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'We're Talking About People... Real Lives': White House Teams Up with Faith Community to Fight HIV/AIDS

'We're Talking About People... Real Lives': White House Teams Up with Faith Community to Fight HIV/AIDS Read Transcript

- Faith-based groups are leading the fight

to combat this epidemic

with prayers fundingresearch and treatment.

teaming up with the WhiteHouse here behind me,

lawmakers and groups around the world,

to bring an end to this disease.

- Our administration is proud

to partner with faith-based organizations

across Africa and around the world.

- [Ben] The US President's Emergency Plan

for Aids Relief, orPEPFAR, has helped save

more than 16 million lives.

PEPFAR began 15 years ago

under President George W. Bush,

funding treatment for 14 million people.

The initiative even helpssome 2.2 million babies

who were born HIV-freeto HIV positive mothers.

- We ought not to allow ourselves

to be caught up in the numbers.

'Cause we're talking about people,

we're talking about real lives.

- We are going to win this battle,

primarily because of the faithin the Lord Jesus Christ.

- [Ben] The Circle of Hope in Zambia

teamed up with PEPFAR tohelp more than 3,000 people

this year alone.

- We want to reach out whole-heartedly

so that they can enjoy a good life

and actually experience thehand of God in their lives

through PEPFAR.

- If you want to end this pandemic,

you've got to bring thefaith-based community,

the churches, especially in Africa.

- [Ben] On Capitol Hill,Congressman Chris Smith

introduced a five-year 30 billiondollar extension of PEPFAR

which has bipartisan support in the House

and just passed the Senate Wednesday.

- It could come back with a vengeance

unless there's ongoingexpansion of best practices

to reach the greatest number of people.

- [Ben] And do you feel like

with faith-based organizations

and with lawmakers like yourself,

we could possibly end this epidemic?

- I believe that this is doable.

- Now, AIDS-related deathshave been cut in half

since its peak in 2004,

and new HIV infectionshave declined by nearly 50%

because of initiatives like PEPFAR.

Ben Kennedy, CBN New, the White House.


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