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California Professor Fired for Challenging Student's Beliefs About Sexuality is Reinstated

California Professor Fired for Challenging Student's Beliefs About Sexuality is Reinstated Read Transcript

- A college professor fired

for discussing conservativeviews in his sociology class,

has been reinstated.

In arbitrator found thatMoreno Valley College

of Riverside Californiamade unfounded claims

against professor Eric Thompson.

Here to discuss this caseand to set us straight

about free speech rightson college campuses

is Brad Dacus, he's founder and President

of Pacific Justice Institute.

So Brad I understand professor Thompson

taught at Moreno Valley for 13 years

and PJI defended him in this case.

Explain to us what happened?

What led to his firing?

- Yeah, this was outrageous.

He had tenure, he's alreadybeen awarded awards in the past

for outstanding, for being aprofessor, doing great work.

Well, he was teaching sociology

and at the time he was teaching sociology

the case dealing with same sex marriage

was pending before theUnited States Supreme Court.

So it was very topical,very timely for him

to address in the classroom

and he addressed bothsides, heaven forbid.

He provided both perspectives,encouraged critical thinking,

encouraged class discussionand debate, and on the topic.

Well because he did that,because he provided both sides

he was terminated.

They said, the Universities position was

oh no, there's onlyone side, only one side

that is allowed in this University

and that's the pro gaymarriage side, that's it.

Even though it was pending before

the United States Supreme Court,

and even the Supreme Courtwas divided five to four,

but this man was firedbecause of his objective,

critical thinking that he proposed

and carried out as aprofessional professor

should in the classroom.

- Now he wasn't pushing his views,

or forcing the Bible onstudents, or evangelizing,

so what was the source of his teaching?

- Yeah, he brought in number of resources

to provide alternative perspectives,

a video showing a different perspective.

One of the big debates was whether or not

same sex attraction was something

that people were justgenetically pre programmed for

or whether it was primarily the result

of environmental factors.

Several different environmental factors,

but non the less, he presented both sides

and because he presentedboth sides he was fired

and that is outrageous because professors

are supposed to provide critical thinking

in a public university where it's suppose

to have the open marketplace of ideas.

- How did Professor Thompson respond

with grades, and exams, and papers?

- Yeah, he was very fair.

There was no alligation thathe was particularly harsh,

on one group of students, or over another.

Very fair, that's histrack record from day one

and he was carrying through with

that track record in thisparticular instance as well.

So there was nothing as far as harassment,

or belittling students, or punishing them,

in terms of theirassignments or their grades.

- What is the messagethen to administrators

at other colleges and universities

who may attempt to limitfree speech in the classroom

and on campus?

Yeah, make no mistake,Universities across the country,

you need to learn, that ifyou try to purge professors

because of their ideology,

because it's not the far left perspective,

or punish students,there are ramifications

and our organizationPacific Justice Institute

will whole heartedlydefend these students.

In fact on our website,

we have a number of resources

with regards to students rights on campus

that they can grab onto and also

we have our legal insider,

our regular update on a morethan two dozen pending cases,

right now, that peoplecan be kept aware of

and of course, pray for us as well

and pray for those casesas well at

- Okay, Brad Dacus ofPacific Justice Institute.

Thanks for setting us straight today.


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