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News on The 700 Club: November 13, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Nov 13.: Deadliest Fire in CA History: Remains Found in Burnt-Out Cars Tell Tragedy of Attempted Escape; Gaza-Based Rocket Assault Forces Israelis to Brace for War; Canada Becoming a Potential Base for Terrorists ... Read Transcript

- Welcome folks, to thisedition of the 700 Club.

It's like the fires of hell.

We can't conceive of anything as awful.

The latest outbreak ofwildfires in California

is now the deadliestin the state's history.

At least 44 people are dead

as fires consume both ends of the state.

And many people are still missing.

- Most perished in thenorthern California fire

that devastated the town of Paradise.

As Caitlin Burke reports,

many of the victims lost their lives

trying to flee the coming inferno.

- The search for bodiesin northern California

tells the terrifying story

of the victims attempts to escape.

Rescue personnel finding the dead

in or next to burned out cars,

apparently overcome by smoke and flames,

before they could get away.

- [Megan] I'm surrounded by fire!

I'm surrounded by fire rightnow, I don't know what to do!

- It was just constant explosions.

And cars are trying togo around on the side

and bursting into flames

and people are gettingout of their burning cars

and running down the middle of the road.

- [Caitlin] Allyn Pierce is a nurse.

He risked his life evacuating patients

from a hospital near Paradise, California,

a town that has been completelyburned to the ground.

Authorities there, still searching

for more than 200 missing people.

Meanwhile, in southern California,

firefighters are gainingground on the Woolsey fire.

But heavy winds are still a major issue,

and crews are stretched thin.

- This hits home on the fact

that we are still insignificant fire weather

and the existing fireis not our only concern.

- [Caitlin] Celebrities were among

the hundreds of thousandsforced to evacuate

in the Malibu area,

and they're also among thosewho are coming home to nothing.

Actor Gerard Butler posted this photo

of his burnt out home on Instagram,

thanking the Los Angeles FireDepartment for their service.

- It's gone.

Everybody I know lost everything.

It's real sad.

- Across California,

there are more than 8000 firefighters

battling these wildfires,

and trying to save as many homesand structures as possible.

Caitlin Burke, CBN News.

- Again I say pray for those people.

It's just horrible.

We can't conceive of it

and the thing that you don't realize

is how fast those things can spread.

Those flames and sparks jump across

and there's some people that are saying

it may be some explosionsoff the electric power lines

that are causing someof the problems as well.

But I don't know that answer to that,

but it's been speculated.

But it doesn't matter where it came from,

whether it was a campfire or whatever,

right now it's spreading so rapidly

and the winds don't seem to be abating.

They're up to 50, 60 miles an hour,

and Santa Ana winds blowingacross that whole area,

and dry tinder, it's just horrible.

And again, I would say prayfor the people in California

and realize what it would be like.

You've lost everything.

Somebody said, "This is my life.

"It's a couple of bags of stuff

"in the back of my pickup truck.

"This is everything."

Well, it can't be everything.

You know, we've gotta havehope in something else

besides our possessions,

but just put your treasure wheremoth and rust won't corrode

and where thieves don'tbreak in and steal.

Well in other news, oneweek after votes were cast,

the Florida senate raceis still not decided.

Efrem Graham has more of our top stories

from the CBN Newsroom.

- Pat, Republican Rick Scott's lead

is just down to 13000 votes

over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.

67 counties are recounting morethan eight million ballots.

Scott claims Nelson is trying

to steal the election through fraud,

citing irregularitiesand failure to comply

with the law in Broward County.

President Donald Trump even tweeted,

the election is quote, infected,

and called for an end to the recount.

A judge ruled there isno evidence of fraud

and called on both sidesto tone down the rhetoric.

On CBN's Faith Nation program,

Ken Blackwell of the FamilyResearch Council said,

"There are serious questionsabout the count in Broward."

- I think there's enough

lack of transparency,

there're enough missed deadlines

that it really does raise the question

as to how they, in fact, found 83000 votes

after the deadline was established

for them to at least give a vote count.

- Former Florida governor Jeb Bush

said Broward electionsupervisor, Brenda Snipe,

should be fired for incompetence.

Another loss for the GOPas Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

wins Arizona's open U.S. Senate seat.

She beat Republican Martha McSally.

Sinema's win makes her

Arizona's first Democraticsenator since 1994.

She replaces RepublicanSenator Jeff Flake,

who opted not to run.

McSally might still makeit to the senate, however.

John Kyl, who is fillingJohn McCain's senate seat

is expected to step down in January.

And there is speculationArizona's governor,

Doug Ducey, could appoint McSally.


- Well, we wanna takea look at that election

because I think it's important.

When we look at the ultimate result,

it looks as if the Republicansare gonna lose 40 seats

in the House of Representatives.

It looks like they may win

one extra seat in the senate,

possibly two, if thatFlorida race comes through

and Bill Nelson goes down.

But that will be it.

