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The 700 Club - November 13, 2018

Fox News host Steve Doocy invites us into his kitchen for a behind-the-scenes on some of his favorite meals. Plus, could America’s next immigration threat come across its northern border? Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Reporter] Coming up,

for all the talk about caravan,

could America's next threatcome across its northern border?

Plus, at home with FoxNews host Steve Doocy.

- When I come home, it justreminds me of a happy time.

- [Reporter] His familyinvites us into his kitchen

for some of his favorite meals.

- Everybody, it seems, has a happy food.

- [Reporter] On today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome, folks, to thisedition of The 700 Club.

It's like the fires of hell.

We can't conceive of anything as awful.

The latest outbreak ofwildfires in California

is now the deadliestin the state's history.

At least 44 people are dead

as fires consume both ends of the state,

and many people are still missing.

- Most perished in theNorthern California fire

that devastated the town of Paradise.

As Caitlin Burke reports,

many of the victims lost their lives

trying to flee the coming inferno.

- The search for bodiesin Northern California

tells the terrifying story

of the victims' attempts to escape.

Rescue personnel finding the dead

in or next to burned-out cars apparently

overcome by smoke and flamesbefore they could get away.

- [Megan] I'm surrounded by fire.

I'm surrounded by fire right now.

I don't know what to do.

- It was just constant explosions,

and cars are trying togo around on the side

and bursting into flames

and people are gettingout of their burning cars

and running down the middle of the road.

- [Caitlin] Allyn Pierce is a nurse.

He risked his life

evaluating patients from a hospital

near Paradise, California,

a town that has been completelyburned to the ground.

Authorities there still searching

for more than 200 missing people.

Meanwhile in Southern California,

firefighters are gainingground on the Woolsey Fire,

but heavy winds are still a major issue

and crews are stretched thin.

- This hits home on the fact

that we are still insignificant fire weather

and the existing fireis not our only concern.

- [Caitlin] Celebritieswere among the hundreds

of thousands forced toevacuate in the Malibu area,

and they are also among those

who are coming home to nothing.

Actor Gerard Butler posted this photo

of his burned-out home on Instagram,

thanking the Los Angeles FireDepartment for their service.

- It's gone.

It's, everybody I know lost everything.

It's real sad.

- Across California, there are more than

8,000 firefightersbattling these wildfires

and trying to save as many homesand structures as possible.

Caitlin Burke, CBN News.

- Again, I say pray for those people.

It's just, it's just horrible.

We can't conceive of it,

and the thing that you don't realize

is how fast those things can spread,

those flames and sparks jump across

and there's some people that are saying

it may be some explosionsoff the electric power lines

that are causing someof the problems as well.

But I don't know the answer to that,

but it's been speculated,

but it doesn't matter where it came from,

whether it was a camp fire or whatever.

Right now, it's spreading so rapidly

and the winds don't seem to be abating.

They're up to 50, 60 miles an hour,

and Santa Ana winds blowing

across that whole area and dry tinder.

It's just horrible, and again,

I would say pray forthe people in California

and realize what it would belike if you lost everything.

As somebody said, this is my life.

It's a couple of bags of stuff

in the back of my pickup truck.

This is everything.

Well, it can't be everything.

You know, we've gotta have hope

in something else besides our possessions,

but just

put your treasure wheremoth and rust won't corrode

and where thieves don'tbreak in and steal.

Well, in other news, oneweek after votes were cast,

the Florida Senate raceis still not decided.

Efrem Graham has more

of our top stories from the CBN News Room.

- Pat, Republican Rick Scott's lead

is just down to 13,000 votes

over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.

67 counties are recounting morethan eight million ballots.

Scott claims Nelson is trying

to steal the election through fraud,

citing irregularitiesand failure to comply

with the law in Broward County.

President Donald Trump even tweeted

the election is "infected",

and called for an end to the recount.

A judge ruled there isno evidence of fraud

and called on both sidesto tone down the rhetoric.

On CBN's Faith Nation program,

Ken Blackwell of theFamily Research Council

said there are serious questions

about the count in Broward.

- I think there's enoughlack of transparency,

there are enough missed deadlines

that it really does raise the question

as to how they in fact found

83,000 votes after

the deadline was established

for them to at least give a vote count.

- Former Florida governor Jeb Bush

said Broward electionsupervisor Brenda Snipe

should be fired for incompetence.

Another loss for the GOPas Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

wins Arizona's open US Senate seat.

She beat Republican Martha McSally.

Sinema's win makes her Arizona's first

Democratic Senator since 1994.

She replaces Republican Senator Jeff Flake

who opted not to run.

McSally might still makeit to the Senate however.

John Kyle who is fillingJohn McCain's Senate seat

is expected to step down in January,

and there is speculationArizona's governor Doug Ducey

could appoint McSally.


- Well, we want to takea look at that election

because I thinks it's important.

When they look at the ultimate result,

it looks as if the Republicans

are gonna lose 40 seats inthe House of Representatives.

