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Studio 5: Creed Chronicles

Actors Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson and director Steven Caple Jr. give us an inside look at Creed II. Singer Kem puts us in the holiday mood and we see the newest version of a holiday classic, The Grinch. Read Transcript

(energetic music)

- And welcome to Studio 5.

Believe it or not, the holidays are here,

so we're taking a look atwhat's coming to the big screen

just in time for the holiday season.

Michael B. Jordan is here with Creed II,

soul singer Kem is herewith some holiday music,

and we're going behind thescenes of the new version

of a holiday classic, The Grinch.

We have so much to getto and no time to waste,

so let's fire up the countdownclock and begin our look

at what's new in uplifting entertainment.

At number five.

♪ Let's set each other's lonely nights ♪

♪ Be each other's paradise ♪

- [Efrem] It's Bieber andBaldwin making headlines again.

Take a close look at HaileyBaldwin's Instagram page

and you'll notice this.

- [Announcer] It's Instagramofficial, model Hailey Baldwin

changed her Instagramhandle to Hailey Bieber

to confirm her long-speculatedSeptember marriage

to Justin Bieber.

Leaving no doubt, Bieberhimself posted a pic

of him and Hailey holdinghands with the caption,

"My wife is awesome."

- [Announcer] At number four.

- Hey CBN, this is Russ Leewith NewSong in Winter Jam

and you're at the 2019Winter Jam launch party

with a behind the scenesexclusive look at Winter Jam 2019.

- [Efrem] It's Christianmusic's largest annual tour,

and Studio 5 is backstage witha look at who's on the bill.

- [Announcer] NewsboysUnited, Danny Gokey, Mandisa,

Rend Collective, Ledger,hosted by NewSong.

- Something secret?- Yes--

- And we're gonna tell you here.

So we've been working on a new record,

the six of us together.

- Is that a true story, a new record?

- Brand new record,Newsboys United record.

- Hey, stop the presses, I need you just

to blast social media andtell 'em that Winter Jam's

got the Newsboys United,and they're gonna be doing

some brand new music.

- The Newsboys brand new five-song EP.

The new United music will be available

for your little ears on that tour.

- [Efrem] The tour kicks off January 11th,

and the first stop isJacksonville, Florida.

- [Announcer] ExperienceWinter Jam like never before.

- That begins the countdown andbrings us to the big screen.

Creed II is in Americantheaters Thanksgiving Day,

and trust me, this is one you wanna see.

We're sitting down with thestars, Michael B. Jordan,

Tessa Thompson, and the newdirector to lead this latest

chapter of the Rockyfranchise, Steven Caple Jr.

We traveled to the City ofBrotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA.

for this latest chapter ofthe Rocky franchise, Creed II.

It's a story of fighting,finding legacy, and fatherhood,

with Michael B. Jordanback as Adonis Creed.

How has Adonis evolvedsince we've seen him last?

- Adonis has his thirstto become world champion.

- Adonis has his thirstto become World Champion.

Being a little morecomfortable in his skin.

Starting a family of his own,

I think is really,really important for him

because growing up he didn'treally have that structure.

I think he was really excitedabout becoming a father,

as well, and I think thatwas pretty cool to play.

You don't think I can beat him.

Is that what you're trying to say?

- No, no that's not what I'm saying.

I'm saying I'm not gonna be here forever.

- And what's that supposed to mean?

That means you gottado some smart thinking.

- Oh, you wanna talk aboutsmart decisions, Rock?

You in this house all alone.

Who been taking care of you?

Me, I've been here for you!

Who else you got?


I'm taking with or without you.

- Tell me when.

- [Efrem] This new Creedchapter has a new director,

Steven Caple, handpicked bythe director of the first film.

So Steven, you come into avery well-established brand,

Ryan comes before you andintroduces this story.

What kind of pressure comingin for you to pick up?

- There was a lot.

I think ultimatelythere's a sense of thrill

when you're asked to do, orstep into this big franchise.

But then there's a bit of worry'cause you do have to follow

some pretty heavy steps.

Ryan, Sylvester Stallone,the directors before me,

and so you wanna come withyour A-game, ultimately.

And I think for me someof the worry went away

is definitely when I met theteam and saw how they were

trying to top the last one, and I was like

that just gives you a push,

when everyone's like, "Oh,let's just be better."

And I was like, "You guyswanna be better than your last.

"Okay, I'm with that."

And they want it to be a standalone.

- Knowing a little bit aboutyou, I know that you are not

just a filmmaker, but you'recommitted to giving a voice

to communities and storiesthat we may not see.

How does this fit in that?

- It's right in there.

