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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - November 29, 2018


- [Terri] These are youremail questions, folks.

Sandra wrote in and said"If I won $500 on a lottery

"ticket and gave $70 toa friend in need, could

"that be considered a tithe?"

- Well I don't see why not,you're giving to the poor.

Technically, we talk aboutgiving to the work of the lord,

but this is a poor person, yeah, okay.

- I would agree with you.

Okay, this is Thomas whosays, "Is there testing

"of the good bacteria levels in one's gut?

"How can we assess our individual guts?"

- To the best of myknowledge, there is no test.

I guess you could havefecal tests made of stuff

going on, but I think that is rather rare.

But I just think if you do the procedures,

if you take the probiotics,you take the prebiotics

and you lay off the sugar,and lay off of sweets,

lay off of all this diet drinks,and artificial sweeteners,

which are killers, and try not to have any

antibiotics given to you,that stuff will build up

naturally and you don'thave to worry about it.

So I think, I'm sure thereare tests of fecal material

but most people don't want togo into all that, all right.

- This is Svetlana, who says,"Is saying, 'oh my gosh'

"or 'oh my goodness',the same thing as saying,

"'oh my god'?"

- I think it is, you know,the British have this thing,

you know I'm bloody well tired,it's the blood of christ.

That's where bloody comesfrom, and they've got

all this slang expressions but you know,

the commandment had to do you shall not

take the name of YawaJehovah, your god, in vain.

And you know these Jewishpeople certain of the

stricter sex, they putJ blank D as if they're

somehow keeping the commandment.

It's nonsense, it has to do with the name

of God which is YawayYehewa, he who causes

everything to be, that'shis name, you shall not

take that in vain.

Because if you use itfor vanity, then you have

invoked the power of the universe.

It isn't the name of God,cause Elo Heem in Hebrew,

it describes Angels, itdescribes all kinds of beings.

It describes the godsof egypt, and Elo Heem

is not something you have to worry about.

It's the holy name ofGod, but yes, all those

things are, you ask isit gosh, golly and all,

it's derivations of the word for God.

- Okay this is Valerie,she says, "Luke 21:24 says

" 'Jerusalem will be trampledunderfoot by the Gentiles,

"until the times of theGentiles are fulfilled.'

"Would you please explainto me what this part

"of the scripture means: 'untilthe times of the Gentiles

" are fulfilled?'"

- I think that's one of themost important scriptures

that we have, and Jerusalemwill be trodded under

the Gentiles, when the60 award took place,

for the first time sincethe days of Nebuchadnezzar,

Jerusalem was under control of the Jews.

And it says the times ofthe Gentiles are fulfilled,

we are in the end of ascendantsof the Gentile powers.

And God is causing allkinds of confusion among

the Gentile nations, thereis more chaos in the Gentile

world then you could imagine.

There are wars, there are revolutions,

there are earthquakes, thereare all this kind of stuff

going on, but that meansthat the time of the Gentile

domination is coming to an end.

And God's Kingdom isgetting ready to appear.

I think that's what he's talking about.

So it's a very veryimportant scripture and when

the Jews took over Jerusalem,I said, man this is

the greatest prophetic wordthat has been fulfilled

in our lifetime and it's very important.

- This is Karen who says,"Dear Pat, my question pertains

"to the meaning of Revelation 1:5b to six,

"to Him who loved us andwashed us from our sins in

"His own blood, and hasmade us kings and priests

"to His God and Father, toHim be the glory and dominion

"forever and ever. Amen.

"I have a trusted Christianmentor who has suggested

"I read this scripture morning and night

"for physical healing.

"What can you say toenlighten me on this?"

- I think that is not a healing scripture,

it's a great scripture,I mean, him who loved

us washed us from his blood,we were made kings and priests,

absolutely, but I think abetter one is by his stripes

who are healed, you wanthealing crew scripture.

By his stripes, youalready have been healed.

That's a much betterone for healing, and so,

you know, you can use anyscripture you want to.

I think that's the wronguse of that one, all right.

- Sharon says "how cancloning a human be from God?

"Man cannot create a soul.

"what do you think?"

- I don't think anybody'scloned a human yet.

We've cloned animals, we'vecloned horses, polo ponies,

sheep, but nobody's cloned a human.

Let's hope and praythey won't, but I think

it's a well taken question,I don't think that

we can clone a soul.

The spirit comes fromGod almighty, and he has

to embue that body with a spirit.

And that comes from Him.

- Well even that scientist that just

created the ability toalter DNA, other scientists

are saying, no stop the process.

- It's just one of those thingswe don't want to get into.


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