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The Global Lane - November 16, 2018

Hamas rockets rain down on Israel. Trump plan bring peace? Russia recusal? Acting Attorney General Whitaker & the Mueller investigation; Vote fraud in Florida? Professor’s conservative speech victory at California college; Thanksgiving thoughts. Read Transcript

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- Today from the Global Lane,

rockets rain down on Israel.

Will a US plan for peace stop this?

A new acting Attorney General.

Is Trump using him to endthe Russia investigation?

Allegations of voterfraud in Florida again.

What should be done?

Victory for conservativespeech on a California campus.

And football and turkey orthanking God for our blessings

this Thanksgiving.

And it's all right here, rightnow from the Global Lane.

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Imagine rockets rainingdown on your neighborhood

forcing you and yourloved ones to take cover.

Well, on Monday, November12th, Hamas terrorists

launched 400 rockets fromGaza into Southern Israel.

Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system

knocked out about a quarter of them,

but one Israeli man was killed.

Others were injured.

A ceasefire was accepted.

But is this the start of anew escalation of violence

between Israel and the Palestinians?

Might a new Middle East peaceplan to be unveiled soon

by President Trump make a difference?

Well, joining us here instudio is David Parsons.

He's vice president of theInternational Christian Embassy

in Jerusalem.

David, so why this escalation now?

Why now?

- Well, we've had periodicescalations with the sort of

prevailing atmosphere.

It's been sort of quiet as far as rockets.

They've preferred since Marchto have these demonstrations.

They get violent, andthey've been launching

these fire kites and fire balloons first

with incendiary devicesand later with grenades

and other explosives.

And once in a while they'llstart firing rockets.

It's Hamas' way of saying,"Israel, you've crossed

"a red line."

Or, "We're still here reminding."

Israel has to respond.

They just can't letHamas without impunity...

With impunity to justfire rockets all the time.

And the situation...

Is tense but I don't think either side

really wants to go into amajor escalation right now.

- It was interestingthis happened right after

Benjamin Netanyahu gave $15million in humanitarian aid

to Hamas.

- He approved funds going in.

Look, Gaza is a humanitariandisaster in the making.

They hardly have anyelectricity during the day.

Israel supplies the fuelfor their power plant.

They're hooked on to theIsraeli power grid as well,

as well as Egypt, but there'sthese rolling block outs

all the time.

And fuel, they want someone to pay for it.

Qatar wants to pay for it,but it actually Mahmoud Abbas

and the PalestinianAuthority up in Ramallah

which lost control of Gazato Hamas that is trying

to scuttle that deal of the fuel going in

so that the people of Gaza are suffering,

wanna blame Hamas for it and ask for Fatah

and the Palestinian Authority back.

- I think that's interesting,'cause most Americans

don't realize that there'sdivision right within

the Palestinian leadership.

- Well, we talk abouta two-state solution,

but right now thePalestinian camp is divided

where Hamas is in control of Gaza

and the Palestinian Authoritysemi-control of the West Bank.

Israel is there.

And so you've already got Israel

and two Palestinian statesalready effectively de facto.

- Now President Trump soon,we don't know exactly when,

but will unveil his peace plan.

One that he says will changeeverything in the Middle East.

He's bringing in the Qataris.

He's bringing in the Saudis.

Of course, Egyptians,Jordianians, so forth.

Any idea what might be in that plan?

- Look, we've been buildingup to this peace plan

for two years now.

We haven't seen it.

What we've seen is quite unusual for...

So much marketing of a peace plan

that really hasn't leaked yet.

And I believe what'sbeen happening is the...

President Trump's peace teamhas been going to the region

and throwing out trialballoons with the Saudis,

with Egypt, with Jordan, and other players

that will reconcile withIsrael as a way of trying

to get, show the Palestinians,"Look these other

"Arab countries becauseof the Iranian threat,

"they're willing tomake peace with Israel.

"You better get on the same page.

"Better get back to the peace table."

But none of these trialballoons have really

brought anything yet, and Ithink it's just been trying

to market something tokeep the overall strategy

in play which has to dowith containing Iran.

- So looking for thePalestinians to give something,

but I can't recall themever giving anything up.

- (laughs) Yes.

- Always seems to be the other side.

So quickly, a lot to pray about then.

- Yes, look, I think if you ask,

"How can Christians be praying?"

There is a truth whenyou say, look at Gaza.

Half the population of Gazais under 18 years old, Gary.

It's one of the youngestpopulations in the entire world.

And Hamas is there withrockets and terror tunnels

in what's basically a bigopen-air kindergarten and school

that if half the peoplearound you are young people

that's not the place to putall your military hardware

and invite rockets.

But that's what they're doing.

