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NY Times Says North Korea Hiding 20 Missile Bases, This Is How Trump Responded

NY Times Says North Korea Hiding 20 Missile Bases, This Is How Trump Responded Read Transcript

- While the White House

is pushing for peace with North Korea,

a new report reveals the regime may have

as many as 20 hidden missilebases within the country.

Amber Strong brings usthis look at that report

and the response from Washington.

- It's the latest chapterin an ongoing saga

between the US and North Korea,

with a new report revealing

at least 13 hidden missilebases within the country.

According to the Center for Strategic

and International Studies,

those hidden bases arecapable of launching

intercontinental ballisticand short-range missiles.

Since their Singapore summit,

the President has been optimistic

about the progress with NorthKorean dictator Kim Jong-un.

- The sanctions are on,the missiles have stopped.

The rockets have stopped.

The hostages are home.

The great heroes have been coming home.

- [Amber] That viewcontinued Wednesday when,

in a tweet, Mr. Trump called the report

of additional bases "nothing new."

(rocket hissing)

Most foreign policy experts agree

this isn't really a surprise.

- If you go back toJanuary 1st of this year,

Kim Jong-un did a speechthat he does every year.

And basically he declared that North Korea

would mass produce nuclearwarheads and missiles.

That's what he's doing.

- [Amber] So far, theadministration isn't budging.

- President Trump's madehis position very clear.

No economic relief until we have achieved

our ultimate objective.

- [Amber] It's a precariousgame of tug-of-war.

- The North Koreans wantall the sanctions lifted,

or at least a lot of them,before they start rolling back

their nuclear weaponsand missile programs.

The challenge is the UnitedStates wants the exact opposite.

The question is, who goes first?

- It's a question manyin the administration

may feel they've already answered,

with the President making the first move

by attending that historic summit.

Now, many believe it's time forKim to make the second move.

Amber Strong, CBN News in Washington.


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