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The 700 Club - November 28, 2018

A wanna-be rocker experiences a reality check when mixing drugs and music leaves him short of his dreams. Plus, unlikely allies are showing the way to peace in the Middle East. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up.

They're life long friends.

- Why are you friends?

- He's our neighbor.

- [Narrator] In anunlikely part of the world.

- So it is possible for Jews and Arabs

to live together in friendship.

- Without any doubt.

- [Host] And now these allies are showing

the way to peace in the Middle East.

- The Palestinian people arelooking for their own future.

- [Narrator] Plus, a wannabe rocker.

- In my mind,

I was gonna be a rock n' roll guy.

Gonna party until something big happens

with the music.

- [Narrator] Now see whathappens the day the music died.

- I was gonna drive off this cliff

in my car.

- [Narrator] On today's 700 Club.

(exciting music)

- Welcome ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of the 700 Club.

Things are heating upin the world as always.

It looks like another time we've got

a lot of stuff going on.

Putin is doing aggressivethings against the Ukraine.

You probably saw about that.

The Ukrainians are on full alert.

They've put in martial law.

Could there be a war?

Well probably not,

but what we do to Putin,

and how do we slow him down.

Well everybody's gottabe concerned about that,

and Republicans notched another one.

They've got 53 now in the new Senate,

which gives them some extra.

So they won't have to be cow touting

to a couple of hold outs.

They've got enoughmajority to bring through

some significant things.

But, anyhow,

how are you?

Glad to see you.

- I'm doing very well.

I was in Charleston,South Carolina yesterday.

It was gorgeous.

Walkin' along the battery, and those old--

- What were you doing in Charleston?

- We were doing a 700 Club shoot

for the January telethon.

We were doing some manon the street interviews,

and we got some great responses.

We're asking peopleabout fear and anxiety.

- [Pat] Oh yeah.

- So that's gonna be whatwe're gonna be talking about

during telethon,

and a lot of believers down there.

Of course, a lot ofpeople from out of town,

and then I'm coming back

and I'm in the Atlanta airport

and guess who I run into?

Your son, Tim.

- Who I'm sure had been off--

- He's so tall,

so he's your tallest child I guess.

Anyway, so I'm like Ithink that's Tim Robertson.

So I went over to him.

I said, Tim hey,

where you been and where you comin' from?

He's like Texas,

I've been duck hunting.

- He just got back from Israel,

and he goes immediately to Europe

where he's doing shootingin England and Scotland

and he comes back to Hot Springs

for a few days,

spends time,

and then he takes offand jets down to Texas.

Man, the playboy of the Western world.

Wouldn't it be nice to be like your son

and all you have to do is play?


I've gotta work.

I don't know what it is about


- Well good for Tim.

Keep duck hunting.

- Keep duck hunting.

Alright, well signs of change

are happening in the Middle East.

Some Muslim nations arebeginning to shift their

stance towards Israel.

As matter of fact,

some of the people there say

we'd rather live under theJewish state under Israel

than under the Palestinian authority.

You know people can beexecuted for selling land

to the Jew.

If a Muslim sells land onthe West Bank to the Jew,

he is subject to death.

We're talking aboutDraconian stuff going on.

Can they live together?

Well of course they can,

and Scott Ross will show you why.


- U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman

talked about those changes

with Middle East BureauChief Chris Mitchell.

Their wide ranging interview also touched

on the growing danger of Iran,

and why evangelical supportis so important to Israel.

- [Chris] Only one U.S.Ambassador in history

holds the distinction of serving

in Israel's capital, Jerusalem,

David Friedman.

Now he sits at theepicenter of a Middle East

going through historic changes.

A much needed peace plan,

and as we found outunprecedented relations

between the two allies.

- The Trump Administrationis the most supportive

administration with regards to Israel

in American history.

And I think that's helpedIsrael in indirect ways.

- [Chris] A widely anticipated peace plan

remains shrouded in secrecy.

Although Friedman explainedone of its guiding principles.

- Nobody should be asked to take

incremental security risk in pursuit

of something that has yet to bear fruit.

So we're very cognizant ofIsrael's security needs.

- Are the new regionalalliances that seem to be

emerging between SaudiArabia, the Gulf States,

Jordan, Egypt and Israel,

is that part of the compilation?

- It's all opening up,

and I think it's just beginning.

I think that environmentcreates opportunity,

and I think it gives theIsraeli public some confidence

that they're not being asked to jump

into an empty pool.

- [Chris] Another markerof the Trump Administration

is change.

During his address at thestart of the Jewish New Year,

Ambassador Friedman talked about slaying

some of the sacred cowsof the peace process.

Like defunding UNRA,

the rite of return,

and the so called pay to slay,

rewarding terrorists and their families.

One other aspect that seems to be

over the peace plan

is the relationship withPalestinian business men

and Israeli businessmen,

and some would say youcrossed the red line

when you went to the green line in Ariel

for the first time officially.

What was the importance of that meeting?