And what needs to happenis the Palestinians

need to start caringabout their own children

and their future above theirmotivation to destroy Israel.

And I think Christians, wereally need to start praying

into this and to startdemanding of world leaders

that it is total, absolute child abuse.

The indoctrination of thesechildren from the womb

to hate Israel, andthat's the biggest goal,

and dying as a martyr, ashahid, in killing Israelis,

that's the most valoryou could have in life,

this has to change.

And we have to pray forthe the Palestinian people

themselves to start havinga heart for their own selves

and their own children and their future.

And then maybe as GoldaMeir says, "When they...

"Love their childrenmore than they hate us

"then we'll have peace."

- So changing hearts andminds in the Middle East.

- Amen.

- Big task, a lot to pray for.

- Yes, yes.

- Thank you, David Parsons,for joining us today.

- Thank you, Gary.- God bless you.

- God bless you.

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- Some democrats in the state of Maryland

say President Trump actedillegally when he appointed

Matthew Whitaker asActing Attorney General.

Whitaker was named AG afterJeff Sessions resigned

at the request of the President.

Maryland wants Deputy AttorneyGeneral Rod Rosenstein

named Acting AttorneyGeneral, and some Democrats

on Capitol Hill say atthe very least Whitaker

should recuse himself from overseeing

Robert Mueller's Russia investigation

because of past comments hemade about that investigation.

Well, here to sort all of this out

is former Federalprosecutor, Sydney Powell.

Ms. Powell is authorof the legal thriller,

Licensed to Lie, Exposing Corruption

in the Department of Justice.

So, Sydney, it's so good to see you again.

Did or did not PresidentTrump follow the law

when he appointed Matt Whitaker

to be Acting Attorney General?

- He did follow the law when he did that.

I'm sure he had the very excellent advice

of White House counsel,and he also reached out

to the Office of Legal Counselof the Department of Justice

before they made that appointment.

And the Office of Legal Counsel issued

a more formal decisionadvising that they found it

constitutional for him to do that.

- Now why didn't he appointDeputy Attorney General

Rod Rosenstein?

- Well, Mr. Rosenstein has more conflicts

than Carter has little liver pills.

Mr. Rosenstein has beenconflicted from the day

he wrote the memos suggestedthat Comey be fired

from the day he named Mueller to run

the investigation himself,having for Mr. Mueller

from his first job in theDepartment of Justice.

I mean I've been amazedthat Mr. Rosenstein

could preside over that investigation

from its initial beginnings.

So I am delighted tosee that Mr. Rosenstein

is no longer supervisingthat as I never understood

how he could do it in the first place.

- Well, maybe he'll be next out.

- He should be.

- Well, some Democrats aredemanding that Whitaker

recuse himself from overseeingthe Russia investigation.

Should he, why or why not?

- I think that's absolutely hilarious.

He apparently made somecomment when he was

a private citizen about the investigation.

And no, that is absolutelyno basis for him

to recuse himself from it.

No, he should not recuse from anything.

The Democrats are gonnahave an absolute hissy fit

no matter who the Presidentappoints to do anything.

We should just get used to it, expect it.

Belly up to the bar and deal with it

because that's what we'regonna be dealing with

for the next two years,if not the next six years

or eight years or therest of the existence

of the United States of America frankly.

- Now I know some Trumpsupporters are hopeful

that Whitaker will proceedwith an investigation

of the investigators, formerofficials like James Comey,

Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch,maybe even Hillary Clinton.

What do you think Whitaker will do?

- I certainly hope he will getto the bottom of the coverup

that enabled all of this to begin with.

The Clinton email investigationwas an absolute sham.

And the coverup that enabled that to occur

was a criminal coverup,and the email misconduct

that she engaged in was a crime.

I've got an article fromthree or four years ago now

called The CountlessCrimes of Hillary Clinton

published on the New York Observer.

You can find them all on my website.


Even from the informationin the public domain

it was obvious that shehad committed crimes

in violation of the EspionageAct or just multiple facets

to this that need to be investigated.

The American people areentitled to know the truth

about all of this wherever the chips fall.

- Well, tell me what do you think?

What have you heard?

Is the Russia investigation wrapping up

or is it likely toextend into the new year?

- Well, I mean rumors are flying

that Mr. Mueller's comingdown with more indictments.

I don't think they'regonna reveal anything

with respect to the Trumpcampaign's collusion

with the Russians.

And I hate that word collusionbecause it's not a crime.

It's another one of theirweaponized words to try

to make things seem bad that aren't.

- Okay, Sydney Powell,former Federal prosecutor,

author, legal analyst.

Thanks for joining us.

- Thank you for having me.

(upbeat orchestra music)

- Here come the laywers.