It looks like they may win

one extra seat in the Senate,

possibly two if thatFlorida race comes through

and Bill Nelson goesdown, but that will be it.

Now they're talking about 32 right now,

but I think it's go to 40.

Now ladies and gentlemen,

I want you to think a little bit

with me as to what'sgoing on in the world.

What was the major issue in this election?

Was it the caravan?

Was it immigration?

Was it the wall?

None of those things,

and despite the fact that we have had

tremendous tax cuts tothe average citizen,

what really cost is healthcare.

Now here's the deal.

There was something calledthe Affordable Care Act.

There was a man named Jonathan Gruber

who said basically it was set up to fail.

We set it to fail.

We knew those exchanges wouldn't work

and we knew that it wouldultimately collapse,

and when they did,

we would then go to asingle-payer health system

with the government running it.

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

said it's 2,300 pages,

and he said we'll have to pass it

so we can understand what's in it.

There wasn't one single,you talk about this,

all this talk about bipartisanship,

there wasn't one single

Republican vote in favorof that healthcare.

It was an abomination,

and the Republicans has a man,

ran against it and they said

we're going to replace Obamacare

and we're going to, excuse me,

revoke it and then we willreplace it with something better.

The House of Representatives

had a tremendous bill all passed,

and certainly they had provisionfor preexisting illness.

They had something thatwould not in any way count,

pregnancy is some kind ofa disqualifying factor.

They had everything ready.

Well, it came before the Senate,

came before the Senateand there was one vote.

Maybe we've got apicture of that one vote,

and here he is right now,

Senator John McCain

of Arizona stood before the Senate,

and he was the deciding vote.

He turned his hand down,

and he killed that.

You see that?

He killed that measure.

That one vote took it out of the Senate,

and they dropped it because

then they had to getJudge Kavanaugh confirmed.

They wanted to pass tax cuts and so forth.

They didn't return to it.

And what did theDemocrats use as an issue?

They used healthcare, healthcare,healthcare, healthcare,

and in the process, they took down 40,

that's the total when it's finally,

all the count's over,

very distinguishedcongressmen who'd been serving

with distinction for a number of years.

They took them all out.

The only one, one extraseat in the Senate,

unless maybe the RickScott thing turns out

and Bill Nelson goes down.

There will only be two.

Other than that, it was a disaster.

I'm not sure how many governors,

but what happened was they were not able

to turn the major states in the Midwest.

For example,

the governor of Wisconsin was defeated.

The labor unions went after him.

They did not succeed in Michigan.

They did not succeed in the Midwest,

and a lot of congressmen were defeated.

So what happened?

Well, that's the result

of that particular election,

but what would they ever havea chance to do something else?

We don't know, but what I do know

is that the Democrats

have socialists

running a major part of their party.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist,

and there are others whoare turning into socialists,

and the young people in our society

don't understand the difference.

I think back to Englandafter World War II,

Churchill led a coalitionthat beat the Nazis

and brought forth a great victory.

He comes home and the people said,

"Well, we don't think that you're exactly

"running the way we'd like you to."

They turned him out of his seat

and they took over theLabor Party, took over.

They socialized the railroads,

and they socialized the steel,

and they socialized the coal,

and they ruined the economy.

That's what's happening here in America,

ladies and gentlemen,

but remember one person

who was on a vendettaagainst Donald Trump.

Now, the thing that's coming up,

he's got a couple of years left to go

until the general election,

and unless something is done to change it,

he is not going to be reelected

unless he can win suburban women

and, you know, get back, andthose Hispanics on Nevada,

they lost the Senate seat.

Arizona, they lose a Senate seat.

Texas, they almost lost the Senate seat.

These are heavily Hispanic neighborhoods,

and he's got to do somethingto reach out to those people,

and he sure has got to do something

to reach out to suburban women.

- Well, it certainlyshows us the significance

of midterm elections and the ongoing-ness

of what we choose there, butalso, the impact that's coming.

Two years flies by.

- You can't miss the mood of the election.

They missed it on healthcare,

and the Democratsdemagogued the whole thing

over and over and over again, but one man,

and I'm not supposed to speak ill of dead

'cause he's passed on,

but one vote by one man

killed the repeal of Obamacare

which he had run on

and which all the Republicans had run on.

By failing to take care ofthat, you leave a vacancy.

You leave a vacuum andyou don't deal with it,

and it comes back to haunt you.

So just, I just, as a nation, we'll,

we'll take a lesson fromthis before it's too late,

but it seems like theyoung people in America

don't have a clue about how bad socialism.

They don't have a clue about what it is,

and they think that oh,isn't this wonderful,

all this rhetoric and all this hoopla.

- Well, there's been a lotdone in the education area

that has emptied outthe truth of the past,

and even the merit of ourcountry's moorings, you know?

- Well, exactly.

Well, the educators haveknocked on the older generation.

You know, they were racist.

They were fascist.

They were this, that, and the other.

