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'Weapons Wizards' Chronicles Israel's Climb to Military Superpower

'Weapons Wizards' Chronicles Israel's Climb to Military Superpower Read Transcript

- [Chris] When it comes tostate of the art weapons...

- The Israeli military has succeeded

in such a short time, in under 70 years,

in establishing what'sthe most formidable,

powerful militaries in the world,

and possibly the most innovativemilitary in the world.

- [Chris] Jerusalem Posteditor-in-chief Yaakov Katz

co-wrote The WeaponWizards: How Israel Became

a High-Tech Military Superpower.

(missile bangs)

- Israel is at the forefrontof missile defense technology,

whether it's the Arrow or the Iron Dome,

which everyone is familiar with.

Israel is a world leaderin drone technology.

Israel built its own tanks.

Israel is leading in cyber warfare.

Where did all of this come from?

How did such a tiny little country,

in such a short amount of time,

manage to achieve such great success?

- [Chris] Katz says onereason Israel achieved

this level of success is simply survival.

70 years ago, five Arabnations attacked Israel

the day it was born, a countrywith no natural resources.

- What was the one naturalresource that Israel had?

The Jewish brain.

And those brains were what was used

to be able to survive.

So when you have thisamazing recipe of threat,

of this threat matrix, ofyour back up against the wall,

you have no choice but touse the one thing you have,

which is your brain andyou have to innovate.

- And Israel did just that.

Case in point, Israel'santi-missile defense system.

The Iron Dome has shotdown hundreds of rockets

fired out of Gaza behind me into Israel.

- That's how Israel said one second,

we're facing missiles thatare coming at us from Iraq,

from Syria, from Gaza.

We have to come up with a system

that doesn't exist in today's world.

And that's how theycame up with the Arrow,

which can intercept balistic missiles,

and with David's Sling,which can intercept

medium range missiles,

and with Iron Dome, whichcan intercept and is proven

to intercept over 85% of the missiles

that are fired from the Gaza Strip.

And that's how Israel hasdeveloped this amazing technology

that's still highly classifiedto detect the tunnels

that Hamas is digging under the border

between Israel and the Gaza Strip,

a technology that existsnowhere else in the world

because Israel's at theforefront of warfare.

And because of these threats,

it has no choice but toinnovate and to create.

- [Chris] Not all of Israel's power

comes from high-tech products.

It also includes its people,

especially how the army produces

a culture of independence.

- We all think aboutthe United States army.

Everyone's dressed intheir uniforms, right,

people take things veryseriously, everyone's saluting,

sir, ma'am, all these terms.

Israel's completely different.

The ranks that you carry onyour shoulder are meaningless

to the in between soldiers.

That enables free thinking.

It allows the chief of staff

to speak with a low grunt soldier

and to be able to talk about things.

And when you can talk about things,

when you can have that freeflow of information and ideas,

you can create, you can innovate.

People aren't afraid to speak their minds.

That's a huge advantageof national proportion

that I think you'll find nowhereelse in the world but here.

- [Chris] While the USprovides major weapon systems

to Israel, America'smilitary also benefits

from the real lifetesting of its equipment.

- One of the things thatthe US benefits from

is that Israel is the first country

that has operational F-35s today.

So now, imagine Israel is flying its F-35s

and engaging in combat with it,

whether it's in Syria orsomewhere else in the region.

That information's then shared

with the United States Air Force.

- [Chris] Katz says,while Israel has shared

a friendship with America, along the way,

it's also had a helping hand from above.

- I'm a believer myself

and I think that it can't justbe that it's all on its own.

The hand of God I thinkwe see here almost daily

in this country and this region.

The ingenuity, the entrepreneurship,

the innovation is incredible.

But there's that hand behind us

that is pushing us along the way.

- [Chris] Katz agrees,weapons, technology,

and innovation are thecenterpieces of his book,

but there's more to the overall story.

- Yes, it's about weapons,

but it's also a story about,it's the tale of Israel.

It's a story of an ancient people

that return to their historic homeland,

and against all odds, notjust survived, but persevered.

And that is the storyof the state of Israel.

That's the essence of the state of Israel.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.


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