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Lawsuits and Accusations Fly as Results of Big Florida Races Hang in the Balance

Lawsuits and Accusations Fly as Results of Big Florida Races Hang in the Balance Read Transcript

(protesters shouting)

- [Amber] In the Sunshine State,

the battle for the ballotis getting downright ugly.

- Bill Nelson's a sore loser.

He's been in politicsway too long, 42 years.

He just won't give up.

- The state is in themidst of a bitter recount,

including the races to decide

who heads to the governor's mansion

and who resides in the Senate.

Sunday, Florida's Secretaryof State announced a recount,

which triggered automaticallywhen the GOP leads

dropped to below half of one percent.

On Election Eve, GOP candidates Rick Scott

and Ron DeSantis seemeddestined for victory,

but an onslaught of latevotes from Broward County

and Palm Beach County closed the gap.

Republicans are crying foul.

- They didn't report on time.

We still don't understand how they went,

in these two counties, andhad a dramatic increase.

- [Amber] The Florida courts agreed

there was improper action,charging Broward County officials

failed to turn over ballot records.

Now Scott is filing a newmotion against both counties

hoping to impound andpreserve all voting machines,

tallying devices, and ballotswhen they're not in use.

Democrats contend it isn'tfraud, but democracy at work.

- No one should standin the way of the people

of our state exercisingtheir right to vote

and to have their voice heard.

- [Amber] The FloridaDepartment of State also said

it has yet to receive anycredible allegations of fraud.

But Broward County hasbeen plagued by accusations

of political incompetence in years past.

While Democrats say it isn't over

until every vote is counted,Scott says he's moving forward.

- We won.

The citizens of the state won.

I'm gonna be going to DC

and I'm gonna do exactlywhat I did in Florida,

try to change the direction of the country

like we tried to changethe direction of Florida.

- And right now, even therecount seems to be in trouble

as some of the 67 districts fear

they won't be able to complete the recount

by Thursday's deadline.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.


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