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The 700 Club - November 15, 2018

David and Tamela Mann reveal their secrets to love, marriage and family. Plus, a track star is thrown from his friend’s car and ends up on life support. Read Transcript

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- [Female Announcer] Comingup, it started with a glimpse.

- I can still remember thatfirst image that I looked at.

- [Female Announcer] Andthat led to an encounter.

- It opened my mind up to a world

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- [Female Announcer] Oneman's life on the down low.

Plus, the Manns taking on the world.

The power couple reveal

their secrets to love, marriage

and family on today's 700 Club.

(swelling inspirational music)

- Well welcome, folks to this edition

of the 700 Club.

You know, desperately Americanswant peace and harmony.

They really do.

They want joy to the world,they want love, you know?

That's really what the country wants

but the Democrats say, not on your life,

we're not gonna give you any love.

We're gonna have 75different investigations

of the White House.

We've already determined

who we're going after andthe Democrats' majority

in the House keeps on growing.

I said it's gonna be closerto 40 seats before it's over

and that could mean thatPresident Trump is going to be

really in, oh he's gonna behaving the time of his life

against it and his greatestally may be Nancy Pelosi.

We just don't ever knowwhat's going to happen.

- Yeah, well some in Congress

are planning to investigate.

They say that the Democrats are loading up

what they're calling a subpoena cannon

and one former Trump advisor

believes all this couldactually help the President.

CBN's Jenna Browderreports from Washington.

- The subpoena's arecoming for President Trump

and his administration.

As Democrats get ready

to take control the House,

they are coming up with along list of all the things

they want to investigate.

- We are not are scattershot.

We are not doing any investigationfor political purpose

but to seek the truth so Ithink a word that you could

describe about how Democratswill go forward in this regard

is we will be very strategic.

- [Jenna] House minorityleader Nancy Pelosi

who hopes to take over asSpeaker, says her party

will be strategic butsome new signs suggest

that may not be the case.

Axios reports Democrats areloading a subpoena cannon

with a list of at least 85 investigations

they want to pursue.

- Well I think the Democratsare very much at risk

of overplaying their hand here.

I think the Americanpeople are going to suffer

from investigation fatigue.

- [Jenna] Stephen Moore, an economist

with the Heritage Foundationand former Trump advisor

tells CBN News, he'sactually glad Democrats

will have control of the House.

- I was kind of quietlyhoping the Democrats

would take the House andthe Republicans would keep

the Senate because I feltlike if Republicans controlled

every lever of power goinginto the 2020 election

and anything goes wrong,then what party would you

possibly have to blamebut the Republicans?

Now if things go wrong,you know, Trump can say,

look, it's because thePelosi Democrats are blocking

what I'm trying to do.

- [Jenna] The Axios listcovers just about every one

and every thing closeto Trump from Day One

of his presidency.

Many Democrats aretalking about impeachment.

As the incoming House Oversight Chairman,

Representative Jerry Nadlerwould be in charge of that

but he says his number one priority

is Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

- Right now our top priority is to protect

the Mueller investigation,to protect the integrity

of that investigation fromthe White House attempt

to stifle it and to interfere with it.

- [Jenna] The man in chargeof the investigation,

acting Attorney GeneralMatt Whittaker, will be

among the first called to testify.

- We will make sure that Matt Whittaker,

immediately one of thefirst orders of business

will be to invite him, ifnecessary, to subpoena him,

to appear before the Committee.

- It does violence to theConstitution and the vision

of our founders to appointsuch a person in such a manner

to be the chief legalofficer in our country.

- And you can count on afight from the White House.

President Trump says he'sready to take on a war-like

posture and launch investigationsinto the Democrats.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- At the beginning ofthis show I misspoke.

I said 75, it's gonna be 85targets and they're talking

about preserving the integrityof the Mueller investigation.

Well I want you to know,ladies and gentlemen,

that interrogatories have been received

from the special prosecutor,the President has given

answers through his legal teamto the special prosecutor.

He has taken thousandsof pages of testimony,

hours and hours of discussion

and, as I say, an enormousamount of material

and he must wrap it up and Ithink that it's going to be

wrapped up, frankly,before the end of this year

because there's no more he could do.

There's no there there.

There was no politicalcorruption, no relationship

with the Russians.

This whole thing is nothing but a hoax.

It was started a long time ago

by a phony dossier

that came out of Englandand there was no collusion.

And that was what he was charged to do.

All right, and the JusticeDepartment has just said

that the appointment ofthis new Attorney General

is absolutely legal,absolutely appropriate

according to the law.

There's no problem with that

so do we want a nationthat is totally divided

and people yelling at eachother for the next three years?

It'll be horrible, wecan't conceive of it.

And why would the Democrats wanna do that?

Do they wanna go on the record as being

the chief opposers?

What is their plan?

Let 'em give forth a plan,here's how we're gonna make

America good and greatand a nice place to live.

Well, our chief politicalanalyst David Brody

is joining us now,

and David I understand NancyPelosi is facing a strong

challenge for Speaker.

What do you think of that?

That's right, Pat.