Okay, well, I just pointed that out.

One man, one vote

cost the Republicans 40 seats and,


it's gonna take a heroic effort

to turn that around at this point.


- Pat, I want to turnnow to the Middle East

where Israelis Armed Forces are responding

to more that 400 rocket attacks

from Gaza over the last day.

As Chris Mitchell reportsfrom Southern Israel,

the Jewish state sits on a knife's edge

between a cease fire and a war.

- This is the sound ofwar in Southern Israel.

(bomb explodes)

Gaza terrorists launchsome 400 rockets at Israel.

The Iron Dome anti-rocketsystem struck down about 100.

Some fell inside populated areas.

This is a building in Ashkelonthat took a direct hit

from one of the rockets flying out of Gaza

about 12 miles to the south.

You can see the wallsthat have been blown out.

You can see this is the kitchen.

You can see cookies in the cupboards

and you can see the damagethey had because of the rocket.

A man in his forties died because of this.

Two women were seriously injured,

and this is just one ofthe hundreds of rockets

that have been fired out of Gaza

into Israel in the past 24 hours.

First responders remove theman's body from the rubble.

The barrage puts Israelis on edge.

Bitton Maimon lives next door.

- The feeling is very bad.

I have a father who is old

and 19 years old, and it was terrible.

Last night was panic.

- [Chris] Israel policespokesman Micky Rosenfeld

said there are about one million Israelis

affected by this currentround of violence.

- Well, the message to thepublic is to stay safe.

When the sirens go off,

there are 15 seconds or 30 seconds

or 45 seconds to take cover.

- [Chris] The IDF responded by attacking

some 150 Hamas andPalestinian Islamic Jihad

military targets in Gaza,

including a Hamas television

station and governmental structures.

- I think we're in a difficultperiod at the moment.

It could be 24 hours, 48 hours.

It will pass.

The IDF is doing everything they can.

The Israeli National Police are protecting

the civilians with insidethe populated areas,

with inside all the cities in the South.

- [Chris] The US led the condemnation

of the rocket barrages against Israel.

Jason Greenblatt tweeted,

"Israel is forced once again into military

"action to defend its citizens.

"we stand with Israel as it defends

"itself against these attacks."

As Israel teeters on the brink of war,

Maimon said if it was up tohim, he'd know what to do.

- Tell Trump to tell BiBi and Lieberman

to work to finish this area of Gaza.

That's it.

They don't want to live in peace.

They choose blood.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Ashkelon, Israel.

- Eyeopening words, Pat.

- You know, what does it say in the Bible?

Wisdom is justified by its children,

and leaders make dumb mistakes,

and then their citizensultimately have to pay for it.

Ariel Sharon, he was a friend of mine,

or is, he's still alive.

He was very gracious.

We got to know him,

but he decided that he was going to make

a gesture toward the Palestinians,

and he was going to pull out of Gaza.

They had a number ofIsraeli settlers in there,

a population that was,

the theory was to populate the West Bank

with Jews and Israelis, and therefore,

keep the population from


But he pulled them out of there forcibly.

They were literally forced at gunpoint

away from their homes.

They were driven out, theIsraeli, to their own citizens,

and they left Gaza to the Palestinians.

What happened to the Palestinians?

Hamas took over, a radicalgroup, and now they're in Gaza.

And why would they wantto do what they're doing?

Well, they're radical.

They want to fight.

That's their MO, and so,

DNA, I should say.

They want to have fights.

So they launch all theserockets against Israel.

Well, Israel can't stand that.

So what are they gonna have to do?

They're gonna have to send their troops in

and literally take back Gaza.

If they don't do it,

they're gonna have a sore spotover and over and over again.

So all I can say is

they better get ready for war

'cause that's what's gonna happen.

They can roll over Gazawithout a whole lot of problem.

I don't think it's gonna be any problem,

and they need to secure it again.

But the fact that theyhad all those settlements,

all those people,

had businesses and farms and everything

taken out of all them,

and it was a tragic, tragicmistake of leadership.

I just mentioned about what happened

to the Republican Party

and how they lost outon this last election.

This is how the Israelishave lost out in Gaza.

Now there's something else, by the way.

It has nothing to do with global warming.

It has nothing to do withautomobile emissions.

It has nothing to do with natural gas.

It has nothing to do withcoal-firing furnaces.

But according to the scientists,

we're in for a record cold.

Efrem, tell us about it.

- Pat, as you said,

scientists say this wintercould bring record cold,

and it's all becauseof a lack of sun spots.

Dr. Tony Phillips of

says there's been piraticallyno sun spots in 2018,

and that's causingEarth's upper atmosphere

to cool and even shrink.

If the trend continues,

one NASA scientist says we could be seeing

record cold temperaturesin just a matter of months.

Pat, for many of us,it's already too cold.


- Well, I'm looking forward to it.

I got a few wool garments.

I just do have a little cold,but it can be really rough.

You know, Joe is startingto wonder about this,

and they're forecasting thisweather is gonna be something.

