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The 700 Club - November 29, 2018

Meet the NFL star who’s also a poet, Seattle’s Tyler Lockett. Plus, SonicFlood’s Jeff Deyo awakens, “Pure Worship” in our studios. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Comingup, an abortion doctor.

- I didn't consider thefetus in the equation at all.

- [Narrator] Who was forcedto make the choice to kill.

- They said I needed to do the procedure.

- [Narrator] Plus, the Pro-Bowler,

who also happens to be a poet.

- You got to be able

to make people believe what you're doing.

- [Narrator] Go inside the mindof Seattle's Tyler Lockett,

and Sonicflood's, Jeff Deyo,

awakens pure worship in ourstudios, on today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Well, we are faced today,as the day starts out,

we welcome you to The 700 Club.

Does the president give apardon to Paul Manafort?

Is the special prosecutordoing everything he can

to squeeze these guys

in order to get them toturn on the president?

Is he really after the president?

And we're going to talk to you

about this amazingthing called Fusion GPS,

it's all a fraud,

and the whole Mueller investigationis dependent on a fraud.

We're gonna talk aboutthis in the program,

but first of all, the stockmarket went up yesterday,

so big deal, why?

Because the Federal Reserve chairman said,

"I'm gonna change my policyon a key economic matter."

President Trump has harshlycriticized Jerome Powell

for raising interest rates.

Well, he had to raise interest rates

that were way, way too low.

They were down around about zero,

and people who depend on incomefrom investments to live on

have been terribly damaged,

and they've kept interestrates way too long,

so now they've got to do something.

So the market responds,the fed loosens up,

the market goes up, the fedtightens, the market goes down,

and, well, that's the way it is.

Terry.- Well, Wednesday,

the fed chairman signaled thathe'll scale back that policy,

and the stock market responded with this,

"Best day in eight months."

CNS's, Jenna Browder, hasthe story from Washington.

- The Dow Jones Industrial

surged more than 600 points yesterday,

the biggest rally sinceMarch that's roughly 2.5%.

At the same time the S&P 500 jumped 2.3%,

and the NASDAQ nearly 3%.

The rally is tied to comments made by

Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell,

who hinted at fewer ratehikes in the months ahead.

There had been fears thefeds planned rate increases

could slow economic growth.

- Interest rates are stilllow by historical standards,

and they remain just below the range

of estimates of that level

that would be neutral for the economy

that is neither speedingup nor slowing down growth.

- [Jenna] A change in tone for Powell,

who just two months agosuggested more rate increases.

Those comments drew sharpcriticism from President Trump.

Phil Kerpen tells CBN News,

Powell's latest announcement eases fears

the economy will weaken drastically.

- But I think that part ofthat was the expectation that

the Federal Reserve was gonna be

hitting the brakes prettyhard on the economy

by raising interest rates.

That now appears less likely.

- [Jenna] The trade frictionbetween the U.S. and China

is another big concern for investors.

Trump says he's willing to go forward

with tariffs against China,

but there are hopes he and President Xi

can come to an agreementthis week at the G20 Summit.

- We do have an awfullot of leverage right now

to get a better deal,

and to sort of call off the tariffs,

which I think would be a very big positive

both for the stock marketand for the economy

if they're able to do that.

- [Jenna] With the U.S.economy growing at 3.5%

in the third quarter,

most experts predict aslowdown in the fourth quarter,

but even with General Motors announcing

it's laying off thousands of workers,

economist, Stephen Moore, says,

"It's not as bad as some may think."

- Since Donald Trump waselected, we've created nearly

one million manufacturing,construction jobs,

so we're not losingthese blue collar jobs,

we're gaining them,

so for every plant likethis that is closing

we're seeing 10 or 20 new plants

being opened up all over the country.

- The U.S. economy is soaring.

The big question now is

will the fed keep thoseinterest rates down?

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks, Jenna.

Karl Rove had an interesting statement

that Bush was told, the man he worked for,

don't tie your fortunes to the DOW.

The DOW goes up, the DOW goes down.

Do not tie yourself to thestock market to the DOW

because the market does fluctuate,

and that's one of the things it does,

and what we are seeing isvery positive economic growth,

but at the same time thestock market depends on

the flow of money coming in.

The more money coming in thehigher the prices of stock.

The less money coming in,but what's happened, folks,

I've been warning on this program,

and I continue to warn

we've got an unsustainable amount of debt.

It is unbelievable when youstart talking about trillions,

and 21 trillion, and 22 trillion,

and 40 and 50 trillion,and all that kind of stuff

the interest on that is alarming.

Once the interest rates comeback to normal market level

whether it's 2%, 3%, 4%or 5%, once that happens,

there's not gonna beenough money for anything.

You know, it's one of those things that

they kick the can down the road,

sooner or later somebody's got to stop.

All right, now there's something else

I was reading a couple days ago.

