week.

Voters gave the House ofRepresentatives to the Democrats,

while President Trump's Republican Party

kept a firm hold on the Senate.

Voters turned out in historic numbers

and on one group, one group very important

to the Republicans thanany other, evangelicals.

Mark Martin has more.

- God plays a big factor in my life.

- The God factor was front and center.

In a Congressional racethat saw presidential levels

of voter turnout across the country,

evangelical Christiansshowed up in droves.

Faith and Freedom CoalitionChairman Ralph Reid

attributes that surge to the president.

- The evangelicals deliveredthis vote in a big way

and of course, DonaldTrump deserves an enormous

amount of credit.

- [Mark] The faith-based votes surged

to include one out of every three voters

in Tuesday's elections.

Evangelicals made up 26%of the National Electorate,

and of those, 80% voted for Republicans.

With only 12% going for Democrats.

But the real evangelical impact

was felt on a state level,

where in states that flipped seats

from Democrat to Republican,

the evangelical electorate surpassed

the national average every time.

- There are a couple peoplelooking down from heaven

that I wanna recognize.

- [Mark] In Florida, wherean emotional Rick Scott

claimed victory in his bid for the Senate,

30% of all voters were evangelicals

and 80% of thoseChristians voted for Scott.

- And we have a narrow window.

- [Mark] In Indiana, whereRepublican Mike Braun

won his Senate bid,

evangelical turnout toppedthe national average by 14%

and 71% cast their votes for Braun.

- Without you, I'm nothing,and with you, I'm everything.

- [Mark] Similar evangelical numbers

helped sweep in Senator electKevin Cramer in North Dakota.

- The good Lord and the people of Missouri

have given us the victory.

- [Mark] And RepublicanSenate winner Josh Hawley,

a Christian evangelical candidate

CBN News has been followingsince the beginning

of his Senate run in Missouri.

- The country needs us,the culture needs us.

Our society needs us.

We're the ones who have to step forward

and to bring the truth ofthe gospel of Jesus Christ

into every corner of our society.

It's our mission, it's our duty.

It's also our great privilege.

It's a tremendous, tremendous privilege.

- [Mark] He told us hisfaith drives his politics.

- The Lord has called us to do our part

in the public sphere, to stand for Him,

and to stand for the principles on which

this country as founded and as I see it,

my job is to be faithful to those things

and to leave the rest to the Lord.

- Before the election,

Christian leaders called on the faithful

to be good citizens, not onlyby praying for our leaders,

but also by voting for them at the polls.

This election shows when they show up,

it makes a difference.

Mark Martin, CBN News.

- Thank you, Mark.

A host of Christian groups rallied

in prayer for the elections.

Some predicted a big win for Republicans,

which did happen.

Others encourage Christiansnot to be shaped by politics,

but to focus, instead, on Jesus Christ.

Earlier, I asked CBNPrayer Leader Jay Comiskey

about prayer, politicsand the Kingdom of God.

How do Christians processthis election results?

- I think it's a good question

and I think it's perfectly okay

to pray for a candidate you like,

to work for a candidate you like,

but when election's over,we all go back to 1 Timothy,

the second chapter, andthat's where Paul says,

first of all, top priority,pray for everybody

who's in authority, andthat's what we should all

be focusing on now.

We need to pray for President Trump.

We need to pray for Senate Republicans

who are still in charge,

but we need to pray for Nancy Pelosi

and the new Democrats whowill be in charge there.

The point is, Jesus Christ,

according what He said in Matthew 20,

all authority in heaven andEarth is still with him.

He's still working through His church.

Our job is to pray foreverybody who's in leadership.

- Have many Christians intertwined

the spiritual and political tothe detriment of the gospel?

- I think it can happen.

Again, I think what weshould all remember,

wherever we're praying andwherever in our seating,

we should always do it with anelement of humility, George.

I mean, again, it's okayto pray for your candidate.

