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To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World trailer 1

Discover Israel’s national tradition of humanitarian service and good works—and learn why a nation so small is having such a tremendous global impact. It’s the story you won’t see in the news. Read Transcript

(soft dramatic music)

(radio static)

- [Reporter] Eight millionpeople across Nepal

are struggling to recover.

- [Reporter] Through the worst disaster

Nepal has seen in nearly a century.

(crowd talking)

- [Reporter] Panic inthe streets of Kathmandu.

(radio static)

- [Reporter] Absolutely noelectricity in this area.

There's no water supply.

(radio static)

- [Reporter] Fifteen hundredmillion people in Africa

still don't have access to clean water.

(radio static)

- [Reporter] UnitedNations declared years ago

that access to water andsanitation is a human right.

- [Reporter] Without it,human life cannot exist.

- [Reporter] Water on tapin the home is a luxury.

(piano music)


- [Reporter] Chaos tonighthere on the island of Lesbos

- [Reporter] There's been noend in sight for this crisis.

- [Reporter] Syrians, Iraquis

- [Reporter] Desperate refugees braving

a life or death journey

- [Reporter] So many aredying in this narrow scene

between Turkey and Greece.

- [Reporter] A number ofboats coming in this morning

and this one seems to havelots of children on board.


(solemn music)

- One, two, three, it begins.

(piano music)

- [Female Voice] There'sno electricity, no energy,

water exists beneath their feet.

What they need is a few solar panels

so that we can pump the water.

- [Doctor] Children are coming to Israel,

we operate them,

and we host them untilthe operation is done,

and the recovery time is done,

and they go back home.

- [Female Voice] People comewith just nothing on them,

you know, just the clothes,babies, old people.


- [Woman With Curly Hair] At this moment,

history is being written,

and I want to be a part of it.

(dramatic music)

- [Woman With StraightDark Hair] Constant at harm

to see this and not help.

- [Female Voice] You see their eyes,

they're hungry for education.

They can lead theirlives to a better future.

(dramatic music)

- [Male Rescuer] The rescueteam that we brought here

are specialized in urban rescues.

- [Male Voice] They told usthat they hear somebody alive.

A young girl, missing.

- [Female Voice] This is whatwe do in Africa and Ethiopia,

in India and South America.

- [Male Voice] It doesn'tmatter what color they are,

what size they are,

not only our privilege, but our duty.

- This is how changes starts.

- The real Israel, it'swhat we are doing here.


(rescuers talking)

- [Distant Voice] There isalive, alive, there is alive!


(solemn music)

- We were asking for help for everybody,

like, police, military personnels,

and lots of foreigners also,

and Israel to comestraight from the airport

and started digging up,

and the the thing theyhave and others didn't have

is faith and hope.

They found Krishna Kumari.

(solemn music)

- [Male Voice] For me, I am Syrian.

For me, there is no problem,

if all you're meeting Israelian people,

they are really helping us,

and helping a lot offamilies here, and children.

- [Female Voice] I'm feeling very happy.

Israel people, volunteersare coming every year.

To teach our students.

Changing our daily life also.

(solemn music)

(medical beeping)

- [Female Voice] No longersick, no longer weak,

I'm going to play like other children.

(solemn music)(medical equipment beeping)

- [Female Voice] I never interacted

with people from the other side,

the Jewish people,

but now we interact with a lot of people,

you get to know people as individuals,

it's very good experience.

(piano music)

- [Female Voice] They are reallyso so special to my family.

- Come again again again! (laughs)

(piano music)

(radio static)



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