There was a political analyst in Florida

who was very brilliant in analyzing

the way to get voter turnout,

and how to do analysisof election results,

so he came up with somethingto go against Trump,

and he said he's formedsomething called Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS picked up

a discredited English spook, spy,

named Christopher Steele,

and they put out this narrative

that the reason Hillary Clinton lost

was not because of Trump,or anything like this,

it was because of Russianmeddling in the election,

and Trump was complicitaccording to this narrative

in a Russian involvement in our politics.

That was the narrativeput out by Fusion GPS,

cooked up by this man in Florida

who is a political specialist.

All right, the FBI picked that up,

and ran with it as if it was true.

This Mueller investigation

is all dependent on saying Fusion GPS,

which was paid for by theDemocratic party is real,

so Mueller is carryingforth this witch hunt,

and he has a broad mandate,and he's going after everybody.

The president is rightto call it a witch hunt,

and to say he should stop it.

It's my understanding that they've been

interrogatories given to the president.

Now what is sitting down witha special prosecutor involve?

It is a perjury trap,that's what they set it for.

It's a perjury trap.

You say, "Well, what were you doing

"on the morning of October 15th in 1982?"

"Well, I think I played golf." "Okay."

So they mark it down,

then they realize that itwas raining on that day,

and they get something and say,

"Well, you lied on that, soI'm gonna get you for perjury."

That's what happens.

That's why no intelligent lawyerwould ever allow his client

to sit down for an interviewbecause it's a perjury trap,

and they all know it,

so they did a few carefullychosen interrogatories,

written, gave written answerswhich the lawyers vetted,

and they think it's gonna be okay.

Now that should end this thing,

but now you've got guyslike Senator Flake saying,

"I'm not gonna approve any

"nominees for judiciary

"unless I get assurancesthat there's gonna be

"no interference with the Mueller probe."

The Mueller probe is based on falsehood.

It is based on a false premise.

Fusion GPS, ladies and gentlemen,

we've been suckered by this,and it is time we wake up,

and say, stop it, it'senough, we cannot do this.

The media is saying,

"Well, you've got toprotect the Mueller probe.

"We've got to protect the Mueller"

There were initiativesoffered in the Senate

to pay us a resolution thatsaid we've got to protect this.

Well, why do you want to protect something

that's based on a fraud?

That's what it is.

Well, President Trump now says he might

grant a pardon.

He didn't say he's gonna do it.

He said, "I'm not takingit off the table."

A pardon for Paul Manafort,

but think of the others

who have been hooked in on this probe,

and I think the presidenthas a perfect right

as chief executive under the Constitution

to pardon anybody he wants to.

Well, John Jessup has moreabout that from our CBN News,

so, here's John.

- That's right, well, asyou just heard Pat say

the president did tell the New York Times,

or the New York Post rather,

he hasn't discussed a pardon for Manafort,

but he's not ruling it out.

Earlier this week,

Manafort's plea deal in theRussia investigation fell apart

after Mueller accusedhim of repeatedly lying.

A federal jury convictedManafort of financial fraud,

and he could spend therest of his life in prison.

Meanwhile, President Trumpretweeted an image of

Bob Mueller, Presidents Obama and Clinton,

and Deputy Attorney GeneralRod Rosenstein behind bars,

the text reading,

"Now that Russiancollusion is a proven lie

"when do the trials for treason begin?"

Well, the Senate is takingaction against Saudi Arabia

over the killing of aWashington Post columnist.

63 senators voted forlegislation ending U.S. support

for the Saudi led war in Yemen.

The vote signals dissatisfaction

with the Trump administrationsupport for the Saudi family

after the killing ofcolumnist, Jamal Khashoggi.

U.S. Intelligence agenciesbelieve the crown prince

played a role in Khashoggi's killing,

but the president says noone knows if that's true,

and that Saudi Arabia is acrucial ally in the Middle East.

Republican Senator Mike Leesays the incident has begun,

quote, a major rethinkingof the U.S. relationship

with Saudi Arabia.

Well, still in the Senate,

it is dealing with a host ofissues this lame-duck session

from confirming federal judges

to helping President Trumpget funding for a border wall,

but there's a crucial piece of legislation

some fear will be squeezed out,

historic criminal justice reform bill,

and as Abigail Robertson reports

this could be its lastchance to become law.

- The fight for criminal justice reform

has been long and hard.

Senator Mike Lee tells CBN News that

in his eight years of workingon a comprehensive bill,

they've never been closerthan they are right now

to sending a bill to the president's desk.

- If it is brought forward it will pass.

It will pass overwhelmingly

with a bipartisan supermajority vote of at least 65,

probably 70, maybe 75 or 80.

- [Abigail] The bill that Lee says

helps prisoners return to society,

and addresses excessive sentencesalready passed the House.

It can only pass theSenate if it gets a vote.

Majority leader MitchMcConnell faces pressure from

the president to bringit to the Senate floor,

but McConnell has made clear

his top priorities for the end of the year

are funding the governmentand passing the farm bill.

- We'll be whipping that to see whether

what the consensus isif there is a consensus

in our conference aboutnot only the substance,

but the timing of moving forward.