You know we've talked alot, or there's been a lot

of talk about Republicanshaving some issues

as it relates to Trumpand certain factions

within the Republican party.

The Democrats are having a devil of a time

trying to get their act together

and we may see it play out in January

when the Speaker of the House is elected.

Nancy Pelosi's expected tobe the Speaker but she needs

218 votes and right now atleast, when we're talking

right at this moment, thereare about 232 Democrats,

so that means, if I dothe math 232 minus 218

means she can only lose 14 Democrats.

Right now it seems likeat least 17 Democrats

are opposed to her.

They have actually come out and said,

I'm not votin' for her.

So that's a problem.

She can only lose 14 of those 17.

We'll see, times have a wayof kind of ironing all of this

out but there is going to be

a letter sent in the nextcouple of weeks by some of these

disgruntled Democrats whoare against Pelosi saying,

we don't want her to be Speaker.

That'll be the story going forward, Pat.

- Well, they've gottahave somebody against her.

Who is the somebody do you think would be

the focal point of that opposition?

- Well, they're having a hard time

trying to figure that out.

There's been a talk of awoman named Martha Fudge

possibly, Congressman MarthaFudge but at this point,

they don't really know andthat's a big part of the problem.

- Do you agree with Steve Moore

that it could be a goodthing for the Republicans

if the Democrats control the House?

- I definitely agree withSteve on that point, for sure

as it relates to, look, ifthings bog down in Washington,

at least it's not allTrump's fault, right?

In other words, it's notjust the Republican party

controlling both the House,the Senate and the White House.

That's true.

I also think that basicallyDonald Trump needs a foil

and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats,

the House of Representatives controlled

by the Democrats will be awonderful foil politically

for him in 2020.

Here's part of the problem here.

With all of theseinvestigations that Jenna

was talking about in the pieceearlier, here's the issue.

We know, for example,with the Bengazi hearings

that came up, all of thatinvestigation that went on

during the Obama administration.

Well what came out of that?

Well, that Hilary Clinton email server.

That was the whole big talkout of that Bengazi hearing.

So look, if there are a lotof different investigations

going on here with Trumpand we have new information

that comes out, well that'snot just fodder for Democrats,

it's fodder for the media,it'll play into 2020

and could affect DonaldTrump's re-election chances.

- Well, it looks like, bythe way, that the Democrats

have performed better than we anticipated.

My count is that they mightwin as many as 40 seats

in the House.

What do you think happened?

- Well there are a lotof things that happened.

I mean, it wasn't technicallya blue wave, but it was

pretty close to a blue wave.

Look in the Senate, for example.

They could be in an even draw.

I mean, if Florida for somereason goes to Bill Nelson,

and that's a whole'nother oy gevalt moment,

but if that's the case, it could be 51-48

or basically 51-49 ifyou will, and we're back

to where we started again and why?

Well look, Arizona, whichwe thought at the time

was gonna go to theRepublican Martha McSally,

ended up going to Kyrsten Sinema.

And of course, Democratshaven't, they haven't voted

for a Democrat Senatorin Arizona in 30 years

but that state is goingmore purple, so there's

a demographics issuethat Republicans have.

There's obviously a suburbanindependent women issue

that Republicans have, as well.

And as for John Tester inMontana, that was the other

one Republicans were hoping to get.

Matt Rosendale ultimatelywasn't that great

of a candidate and JohnTester was actually

well-liked in Montana despitethe fact that Donald Trump

and Mike Pence tried to go out there

quite a bit and beat him.

- The suburban women sayingthat Donald Trump reminds them

of their first husband, andthat is not a good thing.

What's he gonna do to getthose suburban women back?

- Look, I think the trainhas left the station on this.

In other words, here's the answer.

The answer is he has to becalmer on the Twitter feed

and not be so bombastic.

And I say, ha ha ha, good luck with that.

That's not gonna happen, Pat.

You and I know it so they're gonna have

a suburban woman problem.

And so that is whatsuburban independent want.

They don't necessarily mindthe policies, necessarily.

They actually kind of like the policies.

It's the rhetoric from Donald Trump.

It's just not gonna change.

He's a New Yorker throughand through, not happening.

Now, as it relates to evangelical women,

77% of evangelical womenactually support Donald Trump

but here's the issue.

What about that other 23%?

Look, 23% of white evangelicalwomen in this country,

many of them in the suburbs,either somewhat approve

or somewhat disapprove of Donald Trump.

This is the issue forDonald Trump in 2020.

Everybody talked about those evangelicals

going for Donald Trump and81% voted for him in 2016.

The problem is, is if hedoesn't win some of those

white evangelical women inthe suburbs over in 2020,

that 81% could go downto, let's say, 79% or so

and that will not get himelected into a second term.

- If you were sitting inthe White House saying,

Donald, here's what I wanna advise you,

what would you tell himto do to win those women?

- Wow Pat, that is a tricky question.

(laughs)I can't give advice,

I'm just a journalist.

I played one on television.

I really am a journalist.(laughs)

I think, though, Pat whatI just said, they may wanna

rewind the tape and actuallylisten to what I just said

because it's not advice, it's analysis

and it's true.

