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'Thousands of Lives Changed:' TN Revival Wraps Up After 7 Months, Now the 'Triangle Awakening' Is Next

'Thousands of Lives Changed:' TN Revival Wraps Up After 7 Months, Now the 'Triangle Awakening' Is Next Read Transcript

- The Greenville AwakeningRevival came to a close

earlier this month aftergoing strong for more

than seven months.

The evangelist who ledthe revival, D R Harrison,

joins us now by Skype totalk about this amazing time.

Welcome, D R.

- Hey, brother Mark, it'sgood to hear from ya.

- For those that are just hearing about

the Greenville Awakening,tell us how it all began.

- The pastor of Grace StoneFree Will Baptist Church

in Greenville, Pastor RogerStockton, called us at

the end of 2017 wanting to doa three or four day revival.

And the first availabletime I had was April.

And so April 15th, we cameand what was scheduled to just

go four nights, it endedup gettin' extended

to the second week and thirdweek and God just began

to move in ways we had never experienced,

and we ended up going for30 weeks in Greenville.

- 30 weeks, wow.

How many people acceptedJesus Christ as their

Lord and Savior during this time?

- Live there under thetent and in the church,

near 1000 people walked theaisle and accepted Christ

as their personal saviorand no tellin' how many

over the live radiobroadcast through BPN Radio

that we did most every night.

Just thousands of lives werechanged, and God continues

to move here in this town.

- And let's talk aboutthe radio broadcasts.

Where were they broadcast?

Who heard those?

- They were broadcast livethrough worldwide,

and the numbers that wegot in on any given night,

there was as many as 37different countries tuning in

via the radio broadcast.

We received messages fromAfghanistan, from Nicaragua,

from Nigeria, Canada, Mexico,Brazil, all over the country

from people that listenedin and tuned in and heard

the gospel preached liveright here from a cow pasture

under a gospel tent inGreenville, Tennessee.

- That's wonderful.

What else happened during this revival?

- There were several peoplethat announced their call

to full-time ministry.

There were so many differentstories I could tell,

but one particular individual came,

he had gotten a badreport from the doctor,

his body being invadedwith cancer and lymph nodes

and spleen and liver, andafter he came to the service,

we anointed him with oil,and he went back and had more

tests done, and most all ofhis cancer had disappeared.

It was all because of a HolyGod, a Miracle-working God,

that not only can changelives through salvation,

but we believe that Godcan heal us through prayer.

Just so many things that God has done.

- Amen, that's awesome.

Why did you and other leadersassociated with the revival

decide to end it when you did?

- The only reason that wehad to close the revival down

is due to the weather.

It began to get down in the 20's at night,

40's in the daytime, and itwas just too cold to continue

to move forward with the tent.

And so we had to come to thedecision to take it down,

but we're excited aboutwhat God is continuing to do

and what He's going to do in the days,

weeks, and months ahead.

- So did you feel likewhen you took down the tent

and everything that theLord had released you

from holding those services then?

- I had perfect peace, andwe ended on a high note.

We ended the last two nightsgiving our vision for what

God had put in our heart moving forward.

The last two services byfar very well could've been

the best two servicesof the entire 30 weeks.

God's presence was so real.

People did not leave in defeatand sad that it was ending

at this time, but they leftwith anticipation of what

God was fixing to do and is going to do.

- What's next for you D R?

- Well, Lord willin' with thetent, Lord willin' we'll be

taking the tent in April of2019, to Raleigh, North Carolina

for the Triangle Awakenin',and we announced our vision

of what we're goin' to dowith the property the tent

set on here in Chuckey, Tennessee.

Lord willin' we have startedthe process of building

the Awakening Revival Center,where we're going to be

training people on revivaland prayer and worship,

and we're going to be bringing people in,

pastors and preachers, fromall over the world for weeks

at a time for them to be ableto experience what God has

done for us in this town inhopes that they will get revived

and there'll be a spark ofrevival burst in their heart

and they'll take it backto their town, their city,

their state, their countryin hopes that God will shake

this world with revivalbefore He comes back.

- So the Awakening RevivalCenter, that's gonna be

in Chuckey, Tennessee, andthen in April of next year,

you're gonna use thesame tent that you used

for the GreenvilleAwakening to hold a revival

in Raleigh, NorthCarolina, is that correct?

- Yes, sir, that is correct.

We're in the really early stages of the

Awakening Revival Center, butthis will be our headquarters

for Voice of Hope Ministry as well,

and we are just super excited.

We also have an India crusadein Vinukonda, India coming up

March sixth through the 15th.

And then we have also arevival conference coming up

in Edmonton, Alberta,Canada, in May of 2019.

So many things that God isdoin' and we can't thank CBN

enough for all the supportyou've given us here

in Greenville, and weare so thankful for that.

We're eternally indebted to you guys.

- Oh, that's awesome.

Yeah, I'll tell you what,God is pouring out His Spirit

just like the prophet Joel prophesied,

we're in the end times and Hedoesn't want anyone to perish.

He wants all people tochoose to make that decision

to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Evangelist D R Harrison ofVoice of Hope Ministries,

thank you so much for your time, sir.

- Thank you, Mark, we love you.

- Take care, bye bye.

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