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'All Nations' Defends Slain Missionary John Chau: Island NOT Off Limits and He Took Steps to Keep from Infecting Them

'All Nations' Defends Slain Missionary John Chau: Island NOT Off Limits and He Took Steps to Keep from Infecting Them Read Transcript

- Missions group thatsent missionary John Chau

to a remote Indian island

is defending his strategy

in trying to reach theisolated people group.

Authorities believe the people

on North Sentinel Island killed Chau

after he attempted to makecontact with them this month.

They're still trying to recover his body.

All Nations leader, Mary Ho,

says that Chau joined theorganization last year

and was well prepared.

She said All Nationsconsidered any health risk

he posed to be minimal.

Chau received 13 immunizationsbefore heading out

and he quarantined himself for days.

- No one knows the exacthealth condition of the people.

In past history, yes, contactwith western population

has wiped out local populations,

but we are actually in a different time

of advanced medicine and antibiotics,

and I think a lot of modern medicine

may be able to help the local population

in some of the health issues.

We just don't know.

- Senior National CorrespondentGary Lane joins us now

with more on this.

Now Gary, this story is certainly tragic,

but also a reminder how dangerous

it can be for missionaries.

- Extremely dangerous,

especially if you havea zeal to share Christ

with people who are hostileor potentially hostile.

And that is what happened to John Chau.

He was a young man whojust wanted the people

of North Sentinel Island to know Christ,

and for that, he paidwith his life, Efrem.

He wasn't going to give up on that.

Of course, he said thathe didn't want to die,

but he was willing to diebecause he felt it was important

that God was calling him to do that.

- And he knew the risk

and dangers going in.- Yes, he did.

- And something like thishappened before in the 1950's

with a group of missionariesin South America?

- Yes, and unlike John Chau,

now Chau went into NorthSentinel Island by boat.

In 1956, Nate Saint and Jim Elliot

and three others wentinto eastern Ecuador,

and this is from themovie End of the Spear.

By the way, that movie came out,

as you know about 13 years ago.

Wonderful story, but tragic as well.

And they just felt a need.

They flew into thisarea in eastern Ecuador

into the Auca tribe,

at that time, they werecalled the Auca tribe,

and brought Jesus to them, but with that,

the tribal people turned on them

and speared them to death and they died.

Now we say this is a tragedy,

but you know, God usesthis to build his church.

And guess what, the leaderof that tribe, Efrem,

came to Christ after that incident,

and so did other members.

And of course, you get the tribal leader,

then you get other members

- [Efrem] Absolutely.

Absolutely.- of the tribe

that come to Christ.

- So sacrifice theirlife to take the gospel.

Tell us about anotherdangerous part of the world,

the 10/40 window and effortsto take the gospel there.

- Well, the 10/40 window is an area,

if you look at a map, itbegins in northwestern Africa,

across Africa, northern Africa,

actually the northern half of Africa,

and moves into the Middle East

into places like Iran and Saudi Arabia,

and then from thereinto Afghanistan, India,

into Myanmar, China, and of course Japan,

so that's the 10/40 window, Efrem.

And those are peoplethat are either Muslim,

Buddhist, or Hindu, andmostly unreached people,

people who've never heard the gospel.

You'd be amazed,

you go into places likethe Hindu Kush mountains

and there are people therewho've never heard of Christ,

they've never met aChristian in their life.

It's very dangerous ifyou go into these areas

but also very fruitful,

because many people in those areas,

once they hear the gospel,will come to Christ,

they've very receptive.

People are afraid to go in,

but once you go in you findthat the people are very warm

and will come to Christ.

- Can you share just a little bit about

just the heart of missionaries?

I know you travel the world,

you get to spend a lot of time with them.

Just share a little their heart,

and why they do what they do.- Well,

and I've worked for a mission group,

The Voice of the Martyrs,for about three years.

I can tell you the heart of missionaries

is to serve and to share the gospel.

They're evangelists first and foremost,

but they want to serve as well.

It's not just bringing the gospel,

but going and living with the people,

sharing the love of Christ.

Materially, providing material goods,

and also spiritually, Bibles and so forth.

So it isn't just bringing the gospel,

but also demonstrating the love of Christ

and being with the peoplethat you want to reach

and serving them, building relationships.

- That's beautiful.

Real quick before we go,

how should we be praying for missionaries?

- Well, missionaries have it very--

I mean not all missionaries,

some live in pretty good countries

where they don't have the same risk,

but we have risk righthere in the United States.

I met some evangelists who were beaten up

just for sharing theGospel here in the U.S.

But pray that God willprotect them of course,

but pray that He will give them wisdom

when they go into those areasthat are difficult and risky.

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