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Canada Becoming a Potential Base for Terrorists to Attack the US 

Canada Becoming a Potential Base for Terrorists to Attack the US  Read Transcript

- The US and Canada share the longest

undefended border in the world.

There hasn't been a reason to defend it

because there hasn't been a serious threat

from either country ina couple hundred years.

There is now.

Canada is today thehappy home of thousands

of radical Islamists, ex-Isis fighters,

and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Their numbers continue to grow

and they've infiltratedthe Canadian government

on several levels.

Many Americans assume thatall is peaceful and well

with our northern neighbor.

But security experts here warn

that by welcoming radical Islamists,

Canada now presents adanger to the United States.

Terrorism expert David Harris who worked

for CSIS, Canada's spy agency told us

a major attack on the United States

by Muslim extremists based in Canada

is only a matter of time.

- Many years ago I suggested that many

of the Islamist extremistsmight regard Canada

as an aircraft carrierfrom which to maintain

operations against the United States.

- Canada is becoming afoundational sort of place

for Islamists of all stripes,

including the Iranians by the way.

- [Dale] Thomas Quigginis one of the authors of

Submission The Danger OfPolitical Islam To Canada

with a warning to America.

He says Canada is in denialover the terror threat

it's created for itselfand the United States.

And the denier in chief isPrime Minister Justin Trudeau

who welcomed returning ISISfighters back to Canada

saying they would be a powerful voice.

- He's actually said in our Parliament

so to like out loud on the public record

that if you were opposed to ISIS fighters

returning to Canada it isbecause you're Islamophobic.

In other words, it's notthem that's the issue,

it's your opposing their return

makes you Islamophobic,it makes you racist.

- I think there's the idea that well

we need to welcome everyonebecause everyone's wonderful

so kumbaya.

- [Dale] Toronto Sun columnist

and XM Sirius Canada host Anthony Furey.

- Heavens this notion that ISIS fighters

are somehow deserving of kind of a respect

and a cultural accommodation just as much

as anyone else is nonsense.

- (foreign language)

Hello my friends.

- [Dale] This is Prime Minister Trudeau

sending an official greeting to Canada's

annual Reviving TheIslamic Spirit Convention

which he attended asa member of Parliament

even after news reportsthe event was linked

to a group that has funded Hamas.

- This is also aboutcelebrating our shared beliefs

in justice, fairness,equality of opportunity,

and acceptance.

- And it was quitestartling for people to say

do you know who you're talking to.

And why would you sayyou share their values.

When their values are anti-democratic,

anti women's rights, pro-slavery,

pro stoning of women.

I mean the stuff that'son some of their websites

here in Canada is startling.

- [Dale] There have beenlone wolf attacks on the US

from Canadian Muslim terrorists

ever since the Quebecbased Millennial Bomber

tried to cross the borderto blow up LAX in 1999.

But the Islamist threat toCanada has been played down.

July's attack on the Danforth in Toronto

where two women were killed and 13 injured

has been treated by thegovernment and the media

as only a mental healthand gun control issue.

Furey thinks the policeare covering something up.

- There's been a total cone of silence

around the Danforth shooting story.

I wrote a feature where I found out

that the family's statement

which said mental illness,nothing to see here.

That had actually been sort of co-authored

and put together by a spin doctor

and also a Muslim community activist.

- [Dale] Much of Canada's mainstream media

seems to stand with the Islamists.

The Toronto Star announcedit was no longer using

the name The Islamic State

because something so barbariccould not be Islamic.

Parliament passed the notorious M103

anti-Islamophobia motion last year.

Critics call it a governmentattempt to silence

any criticism of Islamists in Canada.

The governments welcomemat is not lost on the host

of this Canadian Muslimprogram on the internet.

- We will of course allof us take it for granted

in Canada.

- You see, you see

Hamdala Canada has given us his blessing.

(foreign language)

- Canada is your country.

- [Dale] Islam is today

the fastest growing religion in Canada.

And Montreal based terrorismexpert Mark Labois says

the demographic changebecause of immigration

from the Islamic world is notonly profound but dangerous.

- I claim that the vastmajority of Sunni based

Islamic institution inthe province of Quebec

and also in Canada are Islamists.

- [Dale] Labois saysIslamists have infiltrated

Canada's government andits security services.

In some cases at theinvitation of the government.

- Police forces such as Ottawa where they

have visited radical preachers in order

to recruit them to join the police force

at some point or another.

- [Dale] But the Canadiangovernment has done more

than welcome dangerous Islamists.

Quiggin accuses it of funding terrorism

through its financial supportof some Muslim groups.

And if terrorists based here attack the US

he won't be surprised.

- In the past I think Canadawould have had a defense.

We could say look we triedto get this stuff stopped,

but we failed.

But if it happens this time,

we won't have that defense.

- The problem is so advanced,

the government agencies in charge

of our national securityare so compromised

that it will be very, very difficult

to be able to turn things around.

- [Dale] Dale Hurd, CBN News,

reporting from Ottawa in Toronto.


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