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New Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie is a Godwink

SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt will discuss their new book and their first Hallmark Channel movie, A Godwink Christmas, starring Kathie Lee Gifford. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] With morethan one and a half million

books in print, bestselling author,

Squire Rushnell, andhis wife, Louise DuArt,

have inspired readers withtheir popular Godwinks series.

In their latest, GodWink Christmas Stories,

they feature a collectionof extraordinary things

that have happened inthe lives of 30 people

at Christmastime.

One of those storiesinspired the Hallmark movie,

A Godwink Christmas, whichpremieres Sunday, November 18th,

starring Kathy Lee Gifford.

- So excited to have them back home at CBN

and with us today on the Interactive show.

Ya know, most of us, I think,

are familiar with the term Godwink now,

although you sort of coinedthat in every way ever.

But tell me a littlebit about what made you

put stories like this togetherfor a Godwink Christmas.

- Well, we thought that itwould be a great collection

of holiday stories and wehad about seven or eight

really good ones and so, we said,

if we begin with those as the classics

and then find another 22 orso stories that are brand new

that have to do with Christmas,

that's how we get 30 stories in the book.

- And you know, this issuch a great opportunity

to give a gift like this to friends.

You know, whether theyare people who are deeply

involved in their faithor just trying to do life.

Tell us a little bit about the movie

because it's being promoted on TV.

I watched the promolast night at my house.

- We're so excited!

- Yeah, it's about to happen!

- Well it is based on a true story

and Hallmark, of course, does love stories

and no one does a lovestory better than Hallmark.

But this is based on a truestory and happens to be

two people that we know,a husband and wife.

Now they've been married over 30 years.

But they met through an amazing Godwink

and the Godwink fog wasinvolved in the Godwink.

It stranded Paula at an airport

and she meets Gary andGary and Paul then spend

the day together, but Paulawas engaged to another man.

Through a series of events and Godwinks,

her heart starts opening up and realizing

maybe this man isn't who God had for her.

Maybe it's Gary.

Kathy Lee Gifford, who plays Paula's aunt,

she tells her or talksto her about all the

Godwinks that had to beset up just perfectly

for her to meet Gary at theright place at the right time.

- So, talk a little bit about the title

because kind of unusual to see God's name

in the title of a movie nowadays.

- Yeah, well we knewthat Godwinks is the word

that Hallmark was attractedto right from the beginning.

Ya know, writers have a tendencyto put down on the script

anything that just comes to mind.

They send it in andvery often, that sticks.

So, we were actually goingto the shooting in the summer

in Vancouver where theprincipal photography was done

and we didn't have the title settled yet.

But, I was able to take the CEO,

Bill Abbott aside and say, ya know,

we really need to call thisGodwink something or other.

He said, "Well, what do you think?"

I said I think we shouldcall it A Godwink Christmas.

He said, "Let's do it."

Now, here's what's reallypowerful about that.

We did research and we couldn't find

in the history of American television

any series on nationaltelevision that has ever had

G-O-D in the title and this is going to be

the Godwink movie serieson the Hallmark channel.

Until CBS came out with God Friended Me

just a few weeks ago,

this would've been thefirst time that God was

up on the screen on top.

- We live in an hourwhere we really need that,

really need that.- Yeah.

- You had a godwink happenas you were doing this

because part of it was inCanada and then part of it

was shot on Martha's Vineyard

which is so picturesque anyway.

But at one point, you really felt like

you needed snow, it's Christmas.

- Well, it was a Christmasmovie and the director was

coming to the vineyard.

I said to Squire, "Wehave to pray for snow."

He said, "There is nosnow in the forecast."

Early in December on Martha's Vineyard,

we usually don't get snow.- Could still be warm, sure.

- So we started praying.

We said, "God, we wouldlove a blanket of snow

"over the island."

And it started to snowand it kept snowing.

The director came.

He did all his shots and on the last shot

of the last day, it went up to 45 degrees,

a little bit of rain and it all melted.

The shots are breathtakinglybeautiful of Martha's Vineyard.

- I believe that.

I can't wait to see it.

Wanna mention also that this movie,

you desired to have ithappen a couple of years ago.

- [Squire] Yes.

- Now it's happening todaybut you feel like there's,

the timing had a reason behind it.

- You know, the Lordhas spoken to us about

and I wanna tell peopleto understand this,

that those airwaves belong to him.

If they belong to him, they belong to us.

We need to claim them.

I think there was a partof us that kept saying,

"I hope this happens, I hopethis," and God's saying,

"This is yours.

"I've given it, take it."

So for four years, we prayedand it wasn't happening.

I kept thinking it was the enemy,

it was the enemy that wasdoing that, getting in the way.

Then the Lord gave us a revelation

that it was Him all along.

He said, "I needed toget things in place."

The culture had to be prepared and ready.

So now, this is the time.

Such a time as this.- A time such as this.

- Wow.

- Where the culture is readyto receive and people are

longing so much to fillthat need in their life

that only God can fill.

- Well, the book is aninspiring and wonderful gift

for people for the holidays.

It's just, it's the kindabook that makes you smile

as you're reading it and justkind of reinforces your faith.

It's called Godwink Christmas.

It's available wherever books are sold.

Make sure also that you tunein to the Hallmark channel.

That's next Sunday, November 18th,

at nine PM eastern, eight Central,

for the premiere of themovie, A Godwink Christmas.

Nine PM Eastern, eight PM Central,

Sunday November 18th.

Thank you, both of you.

Great to see you again.- Thank you.

- Thanks Terry.

- You always bring an inspiring word.

- Isn't that pretty?- Thank you so much.

It's very pretty.

- And it matches Terry!

- It's stocking size, it's stocking size.



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