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SURVEY: Christian

SURVEY: Christian Read Transcript

- At freedom of speech is afoundation of our democracy

but today that foundation is under assault

on college campuses.

Many conservatives and Christians say

they're being silenced andit's forcing many students

to keep their religiousand political thoughts

to themselves.

Senior Washingtoncorrespondent Jennifer Wishon,

reports on this growing trend.

- If you're a college student,

and think you'll be seen as a bigot,

less intelligent, or punishedfor sharing your beliefs

or opinions, it's not surprisingmore and more students

are self censoring theirconstitutionally protected speech.

An annual survey by Yale'sWilliam F. Buckley program

finds a majority feel intimidated,

sharing their ideas, opinions or beliefs

when they're differentfrom their professors.

Even more feelingintimidated if those views

differ from classmates.

- I have talked to students who say,

you know what, we talk aboutpolitics in our dorm room

with the door locked because we're scared

of people telling on us.

- [Jennifer] Nicki Neily of Speech First,

keeps track of thesefree speech restrictions

on college campuses.

- If you think that you'regonna get in trouble

because your views are considered bigoted,

hateful, defamatory, I mean,

of course you're notgonna talk about them.

- [Jennifer] The surveyalso finds nearly 60%

of students want speakerswho have a history

of using so called hatespeech, banned from campus.

And a third believe physical violence

is justified to stopsomeone from making hateful

or racially charged statements.

The problem is, determiningwhat's offensive

can be different for everyone.

Students at some schoolscan even face punishment

for private conversations.

- There are portals on university websites

where you can go in, you can type down,

I heard Joe say, usethis term in a classroom,

walking in the hallway.

I found it offensive and Ithink it should be investigated.

And then that student iscalled in for a hearing.

- [Jennifer] So why is this happening now?

Neily suggests it's a newgeneration of students,

created by helicopter parenting,

bubble wrapping kids andtrophies for everyone.

- So if you have grown upthinking that you're right

and the first timeyou're told you're wrong,

or that you're beingchallenged on your views,

is when you're 18, ofcourse there's gonna be

an existential crisis on campus.

- Some schools, like theUniversity of Chicago,

are taking a stand for the first amendment

in this letter to the class of 2020.

The Dean of Studentswrites, "our commitment to

"academic freedom meansthat we do not support

"so-called trigger warnings,we do not cancel invited

"speakers because their topicsmight prove controversial

"and we do not condone the creation

"of intellectual safe spaces.

"Diversity of opinion andbackground," he continues,

"is a fundamental strengthof our community."

More than 50 colleges and universities

have made similar statements,and Neily suggests

students find out whereschools stand on speech

before deciding to attend.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.


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