- On a practical level,

I met with eight or 10Palestinian business leaders,

and to a person whatthey all said to me is

let's do business,

you know let's get going,

let's do some work.

We want to work with Jews,

we wanna work with Israelis.

- [Chris] Yet overshadowingany Middle East peace plan

is Iran.

- Iran is the danger.

Iran right now is the leadinginternational state sponsor

of terrorism.

- [Chris] Friedmannoted that new sanctions

against Iran will make a difference.

- They're extraordinary,

and I think they aregoing to ultimately put

the Iranian government in a position

where they can end this malign activity

or they won't,

and the sanctions will continue,

and ultimately I believetheir regime will fail.

- [Chris] We also talked about why

evangelical support isso important to Israel.

- It strengthens the President's resolve

to be the best PresidentIsrael's ever had.

- [Chris] In observant Jew,

Friedman often sees his role

through the lens of scripture

and showed me a constant reminder

how he hopes to serve as Ambassador.

A painting of the Sin ofthe Ten Spies from Exodus.

- I've got this painting to remind me that

the one sin I hope notto commit while I'm here

is the sin of the spies,

not to have faith, confidence, and vision.

I think those are thequalities that really

are essential for me todo my job the right way.

- [Chris] And as a diplomat,

Friedman sees God at work.

- I try to look ateverything from a lens of

what is best for the United States.

That's my job,

I represent the United States.

Look, we are a nation under God,

we're built on Judea-Christian values,

and as much as I try I cannot help

but see the majesty of God's work

and all the miracles that happen

in this incredible country.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News,

the U.S. Embassy,


- What an amazing Ambassador.

What an amazing time.

I tell you giving away some of the myths,

the whole concept ofthis two-state solution,

it isn't gonna work.

You gotta have a partner in peace

if you're gonna make peace,

and the Palestinianauthority has been overrun

by Hamas.

They're in the grip of terrorists,

and they're irrational,

and they really don't haveenough power to make peace.

I think our country needsto get along with the fact

they can't be two states over there,

and let's get on with itand just support Israel

and do what we can.

In other news,

Republicans strengthen their hold

on the Senate Tuesday night.

John Jessup has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureau in Washington.

Here's John.

- That's right Pat.

In Mississippi, Republicansheld the Senate seat

after Cindy Hyde-Smith easily won

over her Democratic challenger Mike Espy.

Hyde-Smith's decisivemargin of eight points

came even after she made some verbal gaffs

that brought the state'shistory of racism into play.

Espy, though, faced challenges of his own,

dogged by past allegations of corruption.

The win cements the GOPlead in the Senate 53 to 47.

Republicans made a netpick up of two Senate seats

in the mid-term elections.

Well the Trump Administrationwill appeal a judge's order

blocking its policy ofdenying asylum to immigrants

who enter the United States illegally.

The justice departmentplans to appeal the order

to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

President Trump criticizedthat circuit last week

as biased,

calling the judge who ruled against him

quote an Obama judge.

Meanwhile Democrats in Congress

are opposing Republican efforts to meet

President Trump's request

for five billion dollarsto build a border wall.

The President has threatenedto shut down the government

if he doesn't get the money.

Well the President's top economic advisor

is taking a cautious tone

as the United States andChina prepare to meet

at the G20 Economic Summit this weekend.

Some in his administration are hoping

the talks will delay implementation

of new tariffs on Chinaby the United States.

Larry Kudlow says while the President

is willing to negotiate,

he's not backing off his commitment

to hold firm on China.

- The President said thereis a good possibility

that we can make a deal,

and he is open to it.

But on the other hand,

if these conditions Imentioned a few moments ago

are not met and not dealt with,

the President's said,

he's perfectly happy tostand on his tariff policies.

- Administration plans to raise tariffs

on some 200 billion dollarsin Chinese goods to 25%.

Well turning over seas in Eastern Europe,

there are fears of a renewed fighting

after Russia seized three Ukrainian ships.

Thousands have been killedas a result of fighting

between Russian separatistsand Ukrainian nationals

in the East.

It all started when Russiaannexed the Crimean peninsula

from the Ukraine in 2014.

And as Dale Hurd reports,

this latest flare up couldbe part of a struggle

over the Orthodox church.

- Is the brewing crisisbetween Russia and Ukraine

the result of a turf battle

between the Russian andUkrainian Orthodox churches?

Some say it could be.

Vladimir Putin finally lost one,

and he's angry,

and that could be what was behind

an incident on Sunday near Crimea

when Russian border guards rammed into

and opened fire on threeUkrainian navy vessels

traveling from the Black Sea

toward a Ukrainian port.

- I believe that it is actually a desire

for Putin to show who'sin control of Crimea.

- [Dale] CBN's directorfor Russia and Ukraine

Steve Weber,

believes the Russian action could've been

Putin's angry response to the decision

by the world wide leaderof the Orthodox church

to take Orthodox churches in Ukraine away

from the control of the Russian patriarch

in Moscow.

- It could be connected to what happened

just a few weeks ago when

Bartholomew, in Instanbul,

with a stroke of the pen,

took 12,000 a third of all of the churches

under the Moscow patriarch

and gave them to the Ukrainian patriarch.

