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D.C.'s Museum of the Bible Marks First Anniversary 

D.C.'s Museum of the Bible Marks First Anniversary  Read Transcript

(crowd chattering loudly)

- [Interviewer] Tell us aboutwhat the one year anniversary

means to you here atthe Museum of the Bible.

- Well, the Bible is the most printed

and the most renowned bookin the history of the world,

and this museum is a monument to it,

and the thing that people

don't understand about this museum,

it's also extremely entertaining.

You come here, you will be thrilled.

There's a ride here.

There's virtual reality here.

There's an opportunityto see how this book

has impacted peoplefrom all over the world,

and to see it growing in popularity.

There's nothing partisan about it.

There's nothing denominational about it.

This is about uplifting mankind,

so it is absolutely a thrill to be here.

(people chattering loudly)

- [Interviewer] If youcould speak anything about

the current state of affairs in America,

of people reading the Bible,

and do you think they'reengaged in the Bible

and have impacted countless Americans?

- Well, right now in America,

there's a battle going on as to whether

we retain our Judaeo-Christian values

or whether we decide that humanism

is the most important thing,

that everybody is their owncenter of justice and fairness,

and I believe that thismuseum will help people

to move to the correctresponse on that question.

- [Interviewer] Thank you.

- [Interviewer] Is thereanything you'd like to add?

- I would just add thatthere's so much excitement

about this place as it's building.

There are a lot of people thatstill don't know about it,

but this is a word of mouth thing.

Anybody who's been here will just

have had such a thrilling experience,

so I encourage everybody,

bring your family, bringyour friends, and just come.

- Thank you.- Okay.

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