It's okay to pray how youfeel the Lord's leading you,

but ultimately, we'reacknowledging that Jesus is Lord

and whoever gets voted in,now our job really begins

to pray for them.

- How do we pray for our leaders

when we disagree with them?

And actually believe that, you know,

their policies are againstBiblical principles

and are hurting the country?

How do we pray in that way?

- Well, that's a good question.

Well, first off, we pray,

it's okay to pray, Lordhelp them see truth

and help them move ina different direction.

But ultimately, we have to recognize

that God Himself respects the human will

and so, sometimes there's gonna be leaders

who don't vote the way we like.

We're still praying for theirhealth, their good will,

and we're still praying thatthe parties can work together.

I like this analogy.

If America, our symbolis the American Eagle.

Well, you need a leftwing and a right wing.

We need to pray for the peace

to be on both parties

even when we vehementlydisagree with someone.

We need to be the peacemakers

in the middle of the political process.

He is gonna implement His willthrough His people praying

and I gotta tell you, this last election,

I'm sure people on both sides.

I was so proud of the Bodyof Christ in their prayers,

their intercessions.

It's just after election,

now we go to the most important thing.

Praying for every leaderwho got into office.

So I'll tell you, I'mreally thanking the Lord

for the growth in Christianspraying, in intercession,

and I think we see a tremendous trend

in the years to come,

as Christians play theirrole as prayer leaders

in our country.

- Nancy Pelosi talkedabout coming together,

the President this weekat the press conference

talked about coming together,

but what is the role Christians can play

in ushering that spiritof unity and peace?

- Well, I think, first off,

we have to individuallymake sure we're not

the authors of contention and disunity

and just trying to aggravate people.

It's important to remember, George,

Christians can disagreeon political issues.

So let's remember that.

But let's try and honorwhat Nancy Pelosi said

and what President Trump said.

Let's pray that therewill be a greater peace

and a sense of cooperation.

If that doesn't happen,

you still have to go backand default to this position.

Paul said, first off,

we pray for all those in authority,

even if things are, you know,

just contentious as can be.

We still pray for Nancy Pelosi.

We still pray for Donald Trump.

And we just continue tobelieve God to intervene

in the whole process.

- Okay, that is a veryimportant reminder, Jay.

As always, thank you so much for coming.

Honored to have you here.

- Thank you, George.

- That was Jay Comiskey joining us

for our new World Beatssegment for CBN News.

In other news, exitpolls showed immigration

was a driving factor invote turnout this week.

The ongoing debate is raising questions

about the motivations of those supporting

and encouraging a caravan of migrants

headed for the United States.

Chuck Holton has someanswers to those questions

from the caravan itself in Mexico.

- Honduras!




- [Chuck] The massive caravan

currently making itsway north through Mexico

is so isolated event.

Immigrants from around the world

have traveled this route for decades.

Making the 14-mile trek

is always a difficult anddangerous undertaking.

It would be all but impossible

if it weren't for some organizations

that encourage and assistthese travelers on their way.

This most recent caravanhas prompted many to ask

about who is helping facilitate

what's becoming one of thelargest mass migrations

in modern history.

I interviewed some who werehelping these Hondurans

make it to the United States.

(speaking foreign language)

Mexico recently electeda pro-migrant president,

but the Mexican governmentis having trouble

deciding how or even if

they should help these migrants

who have come intotheir country illegally.

So I'm just outside of Tapachula

in southern Mexico,

and a group of migrants just walked by.

They are behind the main group

but it's still a couple hundred people

and they were stoppedby some immigrant agents

in several immigration vans,

basically just encouragingthem to take the legal steps

necessary to declare asylum in Mexico

but the migrants didn't likethat idea and they ran off

and so now, the police andthe immigration authorities

are kinda standing aroundtrying to figure out what to do.

When the confrontation happened,

another group of supporters showed up.

A left wing groupcommitted to open borders

and gun control called

the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation

stepped between the migrantsand the Mexican police.