They've gotta figure outwhat they're gonna do

in the suburbs and theway they've gotta do it

is somehow tone down therhetoric, though we know

that's not gonna happen sothey can talk about policies

all they want, but atsome point they've gotta

figure out a way to bringthose evangelical women

back into the fold.

- They've got Hispanics evenin Florida and he appeals

to them saying, do you wannamake this like Nicaragua?

They get the message but you've got people

in Nevada, you've got people in Arizona,

you've got people in New Mexico,

you've got people in California,you've got 'em in Texas.

You have so many Hispanics

and what has he done

to turn them against him?

They really, that's whatthat vote signifies,

it seems like to me that McSally lost

in Arizona and so forth.

I mean those Hispanics arevoting against Donald Trump.

- Well here's the thing.

I think it's broader than that, Pat.

I think you can make theargument that Hispanics

have unfortunately voted,if you're a Republican

unfortunately voted,against the Republican party

based on one issue and that's immigration.

It's really that simple.

And when a state goes more purple,

that's what's gonna happen.

I mean, look, we know whatthe Hispanic community

is all about.

They are pro-family.

Family, the culture, it's soimportant to Hispanic families

all across the country,but they get tripped up,

I say they get tripped up,they have an issue with this

one issue immigration.

It has played big time inNevada, big time in Arizona,

to a degree in Texas.

Why did Ted Cruz have such a hard time?

Yeah, the candidate there was impressive

but at the same time, Texas, too.

So we're seeing this all over the country

and I think we're gonnahave to wait to see

how that plays out.

- David, thank you very much.

And ladies and gentlemen- You bet.

I really appreciate whatthe president is doing.

I mean the evangelicalswere strongly for him

but there's some warning signsand I just really believe

that he's got to be aware of what's there

and you know, as those whowould counsel the president,

we've really got to change course

and recognize these suburban women

and these Hispanic people.

It's gonna be costly unless we change

some of the tone and the rhetoric.

- Yeah, well it remains to be seen whether

that can happen or not, you know,

when it's bone deep I'm not sure it can.

Well, up next a raresign of bipartisanship

on Capitol Hill.

Both sides of the aisle arecoming together on a bill

to reform our criminal justice system.

- Whites and blacks usedrugs at the same levels

but if you look at therates of incarceration,

people of color are incarceratedat much higher rates.

- [Terry] Hear how ateam of unlikely allies

are helping formerinmates get second chances

when we come back.

And welcome back to The 700 Club.

Prison reform

isn't one of the most popular issues

in Washington butWednesday a bipartisan bill

aimed at giving prisoninmates a second chance

got a boost from President Donald Trump.

Amber Strong introducesus to the diverse group

of allies behind the billand the race against time

to get it through Congress.

- [Amber] The movement towardcriminal justice reform

received a welcome andnecessary boost on Wednesday.

- Today I'm thrilledto announce my support

for this bipartisan bill thatwill make our communities

safer and give formerinmates a second chance

at life after they have served their time.

- The clock is ticking on Congress' chance

to make real changes to thecriminal justice system.

And while things couldn'tbe more divided here

on Capitol Hill, advocatessay the time to act is now.

They include Kelley Paul,wife of Senator Rand Paul.

- I came to this issue alittle bit through my work

in Kentucky visitingvarious halfway houses,

recovery centers like the Hope House

and the Isaiah House and realizing

how pervasive our drug problem is

and how we need alternativesto incarcerating people.

- [Amber] Paul also saw howprison life specifically

affected female inmates.

- [Kelley] People are notaware of some of the things

that were going on in our prisons.

First and foremost womenwho were giving birth

were being shackled.

- [Amber] For Paul, fixingthe problem reaches directly

to the heart of justice, right and wrong.

- If you look at the numbersthat whites and blacks

use drugs at the same levelsbut if you look at the rates

of incarceration, peopleof color are incarcerated

at much higher rates.

I'm a conservative but Ialways say, big government

really hurts peoplefrom all walks of life.

I think a lot of times whenprogressive hear conservatives

talk about big government,they think we're just concerned

about taxes or overregulationor business or economics,

but really this is a civil rights issue.

- [Amber] So Mrs. Paul isdoing something she says

her friends aren't used toseeing, bringing her desire

to right those wrongsstraight to Washington.

And she's not alone.

The push for criminal justicereform extends far beyond

the halls of Congress.

Everyone from Christianadvocacy groups to celebrities

to the president's son-in-law

all working together for change.

Jared Kushner has been thepivotal player in this.

He personally

comes to this issue.

His own father wasincarcerated and he has been

the driving force insideof the White House

in making sure that this gets done.

- [Amber] Former prisonershave also been instrumental

in this fight along with those who preach

about second chances.

2,000 pastors signed a letter

in support of Congress' latest effort.

The bill, dubbed the FirstStep Act, calls for more

opportunities to receive good time credit,

better conditions for women,

and incarcerating prisonerscloser to families.

It's been a tough decision for a president

who campaigned on lawand order, but support

from the NationalFraternal Order of Police

seemed to help balance the scales.

- The bill includesreasonable sentencing reforms

while keeping dangerousand violent criminals

off our streets.