I don't know if we're startinga little Ice Age or anything,

but all this businessabout global warming,

now it's climate change.


- Yeah, get your turtlenecks out.

Well, up next, a risingthreat on our northern border

thanks to the policies ofCanada's prime minister.

- He's actually saidthat if you're opposed

to ISIS fighters returning to Canada

it is because Europe is Islamophobic.

In other words, it's notthem that's the issue,

it's your opposing theirreturn makes you Islamophobic.

It makes you racist.

- [Terry] How Canada now presents

a danger to the United States, after this.

(dramatic music)

- Well, some recentdisagreements over trade,

the US and Canada havea great relationship,

and that could changeis our northern neighbor

doesn't stop its policy of

welcoming Islamic extremists like ISIS

in Canada.

Dale Hurd reports.

- The US and Canada share the longest

undefended border in the world.

There hasn't been a reason to defend it

because there hasn't been a serious threat

from either country ina couple hundred years.

There is now.

Canda is today the happy home

of thousands of radial Islamists,

ex-ISIS fighters, andthe Muslim Brotherhood.

Their numbers continue to grow

and they've infiltratedthe Canadian government

on several levels.

Many Americans assume that all

is peaceful and well withtheir northern neighbor,

but security experts here warn

that by welcoming radical Islamists,

Canada now presents adanger to the United States.

Terrorism expert DavidHarris who worked for CSIS,

Canada's spy agency,

told us a major attackon the United States

by Muslim extremists based in Canada

is only a matter of time.

- Many years ago,

I suggested that many of the Islamist

extremists might regard Canada as

an aircraft carrier

from which to maintain operationsagainst the United States.

- Canada is becoming afoundational sort of place

for Islamists of all stripes,

including the Iranians, by the way.

- [Dale] Thomas Quigginis one of the authors

of Submission: The Dangerof Political Islam to Canada

with a warning to America.

He says Canada is in denialover the terror threat

it's created for itselfand the United States,

and the denier in chief isPrime Minister Justin Trudeau,

who welcomed retuning ISIS fighters

back to Canada saying theywould be a powerful voice.

- He's actually said in our Parliament,

sort of like out loud,on the public record,

that if you're opposed to ISISfighters returning to Canada,

it is because you're Islamophobic.

In other words, it's notthem that's the issue.

It's your opposing therereturn makes you Islamophobic.

It makes you racist.

- I think there's the idea that well,

we need to welcome everyone

'cause everyone's wonderful, so kumbaya.

- [Dale] Toronto Sun columnist

and XM Sirius Canada host Anthony Furey.

- Heavens, this notion that ISIS fighters

are somehow deserving of kind of a respect

and a cultural accomodation

just as much as anyone else is nonsense.

(speaks in foreign language)

- Hello my friends.

- [Dale] This is Prime Minister Trudeau

sending an official greeting to Canada's

Annual Reviving theIslamic Spirit Convention

which he attended asa member of Parliament

even after news reports the event

was linked to a groupthat has funded Hamas.

- This is also about celebrating

our shared beliefs in justice, fairness,

equality of opportunity, and acceptance.

- And it was quitestartling for people to say

do you know who you're talking to,

and why would you say thatyou share their values

when their values are anti-democratic,

anti-women's rights, pro-slavery,

pro-stoning of women.

I mean, the stuff that'son some of their websites

here in Canada is startling.

- [Dale] There have beenlone wolf attacks on the US

from Canadian Muslim terrorists

ever since the Quebec-basedMillennium Bomber

tried to cross the borderto blow up LAX in 1999,

but the Islamist threat toCanada has been played down.

July's attack on The Danforth in Toronto,

where two women weregunned down and 13 injured,

has been spun by the government and media

as a mental health issueon the part of the gunman,

even though friends of the killer

said he never exhibitedpoor mental health.

Furey accuses police of a coverup.

- There's been a total code of silence

relative to The Danforth shooting story.

I wrote a feature where I found out

that the family's statement,

which said mental illness,nothing to see here,

that had actually been sort of coauthored

and put together by a spin doctor

and also a Muslim community activist.

- [Dale] Much of Canada's mainstream media

seems to stand with the Islamists.

The Toronto Starannounced it was no longer

using the name the Islamic State

because something so barbariccould not be Islamic.

Parliament passed the notorious

M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion last year.

Critics call it a government attempt

to silence any criticismof Islamists in Canada.

The government's welcomemat is not lost on the host

of this Canadian-Muslimprogram on the internet.

- Of course, all of ustake it for granted.

- You see, you see, out here?

Alhamdulillah, Canda hasgiven us its blessing.

- Canada is your country.

- [Dale] Islam is today,

the fastest growing religion in Canda,

and Montreal-based terrorism expert

Mark Lebuis says the demographic change

because of immigrationfrom the Islamic world

is not only profound, but dangerous.

- I claim that the vast majority

of Sunni-based Islamic institutionin the province of Quebec

and also in Canada

are Islamists.