Now, they're talking about 32 right now,

but I think it'll go to 40.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,

I want you to think a little bit with me,

as to what's going on in the world.

What was the major issue in this election?

Was it the caravan?

Was it immigration?

Was it the wall?

None of those things.

And despite the fact

that we have had tremendous tax cuts

to the average citizen,

what really counts is healthcare.

Now, here is the deal.

There was something calledthe Affordable Care Act.

There was a man named Jonathan Gruber

who said basically, it was set up to fail.

We set it to fail.

That we knew those exchanges wouldn't work

and we know they would ultimately collapse

and when they did,

we would then go to asingle payer health system

with the government running it.

The Speaker of the House,Nancy Pelosi, said,

"It's 2300 pages,

"and they said we'll have to pass it

"so we can understand what's in it."

There wasn't one single,

all this talk about bi-partisanship,

there wasn't one single Republican vote

in favor of that healthcare.

It was an abomination

and the Republicans as a man,

ran against it.

And they said, "We'regoing to replace Obamacare,

"and we're gonna"

Excuse me, revoke it,

"and then we will replaceit with something better."

The House of Representatives

had a tremendous bill all passed.

And certainly they had provisionfor pre-existing illness,

they had something thatwould not in any way

count pregnancy as some kind of a

disqualifying factor,

and they had everything ready.

Well, it came before the senate.

Came before the senateand there was one vote.

Maybe we've got apicture of that one vote.

And here he is right now,

Senator John McCain of Arizona

stood before the Senate

and he was the deciding vote

and he turned his hand down and he killed,

there you see that, hekilled that measure.

That one vote took it outta the Senate.

And they dropped it

because then they had to getJudge Kavanaugh confirmed.

They wanted to pass tax cuts and so forth.

But they didn't return to it.

And what did theDemocrats use as an issue?

They used healthcare, healthcare,healthcare, healthcare.

And in the process, they took down 40,

that's the total when all the counts over,

very distinguished congressmen

who'd been serving just with distinction

for a number of years.

They took 'em all out

and they only won oneextra seat in the Senate,

unless maybe the RickScott thing turns out

and Bill Nelson goes down,

that would only be two.

Other than that it was a disaster.

I'm not sure how many governors,but what happened was,

they were not able to turn

the major states in the midwest,

you know, for example,

the governor of Wisconsin was defeated.

The labor unions went after him.

They did not succeed in Michigan,

they did not succeed in the midwest,

and a lot of congressmen were defeated.

So, what happened?

Well, that's the result ofthat particular election.

But would they ever have a chance

to do something else, we don't know.

But what I do know,

is the democrats have socialists

running a major part of their party.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist.

And they're others whoare turning to socialists

and the young people in our society

don't understand the difference.

And I think back toEngland after World War II.

Churchill led a coalitionthat beat the Nazis

and brought forth a great victory.

He comes home

and the people said,

well we don't think thatyou're exactly running

the way we like you to.

They turned him out of his seat

and they took over, thelabor party took over.

They socialized the railroadsand they socialized the steel

and they socialized the coal.

And they ruined the economy!

That's what's happening here in America,

ladies and gentlemen.

But remember, one personwho was on a vendetta

against Donald Trump.

Now the thing that's coming up,

he's got a couple of years left to go

until the general election,

and unless something is done to change it,

he is not going to be re-elected.

Unless he can win suburban women

and you know, get back,and those Hispanics.

Nevada, they lost the senate seat.

Arizona, they lose a senate seat.

Texas they almost lost the senate seat.

These are heavily Hispanic neighborhoods

and he's got to do somethingto reach out to those people

and he sure has got todo something to reach out

to suburban women.

- Well, it certainlyshows us the significance

of midterm elections,

and the ongoing-ness ofwhat we choose there,

but also the impact that's coming.

Two years flies by.

- You can't miss the mode of the election.

They missed it on healthcare

and the democratsdemagogued the whole thing

over and over and over again.

But one man,

and I'm not supposed tospeak ill of the dead

'cause he's passed on,

but one vote by one mankilled the repeal of Obamacare

which he had run on

and which all of therepublicans had run on

and by failing to take care of that,

you leave a vacancy, you leave a vacuum,

and you don't deal with it

and it comes back to haunt you.

So, I hope as a nation

we'll take a lesson from this

before it's too late.

But it seems like theyoung people in America

don't have a clue about how bad socialism.

They don't have a clue about what it is

and they think that,

oh isn't this wonderful,

all this rhetoric and all this hoopla.

- Well, there's been a lotdone in the education area

that has emptied out the truth of the past

and even the merit of ourcountry's moorings, you know?

- Exactly.

Well, the educators have,

the older generation, you know,

they were racist, they were fascist,

they were this, that, and the other.


Well, I just pointed that out.

One man,

one vote cost the republicans 40 seats.

And well,

it's gonna take a heroic effort

to turn that around at this point.


- Pat, wanna turn now to the middle east

where Israelis armed forces are responding

to more than 400 rocket attacksfrom Gaza over the last day.