This created anger in Putin.

It's like you lost powerover a third of his parishes.

- [Dale] Putin used Moscow's dominance

over the 300 millionperson Orthodox communion

to try to control Orthodoxbelievers in Ukraine

and boost his image as a leader.

Weber says losing the Ukrainian churches

was like kicking sand into Putin's face

and frees Ukraine evenmore from the clutches

of Moscow.

Fearing war,

the Ukrainian parliamenthas imposed martial law

for 30 days,

something Ukraine didn'tdo even when Russia annexed

Ukraine's Crimean peninsula in 2014

or sent troops into eastern Ukraine.

Russia says it will send ananti-aircraft missile system

into Crimea.

The United States and its allies condemned

the Russian seizure at the United Nations.

- Sunday's outrageous violation

of sovereign Ukrainian territory

is part of a pattern of Russian behavior

that includes the purportedannexation of Crimea

and abuses against countlessUkrainians in Crimea.

- President Trump was scheduled to meet

with Putin next week,

but some sources say thePresident may cancel the meeting

over the seizure of the Ukrainian ships.

Dale Hurd,

CBN News.

- Thanks Dale.

Pat back to you.

- I think it's time to isolate Putin.

There're steps that couldbe taken against him

that you can't just use rudo.

You gotta do something.

I think cutting off banking relations

with some of the companiesthat he deals with,

he's an extremely rich man,

and he's controlled the economy of Russia.

If the United States puts sanctions

on some of those companiesand forbids our banking system

to deal with him,

it'll bring Putin's allies against him

and he'll begin to sayokay I'll behave myself.

If you look back in history a little bit,

Ukraine had some shortrange nuclear weapons,

and they gave them up.

They said we'll surrender them

on the promise of thefact that the NATO people,

especially the United States,

will guarantee our sovereignty.

Under Obama,

that promise was ignored

and they were reluctantto give arms and supplies.

Now Trump has beenfurnishing certain amounts

of arms and supplies,

but not nearly enough.

Putin has a very powerful arm,

and he's exercising itbecause he wants to control

everything that used to be part

of the old Soviet Union.

And Ukraine was part of it.

And the Ukrainians want tobe independent of Russia,

and it's gonna be a difficult thing,

but we certainly don't want war

in that part of thecountry nor do we want war

with a country that has a huge arsenal

of nuclear weapons.

We don't want that,

so we need to take him up to the edge,

but not go over the edgebecause all you got to do

is push a button andsuddenly they'll incinerate

a number of our cities,

and that will not be a pleasant prospect.

So we have to deal withthis very very cautiously,

but at the same time,

we cannot allow him little by little,

he takes over the Crimea,

then he takes over the Ukraine,

then he goes after the Baltic countries,

and he's got Lithuania,Estonia, and Latvia,

and he wraps them upback into his embrace,

and the next thing youknow he's after Finland.

You just gotta be carefulbecause he's an expansionist,

and he will take what he can get.

Well we've got to say no Mr. Putin,

you can't have that.

And we have to say it very forcefully

and back it up with action.

It's not gonna be easy.


- Pat back here at home.

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon

made a surprise announcement last night

to a family affectedby Hurricane Florence.

One of many families helpedby Operation Blessing.

Terry and Divya MacArthurand their 12 year old son

were flooded out of theirhome during the hurricane.

- For lack of a betterword it's a disaster.

Some might refer to it as a nightmare,

Romans 8:28 says all things work together

for the good of the Lord.

So that's where I'm finding peace.

- [John] Operation Blessinggutted parts of the home

and tore out wet flooring.

During the demolition the family was told

the Tonight Show wanted togive a few hurricane victims

a break from the disaster.

So, you can imagine theMacArthurs' surprise

when Jimmy Fallon called them out

during the show's taping in New York City.

- Your house, very special house.

Why is it special to you?

- Cause my grandmother left it to me.

- Your grandmother left it to you,

and you had a tough couple of years huh?

You guys were hit withHurricane Matthew 2016,

Hurricane Florence,

and you have no flood insurance?

- No.

- Well our friends atthe Home Depot Foundation

and their partner Operation Blessing

heard about your story

and they wanna help.

Here's what they're gonna do.

They're gonna come in,

they're gonna fix your home,

they're gonna fix your roof,

they're gonna repaintand insulate your house,


they're gonna provide a new furnace,


redo your yard,

and send in the Home Depotdesigner to refurnish your home.


- Thank you.

- I can't imagine whatyou've been through.

Thanks to the Home Depot Foundation

and Operation Blessing.

- And as Divya said,

all things work togetherfor the good of those

that love the Lord.

Great memorable day for them.


- That marvelous.

Well, it's so nice to seethat Operation Blessing.

- That was amazing.

- Wasn't that marvelous?

- Yeah, thank you Jimmy Fallon.


- Thank you,

and thanks to Operation Blessing,

and thank you folks for,

as you participate with us,

we're able to help others.

