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700 Club Interactive - November 23, 2018

Chuck was rebellious, enjoyed fighting others, and manipulated women. Drugs only amplified his abusive behavior. One day a conversation with a Christian friend led to a radical change in his life. Read Transcript

- [Andrew] Israel's jeweldisappearing inch by inch.

Can it be saved for future generations?

- I want to see the Dead Sea restored.

The purpose is to bringawareness to the Dead Sea

and the way to save it.

- [Andrew] Plus.

- It was just part of my nature

to get into fights and enjoyed it.

- [Andrew] Rebellious,controlling, and manipulative.

- And I was so self-centered,and so egotistical.

- How he went from alwayslooking for a fight

to having a loving andcompassionate heart.

It's all on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Hi and welcome to the show.

The Dead Sea,

it's a natural wonder andpopular tourist destination.

- And it's in danger of drying up.

But as CBN middle east bureauchief Chris Mitchell shows us

there's a bold innovative plan

to save this historic body of water.

- Sunrise over the Dead Sea.

A soothing atmosphere,

biblical landmark, and mineral treasure.

It sits on the Great Rift Valleybetween Israel and Jordan,

fed by freshwater from theJordan River and mineral springs

it's one of the saltiestlakes in the world.

So salty no fish can survive in it.

Nominated as one of theseven wonders of the world,

the water, mud, and atmospherehave healing properties.

But all this could disappear.

The Dead Sea behind me

is dropping five to eight feet a year,

that means the lowest place onEarth is getting even lower.

- The reason is very, very simple.

On one hand there is all thetime evaporation of water from

and the surface is very large.

On the other hand, good waterfrom the upper Jordan River

taken for irrigationto develop agriculture,

to develop food for the people,

and it stopped reaching the sea

so the balance has changed.

- [Chris] Hebrew Universityprofessor Avner Adin

says there's only oneway to restore the sea.

- What could save the Dead Sea

is actually pouringwater into the Dead Sea.

- [Chris] Adin told CBN Newsa combination of solutions

is the only way to help.

- One way which is the natural one,

meaning let the rivers flow into it.

Don't take the water from the Jordan,

from the other rivers, let itcome back to its natural way.

The other way's artificial.

Meaning making the Red toDead Sea Project come true.

- [Chris] Israel and Jordansigned the Red Dead Agreement

to make a 140 mile canal fromthe Red Sea to the Dead Sea.

The billion dollar projectbegins with a desalination plan

to provide much neededwater and power to Jordan

then would drop the remainder of the water

into the Dead Sea.

- Another way that it could be done

would be to take waterfrom the Mediterranean

and desalinate this water

and give this water fordrinking and for agriculture

instead of taking the waterfrom the lake of Galilee

and from the streams.

- [Chris] But Adin said it's not easy

to get governments invested in saving it.

That's why activists JacobBen Zaken and Noam Bedein

are sounding the alarm.

- I want to see the Dead Sea restored.

- [Chris] Ben Zaken from a nearby kibbutz

gives the only boat rideavailable on the Dead Sea.

- The purpose is to bringawareness to the Dead Sea.

To the beauty, toeverything that's going on.

Including the disappearing of the Dead Sea

and the way to save it.

- [Chris] And it's working.

Over a year ago photojournalistBedein took the boat tour.

- And that touched me, as an Israeli,

to speak up for this enchanted,

prehistorical, biblical place.

To stand up for it.

- [Chris] These salty pillarsor chimneys may be stunning

but their appearance signals trouble.

Bedein's photos show thedrop in the water level

in just one year.

- I've been documentingthis one of a kind place

like never before.

Going on this boat rideover a period of time

and documenting the beauty,the magic of this place

with a purpose to educatethe next generation

of this one of a kind place

but also showing the dramatic changes

that this place has been taking.

- [Chris] The drop hasalso caused huge sinkholes

to open up along the shoreforcing beaches to close

and a nearby road to collapse.

The Dead Sea is a favoritetourist destination.

It's so salty you can't sink, only float.

But there's much more.

In the Bible a young David

hid in the nearby caves of En Gedi.

