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This Winter Storm Just Keeps Coming: Snow That Pummeled Midwest Now Takes Aim at East Coast

This Winter Storm Just Keeps Coming: Snow That Pummeled Midwest Now Takes Aim at East Coast Read Transcript

- The storm is hittingNew England hard today

with either rain or heavysnow, depending on the region.

It has already pummeledthe Midwest and destroyed

travel plans for thousands.

- Oh, man, it's been hectic,really bad, really terrible.

- [Heather] The storm slammedthe Chicago area with up

to a foot of wet snow.

It lead to white out conditionsand scores of accidents

on roads across the Midwest.

The storm is blamed for at least one death

on the slick roads.

In Kansas, the Governor declared

a state of disaster emergency.

- It's bad out here, thevisibility is probably

less than a couple carlengths in front of us.

- [Heather] At one point,the blizzard conditions

were so severe, theyforced authorities to close

most of interstate 70 in Kansas.

- We are literally drivingand cannot see anything.

- [Heather] Some driverssimply abandoned their cars.

High winds also playedhavoc ripping the top off

this 18 wheeler, thosewho had hoped to fly out

of Kansas and Chicago onMonday found themselves

joining a host of stranded passengers,

many who spent more thanone night in the airport.

- I've been bumped twice,I can't even rent a car.

- Chicago's O'Hare airport canceled

more than 1200 flights on Monday.

That after a canceled 700 on Sunday.

And the storm is expectedto produce lake effect snow

of up to 10 inches or morearound Lakes Erie and Ontario.

Gusty winds will continuein both New England

and the Midwest, creatingdangerous travel through

the middle of the week.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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