- [Abigail] Lee told CBN News

if it doesn't pass this year it's over.

- With the incoming DemocraticHouse of Representatives

they would demand something more exacting

than what could pass in the Senate,

or could likely be signedinto law by President Trump,

so if we want to getcriminal justice reform done

not only should we doit in time for it to be

a Christmas gift to the American people,

but we should do it

before the clock runsout on this Congress.

- [Abigail] McConnell alsoput to rest any talk of

Republicans making one more attempt

at repealing Obamacarein the lame-duck session

telling reporters it'snow a bipartisan issue.

For now, he's focused onreaching a spending compromise

on border security thatPresident Trump will sign.

- We're trying to get the president

the money he would like for the wall.

- [Abigail] Senate Republicansand Democrats agreed on

1.6 billion going towards border security

before Thanksgiving,

but Senator Lindsay Grahamargues that's not nearly enough

now that the caravan isat the southern border.

- Secure the border isgonna be a bottom line

for the president.

He's got a $25 billion plan.

I don't think he expects toget $25 billion all at once,

but he does expect to get five billion,

like the House authorized,

without a bunch of strings attached.

- [Abigail] But minorityleader, Chuck Schumer,

gave no indication he'll budge.

- The $1.6 billion forborder security negotiated

by Democrats andRepublicans is our position.

We believe that is the right way to go.

- Lawmakers have until December 7th

to reach a spending agreement,

or we could see a partialgovernment shutdown.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks, Abigail.

Pat, what's been interestingabout this piece of legislation

is it's brought dispersate groups

on polar ends of thespectrum to work together.

- Well, you know, theyhad this big cry about

if you're tough on crime,

and candidates went down who were labeled

as being soft on crime,

so they all had to runto the voters and say,

well, I'm tough on crime,

so they had this threestrikes and you're out rule.

Then they took awaythe privilege of judges

to determine the length of sentences,

they had mandatory prison sentences.

So suddenly we've gotour jails full of people,

and a lot of it heavily weighson the black population,

and on people that can'tafford adequate representation,

and we've become a nation of criminals.

There's an incarceration rate of America

that's higher than anyother civilized nation.

It's unbelievable, and on top of that

we found as many as 500,000

rulings by agenciesthat put people in jail.

I mean, this is horrible,

so we need prison reform desperately,

and it's one of those thingsthat is costing us a fortune

to house and maintain these prisons.

A lot of the prisons

have been jobbed out to privateenterprises who get paid

on the strength of howmany prisoners they have.

I mean, it's just horrible that

we're locking all these people up,

and judges have their hands tied,

there's nothing they can do.

We desperately need prisonreform so what's the big deal?

I mean, it's already passed the House.

Why can't we with McCullochhaving a majority in the Senate,

I see no reason why he can'tput that thing through.

It's not a hard deal.

I mean, it either passesor it doesn't pass,

but at least they ought togive a vote in the Senate,

and get it over with.

The last thing, by the way, we want to do

is have a shutdown of the government.

The president will bearthe responsibilities,

and it will be used againsthim in the next election,

and he doesn't want thatalbatross hanging around his neck.

John.- Well, Pat, freedom of speech

is a foundation of our democracy,

but today that foundation

is under assault on college campuses.

Many conservatives and Christians

say they're being silenced,

and it's forcing many studentsto keep their religious,

and political thoughts to themselves.

Senior Washingtoncorrespondent, Jennifer Wishon,

reports on this growing trend.

- If you're a college student,

and think you'll be seen as a bigot,

less intelligent, or punished

for sharing your beliefs or opinions,

it's not surprising more and more students

are self-censoring theirConstitutionally protected speech.

An annual survey by YalesWilliam F. Buckley Program

finds a majority feel intimidated

sharing their ideas, opinions, or beliefs

when they're differentfrom their professors.

Even more feel intimidated

if those views differ from classmates.

- I have talked to students who say,

"You know what, we talk about politics

"in our dorm room with the door locked

"because we're scared ofpeople telling on us."

- [Jennifer] Nicki Neily,of Speech First, keeps track

of these free speechrestrictions on college campuses.

- If you think that you'regonna get in trouble

because your views are considered

bigoted, hateful,defamatory, I mean, you know,

of course, you're notgonna talk about them.

- [Jennifer] The survey alsofinds nearly 60% of students

want speakers who have a history

of using so-called hatespeech banned from campus,

and a third believe physicalviolence is justified

to stop someone from making hateful,

or racially charged statements.

The problem is determiningwhat's offensive

can be different for everyone.

Students at some schoolscan even face punishment

for private conversations.

- There are portals on university websites

where you can go in, you can type down,

I heard Joe say, usethis term in a classroom,

walking down a hallwayI found it offensive,

and I think it should be investigated,

and then that student iscalled in for a hearing.

- [Jennifer] So why is this happening now?

Neily suggests it's a newgeneration of students

created by helicopter parenting,

bubble wrapping kids andtrophies for everyone.