The Dead Sea scrolls werefound in the Qumran caves

giving us the oldestmanuscripts of the Bible.

And the Dead Sea is actually giving life.

The waters and air at the Dead Sea

have special healing propertiesfor skin and other ailments.

And mineral mining yields potash,

a key element for fertilizer

used in agriculture to feed the world.

- [Avner] So it's a very special diamond,

that we should keep it.

- [Chris] Biblical prophets also said

that the Dead Sea wouldgo through a change

when the messiah returns,

Ezekiel prophesied that one day the waters

of the great salt sea would behealed and teeming with fish.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, the Dead Sea.

- The Dead Sea is atreasure, it's heartwarming,

heart- filling to know thatthe Israeli's are in charge

of a lot of this andthey're so innovative.

Let's just hope thatthey can find an answer

to this dilemma because itcertainly is worth keeping.

Well the American farmer maysoon be an endangered species.

Across the countryfarmers are growing older

and young people are not willing

to take on the challengingwork of farming.

- On a lush farm in theShenandoah Valley however,

one family is working to turn the tide.

Heather Sells takes us toSwoope Virginia for their story.

- If you want to catch a glimpse

of what farming's future could look like,

Joel Salatin's farm is the place to come.

And wannabe farmers are coming in droves

hoping to change thedirection of a tradition

that's become known for its failure

to attract the next generation.

- The overall pool of farming in agri,

it's continuing to ageand get older and older.

So I think farming as a vocation is,

needs hospice.

- [Heather] Adding to theurgency, the transfer of land.

Given the aging andretirement of current farmers,

40% of the nationsagricultural real estate

will likely change handsin the next two decades.

So why turn to Salatin?

In the past 20 years he'sgrown a small family farm

into a 20 person operation

serving 6,000 householdsand 50 restaurants.

He's also acquired aninternational reputation

and spread the word on his unique methods

through more than a dozen books.

His message,

to succeed farming mustconsider the environment,

the farmer's well-being,and the bottom line.

- It's profit that also appreciates

the ecology of the situation

and the community of the situation.

- [Heather] Salatin talks alot about healing the land

and proves it by farming

with no pesticides,fertilizers, or hormones.

He integrates his animals and land

to create an innovative cycle.

Cattle feed off diverse grasses,followed by broiler chicks

that use the shortened grassto ingest fresh sprouts.

The egg mobile with freerange hens comes next.

Hens dig through cow patties

searching for protein rich larvae

and their droppings fertilizethe field all over again.

Salatin wants to spread thenews about his techniques

with books, training, and word of mouth.

- And so it's all about empowering people

to start or do better withtheir farming enterprise.

- [Heather] Most ofthose who come to learn

are already committed toEarth friendly farming,

a sticking point though is howto make a living off of it.

Salatin's answer is hopealong with practical ideas,

like his bandsaw mill.

It provides lumber for fencing and barns

that he could otherwise not afford.

In another lesson he talksabout animal behavior

and building in a way thatfacilitates easy movement,

saving time and energy.

Young farmers like Jon Caldwellsay Salatin inspires them

to pursue farming as acareer and not just a hobby.

- These guys are like, thisis how long it takes us,

this is how much you'regonna get out of it,

this is how you're gonna do this

to get the most profit out of it

and they're very business oriented

and that's somethingI'm not used to at all.

- It's not just farming,

you actually have to planthings and prepare for your year

and know what you're doingand do a lot of research.

- I wanted to see an example of a working,

diverse, integrated,multi-generational farm

and that's what is mentioned in the books,

that's the vision thatI think people have,

and I wanted to really see it for myself

and see how it works

and it absolutely does and it's awesome.

- [Boy] They do browse a little bit.

- [Heather] That's because Salatin

includes his son andgrandchildren as part of the team.

If timing is everything,

Salatin believes farming that'sclean, green, and profitable

gives people a sense of pride

which fits today's political climate.

More and more he sees bothliberals and conservatives

wanting to take control oftheir lives and make an impact.

- We see a kind of alibertarian undercurrent moving

and certainly Trump issymptomatic of that.