- [Amber] The ball isnow in the Senate's court

where advocates hopethis lame duck session

can lead to a second chance for prisoners

and families across the nation.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Now we watch and see if Congress

can come together to pass it.


- Well, the big thing isthe congressmen are afraid

of going to the electoratebeing told, oh he's soft

on crime so the idea is I'vegot to be tough on crime

which means that I can't have anything,

any mandatory minimum sentences.

I cannot give discretion to a judge

to decide what to do.

I'm gonna force him andhere's what he's gonna do

whether he likes it ornot and that meant we are,

quote, tough on crime.

It has backfired.

It was not a smart move tobegin with but it can be

a campaign issue, andpoliticians love to demagogue

these things, they love to demagogues.

So somebody votes anintelligent vote that will make

the country better andthat gets demagogued

by the opponent on the other side.

So the president's saying,look, I'm gonna give you cover

going in to the election soyou can say the president

wants to do this and it's his fault.

Well that's the way it is.

Hey by the way, no sunspots.

Global warming's gotnothin' to do with it.

Mars doesn't have cars drivingaround with toxic fumes

but Mars is having adifferent time in terms

of heat and cold and so on.

Well, we're gonna havea whopper of a winter

and it's officially here.

Efrem, what's the story?

- Well I can tell you thecalendar may not say winter

but the weather certainlytells a different story.

A nor'easter is bringingsnow and ice to the northeast

with snow already fallingin Washington, D.C.

The nation's capital couldsee today one to three inches

of snow, parts of NewEngland up to a foot.

Houston, Texas saw itsearliest snowfall ever

and San Antonio hit 23degrees Wednesday night.

That is the lowest in more than 100 years.

Turning now to the firein Northern California.

It is now the deadliest inthe state's recorded history.

The death toll stands at least at 56

and with more than 100people still missing,

first responders fearthat number could double.

The town of Paradise,California is ground zero.

Nearly 9,000 homes were destroyed there.

We can also tell you OperationBlessing is going to be

working there as well.


- We certainly are, andladies and gentlemen again

I just say it's a tragedybeyond measure and you think

of Paradise completely wiped out.

The town completely wiped out.

These fires have beendeadly and devastating

and the Santa Ana windshave been of great ferocity.

It's a horrible thing andwe stand with those people

in California who are sufferingand we don't wanna point

any fingers at anybodybecause of anything.

What we wanna say is thisis one of those things

that happens in nature andit's been just devastating

and we want to just prayfor them and do everything

we can to help.

And I think certainly thefederal government is got

to step up and offer somekind of loan assistance

so these people can rebuild their homes.

When you look at mansionsin Malibu all the way

up to Paradise, it's upand down that whole state.

The worst naturaldisaster of this magnitude

in the history of America.

It is has been horrible.


- Well coming up, they'reactors, comedians and singers

and now you'll see anotherside to this dynamic duo.

David and Tamela Mannopen up about their love

and their family after this.

(inspiring upbeat music)

- Well back in high school,David Mann was in a talent show

and as part of the bigfinale he tore his shirt off

to end the performance.

In the audience that day,David's future wife, Tamela.

So love at first sight, right?

Not exactly, but at leastit did serve as chapter one

for their love story.

Take a look.

- [Announcer] NAACPAward-winning actor and comedian

David Mann and GrammyAward-winning solo artist

Tamela Mann are nostrangers to the limelight.

But it's not what they didin front of the cameras

has made their relationship last.

With a blended family underone roof and lots of mouths

to feed, the Manns knewthey had to work together

if their family was going to survive.

In their memoir, Us Against the World,

David and Tamela sharewhat they have learned

over 30 years of marriageand how it's made them

stronger than ever.

- Well David and TamelaMann are back with us now.

We welcome you to the 700 Club again.

It's great to have you here.

- Thank you, thanks for having us.

- So he tore the shirt off

and not love at first sight, right?


- I was like oh.

- She didn't like it at all.

She was like, bah, boo.

- I was not a fan.

- So when did that fire get lit? (laughs)

- Well it was on down the line

a little bit.- Some years later, yeah.

Yes, because actually hedidn't even know I was there.

It so happened--

- I didn't find out till later

that she was there- Years.

and seen that.

- He was like, he was talkin' about it.

I was like, yes, I saw youand I saw you rip your shirt.


- And I asked her, saidyou liked it didn't you?

No, not at all.


- He had the other girlsbut I was like, oh ah.

- In chapter two of yourbook, I just wanna mention it

again called Us Against theWorld, you have the title,

Will You Marry Me and OtherQuestions David Never Asked.

David, what's up with that? (laughs)

- Because I never asked her to marry.

- So how did this come to pass?

- I just said, we're gettin' married.

- He told me.

- [Terry] And you went along with that.

- No.- Well, actually

we were riding and we just,I just kinda heard him

and I just kept drivin''cause that particular day

I was drivin' and he wasin the passenger seat.

- And so I was like, did you hear me?

Like this was a whole week later.

- Time passed and he waslike, did you hear me?

I was like, yes.