As you give it'll be given unto you.

So, God bless you,

and I'm sure that familyappreciates what you've done.


- Up next,

Scott Ross takes us tothe ancient city of Hebron

to explore a unique friendship

between an Arab and a Jew.

Hope for peace in the Middle East

when we come back.

(happy music)

- Well an overwhelmingpercentage of Palestinian Arabs

want peace with Israel,

and one prominent leader says

they would prefer livingunder the Jewish state

than the Palestinian authority.

So CBN's Scott Ross traveled

to the ancient city of Hebron

where he talked with a Jew and an Arab

who both believe peace is possible.

That's our good news story for today.

- [Scott] Hebron is often known

as one of the most volatilecities in the West Bank,

but here in what's alsothe most prosperous

Palestinian Arab city,

a different kind of peace between Israelis

and Palestinians isdiscussed on both sides.

Noam Arnon speaks for the Jewish community

in Hebron.

There are now how many Jews living

in Hebron approximately?

- Well, it's about 800.

- Surrounded by how many thousands of--

- About 200,000 Arabs,

but you see this isactually the same percentage

as Jews in the Middle East.

- Those Jews live mostly

in a historic sector,

separated from the Palestinian population.

Arnon took me to meethis friend Ashraf Ja'abri

in the Arab sector.

Ja'abri, and Arab leader here,

heads a powerful familyclan of some 30,000.

We're in Hebron.

How long have you lived here?

- 43 years.

- Ja'abri and Arnon havebeen friends for 30 years.

After our initial exchange,

Ja'abri preferred tospeak mostly in Hebrew.

You two are friends,

you're an Arab and he's a Jew.

- Yes.

- Why are you friends?

- He's our neighbor.

- Neighbors?

- Yes.

- And you get along together?

- Yes.

- So it is possible for Jews and Arabs

to live together in friendshipwithout any conflict.

- Yes, without any doubt.

30 years ago we were working together,

doing business together.

- Why don't more Jews andArabs live as you live

with your friend?

- Because of the politicians.

- More than 25 years ago,

Israel opened the door for Yasser Arafat

and the PalestinianLiberation Organization,

or PLO,

from Tunis,

by recognizing them asthe sole representative

of the Palestinian people in negotiation.

Arafat and then IsraeliPrime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

signed the Oslo Accordson the White House lawn

in 1993 creating the Palestinian Authority

out of the PLO to govern the Palestinians.

The aim?

To end the Israeli Palestinian conflict

and eventually establisha Palestinian state

in biblical Judea, Sumeria, and Gaza.

Ja'abri says it hasn't worked.

- The PLO signed the OsloAgreement 25 years ago.

Until today, we didn't reach peace.

It's the opposite.

We started with a very big problem.

- In the Oslo Accord,

the Israeli governmenthave brought the PLO

to control the local population.

And they said you bring those people,

the corrupted and theterrorists to control us.


I feel ashamed about it.

We disappointed them,

we betrayed them.

- What did the PLO think of you?

- I don't care what thePLO thinks about me.

What's important for me ishow we can all live together

in this area in the state of Israel.

If we follow their way,

we won't have peace evenin the next 50 years.

- [Scott] And he says therehas to be another way.

- How will we live together?

Under the government of Israel.

In the end,

this is the only solution.

- Even though Ja'abri says

that masses want to change,

saying so would get them in trouble

with the Palestinian authority.

Have your enemies threatened you?

- We're not afraid of anyone.

We speak from our hearts,

we speak the truth.

- Do you have hope for the future

for peace in the land?

- Of course there's hope,

but we have to continuein the way of real peace

from both sides.

The problem between usis a political problem

- Ja'abri who is a business man

and other Palestinian Israeli business men

have ideas about how to makeperson to person relations work

and they want the world to help.

- We established anonprofit in Ariel, Sumeria,

Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We work together.

We have no problem with the Jews

in any place in the country,

in Tel Aviv or in the territories.

- [Scott] U.S. Ambassadorto Israel David Friedman

recently visited the JudeaSumeria Chamber of Commerce

and Industry in the city of Ariel

that Ja'abri helped found.

It's intended to developgreater economic opportunities

and integrated business models.

- I'll tell you something more.

If someone threatens the situation,

I'll stand up for Noam and protect him.

I'm against all the trouble makers

and will protect our area.

- You would protect Jews?

- Yes. It's our culture.

He's my friend.

I won't betray his life ever.

This is how I understand peace.

- [Scott] PresidentTrump has yet to unveil

his Israeli Palestinian peace plan,

and it's unclear what it contains.

But if it's up to Ja'abri and Arnon,

it will be a whole different ballgame.

Scott Ross for CBN in Hebron.

- That's good word Scott.

I've had the privilege orthe interesting experience

of meeting a couple oftimes Yasser Arafat.

Once I drove to Gaza and met with him

at his headquarters.

Another time,

he was in Bethlehem,

where they'd taken over a whole monastery,

and they had all thesePalestinian soldiers.