I think that what he represents

is the disempowerment and disenfranchised,

what he represents is peasantspicking up pitchforks.

- Those pitchforks can be seen

in the form of homeschooling,alternative medicine,

and independent farmers whowant to do right by the land.

The farmers that Salatin is training

are already making adifference in our food supply

and could ultimately change the way

our country produces food.

Reporting in the ShenandoahValley, Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Well Terry I know I take for granted

where my dairy's comingfrom, fruits, vegetables,

the meat I eat, I mean take it for granted

that the hard work people have to do here.

- This has almost come full circle

which is a good thing to see.

I'm from Wisconsin which is a farm state

and so many family farms were lost

when big government came in.

Remember Willie Nelson andFarm Aid and families weeping

because their childrenwouldn't be taking it over,

now, look, it's coming back,

people are recognizing thatit's best to do it nature's way

and it's exciting tosee that, that's great.

- And I know you love that guy's hat too.

- I do, I want one.- That's phenomenal.

(Terry laughs)

Well we're switchinggears now, still ahead,

he worked as a bouncer ata Mafia owned strip club.

- It was actually funbecause the way I grew up

is there was always fights going on

and it was just part of my nature

to get into fights and enjoyed it.

- But this tough guy ends upon the front row of a church

bawling like a baby, his story is next.

Chuck Fazio was a tough guy from Queens

who loved a good brawl.

As a bouncer at a stripclub he was well known

and feared by both men and women.

He was high on drugs,manipulation, and power.

So how did he wind up in a church service

crying his eyes out?

Take a look.

- [Man] Chuck Fazio andhis siblings grew up

in Queens New York where theyattended Catholic schools

throughout their childhood.

- So I had nuns, I had priests,

and it was just a lot ofrituals and it just felt empty.

- [Man] He believed that God existed

but his faith was superficial.

- It was just something thatyou said, it's almost like,

there's a car over there, you know.

You knew there was Jesus butyou really didn't know Jesus.

I didn't know the Bible, that's for sure.

- [Man] As Chuck grew olderhe spent more and more time

with his friends from school.

- We smoked cigarettes, smoked pot,

and drank and we were all underage.

I started to not liking myparents, my dad was very strict.

Wouldn't let me do anything

so very rebellious and,

I started to grow up very independent.

At 17 Chuck became abouncer at a strip club.

- People would get drunk all the time,

so a lot of fights would always happen.

So it was actually funbecause the way I grew up

is there was always fights going on

and it was just part of my nature

to get into fights and enjoyed it.

- [Man] Chuck was well known

for his domineering personality.

He would start fights just for fun

and he controlled and manipulated women.

Drugs only amplified his abusive behavior.

- I went from selling thedrugs to taking the drugs

to I couldn't be without doing the drugs.

Wired out of my mind.

I didn't care what person I hurt,

I didn't care what girl I made cry,

I didn't care what lie I fed somebody.

I just fed off that control, I fed off,

I got off on manipulation.

You start to realize that my life sucked

but you're constantlychasing, the drug's the high,

the power the high, the ego the high,

it's constantly chasing.

God was never on my radar.

I stopped going to church

'cause I didn't have mommy and daddy

tellin' me I have to go.

Went on the holidays, oh it'sChristmas gotta go to church.

Oh it's Easter you gotta got to church.

But I lived for me

and I was so self-centeredand so egotistical

and I just started to havethis hunger for power,

for control, for dominance,for money, for fame,

and it just goes into this spiral.

- [Man] In his 20s and 30s

Chuck worked at several Mafiaowned strip clubs in New York.

His mantra was, I'd ratherbe feared than loved.

- The fear part is Iwanted to earn respect.

And I'm gonna earn respecthowever way I'm gonna earn it

whether control, whether it be physical,

because when you earn thatrespect it's an ego trip,

it's power that you get sucked into

and you realize thatthat doesn't satisfy you.

You just sometimes get to apoint when you use the word,

God what am I doing?

I'm living this seedy lifestyle,strung out half the times,

falling asleep at the wheel all the time.

I'm not happy.

- [Man] Chuck moved toArizona to be near his family,

hoping to leave his problems behind.

