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A Little Truth About Jim Acosta and the CNN-Trump Dispute: CNN Still Has 50 Press Passes

A Little Truth About Jim Acosta and the CNN-Trump Dispute: CNN Still Has 50 Press Passes Read Transcript

- Jennifer, today CNN filed a lawsuit

against the White House

for suspending JimAcosta's press credentials.

What's your take on that whole situation?

- Yeah, yeah, well.

Well, CNN is doing what it has to do.

It has to stand by its correspondents.

The White HouseCorrespondents Association,

they're standing by him,they push for access.

I think that it was the wrong decision

for the White House torevoke his hard pass

because it only draws more attention.

It seems extreme, and italso makes Acosta a hero

to his base, if you will,

and it's dangerous, quite frankly.

We reporters should be ableto go to the White House

and cover presidentswithout fear of reprisal.

At the same time, reportershave a responsibility

not to make the story about them,

and I think what we're seeing is,

so often reporters are playing the victim

with this administration

when this is the mostaccessible administration

I would say ever in history,

so I think that we just have to remember

the story's not about us, it'sabout covering the President,

but I think the White Housegot it wrong this time.

- And the Poynter Institutemade a great point as well,

basically saying, yeah, you know,

if he had phrased his question

a bit more neutral toward the President,

it would have done everybodya lot more service.

- It was very combative.

- Yeah, alright.- Yeah.

- Jennifer, thank you.- Sure.


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