(speaking foreign language)

They didn't want to be filmed.

(speaking foreign language)

I don't think anyone can see these images

and women marching in the hot sun

or sleeping on the streetsat night with their babies

and not have a tug at their heart strings,

but many people are starting to ask

whether or not charity has to include

encouraging people to make bad choices.

- They don't need to leave.

They can stay, set in routes,

and develop their own land.

- [Chuck] Graham and Nicole Davis

moved to Central America five years ago

to help young people breakthe cycle of violence

and poverty.

- We have based our foundation

on the obvious principles

that it makes more sense tomeet people where they are.

It's much more cost effective

and it's much more successful

than moving them across borders

and forcing them intoa new education system.

We meet them right wherethey are and care for them

and they grow.

We're earning the right to be heard

by moving into theirneighborhood and educating them.

Our students aren'trunning for the border.

They see the value is being where they are

and growing in leadership.

The advanced project develops leaders

in the developing world.

That's what we do.

- [Chuck] Through mentoring, education,

leadership and the gospel,

this family is making a difference

by showing a young generationof Central Americans

that they don't necessarilyneed the United States.

What they need is Jesus.

For CBN News, I'm Chuck Holton

in Chiapas state, Mexico.

- [George] Coming up,thousands of Ethiopian Jews

flood the streets of Israel praising God.

It's all because of this miraculous event.

- God Almighty is a God of blessing.

He always wants to bless His people

but how do you get that blessing,

and what principleswill unlock that secret?

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The laws of blessing, andwhat are the hindrances

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- The words of Jesus.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million!

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof the Ukranian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection, andthe overwhelming desire

to be loved.

That experience changed me forever

and out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated

and they are learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Welcome back to Christian World News.

Asia Bibi is out of prison,

but her government saysshe's still in Pakistan.

Bibi and her family were transferred

to the Pakistani capital.

Some expected she'd be leaving soon,

but she's still waiting for asylum.

Bibi's recent acquittalof blasphemy charges

against Islam sparkedoutrage in the country.

Her lawyers say she hasfiled for application asylum

with the Netherlands.

79 school children kidnappedfrom a Presbyterian church

in Cameroon have been released.

An unidentified armed separatist group

took the children captive last week.

A church leader confirmedthat the children

were returned looking tiredand psychologically tortured.

Two staff members are still held hostage.

The school is closing dueto a lack of security.

Every year, Ethiopiansthank God for answering

a big prayer, bringing them back to Israel

and uniting them with the Jewish people.

CBN Middle East Correspondent Julie Stahl

has that story.

- [Julie] It's called Sigd,

a Jewish holiday EthiopianJews brought with them

on their return to Israel.

- [Translator] Sigd isa holiday we celebrated

for thousands of years in Ethiopia.

Central holiday and symbolof the Ethiopian Jews.

Sigd comes from the word,(speaks foreign language),

to worship the creator of the world.

- For generations, Ethiopian Jewry

dreamed of returning to Jerusalem.

Now, they celebrate theholiday of Sigd every year

right here in the holy city.

- [Translator] What wedid there was to go up

the highest mountain and facethe direction of Jerusalem,

pray for the peace of Zion and Jerusalem.

- [Julie] For the last 10 years,

this has been a national holiday,

celebrated as Jerusalem's Haas Promenade,

overlooking the Temple Mount,

a ceremony is markedwith prayer and fasting.

Although Sigd is not named in the Bible,

Dr. Simcha Gathon says it's origins

are found there in various celebrations.

- [Translator] We do this50 days after Yom Kippur.

On Yom Kippur, we dopersonal introspection

and after 50 days, we docollective introspection,

together, united.

- [Julie] Since 1948, morethan 90,000 Ethiopian Jews

immigrated to Israel,

including some 16,000 secretlyairlifted to Israel in 1984

and seven years later, another 14,500 came

in just 36 hours.

While the community's origins are unknown,

their style of Judaismdates back 2,500 years.