Soon after the move his brotherinvited him to go to church.

- They're singing and they're rejoicing

and they're praising theLord, and all I'm going is,

these Jesus freaks were strange,

and I'm sitting in the front row with 'em.

And the pastor was talking about miracles.

Then he's saying, people always ask,

why aren't there miracles

like there were back in the day of Jesus?

These big things, why is it different now?

And here's what he did,I am not kidding you.

As he answered that he looked at me, goes,

'cause when God sends you a miracle

you chalk it up to a coincidence.

I sat in that front row just bawling.

Like, wow.

That was the first day I feltthe spirit and it was real.


You don't need to know the Bible

to feel the spirit ofGod move and He moved.

- [Man] A few monthslater, Chuck met Angela.

She was a new Christian

and she and Chuck wouldoften talk about her faith.

- She goes, did you accept Jesus yet?

And I go, not really, youknow I hear him talking,

and I go why, have you accepted Jesus?

She goes, yeah I accepted Jesus.

I go, how do you do that?

And she goes, just askhim to come into my heart.

And I said, Jesus come into my heart.

I felt the spirit come right in me.

I radically changed in an instant.

Both my presence, 'bout the way I speak,

act, hunger for the word.

- I was with him when he was saved

and he literally had a physical feeling

of the Holy Spirit cominginto him which is awesome.

- You can't make that up.

You can't take this womanizer,degenerate, drug addict

and go, I spend every wakingmoment with the love of my life

who's my wife and I love it.

We work together, we go on dates together,

we vacation together, weseek God's word together.

People say leopard cannever change his spots.

They're right, but God could.

How do you go from thatpoint to this point.

Drug free, and I haven'teven smoken a cigarette

in 11 years, cold turkey,gave it up to the Lord.

Everything is gone.

- [Man] Chuck and Angelagot married in 2002.

Today they own Revelation Real Estate

and love to use their business

to tell others about their faith.

- Real estate's just a vehicle

and they're gonna know about Christ,

I'm not ashamed to tell 'em.

It's my ministry.

Real estate's my ministry.

We're just blessed by it.

What has Jesus Christdone for me personally

can be summed up so simple.

He saved me from me.

And he saved me for Him.

I tell ya, the feelingis just overwhelming.

To know that,

that Lord and saviorssaved a retch like me.

But he knew the retch like me.

He had a plan.

- Awesome testimony.

Chuck, thank you forsharing your story with us.

I love how he said, youdon't need to know the Bible,

you don't need to bean expert in the Bible

to feel a touch of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps you watchedthat story and you said,

that's great for him

but God can't love me, God can't use me,

wrong, the Holy Spirit wantsto be a part of your life

and show you the redeeminglove of Jesus Christ

no matter what you have done.

That's why Jesus came anddied on the cross for us,

there's nothing we coulddo to earn the love of God,

Jesus did it in the cross.

And I encourage you now,

if you need prayer foranything in your life,

if that story, if Chuck'sstory touched you,

it inspired you to reconsider

devoting your life to Jesus Christ

'cause you hear the HolySpirit's voice calling you,

calling you to relationship with God,

I encourage you to giveus a call at 800-700-7000,

we would love to pray foryou, whatever your need is.


- Well coming up next, themanager of a shoe store

who struggled to take a simple step.

- I had to stop halfway and take a break

and then continue back down.

The heaviness and the shallowness

and the breathing was getting worse.

- Hear how she was instantlyhealed right in her own home.

Plus we're gonna bepraying for you as well

so don't go away we'll be back.

As the manager of a shoe store

Judy Shimco is on her feet all day long.

So the morning she wokeup struggling to breathe,

Judy was glad she had the day off.

And whenever she's off, Judy watches CBN.

- [Man] In mid March of 2018 Judy Shimco

began experiencing aheaviness in her lungs.

She had no idea what brought it on.

And especially noticed it ather job managing a shoe store.

- I was thinking aboutmaybe going to the doctor's

and finding out what was going on.

But what I do for work,

I'm standing all the time and I'm walking

so I'm very active at workand it was challenging.