- So, if you have grown upthinking that you're right,

and the first timeyou're told you're wrong,

or that you're beingchallenged on your views

is when you're 18, of course,

there's gonna be anexistential crisis on campus.

- Some schools, like theUniversity of Chicago,

are taking a stand forthe First Amendment.

In this letter to the class of 2020,

the dean of students writes,

"Our commitment toacademic freedom means that

"we do not supportso-called trigger warnings.

"We do not cancel invited speakers

"because their topicsmight prove controversial,

"and we do not condone

"the creation of intellectual safe spaces.

"Diversity of opinion andbackground," he continues,

"is a fundamental strengthof our community."

More than 50 colleges and universities

have made similar statements,

and Neily suggests studentsfind out where schools

stand on speech beforedeciding where to attend.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Some good advice, thanks, Jennifer.

Pat, back to you.

- You know, what is a college for?

College should be a placeof the vigorous discussion

of all kinds of things,pleasant or unpleasant.

I mean, everybody should be able to speak.

As Honorable Will Holmes said,

"The best test of truthis in the marketplace."

Put it out there.

If your idea isn't any goodthen it will get shot down.

If it is, maybe it willgain some inherence,

but at least be allowed to express it.

This is the legacy ofpolitical correctness

where people have been stifled,and we can't have that.

I'm pleased to reportthat Regent University

is a place where there'sopenness of discussion.

It's based on a Judeo-Christian context

where we believe the Bible,

believe God is theultimate source of truth,

but at the same time people are afraid

to express their points ofview within that context.

I think we should have that.

That's the whole purposeof going to college,

otherwise, why bother?

I mean, why spend all that time and money.

This is a place where peopleshould be able to sharpen

their intellectual abilities,

and to listen to vigorous discussion.

That's, well, anyhow, butwhat we're having, apparently,

is a vigorous discussion of socialism.

If you're for socialism,if you're for radical left,

if you're for lesbianism and homosexuality

that's perfectly acceptable.

If you come out in favor ofJesus and the Ten Commandments,

and the Sermon on the Mount,

then all of a sudden that'shate speech, not cool.

Terry.- Well, coming up,

confessions of a former abortion doctor.

- I probably murdered morepeople than Ted Bundy,

or any of the mass murderers

if you consider all theabortions that I did.

- [Terry] So what convinced this former

Planned Parenthood directorto stop performing abortions?

Well, you'll find out right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Well, welcome back.

You're watching The 700 Club.

There's an organization that has

a good deal of government fundingcalled Planned Parenthood.

It was founded by a ladynamed Margaret Sangster,

who have written thingsI have read one called

Breeding of the Thoroughbred.

She had very radical views.

She thought that blackpeople should be sterilized.

She thought that SouthernEuropeans should be sterilized.

She thought that Protestantsshould be sterilized because,

she said, "We should onlybreed the very finest,"

and she didn't thinkthose people were fine.

She thought they were mentallydefective according to her,

and you went down the lineof some of the radical stuff

she proclaimed it was really terrible.

Okay, well, Planned Parenthood has got

the pro-choice clinics,abortion clinics that they fund,

and they claim that they're medical,

but there's nothing medical about them.

They're just abortion mills,

but the lady we're gonnaintroduce to you right now

was involved in Planned Parenthood.

She was strongly whatwas called pro-choice,

and she personally performedhundreds of abortions,

but that all changed for Dr. Kathi Aultman

after a spiritual revelation.

Charlene Aaron sat downwith the former abortionist,

and brings us this amazing story

of a spiritual transformation.

- [Charlene] Kathi Aultmanwanted to be a doctor

so she could help women.

After receiving herlicense, she took a job

at a Florida women's clinicto perform abortions.

- There was no question in my mind that

a woman should have the right to choose

whether she wanted to be pregnant or not.

That was the most important thing.

I didn't consider the fetusin the equation at all.

- [Charlene] Aultman wenton to become director

of a local PlannedParenthood where she says

examining the parts ofaborted babies fascinated her.

- I was looking at it

completely from a scientific standpoint,

totally devoid of any emotion.

It was amazing.

I used to send the differentparts down to pathology,

and then on our pathology rotation

we would look at thoseslides and it fascinated me.

- [Charlene] She even performedabortions while pregnant.

- I didn't see any problem with that.

My baby was wanted, their baby wasn't.

It didn't seem to bother thewomen that I was aborting,

but, yeah, I saw no contradiction in that,

no problem with it.

- Dr. Aultman said the onlytime she had qualms about

what she was doing was when she worked

in the intensive care unit for newborns.

That's where Aultman foundherself trying to save babies

who were the same age as those she killed,

thoughts she quickly dismissed.

- If she wanted the baby

then I did everything I could

to give her a happy healthy baby.

If she miscarried I wouldbe distraught with her,

and upset about losing that baby.

- [Charlene] After having her first child,

the doctor came face toface with three cases

that changed her thinking.

One involved a young girlwho had three abortions,

all performed by Aultman.

- I went to the clinic manager and I said,

"I don't want to do this.

