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Foolish 'Zealot' or Compassionate Man of God? Portrait Emerges of Slain Missionary John Allen Chau

Foolish 'Zealot' or Compassionate Man of God? Portrait Emerges of Slain Missionary John Allen Chau Read Transcript

- Dr. Mary Ho, theinternational executive leader

of All Nations, theorganization that sent Chau.

Thank you so much for joining us

and please accept our condolences.

- Thank you so much, Heather.

Here at All Nations, we arejust so shocked and grieved

and we're having prayervigils in different parts

of the world for John'sfamily and friends.

- Yes, how do we know or what do we know

about how John Chau died?

- Yes, so reportedly, afterhe landed on the island,

I think several of thelocals shot arrows at him

and that is how he died.

- Alright and this group ofislanders has made it known

that hey do not accept or want outsiders.

Why did you support him going?

- Yeah, so All Nationsmissionary, John Chau,

since he was 18 years old,he felt a call from God

to share the love ofGod, the goodness of God

with the North Sentinelees.

And every decision he has madein the last eight, nine years

has been to equip him to love and to care

for the North Sentinelees.

He was extremely wellprepared in every way

and so, that is why we supported him

because he majored in sports medicine,

in health and exercise science.

He got trained as a EMT

so that he can be fullyprepared to go and share

the love of God withthe North Sentinelees.

- Let me ask you a specific question.

Were you concerned that he risked exposing

the islanders to diseasegiven that they've not

had contact with the outside world?

- Well, John, All Nation'smissionary, John Chau,

he made sure that he majored

in medicine-related majors,

including sports medicine and health

and exercise science.

He got trained as a EMT.

Also, before he went to the island,

he got 13 types of immunization shots

and in the few days beforehe left for the island,

he actually quarantined himself

to prepare himself, sohe was well researched

and he took every single precaution.

- So, as a mission organization,

you did not feel that he was a health risk

to the people on the island.

- Well, actually, no one knowsthe exact health condition

of the people and in past history,

yes, contact with western population has

wiped out local populations.

But we are actually in a different time

of advanced medicine and antibiotics

and I think a lot ofmodern medicine may be able

to help the local populationand some of the health issues.

We just don't know.

- Alright, many people wanna know,

did Chau have permissionfrom the authorities

to visit the island?

- Yeah, so All Nation'smissionary John Chau,

right before he left, heknew that the travel ban

to the North SentinelIsland was actually lifted

by the Indian government.

It's called R-A-P.

And the ban was lifted for 29 islands,

including the North Sentinel island.

So, he went to the island fully knowing

that the travel ban was lifted.

- Alright well, we are all, I think,

as a community of believers,

so incredibly grieved over this situation.

What can other missionarieslearn from this situation

and what would you like peopleto remember about John Chau?

- Yes, so All Nation'smissionary John Chau

set us an example thatall of us are to follow.

The purpose that we were created for,

to follow the calling that is on our lives

and to be fully prepared.

He spent his life preparingto share God's love

and care and goodnesswith the North Sentinelees

and so, we should, each one of us,

follow God's calling on our lives.

- Alright, any regrets?

Any lessons that you think maybe there is

a better way to do this that wouldn't have

had this outcome?

Or do you think he just neededto risk it all, as he did?

- Well, I think he preparedand followed God's calling

as best as he can and here in All Nations,

we consider it an honor tohave journeyed with him.

- Well, we appreciate your time.

Thank you for how you are honoring him

and we will look forward tofollowing this situation.

Thank you, Dr. Ho.

- Thank you very much, Heather.


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