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Christian World News - November 16, 2018

Christian World News - November 16, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Wendy] This week onChristian World News,

President Donald Trump spearheads

the long fought battle forcriminal justice reform.

Evangelicals strongly support the bill,

but will Congress make it a reality?

- [Mark] Plus, an Indonesianteenager, suddenly lost at sea,

floating aimlessly withnothing but a Bible onboard.

See how this teen's worst nightmare

becomes a powerful testimony.

- And a ship from Swedenmakes an historic voyage

to the Holy Land with a profound message.

Welcome to Christian World news, everyone.

I'm Wendy Griffith.

- And I'm Mark Martin.

George Thomas is on assignment.

Compassion for prisonersis one of Jesus' tests

for being a disciple.

But a Washington, D.C. prison reform

is not a popular topic.

- That's right, Mark.

Evangelicals are amongst several groups

supporting a low aimed at giving inmates

a second chance.

Now, President Trumpis backing that effort.

Amber Strong has the storyfrom America's capital.

- [Amber] The movement towardcriminal justice reform

received a welcome andnecessary boost on Wednesday.

- Today, I'm thrilledto announce my support

for this bipartisan bill thatwill make our community safer

and give former inmatesa second chance at life

after they have served their time.

- The clock is tickingon Congress's chance

to make real changes to thecriminal justice system.

And while things couldn'tbe more divided here

on Capital Hill, advocatessay the time to act is now.

They include Kelly Paul,wife of Senator Rand Paul.

- I came to this issue a little bit

through my work in Kentucky

visiting various halfway houses,

recovery centers like the Hope House,

and at the Isaiah House,

and realizing how pervasiveour drug problem is

and how we need alternativesto incarcerating people.

- [Amber] Paul also saw how prison life

specifically affected female inmates.

- People are not awareof some of the things

that were going on in our prisons.

First and foremost, womenwho were giving birth

were being shackled.

- [Amber] For Paul, fixing the problem

reaches directly to the heart of justice,

right and wrong.

- If you look at the numbersthat whites and blacks

use drugs at the same levels.

But if you look at therates of incarceration,

people of color are incarceratedat much higher rates.

I'm a conservative, but I always say

big government really hurts people

from all walks of life.

I think when a lot of times

when progressives hear conservatives

talk about big government,

they think we're justconcerned about taxes

or overregulation orbusiness or economics.

But really, this is a civil rights issue.

- So Mrs. Paul is doing something

she says her friendsaren't used to seeing,

bringing her to desireto right those wrongs

straight to Washington.

And she's not alone.

The push for criminal justice reform

extends far beyond the halls of Congress.

Everyone from Christian advocacy groups

to celebrities to thepresident's son-in-law

all working together for change.

- Jared Kushner has beenthe pivotal player in this.

He personally comes to this issue.

His own father was incarcerated.

And he has been the driving force inside

of the White House in makingsure that this gets done.

- [Amber] Former prisonershave also been instrumental

in this fight, along with those who preach

about second chances.

2,000 pastors signed a letter in support

of Congress's latest effort.

The bill, dubbed the First Step Act,

calls for more opportunitiesto receive good time credit,

better conditions for women,

and incarcerating prisonerscloser to families.

It's been a tough decision for a president

who campaigned on law and order.

But support from the NationalFraternal Order of Police

seemed to help balance the scales.

- The bill includesreasonable sentencing reforms

while keeping dangerousand violent criminals

off our streets.

- [Amber] The ball isnow in the Senate's court

where advocates hopethis laying duck session

can lead to a second chance for prisoners

and families across the nation.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks, Amber.

Pastor Paula White is a faithadvisor to President Trump.

She's played a major role in the effort

to reform our justice system.

Earlier on CBN's Faith Nation,

D.C. reporter, Jenna Browder,spoke with Paula White

and her husband, Jonathan Cain,

to talk about how the idea came about

and why it's so important to our nation.

- Well, what startedas just a conversation,

we had a dinner, 40 ofus that had been friends

of the president and people of faith.

When he first went into office,

and Jared and Ivanka were there,

and some of the senior advisors,

it really started a small seed.

And at Jared's table, they were talking

about if every church adopted someone

when they came out of prison.

We could solve the recidivism rate.

And of course, thiswas a passion of Jared.

So we begin to do listening sessions

and research and best practices.

And here we are, rightup to the First Step Act.

And I believe, I believe that Congress,

the House will do the right thing,

that they will pass this bipartisan bill,

and that we will see one ofthe greatest ones for humanity.

Because we all wantpeople's lives to be better.

We all deserve a second chance.

While it really is very protected,

it still secures things with security.

But what it does do it givespeople vocational training,

faith-based programs tobe able to be housed,

to be able to be educated,

get the skills, continue mentoring.