"She's just using abortionas birth control."

They said, "I didn't have theright to make that decision.

"It wasn't a judgmentthat I should be making,

"and I needed to do the procedure."

- [Charlene] In 1983, afterattending a church service,

and a private meeting with the pastor,

Aultman became a Christian.

- He gave me Josh McDowell's,

Evidence That Demands A Verdict.

It was that point that

I finally understood who Jesus was,

and at that point, really,I committed my life to him.

Then he just started the long,

hard work of transforming me.

- [Charlene] Part of thattransformation included

no longer doing abortions.

Still, Aultman held on to her belief that

a woman had the right toterminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Two years later, after reading an article

comparing abortion withthe Nazi Holocaust,

she saw herself as a mass murderer.

- I probably murdered morepeople than Ted Bundy,

or any of the mass murderers

if you consider all theabortions that I did.

- After talking with aChristians counselor,

Aultman received muchneeded peace and healing.

- And during that time,

in my mind I could seeJesus' gown and his feet,

and I was at his feetcrying and he said to me,

"Are you more powerful than I am?

"Are you more important than I am?

"Are you stronger than I am

"that I can forgive you butyou cannot forgive yourself?"

At that point I understoodthat he had forgiven me,

and that I needed to forgive myself.

That was where I really had my healing.

- [Charlene] Aultman is now retired,

and has dedicated theremainder of her life

to fighting for the unborn.

As a board certified OB/GYN, and a fellow

of the American College ofObstetricians and Gynecologists,

she recently urged lawmakers to pass

the Heartbeat Protection Act,

a measure that would ban abortions

at six weeks of pregnancy

after an unborn baby'sheartbeat is detected.

- I support the Heartbeat Protection Act

because it uses the heartbeat,a very concrete sign of life,

that people can identify with

to define when the fetusshould be protected.

- [Charlene] She is grateful every day

for the opportunity to speakfor those she once silenced.

- I'm so thankful that he's

using me to save babies now,

when once I used to kill them.

That's very healing andrestorative in itself.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN News,

Jacksonville, Florida.

- What a marvelous exampleof God's transformation,

and, of course, God can forgive her,

but, you know, it's likesomebody had something

they called a murder incorporated.

There was one doctor whothey performed 24 hour a day,

365 days out of theyear they never stopped,

they just kept on, itwas an abortion mill.

These are human beings,and one of these days,

one of these days God isgoing to call us into account

for what we've done with the unborn.

What's the number, Terry?

Is it 55, 60 million, 65 million?

It's beyond belief.

- Yeah, it is beyond belief.

- If you figure six million

were killed during the Holocaust,

and this is 10 times as manyin peaceful, Christian America.

- Well, and not all ofthem performed early enough

to be simple abortions,I mean, many of them,

the babies have been alive.

- You know, the thing thatshocked me when it was a debate

you remember when Hillary Clinton

was debating Donald Trump,

and they got to thequestion of what is called

partial-birth abortion,and Hillary Clinton said,

"I will defend partial-birth abortion.

"I just believe that thisshould be legal protection."

A partial-birth abortionis the baby is actually

partially delivered throughthe womb, a fully formed baby,

and the doctor then goes in with tools,

and punches out the brain ofthat baby, and sucks it out,

and then delivers the rest of the baby,

and they call it partial-birth,

and she said she was going to defend that.

At that point I thoughtthat woman has, you know,

she's over the top and she'sgoing down and she did.

It was just so horrible

where she now would defend that procedure.

- It is an incredibly horrible procedure.

Honestly, when so much ofthe discussion is about

the health and well-being of the mother,

a partial-birth abortioncannot be helpful in any way

to a mother at that stage of the game,

actually, more harmful to her.

- It's very harmful and very dangerous,

but, nevertheless, that'sthe position of the left,

and it's a horrible, horrible thought.

One day the Lord is gonnacall us into account for that.

How soon it's gonna be I don'tknow, but it will happen.

Terry.- Well, coming up,

the frontman from the band called

the fathers of themodern worship movement.

Stay tuned for a live performance from

Sonicflood's, JeffDeyo, when we come back.

(dramatic music)

Jeff Deyo was born into a music family.

He remembers singing hymns as a kid,

and performing Christian songsthat he wrote in high school,

but it wasn't until he wasa professional musician

that he really developeda heart for worship.

Take a look.

- [Narrator] Jeff Deyo was the lead singer

of a Christian band called Zilch.

At the end of each nightthey played worship songs

to close out their set.

When people started responding

Jeff realized God was up to something.

In 1999, Zilch found themselves

in the middle of a massivemove of pure worship,

and changed their name to Sonicflood.

In his book, Awakening Pure Worship,

Jeff shows how we canexperience the presence of God

in every area of our lives,

and why worship is so muchmore than just singing songs.

- Well, Jeff Deyo is here with us now,

and we welcome you to the program today.

It's great to have you here.

- Thank you, Terry,it's so good to be here.

- Jeff, how would you defineworship, what does that mean?