(laughs)I did hear you

but I knew in my heartI wanted to do that,

I wanted to be his wifebut I wanted to make sure

that's what he wanted todo, and I know sometimes

we women can kinda try to encourage

- Push, push, push, yeah.- the guy,

but I just wanted to make sure--

- She just wanted to makesure I had all my stuff

out of the stuff out of the way.

- Yes.

- My extracurricular activity.

- [Terry] Well, that's a wise thing.

- Yes.(laughs)

- You say that the secretto your relationship

is outdoing each otheroutdoing each other.

- Right.- Yes.

- Talk a little bit aboutthat and how you do that?

- Well what happens is I try to outdo him.

Anything that, for instance, if I get up,

and well, if he makes me breakfast,

then I'll make breakfast,

- She can one-up me.

- so I have to try to makebreakfast look even nicer

and make my eggs fluffier,so it's like whatever it is,

I just use that for anexample, which is to me,

we try to outdo each otherdoin' for each other.

Nothing goes wanted,all the needs are met.

- And yeah, like shesaid, we do that to try

to make sure that everyneed is met for each other.

I wanna make sure that I'mpleasing her, satisfying her,

making sure she's takencare of in every area.

- You know that takes aconcerted effort and you can't

be worried about what you're getting

- Right.if you're doin' that well.

- And that comes from me knowin'

that she has my best interests at heart.

I mean I realize and Iknow that if I'm in a room

of thousands, I know thatthere's one person in there

who's gonna be cheeringfor me at all costs so,

- [Terry] She's got your back.

- yeah, yes ma'am.

- Talk a little bit, if youwill, about your blended family

because that is a hard thing to do well.

How have you done it well?

- Well we always say wehave a super-blended family.

We have two together, two from--

- previousprevious relationships

relationships and thenwe adopted my niece.

My sister passed awayand we took in my niece.

We had just been married not quite a year.

- So imagine being 22 years old

- 22 years oldwith a 14 year old.

- and she was 14.

So it was like our familybecame super-blended

and then it's like, okay,what are we gonna do?

How we gonna take care of 'em?

But the Lord provided, soit's like we worked hard

but our goal was, I grewup being a stepchild

so my thing is never to makemy kids feel like they're

not a part because whenyou say being step, to me

that's bein' stepped uponand no child wants to feel

like they're being steppedon or not feel a part

so I worked hard in itbecause with him bringin'

in the girls.

- We always say somebodyshould be able to walk

into your house and nevernotice or never know

where the blend begins.

Like, they shouldn't beable to tell which is which,

it should just be a bigmesh, a mesh of love.

- But here's the big questionto me is I know how hard

it is to blend a family'cause we've done that

in our own family through adoption

but often that takes atoll on a relationship,

and you guys are so tight with each other.

How did you keep thekids from driving a wedge

between the two of you?

- She's my priority, I'm her priority.

That's even how the title,Us Against the World

came about because there wasa situation in our marriage

and I explained to her,listen I love my kids,

I love 'em dearly butat the end of the day

it's us against the world.

It's us, you're my priority.

We have to be happy andon one accord to make

all of this work.

If we're not on oneaccord, none of this works.

- Well I know that therestill has to be conflict

and differences of opinionthat come up and you say

there's an art to arguing.

Share that.


- Well because the thing is we always

wanna get an understanding,not to just to be

saying things just to get yourpoint across or to be right.

So it's like, at the bottom line

we wanna stick with theissue and then once we are

in this heated moment becausewe do have heated moments,

we're not tryin' to paint aperfect picture that we have

a perfect marriage becausewe have misunderstandings

just like everybody else,especially with bein', like,

in the light of things withtelevision and all that

people think, like, oh they just happy.

For the most part, yeswe are but there are days

that I may not like him so much.


I'm just bein' honest.

- [Terry] I've got his back- Right.

- but I don't like him.

- Right but I have toask the Lord to help me

and give me peace so Ican be the peacemaker.

- And so even with the artof arguing, a lot of people

argue to get that strong point across.

It should always, like she said, be to get

that understandingbecause you can say stuff

that's piercing, that cantear down and you've done

more damage just tryingto get your point across.

Then could you have said, Ididn't know you felt that way.

I didn't understand.

Okay, now we understand why we disagree.

- So what I hear you saying,David, is that listening

is a huge part

- It is.of that.

- Resolving an argument.- It's

a big part.

You know, when you'retalking so much your ears

are kind of closed 'causeyou're tryin' to make sure

that this hole is puttin'out more than these holes

are pullin' in, so.

- And you can't always wanna win.


What does faith play in your relationship?

- It's our everything.

It's our foundation, our faith in God.

I mean that's how we reallymet was through singing Gospel

music together and withoutGod we wouldn't be here.

I mean I feel like I wouldn't exist.

Music is what saved me,I started in the church

and it's like, it's really my rock.

So it's our true foundation of everything.

So it's like- And that's what we want--

we live, we move,- Exactly.

we have our being- That's what we wanted to do

because of our faith.

Sorry, babe.

- That's what we wanted to do in the book.

We wanted to take peopleon our journey of 30 years

through our ups, downs, good,bad, all the things in between

and with that we wantedto also do a soundtrack

to the book so we put some of the stories

in the chapters from the bookand made songs out of 'em.