I think it was an opportunityto also change the narrative

a bit with what we see oncamera for people that live

in my community and people of color.

I wanna screen in behindit, so that's the purpose.

I remember meeting with Mikeand Tessa, and talking about

how we want the characters tobe betrayed and how we want

it to carry over from CreedI and being a positive light,

and deal with broader universal themes,

so that way they can see thatwe can tap into that a bit.

But yeah, so far as the community goes,

I just wanna inspire.

- Why do it again?

What do you have to prove?

- It's not about that.

You wouldn't be any good to anybody

if you didn't do what you love.

You wouldn't be able to breathe, right?

Well, I wouldn't be any good to anybody

if I don't handle this the right way.

But I need you.

- [Efrem] Actress and singerTessa Thompson is back

in the role of Adonis's girlfriend,

a singer losing her ability to hear.

- You better.

- We hear, in the film,Adonis say to to Bianca

that he's a fighter and she's a fighter.

How is she a fighter,you would say, to think?

- I think in every which way,in the way that all women are.


And the way that all mothers are.

She's obviously someone that's struggling

with trying to sort of pursue her dreams,

dealing with her progressive hearing loss,

which is the truth for alot of people globally.

Yeah, I think she'sincredible in that space.

(dramatic music)

- [Adonis] I was afraid I couldn't live up

to the expectation.

- You don't think you got your validation?

- You got people that need you now.

This guy, he's dangerous.

- Well I ain't got a choice.

- That's the same thing your father said,

and he died right here in my hands.

- We see in this film, as wellas the last, a lot of talk

of building his own legacy.- Yes.

- You've been acting nowsince you were a kid,

do you spend much timethinking about building

Michael B. Jordan's legacy?

- Yeah, I've spent sometime thinking about that,


- And you know what you want it to be?

- I'm still building it.

You know, you wannaleave something behind,

but you don't really knowexactly what it's gonna be

until it's all said and done.

So I'm just trying totake strides and steps

in the right direction,in front of the camera

and behind the camera.

- Creed II is in Americantheaters Thanksgiving Day.

Once again, this is a must-see.

Still ahead.

♪ Believe in His love ♪

♪ Power and grace ♪

- This R&B star takes Studio 5 to church

with his life story.

I read that the lastdrink and the last time

you took a drug was July 23rd, 1990.

So you've been sober more than 20 years?

We're sitting down with Kem andgetting in the holiday mood.

Welcome back to Studio 5.

It is time to continue thecountdown of the best headlines

in uplifting entertainment.

- [Announcer] At number three.

(upbeat music)

- [Efrem] DC's Museum ofthe Bible hosts the premier

of the film, Revival: The Experience.

- [Narrator] Our reduction isthe staging of an old story.

- Half-hour, people!

- [Efrem] It's a hybridof film, Broadway musical,

and animation, lookingat the Book of John,

and the work of actor, Harry Lennix.

- You must love one another.

(crowd yelling)

- Imprisoning him is not our request.

- What then?- Death.

♪ Not your will be done ♪

♪ Not my will, Lord ♪

♪ But Your will be done ♪

♪ Yeah, not my will ♪

- [Efrem] It's being calledthe hippest experience

of the gospel world, and it'sin theaters December 7th.

♪ Oh, revival ♪

♪ Revival, revival ♪

- [Announcer] At number two.

- I feel it's right to ask you guys

to join me for one last dance.

- [Efrem] And in this, hisfinal season playing in the NBA.

The Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade

has another reason to be thankful.

His wife, actress GabrielleUnion, sharing on Instagram

the arrival of theirdaughter, Kaavia James.

And the newborn alreadyhas her own Instagram page

with more than 150,000 followers.

- Can I not there inmoments that they need me?

Can I not read to mykids as much as I want?

- And that leaves only one more headline

in this week's countdown.

We're gonna get to it inabout seven minutes or so.

In the meantime, we'recontinuing our journey

to get you in the holiday moodand sitting down with Kem,

that's K-E-M.

Now, if you don't havehis Christmas album,

you need to get it and put it on repeat.

We sat down with himon his Christmas Tour.

♪ There'll be mistletoeand colored lights ♪

♪ For the Christmas tree ♪

♪ They barely define what you mean to me ♪

♪ Baby love never dies ♪

- Why a Christmas tour?

Of all the tours youcould do, why do this?

- I'm doing a Christmastour because I grew up

and I saw Kenny Rogerscome to town every year

and do a Christmas show.

And I think in theAfrican-American community,

I haven't seen that.

And that doesn't mean thatthere's not anybody doing it,

but I haven't seen that,so I wanted to provide a...