- Well, to me it's just ourresponse to the incredible

revelation that God loves us, you know,

it's the way that we respond to him,

so, certainly, it could be something

that would happen through music,

but it's so much more than that.

It's the way that we live our lives.

It's the way we love ourkids, those types of things.

- Well, you say that the presenceof God isn't in the music,

so where does the presence of God come in?

- That's so good because somany times we get this idea

that as soon as the music starts playing

there's where God's presence is.

Now, of course, we can experience

the presence of God inthe music and we should,

but then we also need to learn that

when the music is not there

it doesn't mean the presenceof God is not there,

so, of course, the presence of God

is really found in relationship with him,

when we engage with him.

If you and I weresitting in the same room,

but I was reading a book andyou were doing something else

we could be in our physical presence,

but not relationally engaged.

So we want to be engaged with God.

- You know, when that happensit's a moment, you know,

for all of us it's a moment.

It means taking time, reallyto acknowledge the presence of.

You can't have that happenwithout the connection

of his presence in our spirit.- Yes.

- [Terry] How do we get there?

- Yeah, well, I think reallyavailing ourselves to him.

So many times we will want to

beg him to come into our presence,

when really the scriptures,especially, in the New Testament

invite us to come boldlyinto his presence,

so, sometimes, the question isn't so much

is he going to show up,but will we show up?

You know, we've got to show up and engage.

He's ready and he's waiting.

If we will engage with himhe will engage with us.

- You know, I think, also, whenwe talk about, for example,

the establishment by God ofour Sunday, a day of worship,

that it's not for him it's for us,

and the same is true of worship, isn't it?

- Yes, it is, so many times.

- It's not for God, is it?

- Right, right, I mean, somepeople might get offended

when you say something like that

because I would sayworship is not for God.

Now, it's about God and it's to God,

but the blessing of worship is for us,

and the way that we talk about that

we just say something like,well, who benefits most

when we worship God, God or us?

Who's changed most whenwe worship, God or us?

Of course, we are changed.

- Is there a right ora wrong way to worship?

- That's such a great question.

You know, to me the best way to worship is

the way the Bible lays it out.

There are not too many things in the Bible

where God just says,hey, however you feel.

Just do it the way you want to.

He always gives us direction,and his directions are good.

So if he calls us to liftour hands, or to sing,

even if it's not the way we were raised,

because it wasn't the way I was raised,

you know, I grew up in a church,

yeah, if somebody raised their hands

we kind of thought theyhad a question, you know.

- Yeah.

- Then I read the Bible and it says,

hey, lift up your hands,lift up your voice.

So I'm like, hey, I wantto be the man of God

who lives by the word,

and worships the way God instructs me to.

- He really calls us toa place of surrendering

our selfish ego how we'rebeing perceived by other people

to come into a place of totallygiving ourselves to him.

Don't you think that'swhy the lifting of hands

it does something in uswhen we do that, doesn't it?

- It really does, I mean, it's amazing

this beautiful cycle that happens.

When you see the revelation in God's word

of the way that we should worship

whether it be lifting ourhands, or getting on our knees,

then when you actually obey in faith,

you may not even understand

how could lifting my handsreally change anything,

but something happens whenyou lift up your hands,

you lift up your heart,

when you allow your body

to come into agreement with your heart.

Some people would say, well, Ijust worship God in my heart,

and that's a great start.

We know that the Biblesays, love the Lord your God

with all your heart, your soul,your mind and your strength,

so whole self.

- You know, I feelsometimes like as a grownup

when we're adults we are justkind of holding in so much,

and there's somethingabout lifting your hands up

that makes you feel like a child of God,

coming to abba daddy, and justhonestly receiving from him.

When you're in the midst of turmoil,

when you're in the midstof angst or loss or fear,

or any of that it just changes the moment.

I mean, even if that'ssomething you can't do publicly

it's worthy of doing privately.

- Absolutely, and that's one of the things

that God calls us to.

I mean, that's one of thethings I talk about in the book

is if you want to be anawakened pure worshiper,

one of the things that God calls us to

is become like a child.

Of course, we know there'sa difference between being

childish and childlike, right?

- Absolutely.- So he calls us,

and you see children when they're dancing,

or lifting their hands.

- [Terry] Freedom.

- Or just playing withpeople they don't even know.

I'll ask my kids, my young kids,

oh, who is your new friend?

They don't even know their name.

They just want to play with somebody,

so they're so free,

and that God is calling us tobe free like little children.

- Uninhibited, tell us about the song

you're gonna sing for us today.

- So this song is calledCome Away With Me,

and it's a brand new song soit's not even out there yet.

This is the first time, the debut.

It's really just a heartto heart from the book

is it's written out of Songof Solomon, chapter two.

I have never written a songout of Song of Solomon,

but this song is a songthat's gonna be recorded

by our North Central Universitystudents where I teach.

- [Terry] Awesome.- So we will be recording it,

but this is the first timethat we'll be able to hear it.

- Well, how exciting thatyou're gonna do it here.