But when you think ofthe Muslim brotherhood,

they were dedicated toestablishing a Calafate

and establishing the ruleof Muslims around the world.

That was the brotherhood,

and they in turn established Hamas,

and they established the

Palestinian Liberation Organization,

the PLO.

And to think that suddenly the PLO

becomes the only negotiating body,

now the PLO were a group of terrorists.

They were killers and murderers,

and they are now incharge of what was called

the Palestinian authority.

So, when they come in,

it's no wonder that Hamas,

which is a terrorist organization,

takes control,

and that's what's gotta be dealt with.

So how can there be a two state solution

when one of them isgoverned by terrorists?

And where it's an executable offense.

A Palestinian who sellsland in the West Bank

to a Jew,

can be executed,

and if somebody's aChristian they are persecuted

and it's a dictatorial system.

And why should we give money to them?

Why should the U.N. give money to them?

And why should we support those people?

I think the TrumpAdministration is cutting off

our subsidies to the PLO,

but it needs to be stoppedto the Palestinian Authority

because it's run by thugs

and you go all the way backto the Muslim brotherhood,

and it all sounds so benign,

but it's not.

We had members of the Muslim brotherhood

sitting in the council chambersof the Obama Administration.

They were right there making decisions

about how to deal with terrorists,

and they were the terrorists.

- That's unbelievable.

- But it's true.

You remember all those rules that the FBI.

They had to take 1000of their restrictions

against Muslim

because the Muslimbrotherhood insisted on it.

They are a terrorist organization,

the Muslim brotherhood.

I mean it's just incredible.

So, hopefully we canstraighten this stuff out,

but it's a long way coming.

But the good people in the West Bank,

they want peace.

The Arabs want peace,

and Scott did a greatjob bringing that out

and we need to pray for peace.

That's what people want desperately.

They don't wanna fight wars,

they want to get on with life

and build families and have schools

and have their childrengrow up happy and healthy.

That's what everybody wants.

- Amen.

Well said, Pat.

Well coming up,

we've got your email.

Gayle asks,

what will happen when we get to heaven

and find out some of ourloved ones are not there?

Do you think God will erase all memory

of those particular loved ones?

Your questions,

honest answers after this.

(energizing music)

Welcome back to the 700 Club.

It's time for your questionsand some honest answers

from Pat.

We'll start with Gayle's question.

She says I would like to hear your opinion

on what will happen when we get to heaven

and find out some of ourloved ones are not there.

I know heaven has no sadness,

so do you think God will erase the memory

of those particular loved ones?

All but one of my immediatefamily members have passed,

and I hope to find them all again

in heaven someday.

- Well, you remember thestory about the rich man

and the Lazarus,

and they got to Abraham's bosom

and Lazarus said,

look here's the deal.

And the rich man said to Abraham,

he said Father Abraham,

I've got brothers whodon't know about this.

Can I please have somebody come from here

and tell them?

And Abraham said they've got Moses

and the prophets,

and they won't believe ifsomebody rose from the dead.

So, families members you'llbe able to recognize,

but the bible says Godwill wipe all the tears

from their eyes.

and there'll be no sadness and no sorrow

in heaven.

So, whatever you feel about people

will not be sad or sorry about it.

So just recognize it,

but I don't think God's going to erase

the memory of your loved ones from you.

Let's just pray andhope they find the Lord

before you all go there.

That's where we'regoing one of these days.

- Amen.

Alright interesting question here.

Dolores writes in,

please tell me moreabout Wendy's engagement.

Love her and very happy for her.

Well thank you Dolores,

that's very sweet of you to ask.

- Now, we're not gonna tell,

you've got this engagement,

you're wearing a very pretty ring.

- I did mention I gotengaged on September 1st,

on the top of my favoritemountain in Virginia,

Old Rag Mountain.

I was completely surprised and shocked.

We were,

it was September 1st,

very humid, hot sweaty

kinda raining that day.

We got to the top of the mountain,

we're eating our sandwiches,

it starts thundering,

and we're ready to get down the mountain.

And then, my fiance Bill said

I need to lighten my backpack.

I'm thinkin' what's he gonnathrow out of his backpack.

And, I look back andhe's holding this ring

and he says,

can you carry this down the mountain?

Will you marry me?

- He's a very romantic guy.

The thing that impressed me about him is

you set up the wedding tomake sure it doesn't conflict

with hunting season.

That says a lot.

- We had to work around deer season

and January telethonbecause that's two weeks.

So I had my stuff,

and he has deer hunting and duck hunting,

so I think we're good.

So we're looking now towards the spring.

- Well our prayers are with you,

and everybody's very happy.

I'm sure there arethousands of men out there

who are sad that Wendy isno longer on the market.

- Did you see the picturethat they just put up?

- I did, yeah I saw it.

- You haven't met him yet.

- No I haven't.

- Gordon's met him.

- I look forward to it.

Alright what else you got?

- Alright here's one from this viewer.

Dear Pat,

lately I have been feeling so overwhelmed

with everything going on.