- [Man] Several days lateron the morning of March 19th

she woke up barely able to breathe.

- I sat up in bed andthe feeling that I had

was I could hardly takelike a shallow breathe

it was a really intenseheaviness but not a pain,

it was like real short shallowbreathes at that point.

After I left my bedroom

I was having difficultygoing up and down the steps.

I had to stop halfway down the steps

and I only have 12 steps.

And I had to stop halfway and take a break

and then continue back down.

I was getting a little bit concerned

because I knew that theheaviness and the shallowness

and the breathing was getting worse.

- [Man] Since it wasJudy's day off from work

she spent the morning in prayer.

- I wanted to know what was going on

and I was just praying and asking God,

speaking the scriptures byyour stripes I am healed

and just going throughthe promises in the Bible

and just seeking God and prayingalmost the entire morning.

- [Man] And just likeevery day she has off

Judy sat down to watch The 700 Club.

- Welcome ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of the 700 Club.

- [Man] Pat and Terry started praying.

- [Pat] Asking for a miracle.

- Pat said that there was somebody

that had shortness of breath,

somebody that had aheaviness in their chest.

- There's somebody who'sgot pleurisy or your lungs

have just been filling up and right now

God is just completelycleansing those lungs,

you are completely healed.

- Immediately I said, that's me.

And I start thanking God for showing me

and telling me what was going on

but I just knew that hewas talking about me,

that God showed him that that was me

and I was getting healed.

I immediately stood up and Ijust started taking breathes

because prior to that Icould not take a breathe

and I was maybe a little,

just a little leery of taking a breathe,

but when I stood up

and I was able to take a completeinhale and exhale breathe.

I went over to the steps andstarted up the steps slowly

then I just started runningup and down the steps

just thanking God and I was healed.

God immediately healed me.

- [Man] Judy's had no moreproblems with her lungs since.

She's always quick totell friends and family

about what God did for her.

- God does still heal

and He cares about everydetail in your life

and He will be there for you.

You just have to trustand you have to believe

and have faith that He will be with you,

He is with you and Hewill never leave you.

- That's a promise in God's word

that he will never leave or forsake you,

that He walks with you through it all.

Some of you who are watching today

have very specific needs of your own

and you've waited hoping

that we were gonna havea time of prayer today.

Well this is your moment,

you don't have to hear the need

that you're experiencing called,

believe God for it, trust God for it,

we want to take some timeright now to pray for you,

to pray for your loved ones

and so let's just alltogether petition the Lord

for His Holy Spirit and His hand upon us.

Father thank you so much thatyou are a good, good Father.

That you are with usalways, that you see us,

you know us by name,

your word says you've carvedus in the palm of your hand.

Today Lord there are somany who are reaching out

wanting to touch the hemof your garment with needs,

they don't even know how toask you for, they're so great.

But you know them all Father,you're in their tomorrow,

there's nothing that's goingto happen to any of us today

that you don't already know and understand

so would you touch theneed of people right now

exactly where they're at with your power.

- There's a young mom with children

who is absolutely hopelessbecause of alcoholism.

And alcohol is destroying her life.

The Holy Spirit just says,there is hope, I love you,

surrender this addiction tome, I will walk you through.

- And Rachel,

you are praying for someneeds in your own life

and your family that you don'teven know who to confide in.

God has heard your cry and Heis in process of answering.

Trust and believe andstand on the word of God.

- And those withdesperation, hopelessness,

I just feel the Holy Spirit saying,

as Christ followers rememberto wear the armor of God,

the helmet of salvation,

breastplate ofrighteousness, belt of truth.

Use the sword of thespirit, the shield of faith.

Shoes ready to bring the gospel of peace.

Wear the armor of God,

it's included in scripture for a purpose.

- Jesus said, I've comethat you might have life

and have it abundantly receivedthat today child of God.

Receive it in Jesus name.

Amen.- Amen.

- Amen.

We have a wonderful scripture for you,

the Lord is my strengthand my shield in Him

my heart trusts and I am helped.

My heart exults and with mysong I give thanks to Him.

That's Psalm 28.

God bless you, we'll see you tomorrow.

(upbeat music)

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