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'Trump and the Jews'; 'It's Good for America to Be Connected with Israel'

'Trump and the Jews'; 'It's Good for America to Be Connected with Israel' Read Transcript

- David Rubin, welcometo Jerusalem Dateline.

- Thank you.

Good to be with you, Julie.

- You've written a new book,Trump and the Jews, here.

You've been very outspokenabout President Trump

being very pro-Israel.

What are you looking at when you say that?

What policies are you referring to?

- First of all, as faras his accomplishments.

More recently, he's announced the closing

of the PLO office in Washington.

Trump is the best President inAmerican history for Israel.

Now we've had some good ones.

You know, before the stateof Israel was re-established,

George Washington, John Adams,

Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman.

These were people whowere believing Christians

who recognized that Israel is important,

that Israel is God's country,

and that you have to stand with Israel

and that it's good forAmerica to stand with Israel.

Trump has surpassed them all.

- And why did you write this book?

- Well, there are two reasons.

One is that people have been asking me

why do the Jews, American Jews that is,

and I'm an American Israeliso I know both sides,

why do American Jews alwaysvote for the Democrats?

So I could really explain to people

why the Jewish people are so complex

and how Israelis can be gung-ho for Trump

and how American Jews,

with the exception of theOrthodox Jews in America

who are big Trump supporters,

why the bulk of American Jews

do not stand behind this President

when he has done so manygood things for Israel.

- Why are so many American Jewsopponents of President Trump

when he's done allthese things for Israel?

- Well, you have to look atthe history of American Jewry.


The American Jewishcommunity came to America

mostly in the early partof the 20th century.

They were very poor.

They came as very, very poor families

and they lived in slums,mostly in New York.

It took a long time untilthey started to develop,

to prosper, and working long hours.

They abandoned the observanceof the Jewish Sabbath

so that they could work.

Many of them became involved with unions.

So they naturally leantowards the Democratic party.

In addition, we had the secularization

of the Jewish community.

Today, the Jewish community in America

is the most secular of allthe religious communities

in the country.

And because of that, they'velost their biblical roots.

They're not biblically connected anymore.

Their religion is liberalism.

Unfortunately, what has happened

to the Democrats in recent years

is that they've adoptedthe far left extremism,

which is anti-Israel.

So if Israel isn't top onyour list of priorities,

then you're gonna go against Israel.

And in addition to that, youhave the immigration issue.

- Israeli Jews, according to the polls,

really like President Trump

and the American Jews, as we've said,

are not so favorable towards him.

So why the difference?

- I could sum that up in twowords: Jewish identification.

- [Julie] Okay.

- Okay, in Israel,, we have wall-to-wall,

across the political spectrum,support for President Trump.

Israelis love President Trump.

They think he's doing a great job.

And this is where itgets really interesting

because it includes secular Israelis.

Those who lean a little bit to the left

of the political spectrum,they love President Trump also.

They think he's doing a great job.

And why is that?

Because they're Jewishly identified.

Okay, like I put my emphasis on,

yes, the Orthodox Jews in America,

but that's because thoseare mainly the ones

who are Jewishly identified.

There are others inAmerica, but in Israel,

all Israeli Jews for the most part,

with the exception of the extreme left,

they care about Israel andthey're concerned about Iran

and Iran's quest for a nuclear bomb.

Most Jews in Israel docare about Jerusalem

being identified as the capital of Israel.

And they are concerned about Palestinian

and other Arab terrorism.

So President Trump is onthe right side of history

and the right side of history

is standing with the Jewish people.

Every one of those policies

and accomplishments that I mentioned,

the breaking the Iran deal

and having a more open policy,

a more sensible, more rational policy,

a more historically based policy

when it comes to the peace process,

not supporting terrorist organizations

that support terrorism orquasi-governmental authorities

like the Palestinian Authoritythat support terrorism.

It makes sense by American standards.

And this was one of my main points

in writing Trump and the Jews

that I want people to understand.

By the facts on the ground,by his accomplishments,

that what he is doing isstrengthening the bond

between Israel and America

in order to help theUnited States of America.

But we know President Trumpis an America First President.

He's looking first atwhat is good for America.

That's the point.

There is not contradictionbetween the two.

American leaders didn'tsee any contradiction.

They think that it's good for America

to be connected with Israel.

So if that America-Israelconnection ceases to exist

and that bond ceases to exist,

then it's gonna be bad for America also.

- Okay, David, thank youfor joining us today.

- Okay, thank you, Julie.


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