- [Dale] Lebuis saysIslamists have infiltrated

Canada's government andits security services.

In some cases, at theinvitation of the government.

- Police forces such at Ottawa,

where thewy have visitedradical preachers,

in order to recruit themto join the police force

at some point or another.

- [Dale] But the Canadian government

has done more than welcomedangerous Islamists.

Quiggin accuses it of funding terrorism

through it's financialsupport of some Muslim groups,

and if terrorists basedhere attack the US,

he won't be surprised.

- In the past, I think,Canda would've had a defense.

We could say, "Look, we triedto get this stuff stopped,

"but we failed."

But if it happens this time,we won't have that defense.

- The problem is so advanced,

the government agencies in charge

of our national securityare so compromised

that it will be very, very difficult

to be able to turn things around.

- [Dale] Dale Hurd, CBN News,

reporting from Ottawa and Toronto.

- You know, the Bible says the government

will be upon his shoulders,

and I thank God it's on him and not on me

because wouldn't you hate to be

in the shoes of President Trump

having to deal with Korea,

having to deal with nuclear threats,

having to deal with the restive

population at home,

having to deal with amedia that hates you,

having to deal with a nextdoor neighbor

who's turning Islamic,

having to deal with what'shappened in Saudi Arabia?

All of these things.

You better pray for ourpresident because, you know,

the truth is the governmentis on the shoulders of Jesus,

and he's the only one that'ssmart enough to figure it out.


- Well, coming up, herinnocence was stolen as a child.

So as an adult, she turned to stripping.

- [Woman] I felt like Ihad this power over men.

It was look at me, I'm somebody.

When you have that power,

you feel like you're somebody.

- [Terry] See how this stripper

breaks free from a prostitutionring when we come back.

(dramatic music)

- You're watching The 700 Club, and boy,

it's a jammed-packed show today.

I'm so glad you're with us,

and I hope you enjoy what's coming.

This is a terrific story abouta woman named Sallie Bray.

Sallie never dreamed she'dgrow up to become a stripper,

and eventually run her own escort service.

But the die was cast early on

when Sallie suffered

sexual abuse at thehands of a family member.

From that point on, manafter man abused her

until Sallie just said, "I want to die."

- I believed that I was worthless,

that I was never gonna amount to anything,

that I couldn't survive on my own,

that I was a loser.

- [Reporter] Because of herverbally-abusive father,

Sallie Bray spent most of her childhood

feeling unworthy of affection.

One of the only times she felt loved

was when a different familymember was sexually abusing her.

- I had this sick thing in my mind

that what I was doing was love.

I associated it with love,

that this family member lovedme though I knew it was wrong.

I knew it was wrong

and I carried that with me all of my life.

- [Reporter] In her teens,

she used sex as a way to find love,

and by 17 had married an older man,

but the abuse continued, now physical,

at the hand of her husband.

- Sometimes the beatingswere pretty severe,

and I was one of those women

that kept going back and kept going back.

Then when my son was,

I think four years old,

my husband had me and was

dragging me around the house by my hair

and was slamming me into kitchen cabinets,

and my little boy was standing there,

screaming, "Daddy, stop."

I told myself, "I can't do this anymore.

"This is never going to stop.

"Either I'm gonna wind up killing me

"or he's gonna wind up killing me."

- [Reporter] She eventuallydivorced her husband

and turned to strippingfor a sense of power

and a way to make fast money.

- [Sallie] I felt like Ihad this power over men.

It was look at me, I'm somebody.

I felt like somebody, you know?

When you have that power, youfeel like you're somebody.

- [Reporter] Sallie ran an escort service

with girls at the club that became

a prostitution ring with adoring clients.

- They would provide justabout anything you wanted

or needed for that

comfort in bed, for the sex.

- [Reporter] Cocainefueled her sexual lifestyle

until one day, she had abrief moment of clarity.

- I found myself locked in a bathroom

and was shooting myself up,

and I blacked out.

When I woke up, that needlewas hanging out of my arm

and blood was dripping down my arm.

I looked at myself inthe mirror and I said,

"There's gotta besomething other than this."

- [Reporter] In her thirties,

she was able to get off drugsand left the sex industry.

Sallie married several more times,

with each marriageending in disappointment.

In 2011, her husband took his own life

while on the phone with Sallie,

sending her further into aspiral of pain and emptiness.

- I knew I was one drink away from

going back to the 'hood

to find crack.

I knew I was, I was adrink away from putting

a crack pipe in my mouthor a needle in my arm.

I just, I felt

defeated, defeated, deflated.

I was done.

I just wanted to die.

My life just wasn't worth living

because if life was nothing put pain,

why do I want to go through more pain,

you know, constant pain?

- [Reporter] Alcohol maskedher pain until she met Roland,

who was a Christian andsaw Sallie's wounded heart.

- Roland told me once, he said,

"You know underneath this

"tough exterior thatyou want people to see,

"this tough woman, isreally a broken person."