I read scriptures;

I pray for our President and for Israel;

but when I pray for myself and my family,

I feel like I don't get answers.

I'm tithing.

Please, I need your words of wisdom.

- The words of great peacehave they that love thy Lord

and nothing shall offend them.

I think you need to becomfortable in the fact,

you know I'm involved

in a lot of the stuff behind the scenes,

one of the people,

I'm head of the AmericanCenter for Law and Justice,

and our chief counselis now general counsel

with the President of the United States,

so I'm into this stuff.

And I have to remindmyself of the scripture

that says the governmentshall be upon His shoulders.

That's in Isaiah,

the government shallbe upon His shoulders,

and his name will be called Emmanuel,

God with us.

And we recognize the governmentis on Jesus' shoulders,

the destiny of the worldis on His shoulders,

and it's not on our shoulders,

it's on his.

What he said is to occupy til I come,

and that's what we've gotta do

is to do His work and to live for Him

til he comes back.

End of story.

So, fear not and let notyour heart be troubled.

That's what the bible says.

Neither let it be afraid.

God's got everything under control,

so just chill out if I can use that term.

Just chill.

Don't be trying to carry the burden

that only the Lord is able to carry.

- Alright good word.

Liz says, how should I pray?

My daddy just had a massive stroke,

and I'm not sure how to live without him.

I need him home with me.

- Well, it may be the Lord can restore

a massive stroke.

My wife had a massive stroke,

she's getting betterand better all the time.

- Great!

- I had a little stroke,

and I'm here talking to you.

So, strokes come and they go.

There are interventions you can do,

and you can pray and ask the Lord to help,

but also, there are waysof special exercise.

The more exercise the stroke victim does,

the faster the brain will heal.

And it does heal, alright?

- That's interesting.

Okay, Daniel says,

Hi Pat,

what do you think about thephrase replacement theology,

that the church has replaced Israel?

- It's an absolute heresy,

and it's been around for a long time.

It's has led to thepersecution of the Jews,

it's led to the po groms,

it's led to probably was at the foundation

of some of the stuff that Hitler did

during the Holocaust.

So the idea is,

Israel is no longer God's chosen people,

but the church is God's chosen people,

and the Jews no longerhave any special place.

That does not comportwith Christian scripture.

The scripture makes it very clear

that Israel is still there,

the church is still there.

Paul wrote about the church,

Paul wrote about the Jews,

he said I'd give away my salvation

if I could see the salvationof my brothers the Jews.

And no way did the church supplant Israel.

It just isn't the way it is,

but Israel has a destiny,

and the church has a destiny, alright?

- Alright, this lady says,

Pat, I'm a married woman, 26,

with a baby.

I live with my parents who are pastors.

After we were married,

my husband moved in.

Our marriage has beennothing but arguments,

which include about how things are run

in the house.

We have wanted to move out for so long,

but my dad, who is a pastor,

forbids us and says it's God will

for us to live with them.

Is this right?

- Your dad, God bless him,

doesn't know the word.

For this cause shall a manleave his mother and father

and cleave to his wife,

and the two shall become one flesh.

They leave their mother and father,

and a man should be ableto establish his own home

and not listen to hisfather-in-law demanding

what he's got to do.

When you got married,

leave mother and fatherand cleave to wife,

that's what the bible says,

and anybody that demands that you live

in their household as a father-in-law,

that's outrageous.

I just don't understandhow anybody could come up

with that solution.

Of course,

you're entitled to your own home.

You're entitled to your own household,

and you shouldn't be under the authority

of your father-in-law,

your mother-in-law,

or any other in law.

You and your wife, you and your husband

need to live your lives together

as a unit apart from,

doesn't mean you stoprespecting your parents,

you honor your mother and father,

as long as you live.

- Amen.

Good word, good advice.

- When you get married,

you keep that in mind.

- I will yes sir.

- Well Christmas is just weeks away,

and we have a great gift idea for you.

It's our Christmas, the storybehind the traditions DVD.

Let's take a look now

at the story behind the traditions

of Christmas candy canes.

- It's a familiar holiday complaint.

Christmas today is too commercial.

But the tradition of Christmas shopping

is more than a thousand years old.

And it all started right here,

in the Christmas markets of Europe.

The earliest versionof the Christmas market

is thought to be Vienna's December market.

It dates back to 1294,

when shopkeepers held an outdoor market

so people could stock upon supplies for the winter.

After that, December markets sprang up

all over Europe,

and over time people set up stalls

to sell baskets, toys, and woodcarving.

Others sold roasted nuts, meats,

and gingerbread.

Also popular was a new kind of sweet

known as the candy cane.

- 1670, Cologne Cathedral.

Imagine the scene,

the Christmas children'sservices are going on,

but the children are chatting away

and being a little bit boredy,

and so the choir master wantsto calm the children down.

So, he invents these things candy canes.

He brings them out,

and suddenly the childrencould be chewing on them

and keeping a littlebit quiet in services.

The choir master has the idea

that if you make them like a crook,

like a shepherd's crook,

it's something theycan take away with them

if they haven't eaten them already,

to remind them in someway of one character

in the Christmas story.

