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Simple of Act of Generosity Births Effort to Combat Homelessness in City of Brotherly Love

Simple of Act of Generosity Births Effort to Combat Homelessness in City of Brotherly Love Read Transcript

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- It's the season of gratitude.

And one non-profit is giving people

in the City of Brotherly Love

plenty of reasons to be thankful.

It started out as asimple act of generosity.

Provide one man with the clothes he needed

to land a job.

Now, it's grown into Perfect Fit Apparel,

a non-profit organization that provides

business-casual clothes tothe needy in Philadelphia.

- It was just part of arebranding, humanity project,

right, so that people can startto change the way they view

and judge and stigmatizethose who are struggling.

- [Talia] Erica and JanneaWolff run the organization

that reaches out to theunderserved and homeless.

Eric started the non-profitafter he began to notice

a recurrent patternwith people interviewing

to work for him.

- Some of the people that usedto come in the job interview

didn't have business-professional clothes

or business-casual clothes.

Some people came in shorts.

Some people came in like jeans.

Some people came in T-shirts.

- [Talia] But that didn'tstop Eric from looking

beyond their appearance.

Instead, he looks at their heart.

- I never interview themby what they have on.

I always interview by what they can bring

to the company.

- [Talia] And he says it pays off.

- Some of the people that I actually hire,

they became one of thebest in our company.

- [Talia] That selflessnesshas grown into a heart

to serve an entire city.

- Often times we wanna likesolve the whole entire problem,

and fix the person's situation

and, you know, kindaget in there and change

their whole lives.

But often times it's doing one thing

that you are good at.

- [Talia] For the couplethat one thing is simple,

hand out clothing.

But the impact is so much greater.

They are reaching out to theone, lending a helping hand,

building community, and planting a seed.

It's a mission Jannea andEric are thanking God for.

- We start with just being thankful.

So thanking God for theopportunity that he's given us

to serve his people, right?

We don't take that lightly

because, you know, we are on a mission,

and we are, you know,working within his will.

- Perfect Fit Apparelsays they wanna continue

to plant a seed that ignites hope.

Well that's CBN good news.

I'm Talia Wise.

Until next time,

make time to spread alittle bit of good news.

(piano music)

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