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US Ambassador to Israel Sees God at Work

US Ambassador to Israel Sees God at Work Read Transcript

- [Chris] Only one U.S.Ambassador in history

holds the distinction of serving

in Israel's capital, Jerusalem,

David Friedman.

Now he sits at theepicenter of a Middle East

going through historic changes,

a much needed peace plan,

and as we found out,

unprecedented relationsbetween the two allies.

- The Trump Administration is the most

supported administrationwith regard to Israel

in American history.

And I think that's

helped Israel in direct ways.

- [Chris] A widely anticipated peace plan

remains shrouded in secrecy.

Although Friedman explainedone of its guiding principles.

- Nobody should be asked to take

incremental security risk

in pursuit of something that is,

has yet to bear fruit.

So we're very cognizant ofIsrael's security needs.

- Are the new regional alliancesthat seem to be emerging

between Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states,

Jordan, Egypt, and Israel,

is that part of the calculation?

- It's all opening up.

And I think it's justbeginning and I think

that environment, Ithink creates opportunity

and I think it gives

the Israeli public some confidence

that they're not being askedto jump into an empty pool.

- [Chris] Another markerof the Trump Administration

is change.

During his address at thestart of the Jewish New Year,

Ambassador Friedman talked about slaying

some of the sacred cowsof the peace process,

like defunding UNRRA, the right of return,

and the so-called pay to slay,

rewarding terrorists and their families.

- One other aspect, it seemsto be of the peace plan

is a relationship withPalestinian businessmen

and Israel businessmen and

some would say you crossed the red line

when you went to the green line in REL

for the first time officially.

What was the

importance of that meeting?

- On a practical level, I met with,

I don't know, eight or 10

Palestinian business leaders

and to a person,

what they all said to me is,

"Let's do business,"

you know,

"Let's get going, let's do some work."

We wanna work with Jews,

we wanna work with Israelis.

- [Chris] Yet, overshadowingany Middle East peace plan

is Iran.

- Iran

is the


Iran right now is theleading international

state sponsor of terrorism.

- [Chris] Friedman noted thatnew sanctions against Iran

will make a difference.

- They're


And I think they aregoing to ultimately put

the Iranian government in a position

where they can

end this malign activity, you know,

or they won't and thesanctions will continue

and ultimately,

I believe their regime will fail.

- [Chris] We also talkedabout why Evangelical support

is so important to Israel.

- It strengthens the President's resolve

to, I think

be the best president Israel has ever had.

- [Chris] An observant Jew,

Friedman often sees his rolethrough the lens of scripture

and showed me a constant reminder

how he hopes to serve as Ambassador.

A painting of the sin ofthe 10 spies from Exodus.

- I've got this painting to remind me that

the one sin I hope notto commit while I'm here

is the sin of the spies.

Not to have faith, confidence,

and vision.

I think those are thequalities that really

are essential

for me to do my job the right way.

- [Chris] And as a diplomat,

Friedman sees God at work.

- I try to

look at everything from a

lens of what is best

for the United States.

That's my job, I representthe United States.

Look, we are,

we are a nation under God, we're built

on Judeo-Christian values and

much as I try, I cannot help but

see the majesty of God's work in all the

miracles that happen

in this

incredible country.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

the U.S. Embassy, Jerusalem.

- What an amazing Ambassador.

What an amazing time.

I tell you,

giving away some of the myths, I mean,

the whole concept ofthis two state solution,

it isn't gonna work.

You've gotta have a partner in peace

if you're gonna make peace

and the Palestinian authority

has been overrun by


They're just

in the

grip of terrorists


they're irrational

and they

really don't have enoughpower to make peace

and I think our country needsto get along with the fact

that they can't be two states over there

and let's get on with itand just support Israel

and do what we can.


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