That re-acclimatation iswhat's so vitally important.

- Well, both of you are realfixtures at the White House.

You are constantly there.

Jonathan, this next question for you.

What does it say about this administration

that it is so open and so invitational

toward evangelicals andthe faith community?

- Well, Mr. Trump hasalways had a heart for God.

His mother was a devout Christian.

He still has the Bible that she gave him.

And from the very beginning,he spoke to faith leaders

before he was presidentand felt vert strongly

that Christians needed a voice,

needed to vocalize their feelings

about what's going on in the world.

And so, I'm not surprisedthat promises made,

promises kept here.

Also, Vice President Pence and his heart.

And the prayer now that we're seeing.

Like, we were in the Treaty Room at the,

Indian Treaty Room atthe Eisenhower Building.

Many of the worship leaders all came,

and pastors to hear the fine works

that this administration is doing.

- [Jenna] And Paula, Iknew you posted a video.

I think this might've been the same thing,

where it was a room fullof faith-filled believers

worshiping and singing.- Worship leaders, yeah.

Very Danny Gokey.

And many others came.

What can we do, you know?

And it's time now.

They feel like they canvoice their opinions.

and it's just really refreshing to see.

- [Jenna] How often doessomething like that happen?

- All the time.

Jenna, people get so surprised.

Like, I'll never forgetwhen we went into office

and prayed over President Trump.

And it went viral.

And I'll say secular news media was like,

what's going on, what's happening?

And what was happening is everyday normal.

- That's wonderful to hear.

A number of ministries are focused

on encouraging and helping Christians

to run for public office.

One that's been at it fordecades here in Washington

now finds itself at thecenter of the battle

for America's soul.

Senior Washington correspondent,Jennifer Wishon, explains.

- The D. James Kennedy Centerfor Christian Statesmanship

has one goal,

to equip Christian leaders forbattle in the public arena.

- We train them in the US Constitution,

in Biblical worldview,political philosophy.

And then, we have classeson public speaking,

how to do media interviews,

how to ambush interviews,

all the things that they're gonna face

out there on the campaign trail.

- [Jennifer] Rey Gonzalezcompleted the program

and just ran for Congress in Texas.

- I believe that one of the things

that has driven a lotof folks to the polls

is seeing just how far our country

has veered from Biblical principles.

So to fix that, the onlything left for voters to do

is to go to the polls.

But the one thing that thoseof us who have been called

to serve can do, is toactually run for office.

- [Jennifer] Each year,the Center awards a leader

who lives life in a way that honors God.

And Tuesday, that distinction

went to Oklahoma Senator, Jim Inhofe,

for making his life count for Christ.

Oklahoma's Junior Senator, James Lankford,

previously received the award.

- It's very interesting for me

to be able hear some people say,

well, if you come froma Biblical worldview,

then really that's a ministryor that's private life.

That doesn't really spillout on your public life.

That's not only contraryto who we are as Americans.

As a country, what webelieve, even as Christians.

36 of the 39 books of the Old Testament

were written to, by, orabout a political leader.

A third of the New Testament was written

to a political leader.

Saul's mission when he became Paul

was to go to the Jews, the Gentiles,

and the Gentile kings.

This political engagement in this ministry

to people in politics,as well as engaging in,

whereas our culture should be a part

of who we are.

- Having people with a Biblical worldview,

people who know how to articulate

what the Scriptures sayand to be able to present

that to others and to be ableto defend their positions

in that way, we need moreof that in this country.

- And the Center isaccepting Christian students

to begin classes in January,February, and March of 2019.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- [Wendy] Coming up, aterrified teen lost at sea.

See how the Bible helped bring him home.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million, but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activities

of a Ukrainian orphanage as we waited

to adopt three sisters.

I've saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated, andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Welcome back to Christian World News.

Bulgaria's parliamentis considering a bill

that would severely restrict evangelicals

and other minority faiths.

The bill favors themajority Eastern Orthodox

and Muslim religions.

Leaders of all faiths,even those the bill favors,

oppose the bill.

One evangelical spokesperson told CBN News

the threat has brought all members

of the body of Christ together.

- We as a Christian community,all over the country,

did prayer rallies and peaceful protests.

And in my opinion, rightnow, the church in Bulgaria

is more united than ever before.

- And you can follow CBNNews.comfor updates on this story.

- In Pakistan, Asia Bibihas still not been allowed

to leave the country.

The Christian woman was acquitted

from charges of blasphemyagainst Islam last month.

Her life remains at riskas radical Islamists

have called for her deathin an uproar of protests.

More than 230 parliamentariansfrom various countries

have signed a letter toPakistan's prime minister

asking for Bibi and herfamily to be granted asylum.

- A 19 year old Indonesianman was lost at sea

for 49 days, but he managed to survive

because of one possessionthat gave him hope.

