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'We're Finished': Trump Preps Written Answers for Mueller as Russia Probe Reaches Critical Juncture

'We're Finished': Trump Preps Written Answers for Mueller as Russia Probe Reaches Critical Juncture Read Transcript

- President Trump says he's preparing

to submit written answers

to Special Counsel, Robert Mueller,

in the Russian collusion investigation,

and is standing behind

his Acting AttorneyGeneral, Matthew Whitaker.

The President says, he'swriting out the answers himself,

and preparing to submitthem to Mueller's team.

- Not my team, I'mpreparing written answers.

- [Dale] He also stopped just short

of ruling out a sit-down interviewwith the special council.

- I think we've wasted enoughtime on this witch hunt.

And the answer is, probably.

We're finished.

There was no collusion whatsoever,

and the whole thing is a scam.

- [Dale] And the president says

he'll leave Acting AttorneyGeneral, Matthew Whitaker alone,

to oversee the Russia investigation.

- It's gonna be up to him.

- But you won't overrule onif he decides to curtail.

- I would not get involved.

- [Dale] Whitaker has been critical

of the Russia probe, in the past.

- I could see a scenario, whereJeff Sessions is replaced,

with a recess appointment,

and that attorney generaldoesn't fire Bob Mueller,

but he just reduces the budget so low,

that his investigationgrinds to almost a halt.

- [Matt] The truth is,there was no collusion

with the Russians and the Trump campaign.

- [Dale] Democrats, who are keen

on protecting the Mueller investigation,

want Whitaker to recuse himself.

Congressman Adam Schiff,the likely next Chairman

of the House Intelligence Committee,

calls Whitaker's appointment,unconstitutional.

- Constitutionally, it has tobe subject to confirmation.

And ethically, he should have absolutely

nothing to do with the investigation.

- [Dale] But Trump defended Whitaker.

- I think he's verywell aware, politically.

I think he's astute, politically.

He's a very smart person.

A very respected person,who's gonna do what's right.

- And President Trumpwill probably not answer

all of Special CouncilRobert Mueller's questions,

specifically, the one about obstruction.

The president says, "There wasno obstruction of justice."

Dale Hurd, CBN News.


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