Why does the Ethiopian community

still celebrate the holiday in Israel?

- [Translator] It'simportant, first of all,

to say thank you to God that He granted us

to immigrate to Israel, theHoly Land, the Holy City,

to unite with the people of Israel,

and in addition, to pray thatthe Third Temple be built

and to pray for all ofthe people of Israel.

- [Translator] This holidayrepresents the holiday of Sigd,

not only for the Ethiopians,

but for all the state of Israel.

For everyone.

From year to year, we celebrate this.

Look how many people are here.

It's really exciting.

- [Julie] About 10,000 people

came for this year's celebration

and the Ethiopian-Jewish community

hopes at some point allof Israel will join them.

Julie Stahl, the HassPromenade, Jerusalem, Israel.

- [George] Still to come.

Israel is the birthplace ofJudaism and Christianity,

but the Christian-Arab population

is slowly disappearing.

We show you one initiative

dedicated to saving the church.

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At, we're takingwhat Jesus said seriously.

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Live it fully.

- We had four jobs that didn't go right,

but you know, we didn'twaver in our faith.

- That's when God put on my heart

that we needed to do the will.

- [Man] Within a couple of days,

we got an insurance refund check

that we had no idea was coming.

- Here we are this year.

It's just booming (laughs).

- You go out and help other people

and you get rewarded for it.

- [Announcer] Get PatRobertson's latest teaching,

Miraculous Blessings.

- Steven Khoury, founderof Holy Land Missions

and pastor of JerusalemBaptist Church joins us now.

Welcome back to the broadcast.

So you are an Iraeli-Arab Christian,

grew up in Bethlehem,

a place that is now underPalestinian control.

Have Christians inBethlehem left the area?

- They have.

I was born in Jerusalem as well

and seen many wars over the years.

Christianity at one point,Christians at one point

predating the 2000 year era,

it was about 85%

within the villagesand towns of Bethlehem,

people try to break it downin different percentage.

And 15% Muslims, give or take.

Today, the pendulum hasalmost completely swapped

when you lock into Bethlehem city limits

with some of the villages with it.

Now, it's about less than 15% Christians.

- [George] And Steven,where have these folks gone?

- Many have fled to Australia, Canada,

some to European and some to the US

mostly between the year 2000 and 2010,

give or take, those are the 10 year period

which saw a lot of Christians,

excess of Christians leave the land.

- Is the church in these territories?

Is it growing?

Are there more who arecoming to the faith?

- It's growing and we haveto be detailed in the realm

and I know you are Ihave talked about this,

George, is that it's growinga sense of conversion

of Muslims who are notnecessarily converting

but are accepting JesusChrist as their savior.

In some terms, it's called conversion.

For us, we say, we clarify misconceptions.

Who Jesus is to them, they see the light

and they become followers of Jesus.

You might not necessarilysee them in a church setting

because of security reasons or what be it,

but they are there.

So Christianity is growingin the Middle East,

especially after ISIS' existence

but we have to stand with theChristians who are suffering

because they are the last line standing

in the place where Christianity started

and it's our job to do that.

- And it's obviously anissue that we are seeing

not just in Bethlehem butwe're seeing it Syria,

Iraq, Afghanistan and so manyplaces of the Middle East.

You guys have this campaign.

It's called Save theJerusalem Church Campaign.

Tell us a little bit about it.

- Thank you, Brother George.

Jerusalem is the epitome,

it's the center for thisuniverse, for this world

when it comes to eschatology and times,

it comes down to the three main dominating

religions in the world, Islam,Christianity and Judaism.

And what's so unique in mystudies in the last 13 years,

we have been kicked out of three rental,

pushed out of three rental property,

rephrase, pushed out ofthree rental properties

in the last 13 to 14 years

simply because of us teaching the message

of Jesus teaching love and forgiveness

and teaching Arabs tolove the Jewish people

that has brought us to a position

where nobody's willing to rent us anymore.

We made a decision 2015.

