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Democrats Aim a 'Subpoena Cannon' at Trump: Did American Voters Just Unleash 85 Anti-Trump Investigations?

Democrats Aim a 'Subpoena Cannon' at Trump: Did American Voters Just Unleash 85 Anti-Trump Investigations? Read Transcript

- The subpoenas arecoming for President Trump

and his administration.

As Democrats get ready totake control of the House

they are coming up with a long list

of all the things theywant to investigate.

- We are not scatter shot.

We are not doing any investigationfor a political purpose.

But to seek the truth.

So I think you can describe about

how Democrats will goforward in this regard

is we will be very strategic.

- [Jenna] House MinorityLeader Nancy Pelosi

who hopes to take over as Speaker

says her party will be strategic.

But some new signs suggestthat may not be the case.

Axios reports Democrats areloading a subpoena canon

with a list of at least 85 investigations

they want to pursue.

- Well I think the Democratsare very much at risk

of overplaying their hand here.

I think the Americanpeople are going to suffer

from investigation fatigue.

- [Jenna] Stephen Moore an economist

with the Heritage Foundation

and former Trump economic advisor

tells CBN news he'sactually glad Democrats

will have control of the House.

- I was kind of quietlyhoping that Democrats

would take the House

and the Republicans would keep the Senate.

Because I felt like ifRepublicans controlled

every level of power goinginto the 2020 election,

and anything goes wrong

then what party would youpossibly have to blame

but the Republicans.

Now if things go wrong,

Trump can say look it's because

the Pelosi Democrats areblocking what I'm trying to do.

- [Jenna] The Axios listcovers just about everyone

and everything close to Trump

from day one of his presidency.

Many Democrats aretalking about impeachment

as the incoming House Oversight Chairman

Representative Jerry Nadlerwould be in charge of that.

But he says his number one priority

is Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

- Right now our top priority is to protect

the Mueller investigation.

To protect the integrityof that investigation

from the White House attempt to stifle it

and to interfere with it.

- [Jenna] The man in chargeof the investigation,

the acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker

will be among the first called to testify.

- We will make sure thatMatt Whitaker immediately,

one of our first ordersof business will be

to invite him if necessary to subpoena him

to appear before the committee.

- It does violence to the Constitution

and the vision of our founders to appoint

such a person in such a manner

to be the chief legalofficer in our country.

- And you can count on afight from the White House.

President Trump says he's ready to take on

a war like posture andlaunch investigations

into the Democrats.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- At the beginning ofthis show, I misspoke.

I said 75, it's gonna be 85 targets.

And they're talking aboutpreserving the integrity

of the Mueller investigation.

Well I want you to knowladies and gentlemen

that interrogatories have been received

from the special prosecutor,

the President has givenanswers through his legal team

to the special prosecutor.

He has taken thousandsof pages of testimony,

hours and hours of discussion.

As I say an enormous amount of material

and he must wrap it up.

And I think that it'sgoing to be wrapped up

frankly before the end of this year.

Because there's no more he could do.

There's no there there.

There was no political corruption,

no relationship with the Russians.

This whole thing is nothing but a hoax.

It was started a long timeago by a phony dossier

that came out of England.

And there was no collusion.

And that was what he was charged to do.

All right and the Justice Department

has just said that the appointment of

this new Attorney Generalwas absolutely legal,

absolutely appropriateaccording to the law.

There's no problem with that.

So do we want a nationthat is totally divided

and people yelling at each other

for the next three years?

That'll be horrible.

I can't conceive of it.

And why would the Democrats wanna do that?

Do they wanna go on the recordas being the chief opposers?

What is their plan.

Let 'em give forth a plan.

Here's how we're gonnamake America good and great

and a nice place to live.

Well our Chief PoliticalAnalyst David Brody

is joining us now.

And David I understand Nancy Pelosi

is facing a strong challenge for Speaker.

What do you think of that?

- That's right Pat.

You know we've talkeda lot or there's been

a lot of talk aboutRepublicans having some issues

as it relates to trumpand certain factions

within the Republican party.

The Democrats are having a devil of a time

trying to get their act together.

And we may see it play out in January.

When the Speaker Of The House is elected.

Nancy Pelosi is expected to be the Speaker

but she needs 218 votesand right now at least

when we're talking right at this moment

they're about 232 Democrats.

So that means if I do the math,

232 minus 218 means shecan only lose 14 Democrats.

Right now it seems likeat least 17 Democrats

are opposed to her.

They have actually come out and said

I'm not voting for her.

So that's a problem.

She can only lose 14 of those 17.

We'll see times have a way of kind of

ironing all of this out.

But there is going to be a letter sent

in the next couple of weeks

by some of these disgruntled Democrats

who are against Pelosi saying

we don't want her to be Speaker.

That'll be the story going forward, Pat.

- Well they've got tohave somebody against her.

Who is the somebody do you think is gonna

would be the focal pointof that opposition?

- Well they're having a hardtime trying to figure that out.

There's been talk of a womannamed Martha Fudge possibly

Congressman Martha Fudge.

But at this point they don't really know

and that's a big part of the problem.

- Do you agree with SteveMoore that it could be

a good thing for the Republicans

that the Democrats control the House?