Jeff, thank you for sharing.

I'm gonna talk about yourbook while you move over,

and get ready to sing for us today.

For more insights on worshipbe sure to get his book.

It's called Awakening Pure Worship.

Cultivating a closer friendship with God,

who doesn't want that?

You can get a copywherever books are sold.

So, right now, here is JeffDeyo singing Come Away With Me.


♪ I'm in love with the one ♪

♪ With fire in his eyes ♪

♪ He really has won my heart ♪

♪ He tore away the veil ♪

♪ To make a way for love ♪

♪ He really has won my heart ♪

♪ And he's singing over me ♪

♪ The sweetest melody ♪

♪ He's singing over me an invitation ♪

♪ Come away with me ♪

♪ To the deepest deep ♪

♪ Come away with me my love ♪

♪ I'm in love with the one ♪

♪ Whose face is like the sun ♪

♪ He really has won my heart ♪

♪ He bled the way to grace ♪

♪ And crushed my curse of shame ♪

♪ He really has won my heart ♪

♪ Come away with me ♪

♪ To the deepest deep ♪

♪ Come away with me my love ♪

♪ Come away with me ♪

♪ To the place of peace ♪

♪ Come away with me my love ♪

♪ The winter seasons over ♪

♪ The spring has now begun ♪

♪ The winds of life are blowing ♪

♪ And calling us to love ♪

♪ The rains renew the desert ♪

♪ The songs of hope return ♪

♪ Rise my sons and daughters ♪

♪ Embrace this call to love ♪

♪ Embrace this call to love ♪

♪ And come away with me ♪

♪ To the deepest deep ♪

♪ Come away with me my love ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Come away with me ♪

♪ To the place of peace ♪

♪ Come away with me my love ♪

♪ I'm in love with the one ♪

♪ Whose face is like the sun ♪

♪ He really has won my heart ♪

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to Washingtonfor the CBN News break.

Senators on both sides of the aisle

asked the Department of Treasury and IRS

to delay implementing a lawthat could hurt churches.

It would force ministriesto file federal tax returns,

and in some cases pay taxes.

They want to hold back on the law

until non-profits can better prepare.

The law affecting localchurches and ministries

passed as part of the TaxCuts and Jobs Act last winter.

Well, China's governmentordered a halt to work

by a medical team thatclaimed to have helped make

the world's first gene-edited babies.

The vice minister ofScience and Technology

says his department isstrongly opposed to the efforts

that reportedly produced twingirls born earlier this month.

Scientists from around the world

have condemned the practice.

Well, you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Terry will be backwith more of The 700 Club

right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Well, the Christmas season is here,

and in a few short weekschildren around the world

will see what Santa Clausleft under the tree,

and they have an American author

named Washington Irving tothank for that, take a look.

("We Wish You A Merry Christmas")

- [Narrator] Saint Nicholaswould be rediscovered

by none other than Washington Irving.

In his famous, History of New York,

Irving brought togetherthe various Dutch legends

of Sinterklaas and gave himan American style makeover.

His Saint Nicholas was ajolly, pipe-smoking elf,

who rode over the treetops

in a magic wagon delivering gifts.

Over a decade later an anonymous artist

further changed Nicholas'appearance and his name.

- A children's story appears called

A Children's Friend, or a New Year's Gift,

and in it we have the first picture

of someone named Santa Claus.

We have an adult sized redclad, white fur trimmed guy

with a fur hat helpfullylabeled Santa Claus,

and he is the first toportray him not as a bishop,

but in red and white with fur

to portray him in a sleighpulled by a reindeer.

("We Wish You A Merry Christmas")

- So my Dutch peoplemight have started that,

but it was my Norse peoplethat brought the reindeer.

- Okay.- I just want to say.

- Well, whatever it is,

we'll give you credit forthe whole thing, Terry.

- Thank you, thank you.

Well, this season we want you

to give the gift of Christmas.

For $25 we'll send youtwo holiday treasures.

They really are treasures.

The first one is CBNdocumentaries newest DVD,

Christmas: The StoryBehind the Traditions.

That's what you're seeingthere as you hear about

Washington Irving's impact.

You'll travel a globe tosee how the birth of Jesus

became the biggestholiday on the calendar,

and then second andequally special an audio CD

of the Christmas Carolwhere our own Pat Robertson

went into the sound booth

to record Charles Dickens beloved classic.

I want to say he just enjoyedthe Scrooge portion of this

far too much.- [Pat] Yeah.

- Both of these can be yours.

All you have to do to getthem is call our 800 number.

It's 1-800-700-7000,

or you can log onto,

but you ought to get them.

At the same time you'll havethe privilege of knowing

that you are touching someone else's life

in a special way thisholiday season, so, okay,

you ready Scrooge?

- Questions, let's do it, all right.

- [Terry] These are youremail questions, folks.

Sandra wrote and said,

"If I won $500 on a lottery ticket,

"and gave $70 to a friend in need,

"could that be considered a tithe?"

