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Father Refuses to Allow 6-Year-Old Son to Dress Like a Girl – Now He's Been Charged with 'Child Abuse'

Father Refuses to Allow 6-Year-Old Son to Dress Like a Girl – Now He's Been Charged with 'Child Abuse' Read Transcript

- As Executive Directorof the American College

of Pediatricians and joins usnow to discuss James' story.

Dr. Ceretella, first, yourobservations about James

and his wanting to be Luna with his mother

and James with his dad.

Is this gender dysphoriaand can a six-year-old

struggle with this?

- A six-year-old child cancertainly have gender dysphoria.

But James' case does notreally fit that definition.

A young child who has gender dysphoria

persistently and consistently will insist

they are not their biological sex.

But in this case, Jamesis quite happy being a boy

with a father and seems to behave

and act like a girl with his mother.

So, there's some red flags there.

- How does this differfrom children this age

simply being curious about gender?

- There's some overlap.

But generally, a childwith true gender dysphoria

is so upset, so emotionally upset

by their biological sex thatthey will reach the point

where they insist it's not who they are.

Whereas a child who's just experimenting,

they may try out differentsex stereotyped playing

or cross-dressing, things like this.

But it's not a persistentor consistent habit.

- What do you think will be the best thing

for James in this situation?

- The ideal approach hereshould be with a therapist

who will objectively look at James

and the very difficultsituation they're in.

This is a divorce situation.

And basically, assesswhat's different about

when James is with Mom andwhen James is with Dad.

There are cases now, I don't obviously,

I don't know these parents personally but,

there is definitely thecase in which some mothers

in particular canexperience gender mourning.

Moms who so desperately wanted a girl,

but never gave birth to a daughter

can enter a deep depressionand that depression

is only lifted when one of their sons

acts in a feminine wayor allows the mom to

dress them as a girl.

So there are cases likethis in the literature.

So basically, a therapist who is objective

does not have a stake in the case,

needs to look at otherextenuating circumstances,

environmental factors.

- What are your thoughtson allowing children

to choose their gender?

- It's outrageous.

Look, our sex is determined at conception

by our genetics, by our DNA.

When children are born, we as physicians

recognize the sex that theyare by their physical bodies

and that's what childrenneed to be taught.

You know, some people,

most of us use sex andgender interchangeably.

Unfortunately, we're now in a culture that

is heavily dominated bytransgender activists

who are teaching childrenas young as preschool

that sex and gender aretwo different things

and that they can be atodds with one another.

So, as parents and honest physicians,

we have to teach our kids the truth.

People have a biologicalsex determined at conception

and that never changes.

It's with you for your whole life.

- Dr. Michelle Cretella with the

American College of Pediatricians,

thank you so much for your insight.

- Thank you for having me.


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