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DNA Discovery Reveals All Humans Descended from an 'Adam and Eve' after Cataclysm

DNA Discovery Reveals All Humans Descended from an 'Adam and Eve' after Cataclysm Read Transcript

- And welcome back.

Scientists in the US and Switzerland

have announced an amazing revelation

that supports the Biblicalstory of Adam and Eve.

Researchers say a new studyshows all modern humans

are descendants from acommon father and mother

who appeared on the scene100 to 200,000 years ago

after a cataclysmic eventalmost wiped out the human race.

In an interview on Fox andFriends, Dr. Robert Jeffress,

pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas

said that scientistsare not fully embracing

the Genesis account of Creation.

- We know from the Bible that in fact,

we do have a common fatherand mother, Adam and Eve,

who are not the resultof tadpole mutations,

but of divine creation.

And that all life is the result,

not of a big bang but of a big God.

You know, it takes more faith

to believe in the evolutionisttheory of the origin of life

than the Biblical creation account.

- And our health reporter,Lorie Johnson joins us now

to talk more about this.

You do a lot of stories about genetics.

What's your take on this one?

- Well, it's really fascinating

because ever since scientistsbegan mapping the human genome

about 15 to 20 years ago,

we've learned all thisinformation about DNA.

We solve crimes using DNA.

DNA is very, very reliable,

so this is really great.

It's almost, quote, unquote proof

that the Bible is true.

And my own personal take on it is

I hope it's going to causesome people to believe

who otherwise wouldn't have.

We see in the Bible thatone of Jesus' disciples,

Thomas, wouldn't believeuntil he had proof of it,

and he got that proof.- Indeed.

- And then he believed, of course,

we know that Jesus said,blessed are people who believe

- Without seeing.- Who aren't seeing the proof.

And that's where I fall in this category.

I always believed- Same here.

- In the Biblical account of Adam and Eve,

but now, this is sort of proof,

and there is some sortof cataclysmic event

that happened before this happened,

and a lot of scientists are saying

well, that's the big bang,

and some Christians say no,

there was no such thing as a big bang.

Other Christians, forexample, Franklin Graham,

say, yeah, there could've been a big bang

created by God- By God, yes.

- That caused all this to happen.

And I'm in that camp too.

But it's really fascinating tosee all these things uncover

that we see in the Bible.

And another thing recently,

and I was talking about this

on the 700 Club earlier this week,

and for our viewers who missed it,

it's on our webpage,,

is this whole notion of epigenetics,

- Yes.- where scientists find out

that you can have bad behaviors,like smoking or stress,

and not only does it affect yourself

in a genetic DNA type of way,

but your ancestors, your grandchildren,

great grandchildren way down the line,

and scientist are like,

oh, this is such brand new revelation,

and those of us who are familiarwith the Bible are like,

mm, not really.- Yeah.

- I mean, the Bible talksabout the sins of the father

- Yes.- Being passed down

from generation to generation.

So once again, scientists are proving

the Bible to be correct.

And you know, a lot of people say,

science and Christianityare opposing poles,

but not really,- No, the more you dig,

the more you find that'snot the case, indeed.

What are some other scientific studies

that carry Biblical tie ins, you think?

- Well, I just keep uncovering these

and again, you know,the scientists are like,

oh, my gosh, I can'tbelieve we found this out,

and I'm like, you know,anybody who read the Bible

knows this is true.

For example, they're saying that stress

is one of the worstthings for your health,

and one thing that relieves stress,

one of the best things foryour health is forgiveness.

And you know, we know thatJesus commands us to forgive.

Another thing is not to worry.

We know on the Sermon of theMount, Jesus says don't worry.

And we know that worry isso bad for your health.

- Absolutely- Giving good for your health.

I mean the list goes on and on,

and we know that God lovesus and he commands us

and advises us to behave in acertain way for our own good,

because it's good for us,so all these things that,

fasting is another thingthat's great for your health.

Scientists are now discoveringthis, but you know,

we've been, God has beencommanding us to do this

for thousands of years.- Indeed, indeed.

Real quick, does it seemlike non believing scientists

have become sort of Christianapologists, if you will.

- They don't even want you,

you know what about thismost recent discovery

about Adam and Eve, whatI found most interesting

was one of the scientists said this,

this conclusion is very surprising,

and I fought againstit as hard as I could.

In other words, this is a scientist

who didn't want this to be true,

but it is, and so, thattestimony speaks volumes.

- Indeed, indeed.

God promises to watch overhis word to perform it.

Indeed, Lorie, thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Well, still ahead, CBN sits down

with a CBS White House reporter

who says the mainstream mediahas a credibility problem,

and how he says they need to fix it.