To do a show and hopefullydevelop a Christmas brand

for myself and bringChristmas to town every year.

That's what we're hoping to do.

- Speaking of a Christmasbrand, you have a song.

I actually was listeningto Steve Harvey's show

when you were on just last week,

and he played "Jesusis the Love of My Life"

at least three times in 15 minutes.

In 15 minutes after hefirst heard the song,

where'd that song come from?

♪ Jesus. Jesus. Jesus ♪

♪ He's my refuge ♪

♪ Jesus. Jesus. Jesus ♪

♪ He's my tower ♪

I'd started writing thatsong probably a decade ago,

and I didn't finish it.

I believe everything happenswhen it's supposed to happen.

I didn't finish the song andwhen I came back to revisit

my Christmas album andadd bonus songs to it,

it was one that I went back and grabbed.

And I'm very, very grateful that I did.

It features Patti LaBelle and Ron Isley.

The song is bigger than all of us.

It's not about us, it'sabout carrying forth

the name of Jesus.

Particularly during the holiday season,

but there is no bettertime than right now,

with the state of what'sgoing on in the world.

- Did it minister to you in the process?

- Oh, absolutely, absolutely.

A lot of times it lookedlike it wasn't gonna be done.

I didn't know how it wasgoing to come together.

I brought this great talenttogether, and Patti and Ron,

and didn't know how it was gonna turn out.

And when I first heard themix, after I recorded Patti

and kind of put everythingtogether and sent it off

to be mixed, they sent it back.

And when I heard it for thefirst time in its entirety,

I cried.

And Ron Cried, and Patti.

So yeah, it's that type of song.

It's that type of song andit's my favorite right now.

- I read that the lastdrink and the last time

you took a drug was July 23rd, 1990,

So you've been sober more than 20 years?

Do you ever get tired oftalking about that part

of your life, being homelessand addicted to drugs?

- No, that's our testimony.

We're only as, I'm only asgrounded as my testimony.

That's what we're supposed to do.

When God has done somethinggreat in your life,

we're supposed to let our light shine,

and hopefully minister to somebody else

who may be going through something.

And also to remember what we came from.

It's important, my career isreally built on my testimony.

♪ And this is why I say ♪

♪ I will glorify the King ♪

- Kem's album is calledWhat Christmas Means.

It's available now whereveryou purchase your music.

Right now it's time to say it in pictures.

It's time for this week'sStudio 5 Snap Shot.

For this Snap Shot, wehead to the United Kingdom,

where artist and friendof Studio 5, Gary Thomas,

calls home.

When he saw this photoI snapped on a flight

and shared on Instagram, hesaw art, so he created this,

and he calls it A Window of Possibilities.

I am beyond humbled at his kindness.

Gary, I can only say thankyou, thank you, thank you.

It is now an unforgettableStudio 5 Snap Shot.

Still to come.

- [Grinch] Ho, ho, ho.

- [Efrem] In keeping with Christmas--

- Maybe that makes megrinchy, I don't know.

- [Efrem] Meet the castbehind the latest take

on a holiday classic, The Grinch.

And welcome back to Studio 5.

We have made it to the final headline

in this week's countdownof the best headlines

in uplifting entertainment.

- [Announcer] At number one.

- Tonight, Cicely Tyson receives

her more than well-deserved Oscar.

- [Efrem] The Academy honors Cicely Tyson

for an incredible acting career.

- I am led by divine guidance.

- I am led by divine guidance.

It's when I go against it thatI get myself into trouble.

- [Efrem] God's guidanceled a poor immigrant girl

from Harlem to Hollywoodfor roles in Sounder,

The Autobiography of Miss JanePittman, Roots, and The Help.

- Miss Charlotte, let metake her to the kitchen.

Mom, (laughs)

I know you didn't want me to do this,

(audience laughs)

but I did,

(audience laughs)

and here it is.

(audience applauding)

- [Efrem] Tyson accepted theAcademy's Governors Award

surrounded by younger celebrity friends,

who thanked her foropening the door for them.

- Next month, on December 19th,


I'm going to be 94 years old.

(audience cheering and applauding)

- And so that wraps thisweek's countdown and brings us

to a Dr. Seuss holidayclassic, The Grinch.

It opened in theaterswith the biggest opening

for a Christmas-themed movie.

In case you missed it, here'syour look at what you might

wanna add to this holiday must-see list.

- If I could describe theGrinch's attitude in one word,

it would have to be surly.

- Nasty.- Awful.

- Grouchy.- Grinchy.

♪ You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch ♪

- I know this soundsweird, but this movie does

a really good job of makingChristmas a little bit annoying.