(Christmas music)

- And this DVD can be yours

when you join us in aRobertson family tradition

by giving a special gift to those in need

equal to the money that you'd be spending

on your usual Christmas dinner.

And when you send yourgift of $25 or more,

we'll send you thisChristmas Traditions DVD

filmed in eight countries.

It takes you around the world to discover

the history of Christmas and the meaning

behind their traditionsyou love to celebrate.

Plus you'll also receivea CD of Pat reading

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Both the DVD and theCD are our gift to you

when you send your gift of $25 or more

to bless those in need.

Just call 1-800-700-7000or visit today

and receive yours in time for Christmas.

Still ahead, he went from rising rockstar

to washed up drug addictall by the age of 24.

- Didn't want to live anymore.

I backed my car,

I had it revved up,

and I was gonna drive off this cliff.

- [Wendy] See what happened next,

later on today's 700 Club.

(energizing music)

- Welcome back to Washingtonfor this CBN Newsbreak.

New developments surrounding

former Trump campaignchairman Paul Manafort

are affecting the Russia investigation.

It has now come to lightthat Manafort's attorneys

had briefed the President's legal team

on what he told SpecialCounsel Robert Mueller.

And a new report from the Guardian says

Mueller met with WikiLeaksfounder Julian Assange

before it released emails harmful

to the Clinton campaign.

Manafort denies meeting with him.

All this as Muellerviolated his plea agreement

and repeatedly lied to investigators

in the Russia probe.

Well winter is moving in hard

over parts of the nation.

Lake effect snow from the Great Lakes

is descending east of Buffalo, New York

and to parts of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

And up to a foot of snow is expected

in some of the areas in Wednesday alone.

Buffalo may get as muchas 20 inches of snow

from the system.

One index says this is one of the coldest

and snowiest starts to winter

the Northeast has seen in years.

Well you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Wendy will be backwith more of the 700 Club

right after this.

(energizing music)

- Well in case you didn't know folks,

you're watching the 700 Club

and we're so happy to have you with us.

And we want you to knowthat we care about you,

we love you and we thank God for you.

In high school, ChadParrett had one obsession,

and that was to become a star

and live a life of sex,drugs, and rock n' roll.

But by the time he was 24,

his dream had died,

and Chad found himselfa wasted drug addict

with no money.

And before long,

thoughts of suicide tookhim to the edge of a cliff,

and he was about to drive over it.

(rock music)

- Music was a big part of my escape.

That became what I aspired to be

since I didn't have a good father

to set an example for me.

(rock music)

- [Reporter] As a young boy

in the small mountaintown of Raywick, Kentucky,

Chad Parrett felt the absence

of a father who was in and out of prison

for repeat drug and alcohol charges.

- I never could understand why

he kept getting in trouble.

That's all I had,

you know he was my dad,

and I would get excitedevery time I would see him.

He was still my dad.

- [Reporter] Chad's parents had divorced

by the time he was three,

but Mom wasn't around much either.

She remarried and took to the road

with her new husband,

a truck driver,

for weeks on end.

Chad spent most of his childhood

with his grandmother.

- My mom was gone,

my grandma was doing the best she could.

I didn't have anyone to take me

to a baseball games or to get involved

with sports with me,

I was feeling left outand alone and rejected.

- [Reporter] There was little to do

in the small town,

so as Chad got older,

he started getting high with his friends.

He also discovered apassion for playing guitar.

By high school, Chad thought he had found

his purpose in life when he started a band

with dreams of becoming a rockstar.

- You know they had the money,

they had the cars,

they had everything that looked like

that would fulfill youand bring you happiness

and joy and not feel rejected.

- [Reporter] To Chad,

part of being a rockstar was partying

and using drugs,

including cocaine.

- Because these rockstarsI was looking up to,

that's what they did,

in my mind I was gonnabe a rock n' roll guy.

I was gonna party untilsomething big happens

with the music.

- [Reporter] After high school

and into his early 20s,

Chad and his band weregigging and partying hard

every weekend hoping to make it big.

But soon the band broke up,

leaving Chad alone once again.

- I didn't have the flashy music,

the flashy band to hold me up

and give me some type of identity.

I was becoming a washed up drug addict.

The drug binges would goon for days at a time,

and then I would come home from partying

and outta money and really depressed.

It was really dark desperate times.

- [Reporter] At 24 years old,

Chad's dream was shattered.

He was out of work and now facing charges

for drug possession.

- That was probably one of the most

scariest things that I had dealt with.

The reality of having to go to prison,

the fun was fading away.

The partying was fading away,

and it was turning into following

in my dad's footsteps.

- [Reporter] Chad ended upwith two years of probation.

Then, one night,

Chad drove up to a stop on the road

that was overlooking a cliff.

- Didn't wanna live anymore.

Didn't wanna be a drug addict.

Didn't wanna be broke.

Didn't wanna be a loser.

I backed my car up,

I had it revved up,

and I was gonna drive off this cliff

in my car.