- Amazing, now in his firstinterview with Western media,

he shares his miracle story.

Our Lucille Talusan sat down with him.

- [Lucille] In the middleof a summer storm at sea,

heavy winds snapped the moorings

of Aldi Adilang's fishing raft.

On that late July night,

he was suddenly sweptinto the Pacific Ocean.

- [Translator] When I drifted away,

I was not scared at first,

because I thought, it's okay,

some boat will see me and rescue me.

But after many weeks passed,I began to be fearful.

What if no one sees me?

- [Lucille] After a few days,

Aldi's food and water ran out.

He survived by catchingfish and cooking them

by burning wood from his hut.

He sipped seawater through his clothes.

Aldi began to grow desperate.

- [Translator] At night, I got very scared

because many sharks were circling my raft.

I was afraid I will notsee my parents again,

my family and my friends.

I thought of jumping into thesea and just commit suicide.

- It was on a raft like this where Aldi

spent 49 days adrift in the deep seas

without a paddle or a motor.

He said that he wasterrified and almost gave up.

But he also testifiesthat it was the Bible

that gave him the determination to live.

- [Translator] I had my Bible with me.

I'd become strong againwhen I read the Bible.

I prayed, I also sang worship songs.

And when I do this, all my fears are gone.

God spoke to me,

He said, be patient, Iwill come and help you.

- [Lucille] After Aldi'srescue off the coast of Guam,

he was reunited withhis family in Indonesia.

Today, they sing togetherin the church choir

about God's goodness and faithfulness

that has become so real in their lives.

- [Translator] God is so great.

I thank God for takingcare of me every day.

He never leaves us, evenin dangerous situations.

- [Lucille] Lucille Talusan,CBN News, Manado, Indonesia.

- [Mark] Powerful story.

Well, up next, we takeyou aboard a Swedish boat

headed towards Israel, bringing blessings

and a powerful message.

(dramatic music)

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- Welcome back.

Well, recently, a ship from Sweden

set sail on an historic voyage,

manned by a group of Christians.

It made its way for the Holy Land

to speak out on behalfof persecuted believers

in the Middle East.

- And carry a blessingto the Jewish people.

CBN's Chris Mitchell reportsfrom onboard the Elida.

- [Chris] As this morethan 100 foot vessel

sailed into Herzliya Harbor,

dozens of other ships,boats, and even wind surfers

came out to greet her.

- I saw this whole fleet comingtowards us from Herzliya.

I was like, how many are there gonna be?

We thought maybe two, four, five.

And in the end, we were just surrounded

all around with all thesesmall and large ships.

And I had to literally pinch myself.

I was like, what are we part of?

- The name of the ship is called Elida.

And it sailed from Sweden for two reasons.

- We want to showsolidarity with two groups.

First of all, it's theChristian minorities

in the Middle East thatare about to go extinct.

So we're trying with thesail to raise our voice,

to say, listen to themand to those who are left.

This is the cradle of Christianity itself.

And Christians are almost going extinct

because they're killed for their faith.

Then where can we sail with this message?

And the only answer is in Israel.

Because first of all, it says Jesus,

Sailing for Jesus on the side.

There's no other county in the Middle East

that would open up their ports for us.

And it's the only countryin the Middle East

where the Christiansare growing in numbers.

So we want to support Israel in this.

- [Chris] The inspiration came

to Captain Stephan Abrahamson in 2017

during the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast

when a waiter told him.

- "You are Christian.

"You are a Swedish guy,and you love Israel.

"I have never ever meta person like that."

And I said, "Hello, we area lot of people in Sweden

"who loves Israel."

When I come home afterthat Prayer Breakfast,

I felt we have to do something.

We can't only sit here anddon't do anything, you know?

For me, love is nothing you talk about.

Love is something you're doing.

- [Chris] That doing turnedinto an historic voyage

to Israel, along with a message.

- I said to them, "Hello,you are here of a purpose.

"God gave you the 10 Commands,

"and you gave the Torah.

"And that's the most beautiful gift

"you've gave to thewhole world community."

They used to hear Christian people

from, especially ifthey're not from Sweden,

saying these word to them.

But from deep of my heart,I believe that's true.

So as a Christian, Ihave to support Israel.

I have to support the valueof what they standing for.

- [Chris] Sweden is considered by some

the most anti-Israel country in Europe.

Captain Abrahamson and hiscrew want to change that.

- I praying for golden age

between Jewish and Christian communities.

I believe that what we're doing now

is something God want us to do.

- CBN News joined the Elida

as it set sail in the Mediterranean

along the coast of Israel.

The Elida attracted attentionfrom all over Israel.

Today, Israeli Sea Scouts came on board

for a hands-on experience.

They hoisted the anchor,

manned the helm, andrelished the experience.