If we're gonna stay inJerusalem, which we need to,

because we have to be thelast standing line there,

we made a decision to purchase

our own multipurposeworship training center

in Jerusalem.

A place where people like you

can come meet other Christians

in a safe atmosphere by a place to educate

so our goal is to have our ownmultipurpose worship center,

to be a city on a hillthat cannot be shut down

or destroyed and that'sthis campaign in Jerusalem.

People can know more about it

by visiting our

We are 501(c)(3) in America

and our goal is to, bythe end of this year,

to have this center up and running,

to purchase this property.

We have found there's somebody willing

to sell us a property in Jerusalem

to be a church, a training center,

evangelistic trainingcenter, leadership center.

A place where you can come and educate.

People can, otherswatching, pastors, leaders,

Christians, businessmencan come and educate others

on successful business Christian values

and leadership values as well

so pray for us, pray for Jerusalem,

Save the Jerusalem Church campaign.

We're at 70% right now of the needed goal

and we have right now witha matching donation as well

be able to get to thatgoal, so pray for us.

- Final question, as you know,

the United States, thisparticular White House

is heavily involved in theIsraeli-Arab peace deal

with Jared Kushner and others.

What are your hopes forthe Israeli-Arab conflict?

- That's a good question, Brother George.

We've, I've grew up seeing blodsheed.

I've grown up seeing turmoil.

I grew up seeing body parts

from a suicide bombing.

I've seen what politics has done

and hasn't done really much.

I've seen what, throwingbags of rice and people

from UN and UNRWA and UNESCO, all these,

I've seen all the humanitarian aids

and they're just bandaid solutions.

What is the answer, people ask me.

Might sound like a broken record to some

but it's broken overand over and over again.

The answer is to reachthe heart of mankind.

It's reaching the heart of thePalestinian leadership team.

Reaching the heart of theIsraeli leadership committee

to show them that it's themessage of Jesus Christ

that can transform theheart of every Arab,

it transforms the heart ofevery Jewish person there

because the tie to the land,

it's not just the dirt on the ground.

It's their Biblical,theological, spiritual,

emotional convictionthat ties us to that land

and what better to changethe outlook of people

by changing their heart?

And that is for us,

that's why we're so focusedon being in Jerusalem.

It's the most influentialcity in the world.

You and I know this.

You and I have talked about this

so that's why we have to have a place

where we can educate people

and build bridges, sitdown with Jewish people.

Sit down with Muslim leaders.

Sit down with 'em

and even in the differences, show them,

I love to tell people you'vegot to clarify misconceptions

of who Jesus is.

Clarify misconceptionsof what peace looks like.

Clarify misconceptions ofwhat revenge looks like.

When you show them what it looks like

and you show them the ripple effect,

it's a negative ripple effect,

people then, I start to ask the question,

what is really the answer?

So that's, for me, is changing the heart,

it's reaching the heart.

- Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace

and Steven, you are right in the middle

of bringing that peace to the region.

Thank you as always, Sir,

for coming on the show.

- Thank you, Brother George.- 'Preciate it.

For more information likethe stories like this,

go to our website

- [Announcer] When you give,

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smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

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When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million!

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection, andthe overwhelming desire

to be loved.

That experience changed me forever

and out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated

and they're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Hello!

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- Finally, this week onChristian World News,

CBN's Operation Blessingis helping provide

education for children in Kenya.

Children of the Masai tribe live miles

from civilization, makingit difficult for them

to go to school.

Operation Blessing stepped in

and built a brand new schoolright in their village.

In addition to education,

the school guarantees that each child

receives a healthy mealand instruction in hygiene.

That is terrific.

I wanna give a quickshout out to our friends

in the nation of Georgia.

Every week, they translate this show

into the Georgian language,

bringing the good news of Jesus Christ

to that part of the world.

Thank you for all that you do.

Folks, that's it for this weeks edition

of Christian World News.

Until next week,

goodbye and God bless you.


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