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Carrying On a Blessed Family Legacy

Along with his wife, Mark carried on his family business. They also followed an example of “double tithe,” and share how that has affected them. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Mark and Jacqueline Klein

have been married for over 30 years.

They're proud to call East Texas home.

- My great-great-grandfather went

to the California Gold Rush of 1849,

got some gold, and cameback and bought a bunch

of farm land here on theNorthwest side of Houston.

My grandfather owned a general store

over in Spring, Texas.

He sold everything fromhorseshoes to coffins.

So, that's kind of how we started.

- [Narrator] Mark trainedas a pastor before taking up

his father's funeral business.

As a young man he also decided to carry on

another family legacy.

- Ever since I can remember,

everybody in our family's lineage,

we would all double tithe.

We have always been givers and so thankful

to the Lord for everything.

The main thing is thatthe Lord wants to bless us

so that we can be a blessing to others.

- [Narrator] The Klein'sdesire to help others

was a big part of theirdecision to give to CBN.

- They do so much good in the world,

so much good in the world.

And they operate in thegifts of the spirit.

- CBN has been serving Godfaithfully for so many years.

They help so many peoplein so many different ways

from children's ministries,disaster relief,

medical treatment, the water wells.

When you give to CBN Ministry,

you're helping give life to other people.

They share the Gospel messagewhile they're helping people

at probably the worsttimes of their lives.

I think it's just a really powerful way

to witness to people about Jesus.

- [Narrator] As their incomeincreased through the years,

the Klein's have alsoincreased their giving.

They recently became CBNChairmen Circle members.

- He's given us the key toprosperity, and that's tithing.

But a key won't open the door by itself.

It takes action.

It takes a person to putthe key in and open it.

And faith is an act.

I would encourage you to step out in faith

and start tithing.

And He's faithful, He will bless you.

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