And, excuse me,

I just looked at him and I said,

"Don't tell anybody,"because I didn't want,

I didn't want people to knowhow vulnerable I really was.

- [Reporter] Sallie agreedto go to church with Roland,

though she was afraid shewould be judged and rejected.

But what happened nexttook her by surprise.

- The minute I walked in that door,

I felt God.

I felt him.

I felt it in thosehandshakes that the women

would give you when you were met,

and that's when God spoke.

Excuse me.

He said, "Sallie, I know you hurt.

"People will fail you, but I never will.

"I have watched you all your life,

"and I love you."

God spoke those words to me,

and that was that definingmoment, or that a-ha moment,

that I know everything as gonna be okay,

and I was all in.

When he spoke to me,it was like, he's real.

Talk to me.

He loves me.

- [Reporter] After decadesof heartbreak and despair,

Sallie found the loveshe'd always longed for

when she gave her life to Jesus that day.

- It was better than anydrug I could've ever taken,

and in all my life of drugaddiction, alcoholism,

and I didn't crave any of it.

I didn't want any of it.

It was just overnight.

It was just gone, you know?

And I was just so full



I was at peace,

and I no longer felt worthless.

I felt loved.

I felt loved.

- [Reporter] Sallie andRoland soon married.

They now minister togetherwith their band Bearing Armor,

pointing others to the love of God

as the only way to freedom and wholeness.

- That emptiness that I felt inside,

those names that I called myself

were gone because I won.

I'm the daughter of Christ.

I'm a daughter of the King.

I have a heavenly father who loves me,

and that's better than

anything here on this Earth.

- We don't have any conceptionof how much God loves us.

If you were the only person in the world,

if you were the only oneout of all of creation,

Jesus Christ, God's son,would still have died for you.

That's how precious you are,

and your life is valuable.

You are special.

You are the daughter of a king.

You are the son of a king.

You are a royal person,

but you have to accept that


You have to acknowledge your father,

and you have to come home.

Oh, Sallie suffered.

How many women have been put down,

told they were worthless,

told they weren't beautiful,

told they were trash,

they were garbage, been insulted?

How many of you watching me may have said,

have been said to you?

Sallie had it said toher over and over again,

and then the physical abuse

and the beatings and the horrible things.

Oh, I just can't conceive ofwhat people have suffered,

but the Lord felt your pain.

He knows how you hurt,

and what he says is daughter,

son, come home.

I'm gonna throw my arms around you.

I want to put a ring on your finger.

I want to put shoes on your feet.

I want to prepare a banquet for you.

I want to make you part of my family.

I want to adopt youinto the family of God.

Would you like that?

Why do you want to feel worthless?

The devil will tell youyou're not any good,

but God says you are special to me,

and if you want that, right now,

I want you to do something.

I want you to pray with me,

and let the anointing and the love of God

come into your life.

Just bow your head and pray these words.


you know what I have been through.

You know what people have said to me.

You know what they've said about me.

You know the feeling I'vehad that I'm not worthy,

and I come before you and Iacknowledge that I'm a sinner,

and I'm not worthy of your love,

but Lord, I know you died for me.

So right now, I give you my heart

and I ask you to come take over my life

and live in me.

From this moment on,

I am yours,

and I thank you that you are mine.

Now if you prayed with me,

I want to pray for you very quickly.

Just bow your head, wherever you are.

Father, for everyonewho prayed that prayer,

may the anointing of the Holy Spirit

rest upon them in the name of Jesus.

Fill them with your sprit.


Well, wherever you are,please give us a call.

Tell us what you've just done.

You know, the Bible says ifyou confess with your mouth

the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart

that God raised him fromthe dead, you'll be saved.

You need to somehow make a confession

of what you've just done.

Don't be afraid of the Lord.

He's not ashamed of you.

Don't be ashamed of him.

Call right now.

It's a toll-free number.

It won't cost you a thing.


Just call and say, "I prayed with Pat.

"I gave my heart to the Lord,

"and I am part of the family of God.

"I am redeemed and I am thankful

"that I have a loving heavenly father."

Terry, what's next?

- Well, still ahead,

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy

talks about food and happiness.

- When I come home for my birthday meal,

you know, I'm eight years old again.

It just reminds me of a happy time.

Everybody, it seems, has a happy food.

- [Terry] We're gonnajoin Steve and Kathy Doocy

in their family kitchenwith The Happy Cookbook.

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

Amazon has chosen to split its new

headquarters between two locations:

New York City and Northern Virginia.

The online retailer is expected

to make an official announcement today.

The decision will end an intensecompetition between cities.

Amazon says it will splitthe 50,000 new jobs promised

between the two cities.

New York Mets minor leaguer

and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow

is adding television show host

to his list of off-season jobs.

Tebow will be hosting a10-episode high-stakes

physical competition show on CBS

called The Million Dollar Mile.

During the show,

contestants will have a chance to win

one million dollars every time

they run the designated course.