(bells rings)- Oh, hello.

Happy Holi--- Uh-uh.

- Maybe that makes megrinchy, I don't know.

- Today, we will do mean things

and we will do them in style.

- Everyone gets a vicarious thrill

out of how the Grinch behaves.

- They kind of enjoy seeingsomeone who hates Christmas.

(glass shattering)

- I mean, The Grinch is a timeless story.

- [Grinch] Look at thosegreedy little gift monsters.

- Ready?(child screams)

- Bleh.

Oh, hey look, it's me.

(drone buzzing)Ow.

- And what's different andspecial about this version

of The Grinch is it isvery loyal to the book.

- I know what to do.

I'm going to steal their Christmas.

- I can see myself as that character.

- No more bells, no moretrees, no more lights,

just give me a break.

- Leave Mr. Grinch alone,you old feisty frosty.

- Come on.

Positive vibes, and coolvibes, good vibes only.

Maybe he needs to go to therapy.

- That's not gonna happen.

- Everyone's capable ofgetting a bit grinchy

at Christmas, you don't have to be green.

It helps to be green, butyou don't have to be green.

- You're a mean one, mister.

- Even though the Grinch iskind of a bad guy, he's not

and it's laughable and he's lovable.

- This is the loudest snowI've ever heard in my life.

- He's funny.

That's totally what'sgoing to be memorable

about this Grinch.

Even if it is a green,fluffy guy who wants to steal

Christmas and has a heartthat's two sizes too small.

- Behold, the cookie.

This is our enemy.

No, no, no, we must--(chomp)

(sighs) Resist.

- The message is be kind.

- The message is be kind.

- [Grinch] Ho, ho, ho.

- The Grinch is in Americantheaters right now.

Coming up next.

- When I was a kid, laughingat church was illegal.

(audience laughs)

I remember one time laughingat church, one time this lady

was jumping around and her wig fell off.

(audience laughs)

That stuff was hysterical.

- [Efrem] Comedian, MichaelJr., is back in Studio 5

with the gift that shaped his life.

And welcome back to Studio 5.

Music is always playing in myear as we work to bring you

this show, and this weekit's two of my favorite.

You've already heard fromKem, well he teams up

with another, GregoryPorter, in Holding On.

Take a look and a listen atwhat's playing in my ear.

♪ But it's holding on ♪

♪ And it's holding strong ♪

♪ Even though I tried to make it ♪

♪ Played the part, but I can't fake it ♪

♪ It keeps holding on ♪

♪ And it's holding strong ♪

♪ Even though I tried to break it ♪

♪ Heaven knows that I can't shake it ♪

♪ Holding on ♪

♪ Holding on ♪

- And with that, we are almostout of time for this episode,

so it is time to take a looknow at what we're working on

for you for next week.

♪ I know someday ♪

♪ I know somehow ♪

- [Efrem] There's a healingstory behind this voice.

- Whatever you've gonethrough, if it's addiction,

depression, divorce, loss,failure, whatever it might be,

those things uniquely equipyou to be able to bring

His mercy to other people.

- [Efrem] And Jason Grayopens up in Studio 5

to share that story.

♪ I know somehow ♪

♪ I'll be okay ♪

♪ But not right now ♪

- And you can join us for that story

and so much more next week.

As for the final word for this show,

we're giving that to comedian, Michael Jr.

He has a look at whyyour biggest challenge

may actually be your greatest gift.

- I realized, like my mindwould scramble to figure out

what words were, 'cause I couldn't sound

them out phonetically.

So I'd look at the font size,the color, the positioning,

what's in front of it, what's behind it,

how people responded to it.

I actually came up withlike seven different ways

to look at a word todetermine what it was.

By the time I got to high school,

people didn't know Iwasn't really reading,

I was just working it out really fast.

Now as an adult, I read just fine

but I still have this abilityto look at words, and people,

and situations, and allsorts of things differently

almost immediately.

So that's the primary placeI pull my comedy from.

So you may see something one way,

but I got immediatelyseven different ways.

So it's almost like whatI thought was a handicap,

God has actually used itfor good in a huge way.

So a lot of people probablywatching right now,

there's probably something in your past

that you thought was a handicap.

You thought it was meant to set you back,

and it probably was, but Godcan literally use that thing

as a strength for whatyou're supposed to do now.

- And God can certainlyuse your old weakness

as the strength for what you'resupposed to do right now.

That is a great final wordfor this edition of Studio 5,

and this look at uplifting entertainment.

Until next time, make timeto uplift someone else.

Bye-bye, everybody.



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