- [Reporter] Scared to follow through,

Chad abandoned his plan.

His thoughts drifted from suicide

to frequenting bars.

Then, months later while playing pool,

an old high school buddy came in.

He'd become a Christian and was on his way

back to Florida where he was in school

studying for the ministry.

- Finished the game and he said,

I got my guitar in the car.

Why don't you come on out?

And I said yeah man,

let's go out there.

I'll show you some stuff man, c'mon.

We played a few more songs,

and I took the guitar andshowed him some stuff,

and I said I'm going with ya.

- [Reporter] The pair headed to Florida

where his friend took himto a Brownsville Revival

church service.

- Steve Hill's doing the altar call

at the end,

and I feel like he's talking right to me.

It's the things he saying, you know.

You've been on this road to destruction,

and you're addicted to drugs,

and I had to say okay,

I had to accept him as my savior.

- [Reporter] He returned to Kentucky

and moved out on his own,

but now back with his friends,

letting go of old habits wasn't so easy.

- So God was nagging and pulling at me

for this next littlewhile after I was saved.

So every night I'm in the crowd,

mingling and drinking,

and I just realized there's more

and I've got to work on this.

- [Reporter] One night after an argument

with a girl he'd been dating,

Chad's frustrationreached a boiling point.

- I'm 27, I've done nothing with my life.

I'm broke,

and every dime I ever had

and everything I lived for,

I'm depending on my grandmother.

- [Reporter] He decidedto take it out on his car.

- I'm high and stoned and drunk.

I just started beating the windows

out of this car,

and just beating this car up.

(suspensful music)

The next day you see this car

be all to pieces and glass everywhere,

that was the lowest point of my life,

and I said this is it.

I can't do this.

That was the crossroads where I was either

gonna keep this up or I was gonna be

all in for Jesus.

- [Reporter] With God'shelp and counseling,

Chad overcame hisaddictions and got his life

on the right track.

He reconnected with his parents

and even led them both to Christ.

Today he is a business owner,

a husband and father.

- I pinch myself every time I pull

in the driveway now.

I'd never dreamed thatI could have a business

and a beautiful wife andtwo beautiful children.

- [Reporter] As for music,

he's still playing butnow for a higher purpose.

- Okay God, I'll do it for you,

and that's better.

That's more satisfying than any success

in the music business,

is to just sing a praise to the Lord

because that's where the music comes from.

And he laid the path for me

and sent his Holy Spirit to be with me,

to guide me,

to fulfill that need,

and I didn't feel rejected.

He was rejected so Iwouldn't have to be rejected.

(guitar music)

- The bible says there'spleasure in sin for a season.

There is a season.

I'd be lying if I didn'tsay that sinning is fun.

It's not a hard problem, it's fun.

People enjoy having sin.

There's pleasure in sin for a season.

And Chad found pleasure.

He liked to play rock music.

He liked to drink,

and then he started a little cocaine

because that felt good.

And so there was pleasure.

But you know something?

The music stops.

Somebody stops the music,

and suddenly it's all empty.

It's like bitter ashes in your mouth.

What happened to the fun?

Well I thought there was fun,

but no there's not any fun

because the thief has cometo kill and to destroy

and He, Jesus said I've comethat they might have life

and they may have it more abundantly.

Chad came to the end,

and that's what'llhappen to everyone of you

who thinks this fun will sin for a season.

Well that season is over.

It's bitter ashes.

It's emptiness.

It is lonliness.

It is despair.

It is hopelessness.

It is the end of the line,

and in his case thank goodness

he didn't commit suicide,

but he came to thatI've got to end my life,

I can't stand it any longer.

Listen, Jesus Christ said I have come

that they might have lifeand have it more abundantly.

Nobody I've ever heard of who said

I curse the day that I came to Jesus.

Many people,

I curse the day I started drinking,

I curse the day I started taking drugs,

I curse the day that I had that affair,

I curse the day thatI caught that disease,

but nobody's ever said that about Jesus.

Now would you like to haveultimate joy and peace?

He has come that you might have life

and have it more abundantly.

Pray this will you with me right now?

Just bow your head and ask him,

Lord, that's right, Lord,

I want you,

my life is empty,

I've come to the end of myself,

and I ask your forgivenessfor the way I've lived,

and I say Lord come into my heart now,

take over my life,

and from this moment on I am yours.

Thank you Lord,

for hearing my prayerand come into my heart.

Thank you.

In Jesus name,

and if you prayed with me,

I want to give you something real quick,

it's called A New Day.

It'll tell you what you've just done,

what it means to be born again,

what it means to have an exchanged life,

what the Lord will do for you,

give us a call.

Tell us, I just prayed with Pat.

I gave my heart to the Lord.

It's an easy number to remember,

it's 1-800-700-7000.

We leave you with today's power minute

from Poverbs,

He who heeds the wordwisely will find good,

and whoever trusts in the Lord,

happy is he.

Well for Wendy and all of us,

this is Pat Robertson.

Thanks for being with us,

and I'll see you tomorrow.



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