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Deadliest Fire in CA History: Remains Found in Burnt-Out Cars Tell Tragedy of Attempted Escape

Deadliest Fire in CA History: Remains Found in Burnt-Out Cars Tell Tragedy of Attempted Escape Read Transcript

- The search for bodiesin northern California

tells the terrifying story

of the victims attempts to escape.

Rescue personnel findingthe dead in or next to

burned out cars, apparentlyovercome by smoke and flames

before they could get away.

- [Woman] I'm surrounded by fire!

I'm surrounded by fire rightnow, I don't know what to do!

- It was just constant explosions

and cars are trying togo around on the side

and bursting into flames and people are

getting out of their burningcars and running down

the middle of the road.

- [Caitlin] Allyn Pierce is a nurse.

He risked his life evacuatingpatients from a hospital

near Paradise, California,a town that has been

completely burned to the ground.

Authorities there still searching

for more than 200 missing people.

Meanwhile in southernCalifornia, firefighters

are gaining ground on the Woolsey fire.

But heavy winds are still a major issue

and crews are stretched thin.

- This hits home on thefact that we are still

in significant fire weatherand the existing fire

is not our only concern.

- [Caitlin] Celebrities wereamong the hundreds of thousands

forced to evacuate in the Malibu area

and they're also among thosewho are coming home to nothing.

After Gerard Butlerposted this photo of this

burnt out home on Instagram,thanking the Los Angeles

fire department for their service.

- It's gone, it's...

Everybody I know lost everything.

It's real sad.

- Across Californiathere are more than 8,000

firefighters battling these wildfires

and trying to save as many homesand structures as possible.

Caitlin Burke, CBN News.


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