We sit down with a team ofwriters and they came up

with some incredible,incredible songs from this.

- Well with 30 yearsyou've earned the right

to share some wise counsel (laughs).

- Yeah, a few.

- Well, I wanna tell folksabout the book and the CD.

For the Manns' story besure to check out the book.

It's called, as I said, UsAgainst the World, perfect title.

It's available in stores nationwide.

That also happens to bethe name of their album,

the first one they've done together,

Us Against the World, the Love Project.

It's available at Walmart,Amazon, iTunes and Spotify,

so easy to get a hold of bothand with Christmas coming

what a great opportunityto give this wise counsel

to someone in your family.

Thanks so much.

- Thank you.

Also we did an audio version.

- The audio version of itis available for somebody

who cannot or may not like to read.

Great to have you here.

- Thank you.

- Well still ahead, we'regonna put Pat on the hot seat

when we answer your email questions.

One viewer says, I have fourchildren by the same man

but we're not married.

He's abusive and we arenow on the run from him.

Is God punishing me for my sin?

Pat's gonna tackle that and more

but first, a man's hiddenlife comes back to haunt him

during his 10th anniversary trip.

Find out what happened.

That's next.

(upbeat rock music)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to the 700 Club.

Florida counties are racingto finish the statewide

recount in the Senate andgovernor's race by 3pm today.

While many counties havefinished the machine recount,

some Democraticstrongholds are struggling.

Meanwhile, a federal judgegave voters more time

to fix incorrectlylabeled mail-in ballots.

Already there are a half dozen lawsuits

related to the recount.

Hundreds of migrants havefinished their near month-long

journey to the U.S. border.

A group of about 750Central American migrants

traveling in the caravanarrived in Tijuana this week.

Some immediately went to astretch of the border fence

with the United States tocelebrate, scaling the fence

chanting, yes we could.

Mexican authorities said theyoffered to take the migrants

to shelters immediatelybut they initially refused.

Remember you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website.


Pat and Terry are back withmore of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to the 700 Club.

We're so glad you're with us today.

I wanna introduce you to Brady.

Brady and his wife went toHawaii for their 10th anniversary

but while they werethere, Brady went trolling

the gay beaches in orderto have sex with other men.

Brady had tried to keep hissecret desires under wraps

but he knew he wouldn't be ableto keep that secret forever.

- It was really a cycleof going through guilt

and conviction and then, youknow, having all these desires

and so I'll feed thosedesires and then crashing down

with guilt and conviction again.

It was just a rollercoaster.

- [Announcer] Brady Rand was 12

when he was first exposed to pornography.

- One of my friends,he had taken a magazine

from his dad's collectionand even to this day

I can still remember thatfirst image that I looked at.

It opened my mind up toa world that I had never

been exposed to and so I reallywanted to just explore that.

- [Announcer] Not long afterthat, Brady and another male

friend had their first sexual encounter.

- We began talking aboutsex and then eventually

we did start experimentingwith each other.

It occurred to me that I should probably

talk to somebody aboutthis but I never did,

just out of fear of, youknow, what they would think,

fear of what my parents would think.

- [Announcer] After highschool, he joined the Navy.

- I had been stationed in Hawaii.

My desires to be with othermen really kind of amped up

at that point and there'sa lot of opportunities.

There's different bars andthere's different hangouts

and those kind of things.

- [Announcer] Brady's promiscuitywas always in conflict

with his Christian upbringing.

- God was convicting meduring those times and trying

to let me know, hey thisisn't the right way,

but after that guilt and thoseconvictions would wear off,

it'd be more and more difficult

to abstain from those things.

- [Announcer] Brady wasdischarged from the service

and returned to Oklahoma where he married

his high school sweetheartand they had two children.

All the while Brady kepthis secret life hidden.

- I loved my first wifewith my whole heart.

I believed that, you know,if I married this woman,

if I had this woman withme every day of my life

maybe that would help, youknow, stave off this desire.

- [Announcer] For many yearsBrady was faithful to his wife

and stayed active in hischurch, but in 2006 the couple

made plans to celebratetheir 10th anniversary.

- We'd planned an eight day trip to Hawaii

and I should have recognized

that that was gonna be a trigger for me.

It was probably about threeor four days into our trip,

I went back to that first gay beach

that I had gone to back whenever

I had first moved to Hawaii

and I had a hookup with a gentleman

that I'd met on the beach.

- [Announcer] That trip setBrady back on his old pattern

for several more years.

- I had gone six yearswithout cheating on my wife.

I had made this commitmentto God that I had now broken.

Whenever we got back fromour trip I kind of had

this mindset of, I just didn't really care

anymore about that

and about suppressing that.

I had gotten my first desktopcomputer and you know,

of course, that justopens up a whole new world

as far as pornographyis concerned and I did

kind of go into thisdeep hole of pornography

and just kind of buried myself in that.

I started meeting other men.

- [Announcer] Brady andhis wife began attending

a different church, despitethe fact that her health

began deteriorating from diabetes.

- She wanted to be at church.