(dramatic music)

Yesterday was the firstWhite House briefing in weeks

since the CNN reporter wasstripped of his press credentials

following a heated exchangewith President Donald Trump.

The White House fight with CNN

highlights the growing dissatisfaction

with media in America.

CBN's David Brody spoke withCBS White House reporter,

Major Garrett about the state of the media

and his new book aboutthe Trump Administration.

- [David] It would be an understatement

to say that PresidentTrump's first two years

has been a roller coaster,

and that's why Major Garrett's new book

pretty much sums it up with the title

Mr. Trump's Wild Ride, thethrills, chills, screams

and occasional blackouts ofan extraordinary presidency.

- And if you did it well,

you're ratings would be much better--

- Let me ask--

- [David] A major driver of this ride

as been the love hate relationshipbetween the White House

and the mainstream media,

or as President Trumpcalls them, Fake News.

Garrett says it's not just the President

who has a problem with the media.

- When the public is asking those of us

who are front line reporterswho can they believe,

they're essentially saying,

we're not sure we can believe you,

that's our problem of our creation,

and we have got to own up to that,

and we have got toreverse that trend line.

- [David] That's one reason the battle

between CNN's Jim Acostaand the Trump Administration

over press passes and decorumhas Garrett's attention.

- I am as what they sayin the legal community

an interested party


'cause I work there, I'mon the same front row

that Jim Acosta is, and that CNN is.

- [David] Garrett says it's a fight

that Trump and CNNpresident Jeff Zucker wants.

- But I do think JeffZucker and Donald Trump

want to have this fight onbehalf of not just these

serious and underlying legal questions,

but on their own reputationalrelationship to one another.

- [David] This week, the White House

laid out certain ground rules

for reporters during press conferences.

While Garrett sees himselfas a neutral observer,

he does believe the Trump Administration

has a good point.

The CNN position is also toa certain degree absolute,

that there's no limits on thedecorum in the White House.

I don't believe that as a reporter.

- So there are limits.

- I've exercised them.

- [David] Garrett explains an encounter

during a Rose Garden event.

He had the microphone in hishand, ready to ask a question

and then, Trump said no,

and called on the reporter behind him.

- Was I giving up myfirst amendment rights?

No, the President said, no, not you.

It's his press conference.

- [David] That example is just one of many

that keeps Garrett covering his wild ride

as a passenger, whether asa correspondent or author,

he felt it was also his job

to cover the ups and downs responsibly.

- I've covered three presidents before,

and it felt to me

as if the country wasgetting the impression

that because this is so different

and comes at us so differently,

maybe the typical powers of the presidency

don't still exist; well, they do.

And maybe things aren'tgetting done; they are.

- [David] Garrett's reporting style

follows the just the facts trademark,

and his book follows that example,

recounting the issues withno dreaded anonymous sources.

- Everyone's quoted by name,

everyone is quoted by theirtitle, and by what they saw,

and what they saw happening.

- Purposeful.- Purposeful.

- There are books about Trump

written for the pro Trump crowd.

There are books writtenfor the anti Trump crowd.

This book is writtenfor fill in the blank.

- I told my best friendsas I was writing the book,

my greatest fear is

that it will not lovethe President enough,

and it will not hate the President enough.

- [David] And as Trump runs the country,

Garrett will continue to report

on one of the most importanttimes in political history.

- We had 113 million Americansparticipate in the midterms.

49.2 percent participation rate,

higher than any year since 1966.

This country cares aboutthis time, politically.

And we're sorting it out.

- [David] Garrett hopesvoters will look to his book

that strives to do justthat, sort it all out

in a fair and honest way.

David Brody, CBN News, Washington.

- Still ahead, everyone'sfavorite basketball loving nun

is back in the news.

Coming up, how Loyola inChicago honored its biggest fan.

Loyola, Chicago basketball team

is honoring its biggestfan, a 99 year old nun,

known around the court as Sister Jean.

Her full name, Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt

was awarded by the team with her own ring

from the final four tournament Tuesday.

She received the ring on the court

before the team took on Nevada.

Sister Jean has served as the chaplain

for Loyola basketball teamfor more than 20 years now.

ESPN says she's the team's

most tweeted about memberof the organization.

Congratulations, Sister Jean.

So nice to see.

Well, that is gonna do it for this edition

of CBN Newswatch.

Remember you can get moreof our exclusive coverage

of the issues you care most about

always at

We'd love to know what youthink about the stories

you've seen here today.

You can do that byemailing

Make it a wonderful Wednesday, everybody.

We'll see you right back here tomorrow.

(dramatic music)


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