As Chris Mitchell reportsfrom southern Israel,

the Jewish state sits on a knife's edge

between a cease fire and a war.

- This is the sound ofwar in southern Israel.

(bomb explodes)

(man yells in foreign language)

Gaza terrorists launchedsome 400 rockets at Israel.

The Iron Dome Anti-RocketSystem struck down about 100.

Some fell inside populated areas.

This is a building in Ashkelon

that took a direct hitfrom one of the rockets

fired out of Gaza, about12 miles to the south.

You can see the wallsthat have been blown out,

you can see this is the kitchen.

You can see cookies in the cupboards.

You can see the damage theyhad because of the rocket.

A man in his 40s died because of this.

Two women were seriously injured.

And this is just one ofthe hundreds of rockets

that have been firedout of Gaza into Israel

in the past 24 hours.

First responders removed theman's body from the rubble.

The barrage puts Israelis on the edge.

Bitton Maimon lives next door.

- The feeling is very bad.

I have a father, he'sold, he's 90 years old.

And he was terrible last night.

It was panic.

- [Chris] Israel Policespokesman Micky Rosenfeld said,

there were about onemillion Israelis affected

by this current round of violence.

- Well, the message to thepublic is to stay safe.

When the sirens go off,there are 15 seconds,

or 30 seconds, or 45seconds to take cover.

- [Chris] The IDF respondedby attacking some 150

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad

military targets in Gaza.

Including a Hamas television station

and governmental structures.

- I think we're in a difficultperiod at the moment.

It could be 24 hours,48 hours, it will pass.

The IDF is doing everything they can.

The Israeli National Police are protecting

the civilians withinside the populated areas,

within side the all thecities in the south.

- [Chris] The U.S. led the condemnation

of the rocket barrages against Israel.

Jason Greenblatt tweeted,

Israel is forced onceagain into military action

to defend its citizens.

We stand with Israel as it defends itself

against these attacks.

As Israel teeters on the brink of war,

Maimon said, if it was up tohim, he'd know what to do.

- Tell Trump to tell Bibi and Lieberman

to work to finish this area, Gaza.

That's it.

They don't want to leave it in peace.

They choose bread.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Ashkelon, Israel.

- Eye-opening words.


- You know, what does it say, the Bible,

wisdom is justified by its children.

And leaders make dumb mistakes

and then their citizensultimately have to pay for it.

Ariel Sharon, he was a friend of mine,

or if he's still alive,

but, he was very gracious,we got to know him.

But he decided that he wasgoing to make a gesture

toward the Palestinians.

And he was going to pull out of Gaza.

They had a number ofIsraeli settlers in there.

The theory was to populate the West Bank

with Jews and Israelis, and therefore,

you know, keep thepopulation from warfare.

But he pulled 'em out,and they were forcibly,

they were literally forced at gunpoint

away from their homes.

They were driven out, theIsraelis, to their own citizens.

And they left Gaza to the Palestinians.

What happened to the Palestinians?

Hamas took over, a radical group.

And now they're in Gaza.

And why would they wantto do what they're doing?

Well, they're radicals.

They wanna fight.

That's their M.O.

And so, D.N.A., I should say.

And so they want to have fights

so they launch all theserockets against Israel.

Well Israel can't stand that.

So what're they gonna have to do?

They're gonna have to send their troops in

and literally take back Gaza.

If they don't do it, they'regonna have a sore spot

over and over and over again.

So, all I can say is, theybetter get ready for war,

'cause that's what's gonna happen.

They could roll over Gazawithout a whole lot of problem.

I don't think it's gonna be any problem.

And they need to secure it again.

But the fact that theyhad all those settlements,

all those people,

had businesses and farms and everything,

taken out of all of 'em,

and it was a tragic, tragicmistake of leadership.

I just mentioned about

what happened to the republican party

and how they lost outon this last election.

This is how the Israelishave lost out in Gaza.

Now there's something else, by the way.

It has nothing to do with global warming.

It has nothing to do withautomobile emissions.

It has nothing to do with natural gas.

It has nothing to dowith coal-fired furnaces.


But according to the scientists,we're in for a record cold.

Efram, tell us about it.

- Pat, as you said,

scientists say this wintercould bring record cold,

and it's all because ofa lack of a sunspots.

Dr. Tony Phillips of

says there's been practicallyno sunspots in 2018,

and that's causing earth'supper atmosphere to cool,

and even shrink.

If the trend continues,one NASA scientists says,

we could be seeingrecord cold temperatures

in just a matter of months.

Pat, for many of us it's already too cold.

(Pat laughs)

- I'm looking forward to,I've got a few wool garments.

I'd just soon have a little cold.

But it can be really rough.

And you know, Job wasstarting, warned about this,

that they're forecasting,

this winter's gonna be something.

I don't know if we're startinga little ice age or anything,

but all this businessabout global warming,

now as climate change, and you know.

- Mm hmm. (laughs)

- Uh huh.

- Get your turtlenecks out.


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