- Well, I don't see why notshe's giving to the poor.

Technically, we talk aboutgiving to the work of the Lord,

but this is a poor person, yeah, okay.

- [Terry] I would agree with you.

- All right.

- Okay, this is Thomas who says,

"Is there testing of the goodbacteria levels in one's gut?

"How can we assess our individual guts?"

- To the best of myknowledge there is no test.

I guess you could have fecaltests made of stuff going on,

but I think that is rather rare,

but I just think if you do the procedures,

if you take the probiotics,you take the prebiotics,

and you lay off ofsugar, lay off of sweets,

lay off of all this

diet drinks, and artificialsweeteners which are killers,

and try not to have any

antibiotics given to you

that stuff will build up naturally,

and you don't have to worry about it.

I'm sure there aretests of fecal material,

but most people don't want togo into all that, all right.

- This is Svetlana who says,

"Is saying, oh my gosh,or, oh my goodness,

"the same as saying, oh my God?"

- I think it is, you know,the British have a saying,

you know, I'm bloody well tired.

Well, it's the blood of Christ.

- Oh, really?

- That's where bloody comes from,

and they've got allthese slang expressions,

but, you know, the commandment had to do

you shall not take the name of Yahweh,

Jehovah your God in vain,

and, you know, these Jewish people

certain of the strictersects they put G blank D,

as if they're somehowkeeping the commandment.

It's nonsense, it has todo with the name of God,

which is Yahweh, Jehovah, hewho causes everything to be.

That's his name, you shallnot take that in vain

because if you use it for vanity

then you have invoked thepower of the universe.

It isn't the name of Godbecause Elohim in Hebrew

it describes angels, itdescribes all kinds of beings.

It describes the gods of Egypt.

Elohim is not somethingyou have to worry about

it's the holy name of God,but, yes, all those things are,

you know, you ask is it gosh,golly, and all, you know,

it's derivation of the word for God, okay.

- Okay, this is Valerie, she says,

"Luke 21:24 saysJerusalem will be trampled

"underfoot by the Gentiles,

"until the times of theGentiles are fulfilled.

"Would you please explainto me what this part

"of the scripture means,

"until the times of theGentiles are fulfilled."

- I think that's one of the most important

scriptures that we have,

and Jerusalem will betrodden under the Gentiles.

When the sixth day of worktook place for the first time

since the days of Nebuchadnezzar,

Jerusalem was under thecontrol of the Jews,

and it says the times ofthe Gentiles are fulfilled.

We are in the end of the ascendants,

see, of the Gentile powers,

and God is causing all kinds of confusion

among the Gentile nations.

There is more chaos in the Gentile world

than you can imagine.

There are wars, there are revolutions,

there are earthquakes.

There's all this kind of stuff going on,

but that means that the timeof the Gentile domination

is coming to an end,

and God's kingdom isgetting ready to appear.

I think that's what he's talking about,

so it's a very, very important scripture,

and when the Jews tookover Jerusalem, I said,

man, this is the greatest prophetic word

that has been fulfilled in our lifetime,

and it's very important, all right.

- This is Karen who says,

"Dear Pat, my question pertains to

"the meaning of Revelation 1:5b-6.

"To him who loved us,

"and washed us from oursins in his own blood,

"and has made us kings andpriests to his God and Father,

"to him be glory and dominionforever and ever. Amen.

"I have a trusted Christianmentor who has suggested

"I read this scripture morning and night

"for physical healing.

"What can you say toenlighten me on this?"

- I think that is not a healing scripture.

It's a great scripture, I mean,

To him who loved us andwashed us from his blood,

we were made kings andpriests, absolutely,

but I think a better one isby his stripes we're healed.

You want a healing scripture,

by his stripes youalready have been healed.

That's a much better onefor healing, so, you know,

you can use any scripture you want to,

but I think that's the wronguse of that one, all right.

- Okay, Sharon, says,

"How can cloning a human be from God?

"Man cannot create a soul.

"What do you think?"

- I don't think anybody'scloned a human yet.

We've cloned animals, we've cloned horses.

- [Terry] Sheep.

- Polo ponies, sheep, butnobody's cloned a human.

Let's hope and pray they won't,

but I think it's a well taken question.

I don't think that we can clone a soul.

The spirit comes from God almighty.

He has to imbue that body with a spirit,

and that comes from him.

- Even that scientist that just created

the ability to alter DNA,

other scientists are saying,no, stop the process.

- It's just one of those thingswe don't want to get into.

We leave you with our PowerMinute from Matthew 5,

"Let your light so shine before men,

"that they may see your good works,

"and glorify your Father in heaven."

Thank you so much.

Tomorrow, we're gonna talkhow the tiny nation of Israel

became one of the leadersin the military tech.

That will be on tomorrow at 700 Club,

and Gordon will be here, and you will be?

- I'll be here.

- All right, Gordon and Terry,you don't want to miss that,

and for all of us this is Pat Robertson.

Thank you for being withus, God bless you, bye-bye.

(dramatic music)



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