- I definitely agree withSteve on that point for sure

as it relates to look ifthings bog down in Washington

at least it's not allTrump's fault, right.

I mean in other words it'snot just the Republican party

controlling both the House, the Senate,

and the White House, that's true.

I also think that basicallyDonald Trump needs a foil.

And Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats,

the House of Representativescontrolled by the Democrats

would be a wonderful foilpolitically for him in 2020.

Here's part of the problem here.

With all of these investigations

that Jenna was talkingabout in the piece earlier.

Here is the issue.

We know for example withthe Benghazi hearings

that came up all thatinvestigation that went on

during the Obama administration.

Well what came out of that?

Well the Hilary Clinton e-mail server.

That was the whole big talkout of that Benghazi hearing.

So look if there are a lotof different investigations

going on here with Trumpand we have new information

that comes out,

well that's not just fodder for Democrats,

it's fodder for the media,

it'll play into 2020 and it could affect

Donald Trump's re-election chances.

- Well it looks like by the way

that the Democrats have performed better

than we anticipated.

My count is that they might win

as many as 40 seats in the House.

What do you think happened?

- Well there are a lotof things that happened.

I mean it wasn't technically a blue wave

but it was pretty close to a blue wave.

I mean look in the Senate for example,

they could be at an even draw.

I mean if Florida for somereason goes to Bill Nelson

and that's a whole 'nother(foreign language) moment.

But if that's the case it could be 51, 48

basically 51, 49 if you will.

And we're back to wherewe started again. And why?

Well look again Arizonawhich we thought at the time

was gonna go to theRepublican Martha McSally

and it ended up going to Kyrsten Sinema.

And of course Democrats haven't

they haven't voted for aDemocrat Senator in Arizona

in 30 years but that stateis going more purple.

So there's a demographicsissue that Republicans have.

There's obviously a suburbanindependent women issue

that Republicans have as well.

And as for Jon Tester in Montana

that was the other oneRepublicans were hoping to get.

Matt Rosendale ultimatelywasn't that great of a candidate

and Jon Tester was actuallywell liked in Montana

despite the fact thatDonald Trump and Mike Pence

tried to go out therequite a bit and beat him.

- The suburban womensaying that Donald Trump

reminds them of their first husband.

And that is not a good thing.

What's he gonna do to getthose suburban women back?

- Look I think the train hasleft the station on this.

In other words, here's the answer.

The answer is he has to becalm around the Twitter feed

and not being so bombastic.

And I say ha, ha, ha, good luck with that.

That's not gonna happen, Pat.

You and I know it.

So they're gonna have asuburban women problem.

And so that is whatsuburban independent want.

They don't necessarily mindthe policies necessarily.

They actually kind of like the policies,

its' the rhetoric from Donald Trump.

It's just not gonna change.

He's a New Yorker throughand through, not happening.

Now as it relates to evangelical women,

77% of evangelical womenactually support Donald Trump.

But here's the issue.What about that other 23%?

Look, 23% of white evangelicalwomen in this country

many of 'em in the suburbseither somewhat approve

or somewhat disapprove of Donald Trump.

This is the issue forDonald Trump in 2020.

Everybody talked about those evangelicals

going for Donald Trump and81% voted for him in 2016.

The problem is that is if he doesn't win

some of those white evangelical women

in the suburbs over in 2020,

that 81% could go downto let's say 79% or so

and that will not get himelected into a second term.

- If you were sitting in the White House

saying Donald here's whatI'm gonna advise you,

what would you tell himto do to win those women?

- Well, Pat that is a tricky question.

I can't give advice.I'm just a journalist.

I play one on television.

I really am a journalist.

Look, I think though Pat what I just said

they may wanna rewind the tape

and actually listen to what I just said

because it's not advice,it's analysis. And it's true.

They've gotta figure outwhat they're gonna do

in the suburbs.

And the way they've gotta do it is somehow

tone down the rhetoric.

Though we know that's not gonna happen.

So they can talk aboutpolicies all they want.

But at some point they'vegotta figure out a way

to bring those evangelicalwomen back into the fold.

- They've got Hispanics in Florida

and he appeals to them.

Said do you wanna makethis like Nicaragua.

They get the message.

But you've got people in Nevada,

you've got people in Arizona,

you've got people in New Mexico,

you've got people in California,

you've got 'em in Texas.

You have so many Hispanicsand what has he done

to turn them against him.

Really that's what that votesignifies it seems like to me

that McSally loss in Arizona and so forth.

I mean those Hispanics arevoting against Donald Trump.

- Well here's the thing.

I think it's broader than that Pat.

I think that you can make the argument

that Hispanics have unfortunately voted,

if you're a Republican,

unfortunately voted againstthe Republican party

based on one issue and that's immigration.

It's really that simple.

When a state goes more purple,

that's what's gonna happen.

I mean look we know

what the Hispanic community is all about.

They are pro-family.

Their family, the culture

it's so important to Hispanic families

all across the country.

But they get tripped up,

I say they get tripped up,

they have an issue withthis one issue, immigration.

And it's played big time in Nevada,

big time in Arizona,

to a degree in Texas.

Why did Ted Cruz have such a hard time?

Yeah, the candidate there was impressive

but at the same time Texas too.

So we're seeing this all over the country

and I think we're gonnahave to wait to see

how that plays out.


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