Standing in their way isthe most challenging course

ever designed and agroup of elite athletes

on a mission to stop the contestants

from winning that money.

Tebow says watching people compete

at their highest abilityis inspirational to him.

Remember, you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going to our website.


Pat and Terry are back withmore of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Don't you look forward to that?

I tell you that copy is sogood, and I read that stuff.

- When something's well written like that.

- It just flows doesn't it?- Oh, it's beautiful.

- I'm a great Scrooge too.

Bob Cratchit and all those people, I mean,

and the Ghost of ChristmasPresent and the Past.

- Yes, that was fun, I'll bet.

- A lot of fun.

- That's great.

- Well anyway, that's gonna be available.

Plus, we had a team go out

to all the places where this, you know,

you wonder how come there'sa Christmas stocking

and how come Santa's gotreindeer and all of that.

I mean, it's gonna be fun.

- Yeah, for a gift of $25 or more.

- We're gonna send both.- It's a bargain.

- Let me tell you, it isa flat-out bargain, okay.

- Okay, well, good times and good food,

those are the mainingredients inside this new

cookbook from SteveDoocy and his wife Kathy.

It's beautiful, but it wasa serious health threat

that first motivated Kathy to gather

her family's favorite recipes altogether.

Recently, the Doocysinvited us into their home

to talk about the food and fond memories

that make up The Happy Cookbook.

Talk a look.

- [Reporter] Fox Friends host,

author Steve Doocy and his wife Kathy

are known for their lightheartedtake on family life.

They reminisce about someof their favorite memories

and receipts in their newbook The Happy Cookbook.

- So many of our eventsin life are around meals,

whether it's an anniversaryor a wedding or a birthday,

and when you think back in time,

there's a food associated with it.

For instance, we were in Rome,

I guess it was downtown, next to the,

I want to say the Pantheon.

We had the best pizza we'd even had,

and it was just, it was flat bread.

It just had tomatoes a little,

didn't have a lot of tomato sauce on it.

In fact, it didn't have any,

and it was like that's thebest pizza we've ever had.

Then we started making it for the kids.

- You made it from memory.

That before people took pictures of food.

- That's right.

- My kids would rather havehome cooking than eat anywhere,

and I think a lot of people are like that

because on Steve's birthday,

we could go to any fancyrestaurant in New York,

but he wants his mom's

pot roast and German chocolate cake,

and then he'll have the cakefor breakfast the next day.

- And that just makesme happy, and you know,

regardless of what wenton in my day that day,

when I come home for my birthday meal,

I'm eight years old again.

It just reminds me of a happy time,

and we got to talking about it.

Everybody, it seems, has a happy food.

You know, something that mightremind you of your wedding

or your anniversary or that place you went

when your kids were little.

- [Reporter] Fond memories and good times

are the main ingredientsfor these recipes,

but the inspiration for the book

came from something far more serious.

In late 2015 at a routine eye exam,

Kathy was diagnosed with ocular melanoma,

a rare form of eye cancer.

- It's a very aggressive form of cancer

that spreads very quickly,and at that point,

they didn't know ifmine had spread or not.

It did not, I'm okay, butall I could think of was,

"I've got to get my recipestogether for the kids

"because if I'm not here anymore,

"they need to know how to make

"the dressing and the cookies."

I wanted my girls to have the recipes

that they grew up with.

That was really the germ of the idea.

- And we decided we would put together

our family recipe favorites and those

of some of our friends and neighbors

and some famous people we know,

and that's where TheHappy Cookbook came from.

It's just a, it's acelebration of the recipes

that make America smile.

- [Reporter] The Doocys saythat when it comes down to it,

it's about more than just the food.

It's about the stories that go with it.

- For instance, whenever I think

about our wedding reception,

I think about a cake,

but what happened to the cake?

Well, my mom said,

"I'm gonna bring you thecake from Abilene, Kansas,

"and we were gettingmarried in Kansas City.

So it never dawned onmy parents, you know,

a beautiful three-layer cake,

in the trunk of a car,

driving across Kansas whenit's over 100 degrees.

So they pull up wherewe're getting married

and we have the ceremony,

and as we were walking toward the car,

I knew something was up becauseright under the tailpipe,

there was like dribbling frosting.

It was some pink-and-whitefrosting just like that.

I said, "That's not good,"

and we opened it up, andit had just smooshed.

It had fallen, and we wentto the reception restaurant,

and my dad, who felt terrible because,

you know, they had brought a,

a slurry cake, said to the waiter,

"Can you do anything with this?"

He goes, "We could giveeverybody a straw."

Yeah, thanks.

My dad convinced him,take it in the back room.

Come back with something.

Half an hour later, he comes back.

Instead of three layers, itwas one, and it looked fine.

It did have kind of asteel-belted radial aftertaste,

but other than that,it was a happy memory.

- [Reporter] Steve andKathy's new cookbook

celebrates those memories

and also gives others thechange to make new ones.