Attorneys representingDemocrats and Republicans

descended on Florida inhopes of getting a favorable

election outcome for their clients.

A state-wide recount was ordered for both

the gubernatorial and senateraces, but did voter fraud

actually occur in Browardand Palm Beach counties?

And no matter what the outcome,what steps must be taken

to insure ballot and electionintegrity in the future

not only in Florida butelsewhere in the USA?

Well, back with us is Eric Eggers.

He's an investigativereporter with the Government

Accountability Institute in Florida,

an author of the book Fraud,How the Left Plans to Steal

the Next Election.

So Eric, a Florida judgesaid there is no evidence

of voter fraud in Broward County.

Do you agree, why or why not?

- Well, I disagree for this reason.

We know if we define voterfraud as ballots that were cast

by people who shouldn't legally be allowed

to cast ballots, thenwe know that's occurred.

See, what happens is the legaldefinition of voter fraud

that oftentimes judges relyupon is underinclusive,

and that means theyinclude only the examples

of nonvoters impersonating legal voters.

But we know in Broward County,thanks to the admission

of Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes,

that ballots that shouldn'thave counted have been blended

with ballots that will count.

So we know that the trueweight of honest votes

will definitely be devalued.

So I disagree with thejudge because we know

we have documentedevidence of illegal votes

that will be counted in Broward County

in this election cycle.

- Eric, we know thatlast May a judge ruled

that Broward CountyElection Supervisor Snipes

had violated state law and Federal law

when she destroyed ballots inthe 2016 congressional race.

So what else do you suspecthas been done this time?

Why is she still holding office?

- Well, that's a great question.

There's a lot of layers to it.

Not only has she destroyedballots illegally,

but she's admitted in the past to allowing

illegal immigrants and felons to vote.

Just because quite honestly she would say,

and this is true throughout the state,

there's no real way to preventpeople from registering

to vote and voting illegally.

The safeguards just aren't in place.

So she's admitted that that'shappened in Broward County.

She's also been accused of opening ballots

outside the presence ofthe proper authorities

known as the CanvassingBoard, other officials

who are supposed to oversee that process.

And when she was suedand questioned about it,

her response was that sheclaimed that she didn't actually

know what the meaning ofthe word canvassing was.

So these are all things thathave happened historically.

So the question would beis if her track record

as far as executing the responsibilities

of her office are so checkered with errors

and incompetence, then whatassurances should we have

that they've actually donea good job of preventing

illegal ballots from actually being cast.

Because we know there's been an effort

to cast illegal ballotsin this election cycle.

There's been 108 attempts to double vote

in Miami-Dade County, butthankfully the Canvassing Board

down there found andwas able to eliminate.

We know that noncitizens haveattempted to cast ballots

in Palm Beach County.

And you may have seen reports that lawyers

for Andrew Gillum and BillNelson actually objected

to the exclusion ofthose noncitizen votes.

So we know that efforts by illegal voters

to vote in this election have occurred.

The question is how many ofthem have already been counted

in Broward County.

- Now what other states, Eric,where did ballot counting

or other irregularities elsewhere set off

your fraud alert alarm?

- Well, the reality is isthat there's opportunities

for fraud anywhere there'sadministrative error

in terms of the voter rolls.

And as I've discussedthere are 248 counties

in this country with moreregistered voters than citizens

of legal voting age.

So literally every corner ofthe country is susceptible

to having illegal votescast in the name of people

who shouldn't be on the voter rolls.

California, for example, hasa million illegal immigrants

with driver's licenses, and they admitted

that they inappropriately registered

at least 1500 illegal immigrants to vote.

And that would actually be afelony for those noncitizens.

So it's literally all over the country.

And the good news aboutwhat's happening in Florida

is that because of therecount proceedings,

we're gonna have officials andlawyers taking a look at it.

We're gonna have lots ofeyes on the field so to speak

to make sure the rules are followed.

- Well, you can have allthe laws on the books,

but if they don't follow them,what good are they, right?

So what do we need to do toensure election integrity

in the future?

- Well, it's a great point, Gary.

And I'd also add on thatsometimes even the laws

that exist are incapableof preventing fraud

from occurring.

In Palm Beach County a few years ago,

Palm Beach being one of the other counties

we're currently waiting on,we had documented evidence

of voter fraud.

There were 22 affidavits signed by voters

that said campaign officialscame in and filled out

their ballots on theirbehalf and submitted them,

which is a massive violation of the law.

Yet no charges were filed.

So we know that the laws that are in place

sometimes aren't enforced,and even if they are in place,

they're not enough to keepwhat I think most Americans

would consider voter fraud from occurring.

- Okay, Eric Eggers, wethank you for joining us.