Also on board, Dan Shechtman,

who won the Nobel Prizefor Chemistry in 2011.

- We need more friends like this.

That will come to visit us

and will give us a word of support,

action of support,

and tell the people in their countries,

hey, Israel is a wonderful place.

- [Chris] The crew didn't expect

such an enthusiastic welcome.

- We've been blown away

of the love that we've been met,

but also by invitations toall these different places.

- [Chris] Some Israelis came skeptical,

but left changed.

- When people come onboard, and they meet us,

and they meet the love,and just friendship,

it's changing hearts.

One by one, we're changing hearts.

And some people there have been crying.

And one crew member said,"It's like they've been starved

"for attention from Sweden."

- [Chris] Karen seesthe Bible come to life.

- If you read Isaiah talking about ships

coming from the Gentile nations to Israel,

and showing their support for the nation,

I mean, yes, it's part of it.

And I do think that we,

there's a time when weneed to express our love

and to side, side-by-sidewith the Jewish nation.

- [Chris] As the voyage ended,

Captain Abrahamson shared his heart

with the visiting Sea Scouts.

- We sail all the way from Sweden

to start a movement of friendshipbetween Sweden and Israel.

I wish you everything the best,

and I hope to you seeyou again in the future.

Thank you very much for coming here.

- [Chris] Then theytaught the Swedish captain

an Israeli cheer.

(chanting in foreign language)

Earlier, he played Israel'snational anthem, "Hatikvah."

Chris Mitchell, CBNNews, onboard the Elida,

off the coast of Israel.

- Wow, they were having so much fun.

And I love what that Swedish captain said.

He said love is not justtalking, it's doing.

- So true, and I just lovethe sign there on the ship.

Sailing for Jesus.- Sailing for Jesus.

- They have some truefriends there in Sweden.

And what courage forthose Swedes to do this?

- God bless them.

- Yeah, turn the tide in that country.

- Great story.- Yes.

We'll be right back.

- [Narrator] When you give,

smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million, but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I've saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it, grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated, andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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Because every child deservesthe chance to be happy.

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- Thanks for staying with us.

Pastor Rick Warren ofSaddleback Church in California

is recovering after emergency surgery.

Warren was hospitalized totreat an intestinal condition.

In an email sent to church members,

he thanked everyone for their prayers

and said, "God has been good to me."

Warren also said he will need

a second surgery after Christmas.

- Glad he's doing well.

- Yeah, wish him the best.

- Well, an exhibit honoringthe late Billy Graham

provides a rare lookinto his personal side.

- John Jessup takes us

inside Washington's Museum of the Bible

for a closer look at the relationship

between the man who isknown as America's Pastor

and the Gospel he proclaimed.

- [John] Through giantpictures and quotes,

the presence of BillyGraham looms large here,

much like in his life.

Now, months after his death,

this exhibit brings a moreintimate image into focus.

Books, Bibles, and other belongings

display the Pilgrim Preacher's journey

from a young boy to aman who reached millions,

including this exhibit'sdesigner, Anthony Schmidt.

- This one is from his revival campaign

in New York City.

- [John] He rememberswatching Graham on TV

with his parents and even attended

Graham's last crusade.

- Very early on, he embracedtechnology and media.

And that's what set him apart.

- [John] For more than 60 years,

Graham used radio, television, film,

and mass crusades to teachfrom the Holy Scriptures.

- What we really wanted to explore,

how Graham understood andinterpreted the Bible,

and then, how that shaped his ministry.

- [John] From now through January,

the exhibit containsnever before seen items

from the Billy Graham Library.

You can see everything from class notes

taken in Bible School, to personal message

written to his mom and dad,

and even a pair ofwar-issued military boots

he wore in Korea in 1952.

The exhibit also highlights

his impact on culture and politics.

- He was the prayer warrior in the family.

- [John] Earlier this year,

Graham's son and ministry successor

told CBN News, despitehis father's prominence,

he always understood his calling.

- My father never wantedto be a celebrity.

And maybe that's why God used him.

- This is Billy Graham'spersonal New Testament Bible.

Now, throughout his ministry,

Billy Graham just wanted to be known

as a preacher of theGospel of Jesus Christ,

which is on his tombstonein North Carolina.

Throughout this exhibit,you'll see artifacts and images

that reinforce justhow important the Bible

was from the beginning ofhis ministry to the end,

to the sermon that waspreached at his funeral.

John Jessup, CBN News, Washington.

- Have you been to thatmuseum in Charlotte?

- I have not, and I wanna go.

- It's really nice.

- Yeah, I know you were there,

I think for the dedication,

weren't you?- Yes.

Yeah, so definitely worth visiting

for everybody if you're down

in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.

Well, thanks so much forjoining us this week.

- Yes, until then, goodbye.

- And God bless you.


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