- Well, there is acertain kind of communion

at dinnertime around the table,

and wherever you're breaking bread,

it's a special moment.

That's why you start the mealwith a prayer oftentimes,

because it is a special event in your day,

and so we hope that when people sit down

and have a meal, they realize, you know,

we don't know how this is gonna go,

but this meal could have a happy

significance that we'llnever forget about.

You know, it could be themeal before you're married

or an anniversary,

but you just never know when

something is gonnahappen where years later,

you'll see that food again,

and it will trigger somethingin the nostalgia department

in your brain and you'll remember.

Oh, remember?

Every time I see a cartrunk, I think wedding cake.

- Well, I hope you enjoyed listening

to Steve and Kathy reminisce.

You are gonna love The Happy Cookbook.

I collect cookbooks.

This has to be added to the collection.

Beautiful pictures, amazing,

wonderful recipes inside of here,

but lots of fun storiesalso about how the recipes

came to be and why they're special.

- [Pat] Well, that's fun.

- It's available wherevercookbooks are sold

or wherever books are sold.

- There you go.- Very good, yep.

- Okay, time for some email, you ready?

- [Pat] Let's make it fast.

- [Terry] Okay, this is Gary who says,

"How do you get someone to forgive you

"for a sin you committed against them

"if they won't accept a sincere apology?"

- You can't.

If you remember,

if you got somebody got all against you,

go to them and ask for their forgiveness.

If they won't accept it,that's there business.

If you hold something against them,

you forgive in your heartand get on with your life.

I mean, if they won't receiveit, it's not your fault.

You can't control whatsomebody else will do.

What you can control iswhat's in your heart.

You take care of what'sin you, and you reach out.

Remember, if you're offering your gift,

and you remember, somebody'sgot it all against you.

He wants to go kill you.

Go to try and reconcile with him.

If you remember that you'vegot something against them,

then you forgive them in your heart,

but it's your deal, not theirs, okay?

- This is Diana who says,

"Dear Pat, I work inhealthcare, and one day,

"I personally witnessedsomeone lay hands on a patient

"and pray for them, and they were healed.

"I would love to be able to do this.

"How do I go about developing this gift?

"Do I just pray andask God for this gift?"

- I think so.

If you're filled with the spirit,

and it has to be thebaptismal of the Holy Spirit,

he indwells us.

You know, if you're in Christ,

the Holy Spirit iswithin you, and you know,

you shall eat good bythe fruit of your lips.

So what do you do?

Speak it, speak it, speak it.

In the name of Jesus, speak it,

and that's what God did atcreation, and that's what you do.

If the Holy Spirit is within you, well,

you need to ask him tofill you with his sprit,

that when you are filled with the spirit,

then good things happen, all right?

- This is Jessica who says,

"Dear Pat, recently I'vebeen getting in debates

"with a coworker about baptism

"and the meaning of John3:5 where Jesus says

"in order to get into heaven

"one must be "born ofwater and the Spirit."

"My coworker says that means

"you need to be baptizedin order to be truly saved.

"I always understood it that born of water

"was the physical birth,

"sprit is when you acceptChrist as your savior,

"and being baptized is a symbol

"of the death and resurrection.

"Two times he brought this up

"since our first talk a few days ago.

"What should I do to stopthis from escalating?"

- I used to have an associate

who was in the Church of Christ,

and he

banged on me about you must be baptized.

You must be baptized.

I said, "Look, I'vebeen baptized in water.

"I've been baptized inwater the second time

and I've been baptized in the Holy Spirit.

"Now that's enough."

You know?

- I'm done.

- I'm done, I've got it done, you know?

So, I think, you know,

just make sure thatyou've done all the steps.

Then don't worry aboutwhat this coworker says,

and don't argue about stuff like that.

I mean, just walk away, all right?

- This is Linda who says,

"How do you know as a Christianwhen top leave a church?

"How can you tell when the Holy Spirit

"has withdrawn his powerfrom a local assembly?"

- Well, I can't tell you how.

You know, you can, by yourfruit, you shall know them.

What is the fruit?

That's what you gotta.

Is there love, is therejoy, is there power?

Are they demonstratingthe fruit of the spirit?

Are they demonstrating thegifts of the Holy Spirit?

Are they moving in love with each other?

And if there's dissension and discord

and that kind of thing, walk away.

Don't be part of it, you know?

- Good word.

- Good word, all right.

Well, we leave you withToday's Power Minute

from the Psalms.

Happy are the peoplewhose God is the Lord.

Thank you for being with us.

From Terry and me and all of us at CBN,

this is Pat Robertson,

thank you so much for being with us,

and Lord willing, I believe I will--

- I think Wendy'll be here tomorrow.

- I will be here with Wendytomorrow, and we will, oh,

we'll have all kinds of wonderful things

including John Carter Cash,

who is Johnny Cash's son.

- [Terry] Gonna make some iron pot chili.

- I can hardly wait.

See you tomorrow, bye-bye.


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