She knew that she wasn'tgonna be here a lot longer

and she wanted to make the most of it.

- [Announcer] Brady'spastor then invited him

to attend a conference.

I really had reached thispoint of hopelessness.

I would have thoughts of suicide because,

just because of that despair

and just that guilt that I had felt.

I had really stopped hearingfrom God and I wasn't

able to hear His voice anymore.

All of a sudden I felt thisdesire to go to the conference,

that I needed to be there.

And you know, looking back at that moment

I know that it was God,it was the Holy Spirit.

- [Announcer] Brady's lifechanged forever that weekend.

- I'd never been to a prayer conference

and Pastor Corey Jones, thatwas one of his conferences.

He's felt led to just bringthe church back to praying

and back to a commitmentof really crying out to God

and that's what his conference was about.

- [Announcer] At onepoint in the conference,

Brady felt a hand on his shoulder.

- I connected eyes with the pastor.

Within about 25 or 30 secondshe was standing next to me

and he had his hand on myshoulder and he just said,

he just began to pray over me.

He said that whenever he wassitting there on the stage

looking out at the crowd thatmy face was the only face

that he could see, that everything else

was kind of blurred outand God told Pastor Corey,

I want you to go and praythat he would be filled

with the Spirit.

For the first time inmy life I began to feel

the manifest presence of theHoly Spirit just falling on me

and it was a powerful, powerful thing.

And all of that sin, I couldliterally feel it leaving

my body, and it was in thatmoment that I just began

to weep uncontrollably, justtears pouring out of my face

and it was maybe

about 10 seconds later I realized that sin

that I had asked God for 26years to take out of my life,

I could feel that leaving my body,

literally leaving my body.

And at that point I beganto laugh uncontrollably

because I was so happy

and I was so excited tofinally be free of this

and I knew that it wasauthentic, I knew that this

was an actual encounter withthe Holy Spirit, with God.

- [Announcer] Bradystarted being discipled

at his church and has never looked back.

- The freedom that Ifelt from that encounter

with the Holy Spirit was life-changing.

I knew that this was forever,it's not just something

that I did on my own.

- [Announcer] Sadly, Brady'sfirst wife passed away in 2014

as a result of complicationsfrom her diabetes.

Two years later Brady married Raquel.

They now have a blended family of four

and are both involved in ministry.

- If I could say anythingto anybody that's struggling

today with that, maybe suicidal thoughts

or maybe just depressionor maybe just hopelessness,

I want them to know that Jesus is real,

that Jesus is still in thebusiness of changing people,

that He cares about you deeplyand there is true freedom

that's available to them.

Just don't give up on hope.

- Don't give up on hope.

What a wonderful word.

But you see folks, whatwe're dealing with here

is pornography for a 10 or 11 year old.

I don't think any ofus have any conception

of what pictures in pornographycan do to a young boy

when he's 10 or 11 years old.

It can totally warphis life and perception

and that's what happened to Brady.

And it went from pornographyinto various other types

of sexual expression andhe had this huge burden

and it was gripping him and he hated it

because it had seized control of him.

I think there's a spirit of sexuality

that comes into people.

I think that there's a demonic spirit

that comes and takes possessionof people and I think

that pornographic thingis a gateway into so much.

And we think, oh porn islegitimate, we got to allow porn,

we have to have laws togive free expression to porn

and all this stuff.

Well, the truth is itdoes irreparable harm

to young people and Bradyis one who was set free.

Now some of you right nowmay have the same kind

of feeling of guilt that Bradyhad and if you've got it,

the Lord will take it away.

He is able to come anddeliver you from bondage,

and that is bondage.

You don't wanna be bound.

He said He came to set thecaptives free and you're supposed

to be free and if youwanna be free right now,

I want you to pray with me andwe will ask the Holy Spirit

of God to come and set you free.

Father, just pray with meright now, Father I come

to you now and I ask to be free.

I wanna be free from bondage.

Take the bondage away from me, Lord.

In the name of Jesus I renounce it,

I command it to leave me andI speak the word of faith

in Jesus' name.

May the Holy Spirit of God fill me now

that I might be set free from bondage

for I want to be in theliberty and the freedom

of the children of God.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, Lord thatyou've heard my prayer

and thank you that you have set me free.

Now I want you to praisethe Lord for your liberty.

I want to you tell somebody,look I've just been set free.

Call if you will, please.

We have a telephone number.

I want you just to verbalize,you don't have to give

your name or anything if youdon't want to but I think

it'd be helpful.

We've got people on the phoneswho love you, care about you.

You just call in andsay, listen I just prayed

and I'm free.

Declare it in the name of Jesus.

And if you want furtherhelp I've got something

called A New Day.

It'll tell you about whatit means to be born again,

what it means to have an exchanged life,

what it means to be new inthe Spirit and what happens

if you sin and fall awayand how you can come back.

It's all here and I'llgive it to you as my gift

but more than anything, thebig thing is you need to be

praising God for liberty.

For liberty Christ has set us free.

Our telephone number is easy to remember.

It's 1-800, that gets youthe toll-free, 700-7000.

No obligation, no expense, nothin'.