Sorry we had to do it again.

- Hey, Gary, me too, and...

Thanks for all you do.

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- A college professor fired for discussing

conservative views in his sociology class

has been reinstated.

An arbitrator found thatMoreno Valley College

of Riverside, Californiamade unfounded claims

against Professor Eric Thompson.

Here to discuss this caseand to set us straight

about free speech rightson college capmpuses

is Brad Dacus.

He's founder and presidentof Pacific Justice Institute.

So Brad, I understandProfessor Thompson taught

at Moreno Valley for 13years and PJI defended him

in this case.

Explain to us what happened?

What led to his firing?

- Yeah, this was outrageous.

He had tenure.

He'd already been awardedawards in the past

for outstanding...

For being a professor doing a great work.

Well, he was teaching sociology.

And at the time he was teaching sociology,

the case dealing with samesex marriage was pending

before the United States Supreme Court.

So it was very topical,very timely for him

to address it in the classroom.

And he addressed both sides,(laughs) heaven forbid.

He provided both perspectives,encouraged critical thinking,

encouraged class discussionand debate and on the topic.

Well, because he did that,because he provided both sides,

he was terminated.

They said, the university's position was,

"Oh no, there's only one side."

Only one side that'sallowed in this university

and that's the pro gay marriage side.

That's it.

Even though it's pendingbefore the United States

Supreme Court, and even the Supreme Court

was divided 5 to 4.

But this man was firedbecause of his objective

critical thinking that heproposed and carried out

as a professional professorshould in the classroom.

- Now he wasn't pushing hisviews or forcing the Bible

on students or evangelizing.

So what was the source of his teaching?

- Yeah, he brought ina number of resources

to provide alternative perspectives of...

A video showing a different perspective.

One of the big debates was whether or not

same sex attraction wassomething that people are just

genetically pre-programmed foror whether it was primarily

the result of environmental factors,

several different environmental factors.

Nonetheless he presented both sides.

And because he presentedboth sides he was fired.

And that is outrageous,because the professors

are supposed to provide critical thinking

in a public university where it's supposed

to have the market, openmarketplace of ideas.

- How did ProfessorThompson respond with grades

on exams and papers?

- Yeah, he was very fair.

There was no allegation thathe was particularly harsh

on one group of students over another.

Very fair, that's histrack record from day one.

And he was carrying throughwith that track record

in this particular instance as well.

So there was nothing as far as harassment

or belittling students or punishing them

in terms of theirassignments or their grades.

- What is the messagethen to administrators

at other colleges anduniversities who may attempt

to limit free speech in theclassroom and on campus?

- Yeah, make no mistake,universities across the country

you need to learn that ifyou try to purge professors

because of theirideology, because it's not

the far left perspectiveor punish students,

there are ramifications.

And our organization,Pacific Justice Institute,

will wholeheartedly defend these students.

In fact, on our website,,

we have a number of resources.

One with regards tostudents' rights on campus

that they can grab on to.

And also we have our Legal Insider,

our regular update on morethan two dozen pending cases

right now that peoplecan be kept aware of.

And of course, pray for us as well.

And pray for those cases as well.


- Okay, Brad Dacus ofPacific Justice Institute,

thanks for setting us straight today.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

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- Well, it's just aboutthat time of year again

when retails and advertisers take us right

from Halloween to Christmas.


Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?

It's become a national holidaythat now takes a backseat

to other more profitable holidays.

For many Americans it's onlyabout stuffing ourselves

with turkey, watching football.

I don't know about you,but I've always wondered

why I feel sleepy after eatingthat big Thanksgiving meal.

And guess what?

It isn't because of the turkey.

It's actually from all thecarbs we eat with the turkey.

Anyway, it seems that fewerAmericans are aware of

or even care about the real reason

we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Remember those elementary school pageants?

Yes, it's about the pilgrimsgiving thanks to God

for the harvest and theirblessings as they struggle

to build a permanent, European community

in North America.

Here's pilgrim reeactor Leo Martin.

He heads a tour group inPlymouth, Massachusetts.

- What you're not learning isthat we are a Christian nation

founded on Christian principles.

And we tell that story.

We don't tell it onlybecause I'm a Christian.

We tell it because it's a fact.

- The pilgrims came toAmerica for religious freedom.

So this Thanksgiving let'sthank God for the freedom

we have to practice ourfaith as we choose in America

and for the many other freedomswe enjoy in this country.

And let's count ourblessings and thank God

for all he has given us,collectively as a nation

and in our own lives.

Let's take time to prayand thank the giver

of all good things, the onefrom whom all blessings flow.

And from all of us hereat the Global Lane,

have a happy Thanksgiving and be blessed.

(dramatic orchestra music)



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