It's all free, 1-700-7000.


- Well still to comewe'll open up our inbox

and read emails from you, our viewers.

Tanya says, my pastor loves Harry Potter.

He also has a Magic 8 Ball.

Are these okay for Christians?

Stay tuned for anotherround of your questions

and honest answers when we come back.

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I'm serious.- [Terry] He said humbly.

Humbly I say that, I'm tellin' you.

I mean, my Scrooge is a classic man.

You wanna get it, all right.

- [Terry] There you go.

Well, Basava is a happy,energetic boy who likes

going to school and he lovesplaying with his friends,

but not long ago cataractsmade it almost impossible

for him to see.

A simple surgery was allhe needed but his parents

had no money to pay for it.

- [Announcer] Basava'sparents didn't notice

anything different about their younger son

until he went to school.

- Whenever he read or wrote anything,

his face was right next to the book.

When I asked him about it,he told me he cannot see.

- In the school I couldnot see letters in the book

or on the blackboard.

- [Announcer] When his parentstook him for an eye checkup

he was diagnosed withcataracts in both eyes.

- We work in the fieldsand are trying to save

some money for surgery.

It will take years buthe needs surgery now.

- [Announcer] CBN found out about Basava

through a partner hospitaland we quickly came forward

to pay for his surgery.

- We are very happysomeone like you helped us.

We were hopeless until you came.

- [Announcer] After thesurgery, Basava recovered

very well and started excelling in school.

- We are very grateful to CBN.

You supported us with thehelp we needed and restored

our son's eyesight.

- Now that I can see I'm very happy.

I can see my friends and play with them.

Thank you CBN.

- You know, you didn't justgive him clear sight today,

you made it possible for himto continue with his education

which will changeeverything in his future.

And what an impact on thatfamily who wanted so badly

to do this for their childand simply couldn't afford it.

Listen, if you're a 700 Clubmember, you're doing this kind

of life-changing thing allaround the world every day

in the lives of thousands of people.

How do you join the 700 Club?

It's a phone call away and thephone call's even toll-free.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

Just call and say you wanna join.

It's 65 cents a day, $20 a month.

And by the way, when youcall and join with us

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It's Pat's latest teachingcalled Miraculous Blessings.

Amazing testimonies inhere but sound information

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so that you can receivethe blessings of God?

You need to have this,we want you to have it,

Most of all we want you tojoin with us as we touch

the need in the lives of other people.

So 1-800-700-7000.

You ready for some questions?

- All right, lay it on me.

- Okay, this is Tanya whosays the pastor at the church

I attend said in a church servicethat he loves Harry Potter

and always looks for it on the television.

He wanted to know who elsein the church watches it too.

He also said in a previouschurch service that he has

a Magic 8 Ball that you ask it questions

and it gives you an answer.

What's your opinion on this?

- I think this is demonic.

The lady who wrote theHarry Potter series,

as I understand it andI believe I'm correct,

was deeply influenced by the occult

and this whole Harry Potterthing has occult roots.

Now what this man istalkin' about is a ball.

You shake the ball and you get an answer,

whether your ex-spouseloves you or something.

- You have to ask the questionand then the ball gives

you, yeah.

- Yeah, you ask it the question

and it gives you an answer.

Does my ex-wife love me?


The answer is, no she hates you.

But I mean the idea ofasking a crystal ball

for information, I mean it's demonic,

it is wrong, it is satanic.

I would get out of that churchor I would bring the people

in and throw that pastor out.

He is not God's servantdoing that, trust me.

- Okay, this is a viewerwho says, I am not married

and have four children by the same man.

We've lived together foryears but he is abusive.

My four children and I managedto escape and leave him.

After we left, my daughtertold me that her dad

had been raping her for years.

We have nowhere to go.

The homeless shelters are all full.

Things just keep getting worse.

Is God punishing me for living with a man

without being married?

- You know, you've gotta be kidding.

I mean, really.

Is God punishing you?

No, you've made horrible decisions.

You started having an adulterous relation

or a fornication with a person.

You're living with a guyyou're not married to.

He's beating you up and abusive

and then he's raping your daughter.

I mean for heaven's sakeswhat kind of man is that?

You've punished yourself.

You've sown the wind andyou're reaping the whirlwind.

That's what the bible says.

Is God punishing you?

Well God doesn't like thatkind of conduct obviously,

but you've done it toyourself and it's time you say

I've made some terriblemistakes, the Lord forgive me

and then get me on the right path.

And God will hear your prayerand He will set you free.

- She might contact a church also,

to help with the housing scenario.

- She needs a whole lot.

There are people that are outto help you, but first of all

get your head together and say,

look I've made some awful mistakes.

I'm sorry, I repent, helpme and the Lord will say

okay, I'll do it.

We leave you with Today'sPower Minute from Ephesians,

for He Himself is our peace.

Well, tomorrow a terriblecar accident leaves one woman

hanging in the balancebetween life and death.

See what she saw on the other side.

That's Friday's 700 Club.

For Terry and all of this,this is Pat Robertson.

Thank you for being hereand we'll see you next time.

Bye bye.

(upbeat inspiring music)


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